xt7h707wmx07 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7h707wmx07/data/mets.xml Allen, Albert H. (Albert Henry), 1875-1953. McMurtrie, Douglas C. (Douglas Crawford), 1888-1944 1939 books Y 3.W 89/2:43 Am 3/no.2/5 Kentucky Historical Records Survey This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications American literature--Kentucky--Bibliography Kentucky--Bibliography Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810 text Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1787-1810 1939 1939 2012 true xt7h707wmx07 section xt7h707wmx07 1 iii I _ umvzasntvofxsurucxv I   I ‘ ` I l .
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_ i 2 was ustauua 2 = y
t American Imprints Inventory
i     5 I   The Historical Records Survey ‘
i ‘ A Division of Women’s and Professional Projects
Works Progress Administration
y No. 5 Check List of
_ I<€I1U1Cl(y III1P1`II1[S »
_ e By Douglas C. McMurtrie
Comultemt to the National Director
` I The fhktoricul Record; Survey
and » ·
y Albert H. Allen ·
I A Louisville I
The Historical Records Survey _ _

S i A
{ • •
l _ ` ·   The Historical Records Survey
l - .   Division of Women’s and Professional Projects
I *   Works Progress Administration
    ts·i   No. 5 Check List of
  ·i»r,.‘i 3, N. .
tsarta  R       Kentucky Imprints
    By Douglas C. McMurtrie
  Comultant to the National Director
  T be Hixtorical Record; Survey
  y Albert H. Allen
 ¢   f -  y
i ‘    ~ (  i gl ~
  ‘‘:’ The Historical Records Survey

The Historical Records Survey
Luther H. Evans, National Director
Walter M. Hoefelman, State Director
Division of Women's and Professional Projects
Florence S. Kerr, Assistant Administrator
E. Fullerton, State Director
F. C. Harrington, Administrator
George H. Goodman, State Administrator

 ' v
The present list of Kentucky imprints is issued by the Kentucky
state office of the Historical Records Survey with two aims in view:
(1) to make available to historians and bibliographers a list which
_ has been long in preparation, and (2) to provide a basic list against
which to check in its program of inventorying imprints by field work
in libraries. It is hoped and expected that the issue of this list
will stimulate the interest of librarians and scholars in Kentucky
imprints and lead to the discovery and record of important items of
local printed source materials which are as yet unknown.
To this end, notes of new titles or corrections or amplifications
of titles herein recorded are earnestly solicited, so that they may be
included in a supplementary list or be incorporated in a revised version
of the present list.
The compilation of a list of books, pamphlets and broadsides printed
in Kentucky from the beginnings of its press in 1787 through the year
1830 was first projected by the undersigned about ten years ago. During
the years of 1929 and 1950 considerable intensive work was done on this
project. A number of important libraries in Kentucky and elsewhere were
personally visited, either by myself or by Nr. Charles H. Good, who was
engaged for a time as a field assistant for this investigation, and a
large number of early Kentucky books, pamphlets, and broadsides were de-
scribed from the actual copies seen in the various libraries visited.
ln addition, correspondence was undertaken with a number of other
libraries which were known to contain Kentucky material, and descriptions
V of many more titles were received through the helpful cooperation of the
librarians concerned.
Kentucky titles mere also gathered from the American Bibliography

of the late Charles Evans; from the comprehensive bibliography in the
second volume of Ralph Leslie Rusk's Literature pf the Middle Western
p _Frontier; from the invaluable imprint catalogue of the New York Public
Library; from a large collection of book dealers' and book auction cat-
alogues; and fron various other sources. An important feature of this
preparatory work was the examination of files of contemporary Kentucky
newspapers for titles of publications advertised in their columns as
for sale at the local printing offices.
. Towards the end of l950, preparations were made for the publica-
tion of the list. But in a final effort to locate and obtain descrip-
tions of a considerable number of titles known only from advertisements
or from their occurrence in bibliographies or catalogues, the help of
the Filson Club, of Louisville, Kentucky, was enlisted for the publica-
tion of a list of unlocated early Kentucky imprints in the Filson Qlub
History Quarterly of January, 1931. Directly or indirectly through the
publication of this list, much valuable information was received, either
in the actual descriptions of titles that were imperfectly recorded, or
in suggestions as to where copies of them might be found. Following up
these clues meant more correspondence, but it resulted in a notable im-
provement of the list before it was finally decided to commit the mater-
ial to type.
Something more than half of a total list of about l,2OO titles had
been set in type in 1951, when circumstances such as interfered with
many another enterprise in those days made it necessary to suspend the
V work. The material seemed to have toc great a potential value, however,
to be allowed to lie wholly unused and unknown. Selections from the
list, therefore, have been published from time to time. A check list of

Kentucky almanacs, 1789-1850, appeared in the Register pf_thg_Kentucky
l State Historical Society of July, 1952; a bibliography of early Kentucky
l medical titles was printed in the Register of July, 1955; and a bibliog-
raphy of early Kentucky statute law was published in the Filson Qlpb
History Quarterly of April, 1955. Also, in September, 1954, a number of
sets of proofs were drawn from the type just as it stood in unrevised
form, of that portion of the list which had been set up in 1951. These
proofs, including all titles through 1821 and a part of the 1822 titles,
2 were distributed to a limited number of persons and institutions that
l were thought to have an especial interest in the material.
Since 1955, until recently, the list of Kentucky imprints has been
set back on the stove and allowed to simmer, so to speak, udth occasion-
h al stirrings as bits of pertinent information happened to come to hand
and were dropped in. My associate, hr. Albert H. Allen, hovmver, was
not satisfied to leave the list entirely neglected. From the inception
of the work upon it, he has had a particularly keen interest in this
record of the early Kentucky press. He therefore undertook, as a self-
imposed task for spare moments at home, a thorough revision of tho list
of early Kentucky titles. This has involved entirely rewriting most of
the descriptions already prepared, adding descriptions of new titles as
V they have been discovered or reported, amplifying or correcting the notes
on many of the titles, rearranging the titles alphabetically by years
under appropriate author headinms, introducing the symbols used by the
Union Catalogs of the Library of Congress to identify libraries, and
caring for innumerable other editorial details. He has also omitted
V from the list as here presented a considerable number of titles, of du-
` bious authenticity, which were in the list as originally prepared and as

r made known in the 1954 proofsheets. These doubtful titles will be made
_ " the subject of a later report.
In the latter stages of its compilation, the list has profited
through new entries and added locations from the Kentucky titles re-
I ported from libraries all over the country by workers of the Historical
Records Survey assigned to inventorying imprints. Specially valuable
. V contributions have been made by the Pennsylvania, New York City, Ohio,
and Kentucky offices of the Historical Records Survey.
Active interest in the project of publishing the list of early
_ Kentucky imprints revived with the inauguration of the nationwide Amer-
ican Imprints Inventory as a project of the Historical Records Survey
under the direction of Dr. Luther H. Evans, a Federal activity of the
Division of lomen‘s `=.` and Professional Projects of the Works Progress Ad-
ministration. It was believed by the authorities of the Historical
Records Survey and thc Division of homen's and Professional Projects
of the Works Progress Administration in Kentucky that the issuance of
this list and the establishment of an American Imprints Project would
prove helpful and would further the prosecution of the imprints work
in this state. A project application was approved for a state-wide
imprints project to be operated under the administrative direction of
Mr. Halter M. Hoefelman, State Director or the Historical Records
Survey. irs. Prentice H. Eurst was appointed project supervisor soon
after the project began operations in Lpril lQ5S. The work of cutting
the stencils for the check list of early Kentucky imprints vas done
by Miss Thelma Bryant.
It has not been found possible, however, to issue the whole list
through IEBO at this time. All titles through the year lGlO are here

presented as a first installment. It is hoped that the publication of
the rest of the list will not be long delayed.
This list of issues of the early Kentucky press, except for newm-
papers and other periodicals, comprises 579 items, printed or presumed
to have been printed wdthin those years. Of the total, 51 items fall
into the classification of broadsides, leaving 528 which are books or
Copies have been located of 525 items, of which 47 are broadsides
and 276 are books or pamphlets; 56 items, including four of the broad-
sides, have been included in the list because of evidence, considered
satisfactory, that they actually were printed, although no copies of
them can now be located. Of the 56 unlocated items, 34 (including 17
which are also recorded in Charles Evans' American Bibliography) were
advertised in contemporary newspapers as having appeared from Kentucky
presses; two are accepted on the authority of Evans alone; eight were
specifically ordered to be printed by resolutions of the Kentucky legis-
lature; five are from recent sales catalogues or similar sources; four
are mentioned in other contemporary books or pamphlets; and only three
(legislative journals of house or senate) rest on the pure assumption
that they were printed because the journals of the companion houses
have been found in printed form.
The 525 located imprints have an unusually wide distribution in 105
collections, of which 19 are private libraries. lt is also noteworthy
that 165 of these titles can thus far be recorded in single copies only.
To be sure, 45 of the 165 are breadsides, a kind of printed matter which
V survives, if at all, only in a limited number of copies; only two of the
Kentucky broadsides in this list have been found in more than one collec-

tion. But there remain 120 of these "singletons" which are books or pam-
phlets, and many of these are of considerable historical or bibliographi-
cal interest. The figures following the symbols in the "Key to Symbols
for Libraries" show the total number of these early Kentucky titles lo-
cated in each collection, including (in parenthesis) the number recorded
from that collection only.
Libraries and private collections in Kentucky have been found to
contain ldd of the 525 titles of which copies have been located. Of 43
‘ items (only three of which are broadsides) the only known copies are in
Kentucky--40 distributed among eight libraries, two in the collection of
Nr. J. Kinston Coleman, Jr., and one in the collection of Mr. John Wilson
L Townsend, both of Lexington. In addition, there are 54 titles of which a
L Kentucky library or collection has one of two known copies, and in six of
these cases both copies are to be found in Kentucky only. 0f 05 titles
found both in Kentucky and elsewhere, 2* of the copies in Kentucky are
if recorded only from private collections, notably those of Nr. J. Winston
Colonan, Jr., and Hon. Samuel M. Wilson, both of Lexington, and of Mr.
William Marshall Bullitt, of Louisville, and 68 are distributed among 15
Kentucky libraries.
The most widely distributed title in the present list is no. ll8, of
which 22 copies have been located. Nos. 540 and 365 each are found in 19
copies, and l5 copies each are known of nos. 239 and 356. Other titles of
P which l0 or more copies are nos. l5l, l57, and 560 (l5 copies); 130 and
559 (l2 copies); 89, 2dO, and 205 (ll copies); and 185 (l0 copies). lt is
V interesting to observe that of there ld titles vhich have the largest nwn-
ber of copies, l0 are law books and the other four are political tracts
dealing with issues which were of considerable norent at the tive.

Even a cursory examination of the titles in the list will reveal that
T the early Kentucky printers were much employed with the religious life of
their communities. Books and pamphlets concerned with religious controver-
sy and propaganda number 67; there are 42 issues of the minutes of various
associations of Baptists; and 9 sermons add to the total of 118 titles
which may be grouped under the general head of "religion." The next larg-
est group is composed of the 96 titles comprising the official publications
of the state of Kentucky--legislative journals accounting for BO of these,
the session laws and separate issues of certain acts for 29, with various
legislative resolutions and committee reports, the resolutions and pro-
I ceedings of the constitutional convention of 1799, and a number of mis-
cellaneous official documents making up the remainder. ln this group are
found 25 of the 1ist's broadsides. If we add another group of 15 titles
comprising compilations of the laws, court reports, legal textbooks, and
the like, we have a total of lll items concerned with the establishment
of civil government in the state of Kentucky.
The list contains 55 almanacs, each with its astronomical calcula-
tions and " a variety of useful and entertaining pieces in prose and verse,"
often the only general reading matter to be found in many a remote cabin.
Efforts to meet the needs of education are indicated by 15 titles of
schoolbooks, of which 6 are known from surviving copies.
Another outstanding interest of the citizens of early Kentucky was
politics, as is shown by B7 titles concerned with political propaganda
and controversy. Of the items in this class, 2O are broadsides-—indis-
pensable media of communication botveen candidates and voters at a time
V when the newspapers, no matter how partisan, vere too small to carry the
gospel of an ardent political faith.

 ` 4 xix
The Masonic order was strong in Kentucky in its first quarter—century,
p if we may judge by the 18 Masonic titles in the list, most of them being
the proceedings of the grand lodge. lndustry and professions other than
the law and the church are but slimly represented; there is a work on far-
V, riery (no. 44) of which no copy is known; one on surveying (no. 295), and
a manual of "popular" medicine (no. 564) for a day when self—help was often
the only recourse in cases of accident or illness. General literature had
at least made a beginning in the period covered by the list; these are six
issues of volumes of verse and one "tragic comedy in five acts" in the
pl record, but these are known only from advertisements of their publication;
V five titles speak for travels and adventure; and two or three titles of
orations might also be included as "1iterary•"
The thirteen years 1787-1799 fall within the period covered by the
monumental American Bibliography compiled by the late Charles Evans.
For this period Evans records 80 titles as Kentucky imprints; 58 of these _
p wdll be found in the present list; the others have been omitted because
of the lack of satisfactory evidence that they vere ever printed or, if
printed, that they were printed in Kentucky. These 22 Evans titles, to-
gether with a few others of doubtful authenticity as Kentucky imprints,
will be the subject of a supplemental report•
There follovm a list of the 58 Evans titles which are included in
the present bibliography. For the period covered by Evans, this bibliog-
raphy shows 71 titles "not in Evans"--12 known only from advertisements
or other indications that they were printed, and 59 (including 28 broad-
V sides) described from copies located in libraries•

Evans titles, 1787g1Z99) included in_th2 Bibliography
Evans Copies Our Copies Evans Copies Our Copies
Yo. Located E2; Located Ro. Located E2; Located
20441 0 1 O 52557 1 65 6
21912 0 2 0 52558 1 57 1
25474 0 4 0 52785 O 64 1
24445 0 7 1 55155 1 65 2
24741 1 18 5 55571 0 68 0
25441 0 5 1 55698 0 70 0
25442 1 25 2 55915 0 91 0
25445 0 24 2 55916 0 92 0
C 25688 2 22 2 55951 1 · 86 5
26958 1 54 5 55952 1 81 5
27184 1 55 2 55955 2 82 2
27219 1 55 2 55954 l 67 2
27545 0 51 1 55956 0 87 0
27598 1 40 2 55957 0 88 0
28460 0 44 0 54255 4 89 11
28706 0 72 1 54650 0 96 1
28905 0 54 0 54717 1 98 1
28926 0 50 0 54876 0 99 l
_ _ 28927 2 42 2 54878 '0 100 O
29024 0 49 0 54895 0 95 0
29910 0 41 2 54928 0 101 0
50421 0 55 1 55059 0 66 0
50656 0 47 5 55097 0 102 0
50657 See 52556 55468 0 105 1
50658 1 51 1 55680 2 117 6
50694 0 56 1 55681 2 106 2
51049 0 55 0 55682 ? 0 109 4
51912 0 59 5 55685 4 118 22
52154 0 75 l 55684 1 105 2
52556 2 62 6
Because of the vide interest in session laws and legislative jour-
nals, there follows a table of legislative sessions, with reference by
numbers of entries to laws and journals which have been located and

Kentucky Legislative Journals End Session Laws, 1792-1810
Session and date House Senete Laws
M' I 1 1792: Juno 4--29 8 [1792] 10 [1792] 14 [1792]a
V=` 1:2 1792: Nov. 5--
vb Deo. 22 ___5, ___5 15 [1792?]b
` 2 1795: Nov. 4--
’ 055. 21 28 [1795?] 29 [17957] 50 [1793?]8
V 5 1794: Nov. 5--
Deo. 20 55 (1794) 57 (1794) 55 [1794?]a
~ 4 1795: Nov. 2--
Dee. 21 45 [17957] 46 [17957] 47 [1795?]9
V 5:1 1796: Nov. 7--
’ Dec. 19 5 5 62 [17977]
‘ 5:2 1797: Feb. 5-- "`—
055. 17 5 5 55 [1797]
- 6:1 1797: Nov. 27-30 —_~_ b
5:2 1798: Jen. 1-- 77 [1798] 83 [1798] 85 EEE 86
Feb. 12 [1798]
7 1798: Nov. 5--
Deo. 22 78 [17957] [84]& [115], 117 (1799)
8 1799: Nov. 4--
‘ 055. 21 114 [17997] [175]& 152 (1800)
` 9 1800: Nov. 5--
Dee. 20 5 0 142 (1801)&
10 1801: Nov. 2-- _——- `__
055. 19 140 (1501) 141 (1501) 155 (1502)
11 1802: Nov. 1--
055. 24 5 5 _ 182 (1805)
  12 1805: Nov. 7-- -7- _—_
055. 27 [211]& 215 [15047] 215 (1504)
13 1804: Nov. 5--
Deo. 19 212 (1504) 214 (1504) 252 (1805)
14 1805: Nov. 4--
_ _ Deo. 26 250 (1805) 251 (1805) 277 (1805)
15 1806: Nov. 3--
Deo. 27 272 (1806) 276 (1806) 297 (1807)
° 16 1807: Deo. 28--
1808: Feb. 24 517 [1808] 515 (1808] 520 (1808)
17 1808: Deo. 12--
1809: 555. 11 557 (1808) 555 (1808) 559 (1509)
[1509] [1509]
18 1809: Dec. 4--
. 1810: J55. 51 555 (1509) 559 (1509) 550 (1510)
[1510] [1510]
8 Pub11e Documents C1e5ring House cheek 11sts record these as
"Not r5555."
b Not recorded in Public Documents Clearing House cheek lists.

To make adequate acknowledgment of all the assistance received in
the compilation and preparation of a bibliographical list such as this
is practically impossible. Copies of early Kentucky titles are recorded
herein from 84 libraries and 18 private collections. To the librarians
or owners of practically every one of these collections the compilers are
under gratefully acknowdedgedobligation for replies to queries and re-
quests fer bibliographical descriptions of titles.
Among those who contributed extensively to the present compilation
may be named: Mr. Willard O. Waters, of the Henry E. Huntington Library
at San Marino, California; Mr. V. Valta Parma, of the Library of Congress;
Miss Winifred Ver Nooy, of the University of Chicago Library; Miss Lavinia
Steele, former librarian, and Mr. Charles C. Hunt, of the Iowa Masonic
Library at Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Mary T. Moore, of the Western Kentucky State
Teachers College at Bowling Green; Mrs. Jouett Taylor Cannon, Secretary of
the Kentucky Historical Society at Frankfort; Mrs. Erma Guy Cromwell, State
Librarian and Archivist, Frankfort; Miss Edna J. Grauman, reference libra-
rian of the Louisville Public Library; Mr. Otto A. Rothert, secretary, and
Miss Ludie J. Kinkead, curator, of the Filson Club, Louisville; Mr. Thomas
A. Johnson, librarian of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louis-
ville; Mr. G. Glenn Clift and the late Miss Florence Dillard, of the Lex-
ington Public Library; Mrs. Charles F. Norton, librarian of Transylvania
College, Lexington; Miss Margaret I. King, librarian of the University of
Kentucky at Lexington; Mr. Eldon R. James, librarian, and Nr. Robert B.
Anderson, assistant librarian, of the Harvard University Law School; Mr.
Clarence S. Brigham, director, and Mr. R. W. G. Vail, librarian, of the
American Antiquarian Society at Worcester, Massachusetts; Mr. L. Nelson
Nichols, of the New York Public Library; Miss Eleanor S. Tilby, librarian

of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio at Cincinnati; Dr.
Wallace H. Cathcart, director of the Western Reserve Historical Society at
Cleveland; Dr. Julian P. Boyd, librarian of the Historical Society of Penn-
sylvania at Philadelphia; Rev. Thomas C. Pears, Jr., director, and Miss M. H.
Turner, associate librarian, of the Presbyterian Historical Society at Phila-
delphia; Rev. S. M. Tenney, curator of the Historical Foundation of the
Presbyterian and Reformed Churches at Montreat, North Carolina; Mrs. Lois
Mulkearn, of the University of Pittsburgh Library; and Miss Annie A. Nunns,
of the Wisconsin State Historical Society at Madison.
Every title in the list has been cleared through the Union Catalog
of the Library of Congress, and special acknowledgment is due to Mr. George
A. Schwegmann, Jr., director, for the careful attention with which these
titles have been checked with the information available from the resources
of that catalog.
Valuable assistance has been given by a number of persons not connected
with libraries. Mr. C. R. Staples, of Lexington, has been most helpful in
reporting a large number of early Kentucky titles of which he had knowledge
from various sources. Mr. J. Kinston Coleman, Jr., and Hon. Samuel M. Wilson,
both of Lexington, and Mr. William Marshall Bullitt, of Louisville, have been
most generous in providing check lists of their private collections, with
descriptions of some notable rarities in their possession.
To these and others who have assisted cordial appreciation is hereby
Douglas C. McMurtrie
Consultant to the National Director
The Historical Records Survey
· Evanston, Illinois
November 29, l938

 · 1
·5 key to Symbols fg; Libraries
"’ NOTE; Following eaoh symbol is noted the total number of Kentucky titles,
1787-1810, which are recorded herein as contained in that library or
collection, including the number (in parentheses) of titles not recorded
Aitohison (1) Mr. R. T. Aitchison, Topeka, Kans,
EIIEH`““" 1 Mrs. Penelope J. Allen, Chattanooga, Tenn.
ArchGenInd (2) Arohivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain
` Erius _— 10 British Museum, London, England
Bullitt 25 Mr. William Marshall Bullitt, Louisville, Ky.
CSmH 58 (h) Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Gal.
_ Coleman 15 (2) Mr. J. Winston Coleman, Jr., Lexington, Ky,
Cbtten 1 Mr. Bruce Cotten, Baltimore, Md.
CtY—L 1 Yale Law School Library, New Haven, Conn.
I§E§`“ 95 (hh) Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.
DSC M Library of the Supreme Council of the 55rd Degree,
*5- Washington, D. C.
ESQ 1 Army Medical Library, Surgeon Genera1's Cffice,
` 7Uashington, D. C.
Dean 1 Mrs. Mary H. Dean, Owensboro, Ky.
Dillard 1 Miss Florence Dillard, Lexington, Ky.
Tbwler- 1 Mr. George Fowler, Louisville, Ky.
ialsey 1 Mrs. M. L. Halsey, Louisville, Ky.
lCIi 1 Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, Ill.
lIif` 1 John Crerar Library, Chicago, Ill.
ICLaw 15 Chicago Law Institute, Chicago, Ill.
(ICQ (Ayer) 5 Ayer Collection, Newberry Library, Jhicago, lll.
ECE 76 (17) University of Chicago Library, Chicago, Ill.
Ihi l ` Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield, Ill.
IEEE? 1 New Salem, Illinois, State Park
lll-- 2 University of Illinois Library, Urbana, Ill,
_ IaCrM 5 Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
EE, 1 Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, Ind.
Inhi (1) Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Ind.
?iElson 2 Mr, Willard kouse Jillson, Frankfort, Ly.
Jbnes~_ 2 Merschcl V. Jones Collection, Minneapolis, Minn.
lE7_*~ 29 (9) Kentucky State Library, Frankfort, Ky.
EE?3W 18 (5) Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Rowling
**5 Green, Ky.
hyDC L Centre College Library, Danville, Ky.
iii; 5 Kentucky State Historical Society, Nrankfor , ly.
gyié 20 (6) Louisville Public Library, Louisville, ly.
gylwl lh (1) Filson Club Library, Louisville, hy.
l£QQi;b 5 Federal Law Library, Louisville, ky,
lgginfnr 5 (1) Louisville Law Library, Louisville, ky.
;iQ£§ - 27 (12) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville,
gil; lh (2) Lexineton Fublic Library, Lexington, ly.
V `YLLT 15 (1) Transylvania Colloqe Library, Lexington, ,j.
QQQLE 2 Eastern “entuchy State Teachers Yollogo, richmond,
il! 10 Vnivursity of Qxntueky Library, L nin ten, Ly.

L 6 (l) Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Mass.
TE 5 Boston Public Library, goston, Mass,
liiiz 5 Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Mass.
TEP? lO Massachusetts Masonic Grand Lodge Library, Boston,
_ "~**— Mass.
“‘ LES M. Social Law Library, Boston, Mass,
LP* M Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Lass,
4 TF-L 52 (l) Harvard Lmv School Library, Cambridge, Lass.
"4 IIGI` 2 Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Lass.
‘ U4 IIE M2 (6) American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, lass.
lmih-C l Chapin Library, Williams College, Williamstown,
4 4_*_m*_ Mass,
1dWoC 1 Woodstock College Library, Woodstock, pd.
44 LIDYE 2 (l) Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public
4 *’——-“ Library, Detroit, Mich.
LiU l University of Jiohigan Library, Ann Arbor, Mich.
LEEH. 10 Missouri State historical Society, Columbia, Ho,
Ijiiij .2 University of kansas City Library, Kansas Jity,
-5*N- ho.
NoSUi 5 Missouri Historical Society, Saint Louis, No.
IRiiY_ 1 Mercantile Library, Saint Louis, Mo,
" THEY? 1 Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, R. Y.
I4 44 lE$5:S 2 Samuel Colgate Baptist Historical Collection, Colgate
4_——"_ University, Hamilton, N. Y.
4 Thi 5 (l) New York Historical Society, New York City
_. I ITF? (1) Cornell University Library, Ithaca, I. Y.
4 2XL- 29 (7) New York Public Library, New York Jity
lg; 50 Association of the Bar Library, New York City
·44 Zing; 17 (5) New York Masonic Grand Lodge Library, low York City
PNLI 2 Law Institute Library, New York City
4 liaii 1 `Union Theological Seminary, New York City
4 4 ;§;§_ 2 Supreme Court Library, daleigh, N, C. ·
4 Icfli 6 (5) Historical Foundation of the Presbyterian and Pe-
:`" 4***- formed Churches, Montrcat, N. C.
‘ ` CC 6 Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, ohio
4 QEEP 22 (2) Historical and Philosophical Society of ohio,
4 Y 4 A Cincinnati, Ohio
° CCLaw l Cincinnati Law Library, Cincinnati, ohio
liliiii 2l (6) Western Aeserve historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio
“ LE2L—_4 l Hayes Memorial Library, Fremont, Ohio
QQQ 5 Ohio State Archaeological and historical gociety,
Columbus, Chic
QQEL 1 Miami University Library, Oxford, ohio
PCA l American Baptists Historical Society, Chester, Pa.
dill 8 (2) historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
4 iiépf 2 American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pa.
ii§·— 2 Philadelphia Bar Association Library, Philadelyhia,
ifi; (1) Pennsylvania lasonic Erand Lodge Library, Qriladol-
phia, Pa.
iiyig 1 Hirst yroc Law Library, Philadelphia, Ea.
EPLI; 1 Library Company of Philadelphia, »id@way franch,
Philadelphia, Pa.

PPPr’E€i 26 (l0) Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pa.
  7 (1) University of Pittsburgh Library, Pittsburgh, Pa.
:Et%°J$Q1T l Pittsburgh—}ienia Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh,
—w—* Pa.
PU—L 2 I Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania,
N`-- Philadelphia, Pa,
PU-Penn (1) Penniman Library of Education, University of Penn-
»—'-"- sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa,
RPJCB 5 · John Carter Brown Library, Providence, R. I.
PPlT— l2 Providence Law Library, Providence, H. I.
PEE-ch l John G. frauch Collection, Indianapolis, lnd-
saztras 2 Mr. Charles R. Staples, Lexington, Ky.
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1787 — 1810
[ 1727;
Almanacs. Kentucky, _
The Kentucke I Almanack, I For the Year of our Lord 1788. I Contain-
ing, I The Rising, and Setting of the Sun and I Moon,_the lunations,
- Conjunctions I and Eclipses, the nising, Setting and I Southing of the
noted fixed Stars; I Together with I Length of days, Judgment of the
Weather, I Festivals and other Qemarkable days, I Also I Court days,
with useful observations on, and I directions for, propagating Fruit-
Trees I by Crafting in its different branches. I Directions for making
- and refining Su-Iqar, ac. ac. ac. I Calculated for Lat. 570 H. and a
Meridian I of 15* West from Philadelphia and will serve I without any
sensible variation, for Virginia, North I Carolina, the settlement on
Cumberland River, St—I Vineents and the Kaskaskies. I [Lexington;
Printed by John Bradford, 1787,] [ 1 l
To copy known, Title, in the above form, taken from advertisement
("Just published and now selling at this Office") in the Kentueke
Gazette of January 5, 1788, Preliminary announcements ofmthe”publica—
tlon of this almanac ("Preparing for the press and will be published in
convenient time") had appeared in the Gazette of October 15 and November
17 , I7 87 . ""`"°"
Evans 20hhl (not located nor collated; probably from the above adver-
tisement); with imprint "Lexington; Printed and sold by John and Iielding
Bradford, at their Printing—Cffice on Main-Street. [l7B7.]"
Almanacs, Kentucky.
[The Kentucky Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1790, Lexington;
Printed by John Bradford. 1789,] [ 2 I
Io copy known, Advertised in the Kentucky Gazette of Decanter 19, l789,
as published and for sale; "Printedmoniffdaiwhiting paper and may be had
at this Office by the Gross, dozen or sing1e."
Evans 21912 (not located nor collated); with imprint "Lexinqton: Printed
and Sold by John and Fielding Bradford, [l7B9,]"
Johnson Thomas, Jr,
The I Kentucky iiscellany I by I Thomas Johnson, Jun. I [Lexington; I
Printed by John Qradford. 1739.] [ 5 l
I Ko copy known. Title, in the above form, taken from advertisement in the
égntuoky Gazette of May 2, 1789, and later issues, in which it was stated
that the booh_might be had "at Kr. Benjamin Beall's in Lexinjton, and at
Gillespie Buney 5 Company, and Cen, Wilkinsonls stores in Danvil1e."

Probably the first book both printed and published in the west. See
Ralph Leslie Rusk, The Literature of the Middle Western Frontier (New
York, 1926), vol. l,5p,—tEZTY§iT7foEtnEtE`2TU:T`"Later*Y§litions`are re-
corded in 1796, 1815, and 1821, of which only the last mentioned has
been found in a surviving copy,
Johannot, Jackson,
[The Remarkable Adventures of Jackson Johannet [1] of Massachusetts.
` ¥ho served as a soldier in the Western Army, in the Massachusetts line,
in the expedition under General Harmar, and the unfortunate General St,
Clair. Containing an account of his captivity, sufferings, and escape
from the Kickapoo Indians. Written by himself, and published at the
earnest importunity of his friends, for the benefit of American youth.
' Printed at Lexington (Kentucky) by John Bradford. 1791.] [ M ]
Io copy known, Title from Evans 25h7h (not located). The Providence »
edition of 1795 has the imprint; "Printed at Lexington (Kentucky) 1791.
I Reprinted at Providence, M,DJC,XCll1."
. Rice, David,
I A I Lecture I on the I Divine Decrees. I To which is annexed a few I
V observations I on a piece lately printed in Lexington, I entitled "The
Principles of the Methodists, or the Scripture Doctrine of Predestina—
I tion, Election and neprobation.“ I [mule] I [Filet] I Lexington; I Printed
by John Bradford. I MDCCXCI, `_-`W `-_“-` [