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    At a called meting of the Exeuutive Committee of State Uni-

versity held in the office of President H. S. Barker, on Sat-

urday, September 28,1912, there were present ilessers. O.B.Nichols

C.M.Clay, C.B.Terrell, R.C.Stoll, and Hywel D.avies.

    Minutes of the previous meeting of the Committee were read.

and approved.

    Mrs. Stout filed a protest against the action of the Board

of Trustees in regard to the removal of her department to Pat-

tersow. Hall, which protest was read and filed, and by resolution

the matter was referred to the President and Director of Athletics

and Physical Culture, for action according to the recommendation

of the Bfdget Committee or for such recommendations as their

judgement will deem proper, such recommendations if any to be

acted upon by the Executive Committee at its next meeting.

    President Barker requested the Board to authorize him to

spend a sum not Exceeding two hundred and twenty five dollars

($225.00) in Patterson Hall, in order to provide additional sleep-

ing accomodations. Thereupon came the Business Agent and the Aud-

itor of the University and reported to the Board that the finan-

cial condition of the University is such that this expenditure

could be made from the actual surplus funds of the University

for the fiscal year. Thereupon it was moved, seconded and unan-

imously carried upon a yea and nay vote that he be and An is

hereby authorized to spend a sum not exceeding two hundred and

twenty five dollars ($225.00) in order to provide more sleep-

ing accomodations for Patterson Hall.

    The Business Agent reported that the roads and walks of the

Campus can be improved by cooperation with the State authorities

for a sum not exceeding twenty two hundred and fifty dollars

$2250.00), thht this sum can be provided for by taking $1,00.00


from the appropriation to the Law School for books, $5000.00

from the approptiation for grounds, rend the balance, of

$750.00 from the surplus account for the present fiscal year,

without exceeding the income of the University for the fiscal

year. It was thereupon moved, seconded, and unanimously car-

ried upon a yea and nay vote, that the sum of twenty two hun-

dred and fifty dollars ($2250.001 be appropriated from the

funds as indicated by the Business Agent for the purpose of

improving the roads and walks of the University.

    It appearing that the outstanding accounts against the

University for law books on Uarch lst last amounted to $3987.45

that, while that sumlwas not provided for heretofore as an

old account, upon motion made, seconded and unanimously carried

it was directed that this sum be added to the outstanding

indebtedness of the University existing at that time and

that payment of same be made, as was the case with other uut-

standing debts of that date 'March 1, 1912), and that by reason

of this arrangement one thousand dollars (?1, 000.00 4 be de-

ducted from the present annual allowance to the Department

of Law.

    Upon motion made, seconded and carried, President Barker

and S1r. Davies wore made a comniittee to see to the re-arrange-

ment of the Chemistry schedule, so that the whole of the student

body taking Chemistry may be provided for.

    On motion made, seconded and earried, the Executive Com-

mittee adjourned, to meet at this place at eleven o'clock on

October 19, 1912.