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    Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky, June 19, 1942

     The Executive Committee of the University met in President Don-
ovan's office at 10:30 a.m.  Friday, June 19, 1942.  The following
members were present:Judge Richard C. Stoll, James Parks H. D. Pal-
more and R. P. Hobsone   President H. L. Donovan, Comptroller Frank
D. Peterson and Captain W. Gayle Starnes, Secretary, were also pres-

     A. Approval of Minutes.

            1. On motion duly seconded and passed the minutes
               of the Executive Committee of March 20, 1942,
               were approved as published.
                         * * * ** * * * * *

     B. Report of Comptroller.

     The report of the Comptroller was presented and discussed.

                         * * * * * * *F * * *

            2. On motion duly seconded and passed the report
               was ordered acceptod and filed.
                         * * * * * * * * * *

     C. Budeot Adjustment.

            3. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried
               the following resolution was adopted:

                    BE IT RESOLVED that the budgets be
               amended in the manner as presented to the
               Board and filed with the records of the



    D. Enrollraent, First Term of Sugmmer Quarter.

    President Donovan reported that the summer quarter enroliment is
satisfactory He indicated. that evidence showed that the reorganiza-
tion of the Univeirsity on the quarter basis was successful. A total
of 1745 students was reported enrolled to date.

     Eo ALthorizatIon to Grant Degrees in Library Science.

     President Donovan recomrended that the University be authorized
to award the doegre of Bachelor of Science in Library Science to stu-
dents who satisfactoril r complete the 45 quarter hour curriculum in
Library Science as graduate students in 1942 and thereafter.

                         * * * * * * * * * *

            4. On motion duly seconded and passed President
               Donovan's recommendation was concurred in.
                         * * * * it * * * * *

     F. Special Fees in Applied usic.

     President Donovan recommended that students taking courses in
applied music be charged $30.00 per quarter (two half-hour lessons
per week).

            5, On motion duly seconded and passed, this
               recorm~nendation was concurred in.

     G. Inlurig-s, to  Q   .lo  c.

               George 1McCray
               Frederick Kaye
               Mrs. S. F. Bowsher
               Miss Elizabeth Taylor

     The Comptroller presented the following letters, two from Mr.
Perry West, head of the Department of Rechanical Engincering, and one
from Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, Acting Detan of Women:



1 9 4 2

Memorandum to: Mr. Frank Peterson

Subject: Accident to George .;5cCray

     Recalling conversation of yesterday, George Mc-
Cray, Assistant Engineer at our Central Heating Plants
fell in a coal hopper about 7:30 pom. Saturday, April
4, while in line of duty, and broke his right wrist
just above the Joint.  Our Chief Engineer, Clifford
Warren, tried to get in touch with our Dr* Chambers
both at his office and at his home, but on account of
the holiday he was out ol' town.  He, therefore took
McCray to the Good Samaritan Hospital and was required
there to stand sponsor for the charges before they
would go ahead with the case.   The fracture wa$ Y.-rayed
and put in a cast, the charges being $5.00 for the x-ray
and $1.50 for the cast, making a total of $6.50t.

     This man has been employed by us for nine months
at $17.50 per weeks is married, has no children, is
about 30 years old and is a very satisfactory employee.
His case has now been transferred to Dr. Chambers, but
I should like to ask if the University can take care
of his hospital bill, since he is on a small salary
and would appreciate such treatment by us.

     I might add that this is the first accident we
have had in the six years since the plant was started
up that required hospital attention.   Also, might it
not be a good idea if Dr. Chambers could make arrange-
ments with the hospital to take such a case in his
absence without question, since, if Warren had not
been there to stand sponsor, they apparently would
have waited until some one could be found to be re-
sponsible before doing anything.

                           Yours truly,

                             (Signed) Perry West
                                       Head of the Depart-
                                       ment of Mechanical



1 9 4 2

Memorandum to:  Mr. Frank Peterson

From:           Perry West

Subject:        Frederick Kaye.

     One of our students, Frederick Kaye, employed as
an assistant in the Central Heating Plant, fell through
a grating and bruised his side.   This occurred about
2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, April 22, while he was in
line of duty, having just removed a grating from over
the ash pit in order to hoist some rofuse, he stepped
back into this opening and fell about twelve feet
landing on a sump pump in the pit below.   He was im.
mediately taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital where
he was attended by our Dr. J. S. Chambers.   Two X-ray
pictures were taken and the hospital bill is attached
in the amount of $115.0.   No bones were broken and
he was released from the hospital the following day.

     He is a sophomore student in the department of
Mechanical Engineering is eighteen years old and single.
His record is good and his services have been excel-
lent.   He is working his way through college and I
would respectfully ask that we take care of his hos-
pital bill, if possible.

     This is the second accident within the month and
within the six years that we have been operatingp but
I am quite sure that neither were due to any careless-
ness on the part of our staff or to any lack of safe-
guards around the plant.   It must be, as has been saidt
that these things come not as single spies.

                             Yours very truly,

                             (Signed) Perry West,
                                      Head of the Dopartment
                                      Mechanical Enginearing.



                                         April 7, 1942

University of Kentucky
Dean of Women' s Office

Memorandum to Mr. Frank Peterson, Comptroller
From KIMrs. Sarah B. Holmes, Acting Dean of Women
Ooncorning firs. S. F. Bowsher and 1iiss Elizabeth Taylor

     As we have no clear cut policy of caring for accidents on
the campus of the University of Kxentucky, it -las been hard for
me to make a definite recommendation regarding the request
of Mrs. S. F. Bowsher that her surgeon's bill of 138 be paid
by the University of Kentuckya   However, I have taken the
following facts into consideration!

     l. Any consideration given Mrse Bowsher should also be
extended to Miss Elizabeth Taylor.

     20 Both women were injured while on routine duty in
the residence halls for women.

     30 The University of Kentucky, because of oversight or
negligence in protecting a deep excavation, was a contribut-
ing factor in the accident.   This deep excavationwas evi-
di;tly made at the time the new heating plant was installed
_-uard rails were never placed around the excavation.

     4. Mrs. Bowsher was off duty from December 26 to Feb-
ruary 14 during which time she was in the hospital or con-
valescing at home.   She has been able to be on part-time
duty only from February 14 to April 4.

     5. Mrs. Bowrsherts salary has been paid in full from
December 26 to April 4, regardless of number of hours on du-
ty. Under this arrangement she has received in all ;227M50.

     6. Miss Taylor has been on duty each day since the ac-
c4 dent occurred except at such time as it has been necessary
for her to be in the doctor's or nurse's office for treat.

     7. Miss Taylorls actual dixpenses have been smrall bed
cause of a former connection with the Good Samaritan Hos-
pital.   Dr. Brown's and the X-Ray bills have been nominal.
1, she had paid the usual fees, she would have incurred
doctor and hospital bills of several hundred dollars.

     8. Neither woman has completely recovered her health.
Both are still under the care of physicians.


         In view of the above facts, I am recomnmending that Mrs.
       c.  Bowsherts surgeon's bill of $138 be paid in full and
    teat Mviss Taylor be reimbursed $30Q00 to care for the cost
    ofk Onedicine, bandages$ heat pads, etc.

                                           Sarah B. Holmes

           6. The Board f'elt that the question involved in
              all  four injuries was somewhat of a similar
              nature and after discussing the facts relating
              to each injury at length the Executive Committee
              passed the following resolution:

                    F__OLVED that the medical and x-ray charges
               of George 1.1cCray in the amount of 56.50; trLe op.
               erating room fee and hospital service of Frederick
               Kaye amounting to 11.5O; examination, operation
               and anesthetic fee of Mrs. S. F. Bowsher in the
               amount Of $138OO, and the cost of medicine1
               bandages, heat pads, etc., incurred by Miss
               Elizabeth Taylor in the amount of $30.00 be paid
               from the College Collection Account, and

                    BH IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it is express-
               ly understood that action in these cases is with-
               out commitment as to future action of the Board
               of Trustees on requests for payment of medical
               bills or other bills for empense incurred in
               cases of injury to employees, and that the Board
               does not establish a precedQnt and does not
               admit negligence or liability by paying such
               medical and. hospital claims.

                         * * * it * *F * it * *

    I. Amointments and Other Staff Chang.es.

    President Donovan presented staff appointments, ieappointmentas
salary adjustments and other changes requested by Deans and Heads of
the Deoartments,

Go9lQlg& d Arts A! Sciences


     First Lieutenant Murray I. ;;Montgomery, jr. Signal Corps, ef-
ecctive June, 1942.



     Staff Sergeant Wyatt Martin, assistant storekeeper, effective
v1?. e 19, 1942.

     Sergeant K. Y. Zaker, assistant storekeeper, effective June 1,

     r'ivate Othello P. Hammonds, assistant storekeeper, effective
June 1, 1942.

     Captain Earl C. M1ay, Infantry, effective June 15, 1942.

     Professor Jacques Hadamard, visiting professor for the year
1942-43, in the Department of Mathematics, at salary to be supplied
by the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars.
Professor Hadamard is a refugee from his native country, France.

     Dr. Herbert P. Riley, Professor of Botany and Head of the De-
partment on a ten months' basis, beginning September 1, 1942.

     Miss Emeline Eggemeyer, instructor in English for 1942-43 on a
ten months' basis.

     Miss Roberta Moore, Graduate Assistant in English for 1942-43
on a ten months' basis.

     Miss Beulah Cropper, part-time secretary in the Department of
Bacteriology, for the year 1942-43, on a twelve months' basis.

     Mr. Roy Steinfort, publicity director of the Department of Ath-
letics for 1942-43.

     Miss Marjorie Wheeldon, graduate assistant in Sociology Depart-
ment for the year 1942-43, on a ten months' basis.

     Miss Barbara-Jean Felter, instructor in the Department of Phys-
ical Education in thee Woman's Division, for the school year 1942-43,
on a ten monthsl basis.   M'ss Feiker is to replace Mrs. Kouns during
the latter s leave o. absence.

     Dr. Lawrence L. Quills Professor of Chemistry and Head of the
Department of Chemistry, beginning Soptomber 1, 1942, on a ten months'

     Allen E. Crowe, laboratory assistant in the Department of Hygiene
and Public Health, for the month of June.   Mr. Crowe is also appoint-
ed as laboratory assistant in the Department for 1942-43 on a twelve
months' basis.

     Professor Thomas D. Clark, Acting Head of the Department of
History, for the fall and winter quarters, beginning September 1,



    Mr. Kenneth E. Vanlandingham, Research Assistant in the Bureau
of Government Research for the year 1942-43, on ten monthst basis.

5q-igaer Quarter

   Colleg.e of Arts and Sciences


     Miss Katherine McGinnis, assistant in the Department of Art for
the summers Trios McGinnis is appointed to fill the vacancy caused
by the inability of Miss Gail Kirn to take the place offered in the

     Miss Barbara-Jean Feiker, instructor in the Department of Phys-
ical Educationt for the second term of the 1942 Summer Quarter.

     Mr. Harold T. Taylor, instructor in the Department of Physical
Education* for the second term of the 1942 Summer Quarter.

     Mr. Buford Garner, Summer School (Service) Scholarship in the
Department of Physical Education during the summer of 1942.

     ~r. harry Lancaster$ Summer School (Service) Scholarship in the
 'nU~mext of Physical Education during the summer of 1942.

     Mer. Sidney Sorenson, Stuiner School (Service) Scholarship in the
DIepartment of Physical Educcation during the summer of 1942.

     Mr. CO H. W-att, Summer School (Sorvice) Scholarship in the De-
partmcnt of Phlysical Education during the summer of 1942.

     Miss Ethel Smith, Summer School (Service) Scholarship in the
Department of Physical Education during the first term of the Summer
Quarter, 1942.


     Dr. Vivien IHi. Palmer, Associate Professor of Social Work and
Head of the Department, for the academic year of ten monthst 1942-43*

     Miss Sarah S. Gardner, Assistant Professor of Social Works for
the academic year of ten months, 1942-43.

     Mrs. Florence R. *iler, Instructor in Social Work,# for the
academic soar of ten months, 1942-43.

     M iss Frances S-mith, Secretarys for the acaderaic year of tori
nmonths# 1942-43.



         Resignations and Transfers

    :..l Ch.arles Ross, laooratory assistant in the Department of Hy-
-i&o and Public Health, effective June 2, 1942.

    Profossor R. N. Mv~axson as Head of the Department of Chemistry,
effective September _, 1'D42   Professor Kaxson is to bo continued
as Professor of Ohi-;:is'Gry onl pormanent appointments

     Captain Phil Lofink, I.nfantry, transferred to Camp Pickott,
Virginia, Xay 21, 1942.

     Sergeant Jesso L. Wofford, transferred to Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana, MIay 14, 1942.

     Sergeant Martin, appointment effective June 1, 1942, as assistant
military storekeeper, served ten days and accepted appointment as
first lieutenant in the Army June 10, 1942, and has been transferred
to duty in Washington$ D. C.

            Cancellation of Rea-pointment

     M1r. George Boyd, as instructor in English for 1942-439  Mr.
.Joyd hias been called for military service.

            Leavos of Absence

     Professor Edward Tuthiill, Head of the Department of History,
for the fall and winter quarters, effective September 1, 1942

     Professor Fritz John, Associate Professor of Mathematics, for
academic year 1942-43, on half pay.

     Mr. William. '. Haag, Asoistant Professor of Anthropology and
Archaeology, military leave for duration of the war.   During the
past year Mr. haag was on leave for the first semester on half pay
and the second senester without pay; therefore, he is not entitled
to fifteen days pay provided by resolution of the Board for those
on active duty at the University$ who enter military service.

Qolleig of Agriculture and Home EconomIgea


     ir;. Paul N. Scripture, assistant chemist in the Experiment Sta-
tion, effective June 15, 1942.

     ir. William E. Netherland$ assistant county agent in Hart County,
effective June 1, 1942.



     Dr. J. T. Skinners assistant chemist in the Experiment Stationp
This appointment is requested to fill the vacancy caused by the resig-
nation of Doctor Hodgkiss. This appointment effective June 8, 1942.

     Dr. Henry Noble She-woods Assistant Bulletin Editor in the office
of publications in the Experiment Station and Agriculturnl Extension,
effective June 1, 1942.

     Dr. Don Fe Gilmore, assistant veterinarian in the Department
of Animal ?athology, Experiment Station, effective June 15, 1942.

     Mr. Andirew Earl Kilbourne, assistant county agent in Pike County,
effective June 10, 1942.

     Mr. Paul W. Estes, assistant county agent in Hopkins County,
effective June 15, 1942,

            Leaves of Absence

     Xr. Henry S. McC-uire, Jr., assistant bacteriologist in the Ex-
periment Station, military leave, with pay from June 1 to June 15,
in accordance with the provisions of the Board of Trustees.   Mr. Mc-
ii' e has been ordered to report for military dutyo

     Miss Mary Hood Gillaspie leave of absence extended from April
30, 1A2, to June 30, 1943.   Miss Gillaspie's leave is without
pay, and is extended because she has not fully recovered from a
serious illness.


     Mrs. Nancy D. Stewart, Home Demonstration Agent in Ohio County,
effective June 30, 1942.

Sumer Q~Lcat -r

     Colle:e o-L Education


     Miss Hazel Chrisman, assiotant in English in the University High
School, for the first terr of the sumniier quarter.

     Mrs. Forrest Mercer, assistant to Mr. Keffcr in sclonce and
mathematics, for the first term of the suviner quarter.

     Xiss Sallie Robinson, to teach LIatin In the University High
School surmqer program.

      The above appointments are subject to cancellation should en-
rollment in iohe high sch0ool fal. off too seriously.



    Miss Minnie Frances Humphries to teach businoss subjects in the
Ur.ni1ersity High School this suxrn icro  Mits3 Ium.phrl es is to take the
;,l ce ofI Mrs. Marguerite Fowler who rosigncd because o the death of
her mother0


     Mrs. Marguerite Fowler, who was to have taught the business sub-
jects in the University High School this sunrLer, because of death of

Dean  f the Unierity

     Office of the Dean of Womne

          A-pointment 8

     'ilrsa Fanniebelle H. Bogie, housenother, Chi Omega house, on a
ten monthsl basis.

     UIrs. A. M. Hale, housemother, Alpha Delta Pi house, on a ten
:^orvt,;s basise

     Mrs. Bessie Bryson, housemother, Chi Omega houseo

     Mrs. Sarah Jouotts housemother, Delta Zeta house.

     Rrs. E. P. Lamason, housemother, Alpha Delta Pi house.

                  Sumizer Quarter, First Term, 1942


     aallgare 2f Law

     Roy Moreland, professort
     W. Lewis Roberte, prof' essor.

     Colle7re of CoriAerce

     W. W. Jennings, Professor of Economics.


     Collep:e of Arts and Sciences

     ii~iss Iva Dagley, to teach students registering for applied rau-
sic 17a-h, yoice, during the coming two sunnier sessions. She is to
receive the special fees paid by the studants for this individual

     Cecil '. Sanders, graduate assistant in Pol4tical Scionce.

     Jarvis Todd, iAssistant Professor o F Phlysicso

     M. C. Brown, Assistant Prol'essor of Miathe.-natics.

     Sallie E. Pence, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

     William F. Church, Instructor in History*

     S. H. Wender, Instructor in Chemistry*

     K1elvin J. Astle, Instructor in C.hermistry.

     Kathryn Challinor, Instructor in Bacteriology.

     E. J. Asher, Associate Professor of Psychology.

     We C. Tucher, Assistant- Professor of Journalism.

     Donald Irvine, Instructor (S.Q.) in English.

     John L. Cutior, Instructor in English.

     Daniel V. Hegeman, Assisstant Professor of Gernan.

Cange-ll.tion  f Apointments

     W. H. Pittman, Professor, Collcgc of Lanw.

     Ellery L. Hall, Assistant Profcssor of History, Collogo of Arts
and Sciences.

     E. G. Trimble, Associate Professor of Political Science, College
of Arts and Sciences.

     A. E. Bigge, Professor of Gerr.wtn, Collego of Arts and Sciences.

     Vivien I.K. Palmer, Associate Professor of Social Work, College
of Arts and Sciences.

     Maurice F. Seay, Professor of Educc.tional Administration, Col-
lege of E'ducation.

     Sarah S. Gardner, Assistant Professor of Social Work, College of
Arts and Sciences.



                    * * i. * *t * * * it *

       7. On President Dormovrnrs rocorn.-cn1dtion,
          the above appointments, ra ppointracnts and
          salary adjustmonts were approvod and record
          ordered made In the minutes.S
                    * *F * .: * * * * * *

Jo. adct ournment.
                    * *F * * * it * * * *

       8. On motion duly seconded and passed." the meeting
          was adjoturned, President Donovan having served
          luncheon in his office.

                    * *t * * *n t * *t it *

W. Gayle Starnes
Secretary of the Board