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I  `
“'‘L‘` L Extension Division y
il Ai THOMAS P. COOPER, Dean and Director
. BY
I . 0. B. Jaswnass
i Lexington, Ky.
f , January, 1922
i 0
3 ]`i1i'li#h··i in i··»i1m·i·ti·»u with thu ;1;;1‘i¤‘ullm‘:1l vxtpiisiiiii \\‘o1‘k C1l1`l‘i¤‘d
T "“ VY *`·>··1¤·*1‘:¤li¤¤i1 of 1h·~ <`·¤ll¤~:¤· of .\:i·i¤·i1ituiu~_ l`11ix·i~rsi.y of l{¤·11\ucl;1I1· 11t` I·£lI'Ill ]11·111I11··ts 2tI't,‘ t.‘&I}It‘I'I}' »1111;1ht.
\\`}.iI·· :I1·~ i11·Ii1‘i·I11z1I I.2|I'IIIt‘I' I.I't*l|IIt‘IlII}` <·1111 i111]11·111‘1·I1is ]IIl‘II1f1(IS
  111;11·I;··ti11u I1_1· I1i111>1·It`, IIlt‘I’l‘ 111·1· ]Il1III_\' i111111·111·1·1111·11ts \\'IIItfIl
.1xw·1I··11··111I»·11t IiII'j;`1‘I_\' 11111111 <11·g;111iz1·1I 1·tI`111·t 1111 thc 11e11‘t of ax
1;;1111I1··1· ··t` t`;11·111··1‘< IIRIYIIIQ >i1i1iI:11· IIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. IIIIIIII thc I.2Il'1l1t‘1`S
  thw I'11it···I $t:1t1·s I|2l\`(‘ 1·1·:1Iix1·1I th1~ \'ilIIl1‘ (II; 1·¤1-11111·1·;1ti\‘c
I!ILtl`I(t'IIII;!' i~ l’I{IIIII·\' i111Ii1#;1t1·1I hy th1~ Ill£IIl}` 1·<111111·1·;1ti1‘1· >1·IIi11g
~1·;1111En;1:i··11~ \\iIII(°II I1;11‘1· Il1‘t‘II 1·~t11I1Ii>I11·1I.
t`····1»··1·z1ti11· IItilI'I{t‘IIIl§1` 1·:111 I11· (II- $(‘I`\`Ik’C 111 \`iII'It>IlN ways i11
E1111·1··11‘i11g 111z11·I<1·1i11g‘ IIIUIIIIIIIS. (`;11·1·t`11I g'I`iItIIIl§ :1111I SIiIIltIilI'1I·
ix;1ti··11 iII't‘ IIIlIt¤>I`i2IIlI i11 llIilI'I{t‘IIII{.l' 1lIi1II_\' of thu 111‘111I111·ts of
tI1»·t`111‘111 111 thu IIl`\I :1·I1’z111t:1g<·. I·`1‘1·<1111~11tI)‘. I1·111‘1·1‘ct‘. Iittlc 11t-
11·11ti»»11 is11;1i¤I 111 th1— 1l11:1Ii1_1· 11t' t`111·111 [11·111I111·ts \\—II\`II s11I1I hy III-
1II1·i»I11;1I t';11*1111~1·s. III\·I°$II;.1IiIIIIIII$ IIil\'t‘ SIltt\\`Il IIIIII Iz11·I{ (II; 11t-
III Ill\\`t‘l' ]tI'It‘t‘< t11 III;III)' §'I`tI\\`t‘I'N. \\Y(l|)I 11I`t1·11   IIUIIQIII I`1‘<1111
1`a1t‘1111·1·s 11‘ith1111t 111111·h ;1tt1·11ti1111 I11·i11g· ]111i1I to its g1‘z11I1ln‘—
IMI 1t1`<>I1I1·111< ilIIlI I1:1s II(`IIIII\I` the ti1111· Il(II` thu I`;11·iIiti1‘s I`ttI'
IIIIIIIIIIIQ III 1·1111stz111t t11111·h with l‘\(‘I`&'IIiI|Ig`IIIg` 1Il2II`I(l‘I l’lIIllIII'It\IIS.
It is 1111t t11 I11- cx111—1·t1·1I tI1:1t tho 2l\'&*I`il§l‘ I.iII`lI1t‘l‘ SIIUIIIII I10 {III
1·xp1·1·t SilIL‘Nll1tlIl. Tho II2lI'g`&lIIlIIIg 111111*01* 11[ the i111Ii1‘i1I11z1I
. Q ' _

 4 Circular N0. 1/5
furmer is often limited by l1is smull volume of business uml :l.E\
nmy prevent him from obtuining the best possible 1‘esul;`j;_
the sule of products. er;
The preceding suggests wuys in whieh eooperutive lll€ll`l{~‘- 1`·»l
ing orgunizutions eun be helpful. 'l`he_v eun grude uml stunt.
urdize prodnets of members uml sell them on the busis ni. gi·_,§.._ ull
thereby eneouruging the prodm·tion ol` high quulity pi·utlut-5,  
Combining produets froin u number ot` furnts gives u volmue {
business whieh wurrunts the employment ot` truined uml ··.u»i· l‘
ble men to stmly nnirketi eomlitions uml to sell the p1‘  
to overcome eeonomie luws. The nrguuized furmers eun 1.*
expect their orgunizutions to obtuin nnreusonubly high pi-E i·vr ~ in
for their produets; the purpose of orgunizution is to sell ;E_·· Yi
products in the best niunner possible uml to keep the 1nen1l·-·:·~
uequainted with murket eomlitions uml demumls so thut tE,»j.· l‘·=
may plan their furming operutions intellig·entl_v.  
Furmers eun well uf`t`ord to give eonsitlerution to oi·g41i1£x.1- `H
tion for eooperutive murketing where present niethotls ure u:t· lll
sutisfuetory. If existing ugeneies ure remlering sutisfa1¤·t·»1‘j»‘  
service there is mneh less opportunity for eooperutive iuurltet- »·
ing to etteet iniprovements thun if the furmer hus well {fl't>llllll*»`*l N
dissutisfuetion with the quulity uml eost ot` sueh serx·iee. lf
I1 reul need exists, the fumners will look with niore l`2l\'(>l` eil
cooperutive murketing thun if this is not the euse. A <····*P·
erutive murketing orgunizution should not be estublished unless _
the volume of business uvuiluble is sutlieient to permit its ¤‘¤‘**  
nomieul operution. The runk uml tile of furniers ot` u lot·ulitl' »
should be reudy to go into il reul business orgunixution het`·»i·e 5
one is estublished. A survey of the loeul situution whieh tul1`1i|1|1 1‘<·<|1111‘1·111<·111s 1`<11‘ SII<‘I‘(‘SS 111 11 1_u1.1111. fi
1·1·1.111··· 1IIZ1l'1(l‘111I{I 111·;;11111z11111111 ]I|1I_\' 111· (‘f11|S111('1'(‘11 111I(l1‘1· 1110
11111·1<~T— 1`·»11·111‘111g 1II‘&l<1\Z
$11111*1* 1. 1`11/111111 1/_1‘ Il11.w1`111.<.<. S111·111‘11'|11 1111s1111·—s must 110 2I\'ii11·
·m.m1__ 1,I1l.·1`111·111·· <11‘:11111z:111¤111 111 <‘1Il1•1I>}' 1·111111111c 1l1}l1l&l{Zf‘Il)(,‘II1 111111 111
-11.1111-~1· 1·<‘111·11~11 111*` 11•···~·~~111·_\· 1`111·111111·$_
11111··11 2. f1'·1·1·/ .1I111111y;1111111/. 11I1‘~11|<‘~S II121lI2ILZ`1‘lIl1‘111 of 11111111_x·
1l,_ii_i_ 1111.·1·1·~~111·_1· 111 11 <··11<1111·1·1111v·· 111111·1<<·1111;: <11·g11111z1111<111 11` it is
l1·1~E`i‘ i11··1·1;1111 11··111·1· I‘~‘~1l11N 1111111 111(11\'1l1II211 (*11.1111.
limk 3;, ];11,·1`,11.-.1 _Il1{l1»11l.<, ('1<1>1· 1111s1·1·1·11111·1· <11` 1111>111<·:4s ]')1`1II-
Iy.,11-,.1·_ .·E111··~ 211141 111··111<>¤1s :11111 111<· 1(1‘<‘[>1Il§I 111 ('*11II]11•‘1<* 211I(1 111·1·111·111e
Lil1’111·‘I\ 1* ~···· 11‘11~ 111··· 111111111·111111.
1111 IIC ~1. -1r]1r[1/111r ["1'11¤l111‘11 ,\ 011-1>]11*I`z111\‘<‘ Il1&11‘1{¤·11I1;! <>I‘g21Il-
mg A,,, 1 E,<;1i11111 11111*1 1I&1\`l* 11I1‘ <·111111111 11l‘l‘41i‘i1 111 ]>I`l1\`1l1<‘ 11(‘2‘(‘SSi11`)` f111·11-
11·11 11_»· 1T1··~ 21!1¤1 1`·11‘ ··I·1·I'1111I1g l)111·l11)$l'$,
1111111..; 5. .1/’/II]/’}`.\`]1/I]! ].~_1111//_1/. If 111<· 111&‘llI1Il‘I‘$ 1111 1101 st1111d
11 11;..1- 11.11·1<·»1` 1111·i1· **1`!i1111Zi1111>11. i`111·111s11 11 \\'1111 11 s111`1i1·i1·11t x·111111111·
t ·1i1111~1111·~~. >11·· 111111 111111- ]lli11Iilg!'1'1I1l‘l11 1< 0111111·1y1·11 111111 11111]
1111~1111·~~ 111··111·111< l11`1‘ 11N(x(l. 1110 (}1’;I11111Z1111(111 w111 12111. \I(}11111()1.'
*11111 1‘¤>1l11`&1I'1< EI1`1‘ 111` 11111](}1'111111'(` 111 ]l12l1lI1i111l11IQ` 1110 1111*11111O1‘s`
mmm. ~11111111111 111` 11l1‘1I' .111·g·11111x1111·1111.· '1`110 1·11111111111·11 S11l‘('l‘$j of i1' 1·<>—
W Im- *11**‘1`&111\`1‘ 1I1£I1'1{¢‘11IIQ` <>1‘;‘11111z1111<»11 1< l1\`l1(`11l1'x111 11111111 11s 111.11111)*
?m'M__»_ 1**1'•‘1I<1<‘1'11¤‘111‘I' 111111 1l1111'l‘ 1·1·1111<»11111·111 >1‘1`\`1L'O 1112111 111111 1:1ll`1l·1S1lL‘·l1
ml_lW;_ 111 1111· 11;I(’111'1¥`< 111- ]11\`111(1I1N \\`1l11‘11 11 111<111111·1~s 111· 1111111 \\`1l1k‘11 11
1111111111 mU]ImM'
"‘1"` "" MARKETING LAw
1·1111II- 7
mlm; $111111* 1`111·1111—1·s` 1ll£l1'1{1‘111IQ' 111·g11111z11111111s iII`t‘ 11111*1‘111111g as
ts WL 1'·111lI11111‘_\' 11>~111·1;111<111< \\‘111111111 1111·111·]1111‘11111111 l111l1k‘l' S1&11l‘ 121\\`.
m_£l1m· ,1111* 1111‘;‘··1‘ 111111 111111*1- 11III>l11`1i11I1 lIl`Q`il111X2l11l111S, 1l<\\\`1‘\`C1', 111111 111-
1,01,,111 ""1`1"*I`i111·111 il<1\`1>&I1>1<‘. ,\11 l11'}l'i1II1Zi11111I1 1_1\`1A(’l11l\S 21 1·111·11111·;1111111
I mklq 1’}' 1'1’1il1111Il;' 11 1·11111·11·1· 1'I'<1l11 1111· S1111\\ 111 111·1·111‘1111111·1* \\`1111 1110
in (10 I·1‘·1<·<*11111·1~ »1·1 1.111.111 111 1I11· S11111— 1ii\\` l11111l*1' 11·1111·I1 1111·111·11111·1111·>11
um1L.l._ 1* ¤‘11.1‘1*1<·11. 1111·111·11111·11111111 givux 1110 111·g11111x11111111 11 11‘Q’il1 S12111<1·
WS, l‘1111111111g· 11 111 $ll1‘ 111· 111- s111—11 111 11s own 11111110. 10 l1\\`11 p1`0]1—
1 • · .

 ¢ I
6 Ct`rt·ttIur N0. II5
— crty, antl in ntany othrr rt·spt·t·»ts riigxttgxtt in a<·tivitit·s in tt,. `v _ vb
y sainc way as a natural pvrson. 'I`ht· liahility ol` tht· 1n··inh.-rt   M
an I11t‘0l`lN)I`2lI<‘(I assoriation for tho tlvhts ot` tho tll`;jlll|IX&lIIttll_   Mt.
definitely lintitvtl. whilv in an nnittrorporattttl assoriation ;¥_g Qi;
is nsnally not thu vasv. i ii
The early hnsinttss ot·;1aniAations ohlainrtl t·I1art··r~ Q;
spouitic lt·g·islatiyc arts. (lratlnally. ltowt~rt·r. as tht· t··»i·p·»:·a=·
forin het·ann~ hcttvr known, tho tlitl`t~rt-nt stains t·nat·t···l ·· :··  
poration laws. '1`hv ortlinary hn»int~ss uontpany ;;rant~    
t stot·kl1oltlt·rs a yotr for varh sharo ol` stot·l< ownotl antl tlZ~‘rf- ;;i·:;·
— lnttos prtifits to stot·lign<·tl for ortlinary I·tt~i;t··~~ {ii"
corporations arc not snitahltt for thv int·orpa»rati¤¤n ot` ·»·»~·y. Qii__,iQ
oratiye associations sint·t· tho lattrr grant cat·h int·niht·r only    
vote antl arc not opcratotl to pay prolits on capital itn·t·~···?_  
Most of the statvs tltvrt·forc have pas hy tht- Statr l··ui~lt.-  
tnrc which is hroatlt-r in sropc than thc I.tll'llll‘l' law in that Zi  
proyit rk i;zj1;
t but also for organizations i`ornn·tl on tha non-stottlq plan. 'I`Pt~ as-
ncw law also sets forth in grratt-r tlotail yarions l't·atnr··~ ~1` l"i*"
organizations whit·h may I`tll`1ll tl1<·rt*nntlt·1· antl thv SI£lIll*    
such organizations nntlrr certain othvr laws of the Stair.  
A sortion of tho t·o-oporatiyc tnarltrting law l'l‘l‘(‘I|II_\' t*i\"‘ ¤=*#·
T cd provitlns that assoriations prnvioitsly org;·anizt·tl may l¤t·ttttittt· ntn
I11Cf>l‘pt)l`2lI`(‘(I nntlor this law hy uontplyin;3 with iles pt‘<>\‘i~I·*'4‘*·  
antl sots forth tho pro<·t~11it···1 111 1111*11* >111*1·iz1l 111*11l111·111s w11i11· ()l]1(°1`S will 111111
"H i}·i` lj itiglily 'll°\il`1l1’l(. 111 11111111* 1111- 1·l1:111;_51·,
l`lll1!‘&:'·· , ,, ._ ....
.\X .\( I` :111111111‘1A111g tl11· 1`11T11111111111 111 11*111-111*11111, 1:0 f)]1Cl`21t1\°C HS-
"! ""i" ;1~_1;,1i1111s. wit11 111* \\`1111*(? of 1311e11ur;1g-
1l* Ti.·· 5;;;111.1 1.:·11·~:·1y 111Z11`1{l*Y111Z (11. :1g1*i1·1111111·:1l 111*1111111·1s 111:*1111gh 1·<1-11i11;r;1·
1l3·;f. 1;1·;;; 111·1i11i11: th·’* \'i11`1<11l$ t··1*111s 11>‘1~11 l11•·1`f·1I1§ 1·11111111·1*111111g the ;1c-
1·1ll·l`.1i ti1·iZi~·< :111<1 1111w··1·s (I1. s111·h :111 :1.1111··; ]11`1¤\`1t11lY§L 1`·l1` 11}*-11111s :11111 wha; they may
1ly·~:;·; 11:;*5:1; i1:·111*i11i11u 111;* 111·~t1;11·l 111 1·11··1i··11 11;* 1ii1*»·~1·11~»_ 1111111: 111 1*11-
\‘1*~‘1·~i. (.i1Z1i··¢§ ]1l`\\'t‘Z`§ 111111 t1111l•‘S 11‘ t1l!`*·t*T111`S§ 111visi1111 11111) 1·1··1·ti1111 11Zs·
'.m·i._.L, ;;·;1‘~; ;111111€1111111~:11 lll- 1~x1·1·11ti\‘· 11·1t1I111it1-·s iillll ii1lt1`111<'Z11 111 1·1111f‘·
[_I_£:t1_ \_v, 151:;;:11111 11111·.*··1*s; 111*111*i11i11: 1111* 1·11i1·•·1*s. 1111z11i1i1·z11i1111s. l*1'“!'[1(l11 :11111
f1;:;1ti·:1s: 11»:11I;11i11g iss11;1111·1· 111` 1111·111111·1*s11i11 1·~:*1i1i1·:1t~s 111* $111111
V .:;~ig1.11‘111··*1i1l1··:*·~Z`11;*; li111iti11u |·1~**>1111;11 11:1111111)*111`111··111111·:*s1111*1l1·11ts
lll ll'l* ·_~f ;1e<11·1,11i·=11: 1*•·;11Z;11i11; 1*111111; 1111w··:· 1*1 1111·:11111=:·:= :1111 $`1lL'1{j1a1l(1L‘1`Sf
1~~·1~·§1- ;11iE;~:*izi11: i.1` 11°11111\‘;11 111 111`1`i1·1·:‘s
l'_!i_1l;_ 1Z111111*1=1·1111*s; ;1:*111·i11i11g 1111* r1=1`1·1*1·111111111 1:1 1111—111111·1*s: 111*11vi11i11g 111:*
mm it 2 111:1:*111t111gA11·111i·:11·~1; :11111 1=1*1~s1·1*111111; 1*1·111•;.1i1·s 111;· 11:‘0;11·h 111 (‘<)11—
_ 1:*.111. 1111·l1111111; l11111111;111·.1 111111111g11s. 1111s :11111 1111 mists; :111th111*izi11g
I *1 "ll lll111Z11·ti1111 1111.1 ;1~111·1*:11 1*1111i1;11111· 1*1*1111·11i1—s 111 1111* l‘\`t‘111 111 l)Z`G1l(‘ll 111
1, 1111* i=LZ‘·*··Z11·111; statin; 111*1·s11111i1ti1111 111 1·1111t1·111 111 ]11*11111t1*1s 11y 1:111111111*11s
H-,11 .1;' 113111 11:111 si;111·11 111;11·11··ti11g :1g1*1=1*1111*11ts; 111*11vi11i11: 1`ll1` :1111111:1l 1*0-
MH Hf 1*v»*i`l#: l'1`ll\'1t1111§ 111:11 1111 111*11\*isi1111 111 l11\\' 111 1·1111t111·1 with this act
wl iilllll !1»· 1*1111s11·111·.l 115 i1l11\l}'1l1! 111 S11l‘l1 :1ss111·i;1ti1111s; ]11’ll\`1l1111§' 111111
~l¥·11 1~x1·11111i1111 111 £1§1'1l'll11111`111 111*1111111ts 111 1111* 1111ss<>ssi1111 0f 111*11-
·lll11*1‘s #11:111 1111111y 111 s111·11 111*1111111·ts 111 1111ss1·ssi1111 111. 111* l1llt1L‘l`
TIVE 1l1»· 1111111111 111. #:11-11 :1as111·i:1ti1111s; 1111111111Q th1· use 111 the w111‘11 "C0—
'l1*1·iilIi1‘1*" 111 11;11111=s 1111· ]11`11111l(‘(‘1`S` 1·11—11;*c1*:11iv0 111:11*1<1*ti11g :11*ti\*i1iGs;
¤¤l1l111*<¤s1·1·111111g 11 1*11111111)* 1*111- 1·i111;11i11g S111'11 i1111i11i111111: i11~1*111it1i11g
C ]l2l*" l1*#¤lt*iz1ti1111s 111 111·g_11iiz1· 111l11—;· 1·111*11111*:1111111s 111* 111 (1\\'I1 st111·11 111 11l111‘1`
1l111111111‘ l`°l`lllll`ili11111s; 111*11\*i1li11g l_()l` ;1;;1*111-1111111ts with 111111*1*1·11-11111*1‘zl11\'t*1tSS0t’lil-
`.i`i(,H;_ lll‘llF lll this 111* 11tl11·1* status ;1111l stating 11111 11111`]111s1~s 111* 1'L‘11St111$ illl‘l`l“-
`N]m_ §il;L)l1;l':i>;"11'1itlilgl lt-11:11 11si111·i11~tl11111:4 111·11~1111`111*1~ 111*;:111'iz1—1l 111:1)* 1*1*111*g:111i;€•J
h_(_m]I\4 his mlm-·.' 11111115 *11 .1 1111>.11·1111.111111 111 1111111111 .1 111L`*111ll(‘1` 111 1111.1111
_ * 1(‘llllA ((11111.11*1 \\1111 1111* :1ss111*1:1111111, 111* @111*:111 f;1ls:* 1‘1‘]1111is
`mivml 11111111 illltl 11t‘12s1*1*il1i11g il 111111 i`(ll` (,‘l1L'11 11|`1Q11s1*; 111:111111; 5111*11 111`1`1‘I111C1`
1 • · .

 = t
S ('lrvlt/¢1i· No. I/:7
liable to the assot·iation for a pr<·st·rih¤·d pvnalty tli¤·:‘t~t`ot· Ep A   Ar
suit; providing lialiility to tho association in a pvnal stun jp _.·;,_;_ 15
cases for any pwrson who lilltl\\`lll§l}' solirits, [ll'l`Sllllllvs ny tt.;-_
any inoinbur of thu association to l>rt·at·li his niarltwtiug tt.;4g;-_,; tw
authorizing an injtinvtiou against such \\'1ll`(‘llt>llSt‘lllllllI an·l ;·rr»‘..i.:; lla:
fOl` pitytitollt of all llws uml costs; uml Fl‘l[llll{ out tho l`•·il¥~Y.— fr
such provisions; providing that no such association shall l»··   31,
11 conspiracy or an illvgal coinliination or monopoly or in vi »ja:;v;, j
any law of this Statv; and providing that tnarl<··tin;; t·ontra :~   lr;
not be considurotl illegal; providing that il` any swtiou of t?.E—   {lg
shall be doularctl nnconstitutlonal. tho i‘t~i1taiinlt=:· of tho art `E,,t_j ;_· ,;
be tlicrehy at`t`t·t·tt·d; providing that tho gt·n<~ral t-orpo:·atit»n   5
this State shall apply to suvh ;tssot·iations. t~xt·t·pt vvli·~rt~ itu~»·;;;.· ·_g ;
with oxpiwss provisions ln·rt·ot`: providing tor taxation in-~g--t_·; Iv
the assot·iation`s sharos and prop¤~rty; providing t`·~<·s for tilin: az; Q-~ ,
of incorporation and ill1lCll(llll<*lll$ tlt··r<·to: providing that ii,}    
may be lieroaitcr iinloxotl, and cited as "'1`hc llinyhatn (`\»—.t;··i.j,:¤ Q,
Marketing Act," and d0t·laring an l‘!llt‘l`}.{t‘lll'}' to cxist,  
Bc if rmzwfwl lll; lll: (hmm! .l.~·,~vm/»/yy of {ln ('t»utu»ol~lt»   ;t<
0f1t'¢iztto·/.·_t;; ‘i
1. Declaration of Policy.
. (al In ordor to promote-, fostor and oitcotirago thu llll·‘llIQ··Z` 5-
and orderly inatkoting oi a;rit·ultnral protlu<·t< through t·o-t»p··:·.ai` it
and to eliniinato sp¢~<·ulation and wastv; and to tnalw tho tli~tv·:‘11t.: suv
of agricultural protlut·ts l>¤·twt—<~n pro;lnt·<~t· anti <·onsuni»~r as ·lit*~ 1   tii~
CZU1 bo @ffi<·it·ntly tlono; and to stahilixv tho tnarlwting ot` :t¥l‘l<1llT`i¥`—¥ lll?
I products, this act is passwd. ill?
2. Definitions.
As used in this act, vi~
(u) The U‘l`lll "agrit·ult,tn·al pt·odut·ts" shall iut·ludt— l1t~1‘tft"1Z· at
tural, viticultnral, torostry, dairy, live stovk, poultry. hw illl‘l #$7 ttyl
farm products. to
(bl The torin "1n<~n1h<·r" shall int-ludo actual itil-t1ili··1`S~·Y—<*‘ tu:
sociations without vapital stovk and holtlt-rs of connnou rtuvli ill  to
sociations organizod with capital stovlt. _ tilt
t<·» 'I`ho U‘l`Ill "assot·iation" ntoans aug.- t·ot·pot·atioi1 oi‘:2¤llii* th
under this act; and _ lh
(dl The t¢·r1n "p<·rson" shall int·ludt~ individuals, ll1`lil#.l*¥ll`l“:` $t‘
ships, corporations and associations. _` N
Associations organizod lu-rt·t11uloi· shall hn dt~<~ni¤·rl "1l*"l*l‘l"`m‘ in
iTlHSI1NlCl1 LIS llloy aro not organizod to iuako protit lvtll` ll1t‘lll**`l‘4€S‘ Cl

 ('¤;-npim/[i·¢ .lI<1r/at/[uy] 9
in ;t i;—,_j H, su.-tr nr for tli··ir tn<·tnl>¢·rs, as suvh. but only for their members
in :··rt.¤_; as i*l`·"i“"":"·
*1‘ h·Z‘::.,i· U., ]·`t.i· thi- ]»t1t`t.<»s¤=s of hI`t·vil)' and t·ot1\‘•:t1it·11t:e this act may ·‘
<·i:.ir_,;_ ih. mlt.·x.·tl. r··f•·rr··lit, t·¤>-il.ti; :;‘ sz ;i<.t1n~l··r th·· pritvisiotis of this art.
n ].a.i~ if
t~ii::si~‘·;.t 4v Purposes.
]""?"i?* _\it ;tsslt·i;iti:·t1 may lw <>rt:attiz··.l to »·tt:ag¢· in any activity in
1* ~*i'V V . ;;n··t:i in with tlw ntarl<··titii.: or s··Zlin: of the a::‘i<·ttltural products
[ YE-?   ti its n;»·;nl»··:·s. or wjth the harv··stint:. t»:‘·>s··r\‘iit:. drying:. process-
’"’?'*~*V" i;;;_ t·;tnnine. ]—at·l;xl·l•· SllL'<'•t‘SS.
lt is il('I`t‘ rt~t~ogiiizt·;l that aurit·nltnrt· is t'll11l'il(‘i€I`iZL‘ti by indi-
V t‘i~lt1al tiroiltirtioii in vontrast to the izrotin or fat·tory Syslétll that
lli‘i"i*"·l·` <·li1t:‘at·tet·izt>s otlior 1`orms of intlnstrial protlttctiott; anti that the
iiilil **4 cttlitiiiry hirm of t·tn·ptn·att— organization nerntits intlnstrial groups to
cuitiliiiie for the ptttrosu of group protltiriioii and the ensuing.; group
‘1‘F MY ·°*‘ tii2it’lti·tin: anti that tl1t· pnhlit- has an interest in ircrtnitting I`1\I`1llGl’S
**1* ill  ta bring their imltistty to the high tlegree of t~t`t`it·ieiit·y and lll0l`-
- rltanialisinx skill t~vitl<~ttt·<·;l in the lllilllllI`(ll'illl`ill§ intlnstrics; and that
""¥i‘M"`: mt liilhlic interest tn·gently nvetls to in·t~vetit the inigration from
the larni to the city in ·t·]it‘·ilil·` ililll ltiotw tlirt·t·t system ot inarlteting in thn snlislitntion ot iner-
1ettiF¤‘l‘4*S· °h*lllli#ill,! for the liliml, nnst·ientilit· antl stwcttlative selling of crtitis;

 1 t
10 W1`r1·11/111· N12. //:7
und thnt for this ]lllI'lillSl‘. thv l`:11‘1n1·1‘s shtnlhl >ll‘l`\ll`\‘ $]*\‘(‘iili ;;.1i1;1;_.,1 Y
nntl lllS[l'll&'[l\'(* ·l:1t;1 l`l'l>lll th1· I)l‘1lll of lh1· (`<>l|¤·1.:•· tll` .\g1·i1-11111;;-,1,;
the L'11iw1·sity of ]{t‘lll\lt'li)’. 11
6. Powers. T,
Eatuh il55llt'lZlIltlll lIltUl|llll`il[t(i llllti1‘l' this :11-t sl1;1ll h1v~· 1i1·· ij. L
lowing powers: H
(all To ungngu ill tiny ;11li\‘ity in ('tlllllUl'[ltlll xxith th·· !1;.1:}; ··‘» I
ing, suliing. 1l1‘t—st~1·yi11g, ilill'\'&‘SIlll¥. tlrying, 111·1l1-1·ssi11;, 111;111111.11t·;r.
ing, ueinniiig. }lLll‘i(lll§1, ;LI`(ttiiIl;1, ;11;·t},. ;
n1;1nnt;1t·tt11`i11g(11·111:11l<¤·ti11g11t`tl1·· ll)`·}»Z'l'iillt'iS tl1<·1‘1·1»I`; ¤11‘ ill1}` _1 1;·.;j;.· 1
in cotiiictttitvii with tho ]llll`l‘il1lSt‘, illl`lll§`. 111* nsw hy its 111·-:1;?»·»··~ tf
supplies, 1I1ilL'i1iI1L‘l'}' or t·1111i1»1111·11t; (11* ill thv llllilllvlllg 1·1` ;111y ~·;i_ 1
activities; or i11 nny t>n1· Lll` lIl1>t t`1>1· Silll`llg;L‘. T
(hl Tu li1>1·1·1>w lll(lIlt·}' witlnnit liinitzititln ns tn :1:11.1111n ·~i 1 r-
porzite ilEli<‘ili(·il1l’S$ (ll` linllility; :1111l to 111;1ll1l, tll\`Il. .1:.E
exercise all rights of ()\\'lli‘l`Fillll in; :1n1l tn sell, [l'illlSZvt'I` 1111 ;I··E;--
01· gi1;11‘;111te<1 the ]lil}`lllf`Il[ of 1livi1l1·111ls or i11te:·t·st (lll. tll‘ l:l·` 1`·  .
_ ment or 1·t·;l1·1n1¤ti1m ot`, $llillv('S nt the tlljlllili st1»1·lt (ll` ll 1111ls 115 .1:.3 i
C‘O1`]lOI'Ll[lOIl 01· ll$$fl('lil[i()Il engnghtl i11 nny 1·t~I;1t<·1l il('·Zl\'ll}` nr in TEL-
\\'Zil`Gil(}ll.*lll§ 111· hnntlling or lIl1ll'i{1‘[lll§ 1»t` illl}' (ii tl1·· 11:·1»1l111·ts h.lllli*i
by the i1ss11<·i.1ti1;11.
wl T11 11st;1l1lisl1 1·1·s··1·v1·.< :1111l tn lll\'l“.<[ tl1»· 1`11111ls ll1··¤‘~~·11` :11
buntls or in sn1·l1 11tl11·1· ;1*1111—:·ty ns lllil}` ll1· 111xlvi1l1·.l i11 tl11· il}`ri,t'.\'§
(tl To llny, holcl :11111 (‘X<‘l`(‘i$Q‘ nll p1`ivil1·g1·s 111` 1»w111·1·>l1111.111‘»·?
snch l‘<%;1l <11‘ }l¢·i‘sr111:1i ]»1’1>]>1·1‘ty ns 111:13* l>1· ]lt'<‘t‘,<$,!l`}' Ill` 1·1111\‘··ll?~!lZ
fU1‘ tht? C'1lll!ill*‘[ zillfi ()[ll‘l`2Zii(l1l ¢1t` nny 11t` tht; l111si1111ss ttf th·~ 115511fi-l'
tion, or int1i1l.
(gl T11 do •:·:11·h 211111 1·y1·:·y thint: I}·’t'(‘S§ill`}', s11it1lll1· 111‘ 1l!`1*ll1‘i`
for thc z1(·<·:>1ntllishn1<*Ilt (il` nny <>111~ (li` tl11· ]llll`[i()St`S (ll` thv ;1it.1fl1111·1i1Z
0f any 0110 OT lll(ll`C ot tl11· s11l>j1·1·ts ilt*l`l*lIl 1~11111111·1·;1t1·1l; 1»1· 1·1>11.l111·€11c
tO OI` QX[7f;1‘F$ itil
p0wc1‘s, rights z1111l 111·ivilt·g1·s ]l(‘(‘l‘S·(ll`}' 1l1· iI](ii{1(‘Il[1l] ttm th1· 1111i`ll1*#"$
for \vl1i1·h tho z1ss1>:·i11ti1l11 is 111·g1111iz<~1l 111- to t,l11· :11·tiyiti1·s in “'illl`h
it is 011;;:1::ml; Illlti, i11 ;11l1liti1111_ nny tll]1(·1‘ rights, ]ltl\\'t‘l`S illlll lll`l‘”
ilcgcs gfulltuil by tht: lnws <1t` this St;1\1~ to ()i`(llll{ll`}' t·111‘1l1¤1`11ll<‘llf·
except such ns llI`l? i111crl11sist1e11t with thc (*X1ll`(‘SS ]ll'(l\`i>ilUll$ lll lm
act; and tn do any sneh thing illly\\’il<‘I`0.

 ('0-::];:1*:1/ii·¢ .Vll7`]i`(’{l-II{] ll _
Ikllla:,·~ T- Members'
lim-_lt_; ia. L‘n¤l<·i· th•~ U‘l'lllS anal <·<>1ill>1 <¤Ill}' t*ll};il}.i4·tl in ll1l* ]¤!`litl11<‘litm of the 3g1‘i(;ul[ur3l
;,;·`»ilqii·ts to l»·· l1znn.l·»u. su··h us<·nil»»·i· may l>·· i···i»i·¤s··i1t··f. duly autlnirizcd in
a tzxiijr avfiiiiig.
e?»··;·< ~i at (ln·· assi»i·ia1i;»n <»i·;;aniz··¤l li<·i·t·uxnl<·i· may lwcmiio a incinhcr
uy sti; .l;~ sn»i*l;li.·Z·l·»i· of any <»th¤·1· ass.>ciati<>11 or assmiuiationg organized
izi tl- E1~,·rt~i1ii·lt·:·.
r, Articles of Incorporation.
lll or- l).n·l1 asstit·iatil·n 1`t¤:·1n¤·il lllllll,‘l` tl1i< awt niust ]=re·p;iru and iile
t·n;l~»t*<. a:‘tEiil··s ··1` i1it·i»:·;o:;lZiiii1, smiling llirthi
lll*‘YYi?*·T nai 'l`h·· nani·· of tho zissiit-iazitui.
thi Tho ;~iir;i.¤s<·s for whivh it is furiiieil,
"ll· iii it-» Tho pZat·»· wh··ia· its i»i·in¢·i3al liusinuss will hu tx‘ausact€.>l`. which innst he not lcss
` m  titan liy»· 1T»· and may liv any nunihvr in oxuuss Ill•.’l`L*Lll`[ the l€l`lll of
h`m`1‘1 <*l`l`il·»· of >llt‘ll ili:l~l·t¤»1·s; unil tha nanius anzl zitlilwssos of thuse who
__ 1iT`r*ll st;·:·y·· as lllt‘<>l`]»tll`llllllK iliimttirs for tht- iirst tvrni. ur until
`:I°",u in t·$~·~l€~llt anal l[iZ1lllllL'll[l 'll ll <*¥°¥4ll1lZ·‘¤l Wlthliut <·;lj~il.1l stnvk. wln~;ht¤i· [ho In-0;xm·;y
Xwllmi Ylxhts anil intt—i‘i~st of oavli lll1‘lllllt‘l' shall hw vqual or unuqual; and if
_inlil·ahh· to all ]ll£‘Il\ll(‘l`S hy which
  I lllr ll‘<¤ti··l‘ly rights anti in1¤·i`i·stS. l`¢‘$]ll‘l'll\`<‘l}`. of oarh IllCllll)<’l` 111:i)`
p:_\_w_ null shall l».~ il·:··i·n1ini~:l anil 1i`<·~•3l`S.
`whit-li Wl ll` lifxullizvil with cuilital stncla. the amount of suuh stool;
4] pm. illlll lhv 1llIlllllt‘l' of sliaws into which it is ilivitlml and the par value
mmmsl tliercol.
M mis 'l`h<···a1¤ita1 stiivla may liu tliyitlull into ]ll`0lt‘l'l`<‘ll and coininon
Sllwli- il S0 tliyiiluil, thu lll`llt'll‘s of i1n·tu·po1‘atian niust contain Ll

 1. Q
12 ("irctt/ur No. I/.7
stutement ot` the nttmhcr of shurcs ot` stock to which no l¤re1`»·r»·n...
is grunted uml the nuturo uml tlclinitc extent ot' the l1l't·l`t·l‘¤·l1t‘··Ltihl =-·
privileges grunted to euch.  
The urticles must he stthscrilicd by the iticorgiorutors unll ;, I
knowledged by one of them before un officer utttliorizetl by lll,. g_,_._ Q;
of this Stute to tulte uml certify ueltnowletluimuits or tleetlg null ln;. n
veyunces; uml shull he lilel in u<·t·or¤lum·e with the provisions or ;3_.. Z1.
generul corliorutioti luw of this Stute; uml when so lileil ;li.· ,.;.3 g_
urticles of lIl('Ol`[l0I'1l[lUll, or cert.ilied copies thereof. sZ1ull he l'¤·t·»·l‘.‘·i ;,
in ull the courts ot` this Stute uml other plures, us priniu fueie ·~x·i·l··t:·~ ,5
of the fucts contuined therein uml ot` the dm; im·ot`l>o:‘ution ol` rn.}; ti
ussociution. A certitictl copy ct` the urticles of lU<`lll`]N*Z`1lliIll sE;_.jj
» ulso be tiled witlt the lleun ot` the (`ollege of .·\§.{l`ll'lllI\ll`•* o1` the l`ni·.¤:·. gj
sity ol` lientncky. .
9. Amendments to Articles of Incorporation. ;;
The articles of im·orl2orution muy he ulterctl or utnemlel ut uzgjr E:
regulur meeting or un}: speciul meeting culled tor thut ]llll`llt\5v·, .\u E
amendment must tirst be Lll`lll'L)\'£‘(i by two-thirds ot` the tlireet nw tn;} ·
then adopted by u vote l`Gl)l`t‘50llilIlg u inujority ot` ull the iii··ziib·:·s ·
of the ussociution. i\memln;ents to the urticles ot` iiit·.»:·l·.»i·u:i·~:;. ii
when so adopted, shull be liletl in uccortlum-e with the provisions  t
the generul corporution luw of this Stute. 1
. 10. By·Laws. ·,
Euch ussociution im·orporute:l under this uct must, within tl1irtj~‘ ¤=
(30) duys ufter its incorlnorution, utlopt t`or its governinent uml inznx- I
agement, u code of by»luws, not im·onsistent with the powers erunttl A
by this uct. A mujority vote of the members or szoelthohlers. er Y
their written ussent, is nccessury to mlolit such hyluws. f‘:Lll'!l u~· l
sociation, under its by-luws, muy provide lor uny or ull or the follow- Y
ing matters:
(21) The time, pluce uml munner ot' culling.; uml comlueting its 1
(b) The number of stockholders or members constituting u . E
quorum. 1
(c) The right of members or sto<·lt.il