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  Extension Division
  THOMAS P. COOPER, Dean and Director
    CIRCULAR NO. 281
I 1/ " Lexington, Kentucky
 L_ APRIL, 1936
i 1 P 1‘u1»l`ish···I in :··>1»m-··Li¤»n wixh 1I1·· ;xgx·i<·ulturzxI nsxtvnxsiuxu work czu·ri<~<1 uu hy
A I1m1JI-"11"11 "Y 11"‘ 1`<·11··M`·· MY .\§l`1*'U1IllI`n·, 1·1l1\'•'l'S11}' ul` l{··ntu<:1l¤?j _ the li
ers, one to be the runner, the other the chaser. The runner goes aroma outsi.
the outside of the circle and in order to save himself from being tagged.}? of th
must place himself in front of any couple. If tagged before he gets.? i chase
f1`Ol'lt of 21 couple, he becomes It and chases the player who tagged MY? thec
The third player becomes the runner in every case where the runner Sit? A the lz
in front of a couple. The runner may not out across any couple €XU@lHi`- Other
place himself in front of a couple. Players may run in either diircliii runn
around the circle. Many changes are possible ih this game When zi 1‘lllllf· · _
St€l>S lll front of a couple, for example; the third player may Full. OY  ` UGH
may step in front of his own couple, or he may step in front of the ¤¤l{Z·_  SDOV
to his left or right. The game should result in many rapid changes ram.,
than long distance running. V gama
Squirrel in the Trees. The players form small circles of tll1'€l‘»   and
E1`21SlJlllg ll2il“1dS to form a tree with a hollow trurlk_ The third 1iieillb%‘l`-Y*=_` pam
1‘eSe¤ting a squirrel, stands in the hollow tygg There H1-E mole squirr.> brok
~ l

  Recreation For 4~-H Clubs 5 I
mi,   than there are trees. At the leaders direction, the squirrels must Change
E,. 0,  2 trees. The ones left out become ‘Its for the next game
  Fish and Net. Five players are chosen to represent the "Net." The
mh  M remaining players, who are sent to the fanendyof the playing area, are can-
5],,,,   ed **Fish," The players representing the Net clasp hands and upon the
 2. _— signal, *·Fish run," the "Net" attempts to surround as many or the ~Fisn~
H 0,,  ,__ as it can. If the "Net" is broken all "Fish" are allowed to escape, Au play-
mm  g; ers caught become part of the "Net" and the play continues. The last five
  persons to be caught serve as the "Net" during the next game. Upon the
 ig signal, "Fish run," all players except the "Net" cross from one playing area
 é to the other.
· Street and Alley. All but two of the players stand in rank and file,
jig 0,   with four or more players in each rank and in each file. These files should
-` be far enough apart so that the boys and girls in one file can just clasp
me it ’,  hands with those in the next ile. The ranks should be as far apart as the
In  ; files. There are two extra players; one a "thief," the other a " oliceman."
 . P .
 » The players join hands across the ranks, forming "streets" while the thief
 ` _ and policeman run, the policeman trying to catch the thief. At a given sig-
 , nal, all players face right and join hands along the file, forming passage-
 i ways at riglit angles to the streets. These are called "alleys." The command
, to change rom "street" to "alley" or vice versa, may be given by blowing
awhistle or by calling "street" and "alley" alternately. To make the game
  lively, the command to change from street to alley should be given often.
A Ellie thief and policeman may run only where the passageways are open.
 i cy are not permitted to break thru the joined hands or duck under them.
When the policeman catches the thief, two players from the ranks are
chosen to take their places and the former thief and policeman ste into
- · s.
the vacant places in the iank p
 - l Poison Handkerchief. Players to be grouped in twenty-five or less to
a circle. The person who is It shall stand in the center until the game
` starts. A handkerchief is given to some member of the circle, and the ob-
i ject of the game is to throw the handkerchief from one person to another,
 { across the circle and otherwise, and keep it from the person, It. The last
.· one touching the handkerchief before it is caught by the person, It, shall
j ggeinhmtiturg 1·e§l{aceIt1he person "It." Best results are had when no knot is
~ ie an erc 'ef.
Follow the Leader. This game permits of almost limitless variation.
_ ggjegilggg ii ilolririeddinto a line and instructed to follow accurately the
_ o e ea er. These movements may be as follows: (al Walk
'00lll Q- backwards sideways on heels and toes‘ on all fours ho ` `
F, , . _ _ , I , , — , p, skip, jump.
lellgllié   Walk with a limp; stiff-legged. (c) Walk with arms extended in any
s l _ irection. (d) Introduce cake-walk; highland fling, etc.
3 Dm, ,_ facmgI`€;°k {erm Tagih A1'€3.Hg€ all but two of the group in a single circle
g ‘·‘,_;  j _ · rrange e payers in pairs with nve—foot intervals between
*?Ul;Ey{5 I 19;; l§11l‘S. Instruct each pair of players to link inside arms, and place the
aged  0fm;€€c;;;l£d XH thethip. Place the two selected players on opposite sides
¤ Q `, · DDOIH. one of them It, the other one, Runner. At a signal, It
rE%€tM . gggsgicghe 1`u¤¤€'{` Wlth the object of tagging him, The runner runs about
ley Qing; the ma 6 aS_he wishes and finally hooks on to the extended elbow of one of
  E other $$15 `lll the Circle. The player whose arm is h00ked stands RISE; thi?
éirem Tunnel tgél How becomes the runner, and It takes after him. If It tags the
_1 @,1,,, ’ Sore mo I`€V€1`$€ QFHCBS and the game continues
31 Ol,. · tion that°I§I>0t Tag. This game is played like simple tag, with the GXC€D·
l€"_Cu,;. SpOt,,“_h€1_€·l1;*’13§EIé lzgggllgg ge player, must hold one hand on the "sore
_ flip, _ ' E8 . le original It has no sore spot.
~5 W game Félvlggg 5mg. For small groups in a restricted area, this is a good
No A  and {hey proc JESS 9. player, that player immediately joins hands with It
b¤1_·1_,,_ _. part Of the h€€ to tag another. Each succeeding person tagged becomes a
.SEmm;._ broken. H9 Lllltll all are caught. No one can be tagged if the llllé is

.-lr _
6 1(enluclvy Emleirsiorz ('ir¢·uIur No. 281  
word Changing by Substituting One Letter. A housewife gave her   Q wr
husband a list of words and told him to change one letter in each word and .  
bring home the article of food which the new word spelled.   j
This is the list she gave him: This is what he brought home, see  `‘. f
if you would do the same.  · {
Race substitute i for a. Rice  _  
Broad " e for o. Bread 5 ,
Mink " l for n. Milk  l` I
Halt " s for h. S-alt ·
Beads " n for d. Beans ' 1*
Cane " k for n. Cake · . 1,
Buster " tfor s. Butter  · %
Sea " tfor s. Tea i 1
Money " h for m. Honey  · 1
Handy " c for h Candy
Seat " m for s. Meat (
Cork " p for c. Pork  ` the f—
Reachess " p for r. Peaches 1 who
Dream " c for d. Cream
Toffee " c for t. Coffee V X
Feet " b for f. Beet.
Beast, Bird or Fish. Any number of players. The leader stands in
front of the group and begins by saying, "Beast, Bird or Fish? Then. y
pointing at a particular player, he quickly repeats either beast, bird or fish. -
and counts one to ten quickly. If the player pointed at does not nameu `
beast, a bird or a fish, depending upon what the leader has called, before  .
the leader counts ten, he is It and must take the leaders place. The same _
names may not be repeated. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, may be useu . 1
instead of beast, bird or fish. 1
Hiram and Mirandy. A boy is chosen for Hiram and a girl W  - l
Mirandy. They go inside the circle, where Hiram is blindfolded. He calls 1
sharply, "Mirandy." She answers sweetly, "Yes, Hiram," whereupuoii ll?  
dashes in the direction the voice came from, trying to catch her. she. Ol _ Z
Course, eludes him. He calls constantly and she must answer at once. iifilfl __ i
leaving the circle. When he catches her, she chooses a Hiram and he i
chooses a Mirandy. _ ~
The Ministers Cat. The Ministers Cat is one of those quieter games  
everybody wants to play. Each person in turn must start off with an nd- ‘
jective beginning with A to describe the ministers cat. The first llllllil V
may say "The ministers cat is an adorable cat;" the next "The 11'lllllSi€l$
cat is an awful cat," etc. Anyone unable to describe the cat with an ad- ·
jective beginning in A, must drop out of the game When all playel'5 mw .
exhausted their supplies of A adjectives, eve1·yone joins in the game again V
This time they use the letter B and continue as before.  '
Human Checkers. Place seven chairs in a row and seat th1‘€€ boi`?  _
and three girls as indicated: B-B—B-O-G-G-G. The object of the gamer
to move the boys and the girls to opposite seats like checkers, nioving 0i' .
Jlllnlilng Gll€ at a time. No player may move backward, All may stH1‘l°‘“
` again if they get stuck, The final results will be: G-G-G-O-B-B-B.
Fix 1`0w of six for the entire crowd and have them l`&C€ {0 W
Ch3l1`S may be })l2`tC€d ljack to back for two groups This is a good Comiwji
l3iV€ Emile. Always keep boys and girls a1t;ernate_ moving c0nSeCl1U"€‘1Y· L A
works out easily with practice but it is difficult for beginners. _

   I?<·¢·reuIim1 For -l·—H (.‘/u/1x 7 I
  The Letter S. Players are asked to write answers to the following with
  a word beginning with the letter S:
    1. A river-
  2. A mountain-
  3. An animal-
 S 4. A city-
see   5. A country-
_. 6. A famous person-
..5 7. A fish-
  8. A famous character in a book-
E 9. A fruit-
.  . 10. A tree-
  11. Title of a book-
 * 12. A famous poet-
  13. A famous playwright-
< 14. An inventor-
° 15. A vegetable-
 A Cake Sale. Each player is given a card or sheet of paper prepared with
' the following questions, or they may be dictated at the time. The one wins
  who has the largest number of answers that are correct.
 q What kind of a cake would you buy for-
~` 1. Sculptors? (Marble cake)
j 2. Politicians? (Plum cake)
ds m 3. Geologists? (Layer cake)
. 4. Dairymen? (Cream cake)
   . 5. Milliners? (Ribbon cakel
Am 6. His Satanic Majesty? (Devil‘s food)
313%; _ 7. Babies? (Patty cake)
 » 8. The Betrothed? (Bride’s cake)
  . 9. Gossips? (Spice cake)
*  f 10. Carpenters? (Plain-plane cake)
i 11. Idlers? (Loaf cake)
rl for  ” 12. Pugilists? (Pound cake)
E calls 2 13. One who lives on his friends? (Sponge cake)
.011 he  — 14. Dynamiters? (Raisin cake)
Sheoi  ` 15. Invalids? (Delicate cake)
` new _ 16. Convalescents? (Sunshine cake)
.11dh€ ‘ 17. "Boodlers"? (Doughnuts)
 g 18. Those who sample all these too much? (Stomach ache).
- I .
g11111§i ·._ Cloth Sale. What kind of cloth would you sell to 21-
agqigy  . A fat man? Bmaueiotn
l;l5lél”.$ A mllsician? O1~ga11di€
an ad-  5 2 il)€*;dth1‘ift? Cashmere
· 111 ‘ » mp G1`? Duck
lsaggtl  ._ *2 gaui2’lUail?t9 Cheesecloth
¤ 00 &E€11~. Canvas
H A banker? Checks
ee 11056 1 A Convict? Stripes
game li The family dog? Muslm
(11151 01 . A toastmaster? Byjlljgntjng
11·t om A gardener? Lawn
_ A A fisherman? Neg
to 11111 5 A b1'i°k1aY€l`? Cambric
Ompm A Jeweler? Ticking
Yew 1. A baldheaded man? Mohair
· A summer tourist? Outing.

8 Keii/zu·/ry Ifrrlcusimz Circular N0. 281  
A Bouquet of Flowers.   She a
A crowd of people- Phlox ` tinue:
A bird and what a rider uses- Larkspur Z
A fashionably dressed man and king of e _
beast- Dandelion ·_  Ol an
A friendly man- Sweet William  { liaye
A Time of day and an exclamation- Morning-glory  e 1 gl;
Something used on bread and something  ; pg 50
to drink out of- Butter-cup   fn th`
Where ones places a kiss-- Tulips Q Ed to
A boy‘s name and the minister’s desk- Jack—in-the—pulpit
What an impecunious suitor tries to do- Marigold p
What a child calls his father- Poppy ·
A boy’s name and something to write with- J onquil  A
A time of day- Four o’clock _
Part of a lady’s costume- Lady’s slipper ‘
What children make in winter- Snowball.
A girl’s name- Marguerite or Daisy ‘
Sometimes the players are divided into two teams and the contest be-  ·
comes a race to see which team can give the greatest number of correci —
i Shouting Proverbs. Have the group seated in a ring. One member
leaves the room. The words of a proverb are distributed, one to each play-
er, so that each has a word. When the one outside the room is called back.
at a given signal, each one shouts his word, all at the same time. This is .
repeated until in the medley the person who came in can distinguish words .
to make a guess at the proverb. A few proverbs follow: ,
A stitch in time saves nine. ·
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
All that glitters is not gold. T
Better late than never. ·
Birds of a feather flock together. .
A fool and his money are soon parted. — img
Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.  -  
It never rains but it pours. { in _
Every cloud has a silver lining.  A b 02,1
Make hay while the sun shines. » hm
Tcakettle. "It" is sent from the room while the other players S€l€€Y t ing
a word. Each player must make a sentence containing the word selecicd
but substituting for it "teakettle." (Using the word rain for example. The I
"teakettle" fell in torrents.) "It" comes back and the player nearest Ulf  Q_ “`h€
door gives his sentence. If It guesses the word, the one who gives the sen-  ·
tence becomes It. If It does not guess the word he continues down the hir .
until he does. If It does not guess the wo1·d when all the players have given
their sentences he goes out, another word is selected and the game $095 Oil `
Fruit Basket. All players are seated except the leader. Each persoiiié
given the name of some fruit. The leader may say, "I went to town ami r
WhEI'l I got there I bought some apples, apples, apples_" If the olle llfillml I 
"9·DDl€S" fails to speak his name before the leader says "apples" thl’€€ Um? ..
he has to change places with the leader. After this has gone on fore
while the leader will say, "I went to market and when I got there my iru:.  .
basket turned over." This means that all players must change seats Zlllfllll ‘
the scramble the one standing gets a seat. When all seats are filled the cir -
s left standing becomes the leader. _ _ lo ,
M3Yk€tiHg I Shall G0. The first player says, "I’ve been lll2l1`l·Z€Ull§ ml
t0day." The neighbor on the right asks ner, ··whae did you buy?" aud El? {O}?
2l¤SW€1`S “H€ad of C3.bb9.ge." The neighbor turns to her neighb01' 3Ud__Sm_; (
"I’ve been to market today." This neighbor says, "What did you buy? Zll·*·

   Recreufiou For #l·—II Clubs 9 j
 ` she answers. "A head of cabbage and a peck of spinach." So the game con-
 -1 tinues, each player repeating the answers and adding one new vegetable.
 · wonder Ball. All players sit in a circle. A small ball, handkerchief
  01- any other small object may be used. The leader starts the game and an
 f players repeat in unison—"The wonder ball goes round and round, to pass
 . it on you are bound, if holding it you are last, then for you this game is
  passed and you are out." The one holding the ball on the word OUT must
Q; go to the center of the circle and the game continues. When five or six are
I in the center of the ring the game is halted and those in the center requir-
_t Y ed to pay forfeits in order to get back into the game.
ll  *
I ? Suggested forfeits:
 _ 1. Sing a song.
} 2. Recite a poem.
 — 3. Dance a jig.
 , 4. Say three nice things about yourself.
A = 5. Answer truthfully four questions asked by anyone.
MI5? 6. Laugh, cry, whistle.
the-  . 7. Yawn until some one else yawns.
rrecr  Y 8. Imitate three barnyard noises.
C 9. Pay a compliment to four people.
miner  ` 10. Get down on your knees before four people and smile.
Dm - ll. Place one hand where the other can`t reach it lelbowl.
baek. 12. Hop around the group or room on left foot.
his is _ 13. Answer "No" to any four questions asked by any.
words 14. Imitate a man shaving.
  15. Imitate a person washing his teeth.
1 16. Recite alphabet backwards.
17. Count alphabet A-1, B-2, etc.
 - 18. Group name five states and victim name the capitals.
. 19. Give a Mother Goose rhyme.
 _ ' Going to Europe. Line up the group and ask them to repeat what is
 E said and imitate the action set. For instance, the leader says, "I went to
7,.   Paris where I bo’t a fan? Imitate motion of fanning with the left hand.
fl then went to Vienna where I purchased a coffee grinder." Imitate grind-
j ing with right hand. "I then went to Spain where I met the King." Imitate
 _ bowing. "He asked me if I could speak his language and I said no." Shake
Select r`   I   Inany St[i,i]_'S_” I]_]’]itat]€ Stair Chnlbjljg   rais-
elected  `.
le_The 2 The Big Noise. Leader directs that certain noises are to be made
Est me   » When he makes the following m0tiOI1S2
ie sen- J Right arm sideways—claJ once.
he lint .» Left arm sideways—c1ap {moe.
E given K Right arm point upward—whistle.
pes Ol}; _ Hand over mouth—Indian whoop.
5l'S01ll¤  i Arms forward, right arm l0wered—-stamp right foot.
»\'1l?mq  *7 A1`mS forward, left arm lowered-stamp left foot.
nallltll  , A1`mS forward, both arm lowered—stamp both feet.
ee 21;*; gg`§\$lS&1’ motion lilie cranking—rattle like Ford.
.1 _ I . over eyes- augh loudly.
ny irlll-  E Hiilld On chest—cough grievously.
Giicxlg i RFl1Se and lower elbows—crow like rooster.
me ·
M _ {O “_1_i&'1‘;l L01‘e- Each member is provided with pencil and paper and asked
aykellle , mm b ` B 113111eS of all the birds he kh0ws_ The one who writes the 1al‘geSt
apdillf . fougwel Of Names in five minutes wing A short discussion of birds may
nd SHP; ·
wa" 5ulC .

10 1(1·z1/uclny Idmicusion (jircular N0. 281 ,
Name These Birds. .
1. What bird sews for its living? 11. What bi1·d snould attend fu-
2. What bird is crazy? nerals? l
3. What bird does your father 12. What bird is a robber? 1
~ make you think of when he 13. What bird bakes for its living? ;
whips you? 14. What bird is a hunter? =
4. What bird is very fast? 15. What bird is an astronomer?
5. What bird is a fisher? 16. What bird does baby like? .
6. What bird is the head of a lodge? 17. What bird was a great nurse? . to l
'I. What bird lives in a clock? 18. What bird plays in the band?
8. What bird is a preacher? 19. What bird does not tell the
9. What bird is the mi1kman’s truth?
favorite? 20. What bird lives in a heavenly A
10 What bird do boys like to sail place? —
in the air?
Answers:  `
1. Tailor 11. Mourning Dove 151*
2. Loon. 12. Robin
3. Thrasher 13. Ovenbird me
4. Swift. 14. Killdeer car
5. Kingfisher 15. Starling thi
· 6. Eagle 16. Stork el]
7. Cuckoo 17. Nightingale ·
8. Parson bird 18. Trumpeter ,
9. Cowbird 19. Lyre nm
10. Kite 20. Bird of Paradise.