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 WHEREAS, an Institution of learning, known and called by
 the name of Bacon College, was founded by certain members of
 the body of the "Disciples of Christ," denominated Christians,
 and was chartered by the Legislature of Kentucky in the year
 1836; and whereas, said Institution, after a series of unsuccess-
 ful efforts for its permanent endowment and establishment, sus-
 pended its regular collegiate operation; and whereas, in view
 of the educational wants of the said body of Christians in Ken-
 tucky, and of their wishes for the permanent success of said
 Institution, known and expressed at various times, a plan for
 its full endowment and re-organization has been presented and
 prosecuted by Jno. B. Bowman, of Mercer county, Ky., which
 has resulted thus far in the raising of 150,000 of Endowment
 Fund; and whereas, it is desired to establish a first-class Uni-
 versity upon a more modern, American and Christian basis,
 and to carry out such design, it is necessary to amend and
 extend the provisions of the Charter of said Institution;
 SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Common-
 wealth of Kentucky, That said Institution known and called by
 the name of Bacon College, and located at Harrodsburg, in the
 county of Mercer and State of Kentucky, shall be, from and
 after the passage of this act, known and called by the name of
 Kentucky University.
 SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That John B. Bowman, James
 Taylor, John Aug. Williams, Ben. C. Allin, A. G. Kyle, A. H.
 Bowman, J. A. Dearborn, D. W. Thompson, A. G. Vivion, P. B.
 Thompson, Wm. A. Cooke, G. D. Runyon, A. Gallatin Talbott,
 P. B. Mason, C. T. Worthington, G. W. Givens, James C. Stone,
A. G. Herndon, R. C. Graves, Wm. Morton, Joseph Wasson,


John Curd, W. W. MeKenney, W. L. Williams, John Allen
Gano, John I. Rogers, Zachery F. Smith, Robt. C. Rice, Theo-
dore S. Bell and Enos Campbell, shall be, and they and their
successors in office are hereby constituted a body politic and
corporate, to be known by the name of the Curators of Ken-
1ucky University, and by that name shall have perpetual suc-
cession and existence, and a common seal, which seal they may
change and alter at pleasure, and by the aforesaid name, and in
their corporate capacity, may sue and be sued, plead and be
impleaded, contract and be contracted with, answer and be
answered, in all courts of law and equity. And the same, in
their corporate name, are hereby invested with the legal right
to all the property and estate, real and personal, as well as all
the rights and claims heretofore vested in the Trustees of the
said Bacon College; and may, in said corporate name, sue for
and recover the same in as full and ample manner as the said
Trustees of Bacon College could have done prior to this act.
  SEC. 3. For the purpose of promoting the cause of education
in all its branches, and extending the sphere of science and
Christian morality, the Curators aforesaid, and their successors,
shall have power from time to time to establish and endow
fully, in said University, any departments and professorships
which they may deem necessary to carry out the aforesaid
objects. They and their successors shall furthermore have full
power, in their corporate capacity, to hold by gift, grant, de-
vise, demise, or otherwise, any lands, tenements, hereditaments,
moneys, rents, goods, chattels, or interests of any kind what-
ever, which may be given, granted, demised, devised to, or pur-
chased by them, for the use and benefit of said University; also,
may sell, lease, rent and dispose of the same, or any part
thereof, in any way whatsoever they may adjudge most useful
to the interests of said University.
  SEC. 4. They shall also have full power to select and employ
any officers and agents they shall deem proper; a s9, such
president, professors, instructors and tutors, as they may from
time to time consider necessary; also, to make, ordain, establish
and execute, or cause to be executed, all such by-laws, rules
and ordinances, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws
of the United States, or of this State, as they may think neces-
sary for the welfare of said Institution, for their own govern-
ment, the good government of the professors, instructors, tutors,
agents, officers and students of the same, and generally to do





all acts necessary and proper to promote the welfare and pros-
perity of said University.
   SEC. 5. The permanent officers of the Board of Curators shall
 consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Com-
 mittee, all of whom shall be annually elected by the Curators
 from their own number, except the Treasurer, who may be
 elected out of the Board.
   SEC. 6. The Secretary of the Board shall keep a fair and cor-
 rect record of all the proceedings of the Board, in a good and
 substantial book, which record shall be signed by the President
 and Secretary before the adjournment of each meeting, and
 shall at any time be subject to the inspection and examination
 of any member of the Board, or any donor of the Institution.
 He shall file away and carefully preserve all such documents
 and papers, pertaining to his office and to the Institution, as
 may come into his hands, which shall upon his death, resigna-
 tion, or removal from office, be delivered up to the Board, and
 he shall perform such other duties as the Curators may pre-
 SEC. 7. The Treasurer, before he enters upon the duties of his
 office, shall enter into a bond with ample security, in the pen-
 alty of one hundred thousand dollars, for the faithful discharge
 of the duties of his office. He shall take charge of all the funds
 of the Institution; he shall pay over all money that may come
 into his hands upon the order of the Board, indorsed by the
 President thereof; he shall pay out no money except upon such
 order of the Board; he shall render a true account current of
 the state of his office to the Board of Curators at its annual
 meeting, which account must be accompanied by the certificate
 of the Executive Committee, .signed by each member thereof,
 and stating that it has been examined, and that it is correct,
 after which it shall then be published; and no person shall be
 eligible to re-election as Treasurer, until such report is made,
 examined and approved by the Board of Curators. He shall,
 furthermore. when his term of service expires, or he shall
 resign his office, or be removed therefrom, deliver up to the
 Executive Committee, or their order, all the books and papers
 pertaining to his office, and in each and every particular account
 for and pay over all money or other thing of value which may
 come into his hands as Treasurer. He shall also permit his
books to be examined at any and all times by the Executive
Committee, or any donor of the Institution. The bond of the




Treasurer shall be placed in the hands of the Secretary of the
Board, and shall be renewed upon a re-election to the office,
which bond shall be made payable to the Curators of said
   SEC. 8. For the ownership and control of said University, at
 least two thirds of the Board of Curators shall always be mem-
 bers of the Christian Church in Kentucky. At no time shall
 any member of the faculty be a member of the Board.
   SEC. 9. An annual meeting of the Board of Curators shall be
 held during the commencement week of the University, at
 which time they shall cause to be published a general account
 of the condition of the Institution. A meeting shall be called
 at any other time by the President of the Board, at the sugges-
 tion of any three members thereof, or of the President of the
 University. Nine members shall constitute a quorum for
 ordinary business, one of whom shall be President pro tem.,
 in the absence of the President of the Board, and less than
 a quorum shall have the power of adjourning from day to day,
 or to any future day, until a quorum shall be had.
   SEC. 10. A majority of all the Curators shall have power to
remove a Curator from office for any cause they may deem suf-
ficient, and shall have power also to define the qualifications of
a Curator; and whenever any Curator shall absent himself from
two successive annual meetings of the Board, without assigning
a sufficient reason therefor, his seat shall be declared thereby
vacant, and the Board shall at its next meeting proceed to the
election of a new Curator to fill such vacancy. All vacancies by
death, resignation, or removal from office, or otherwise, shall be
filled by a quorum.
  SEC. 11. No less than a majority of the whole Board shall
have power to appoint the President, professors, instructors,
tutors, and all other officers and agents, to fix their compensa-
tion, or increase or diminish the same, to remove the same from
office for sufficient cause, and to fill all vacancies in the same,
whether by death, resignation, removal or otherwise. Provided,
a vacancy may be filled by a quorum until a meeting of said
majority shall be held.
  SEC. 12. The Curators, upon the recommendation of the Presi-
dent and faculty of the University, shall have power to grant
such literary honors as are usually granted by the best colleges
and universities in the United States, and such other honors
as the Board and the faculty may think necessary, and in




testimony thereof, to give suitable certificates or diplomas, under
the seal of the corporation, and every such diploma shall en-
title its possessor to all the immunities and privileges which by
any law or usage are allowed to the possessors of diplomas
granted by any college or university in the United States.
  SEC. 13. All the provisions of the charter of Bacon College,
heretofore enacted, which are in conflict with the provisions of
this act, are hereby annulled and repealed.
  SEC. 14. All lands, money, or other property, which may, by
donation, devise, deed of gift, or otherwise, be contributed to
said University, shall be strictly applied according to the in-
structions given by the donor or testator; and all money thus
donated as a permanent endowment fund shall be principal, and
shall be, as the same accrues, invested in good, safe, profitable
and permanent stocks; which shall remain forever intact, and
the amount whereof is to be in no respect or in any manner
whatever diminished, subject, however, as necessity may de-
mand, to investment and re-investment in such stocks. The
proceeds of such stocks, either in the form of dividend, or in-
terest, or rents, shall be a fund in the hands of the Treasurer,
subject to the order of the Board of Curators, and shall be used
as the Board may direct, for the purposes of the University.
  SEC. 15. For maintaining and carrying out effectually the
discipline of said University, Be it further enacted, that if, by any
person, money be lent or advanced, or any thing sold or let to
hire, on credit, to or for the use of any student or pupil under
twenty-one years of age, at the said University, without the
previous permission, in writing, of his parents or guardian, or
the authorized officers of said Institution, nothing shall be
recovered therefor by action of debt, and there shall moreover
be forfeited to the Institution twenty dollars and the amount or
value of such money or other thing. Where such selling, let-
ting, lending or advancing is by an agent, such forfeiture shall
be by his principal, unless the principal shall, within ten days
after he has knowledge or information of the selling, letting,
lending, or advancing, give notice in writing to the President,
or other head of the Institution, that it was done without his
knowledge or consent, in which case the forfeiture shall be by
the agent.
  SEC. 16. If any person so violate the last above-named section
of this act, as to be liable to the forfeiture thereby declared, he
shall moreover be fined not less than fifty nor more than three


hundred dollars, and upon conviction he shall be bound by the
court in a sum not less than five hundred dollars, with at least
two sufficient securities, to be of good behavior for one year;
and any subsequent violation of the section aforesaid shall be
held to be a forfeiture of the recognizance.
  SEC. 17. It shall be the duty of the judge of the Mercer Cir-
cuit Court to give the fifteenth and sixteenth sections of this
act in charge to the grand jury at each and every term of said
court, and the penalties imposed in the above-named sections
for a violation or violations of any of the provisions thereof,
shall be recovered by indictment found by the grand jury;
one half of the aforesaid penalty to go to the attorney of the
  SEC. 18. That if the President, or any agent, or the Treasurer,
or any other officer of the Board of Curators of the University,
without the authority of the Board properly given and entered
of record, as before directed, appropriate any of the funds of
the Institution to his own use, or that of any other person, or
shall wilfully fail to make correct entries, or shall knowingly
make false entries upon the books of the Institution, with the
intent to cheat or defraud the same, or any contributor to the
funds thereof, or to hide or conceal any improper appropriation
of said funds, the person so offending shall be deemed guilty of
felony, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to con-
finement in the jail or penitentiary of the State for a period of
not less than one or more than twenty years.
  SEc. 19. The Board of Curators of Kentucky University shall
consist of not less than thirty members, a majority of whom
shall at all times reside out of the county of Mercer, and in any
county of this State where the sum of fifteen thousand dollars
may be subscribed to the endowment fund of the University,
there shall be a representation of at least one member in the
  SEC. 20. This act to take effect from and after the date of its




                      L, A WWS



  ACCORDING to the fourth section of the preceding Act of
Incorporation, the following Laws for the government of Ken-
tucky University, were passed by its Board of Curators, at their
first meeting, on the 4th of February, 1858.

                     ARTICLE I.
                OF THE BOARD OF CURATORS.
  1. The annual meeting of the Board of Curators shall be
held on the day next preceding the Annual Commencement, be-
ginning at nine o'clock, A. M., at which time officers shall be
elected, and the ordinary business of the Board transacted.
Meetings may also be held by adjournment, and special meet-
ings may be called by the President, according to the ninth
section of the Charter. But in the latter case, a written notice
of such call, stating the object of the meeting, shall be given by
the Secretary to each member of the Board, at least ten days
before said meeting, and no other business than that named in
the notice of said meeting, shall be transacted without the con-
sent of at least two-thirds, of the members present.
  2. The officers of the Board, as defined in the fifth section of
the Charter, shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer
and Executive Committee. These shall all be elected by bal-
lot, and shall continue fo discharge the duties of their re-
spective offices until their successors shall be regularly ap-
  3. It shall be the duty of the President, at each meeting of
the Board, to call the members to order at the precise time ap-
pointed for said meeting. He shall preside at each meeting of


the Board, and decide all points of order, subject to an appeal
to the Board. He shall appoint all committees ordered by the
Board, unless otherwise directed. He shall sign all orders on
the Treasurer, and all other acts of the Corporation; and he
shall see that the business of the Board is not interrupted by
conversation on matters not before them.
  4. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall
act as President, and discharge, for the time being, all the duties
of his office.
  B. The Secretary shall keep legible and correct minutes of
the transactions of the Board, with the names of all the mem-
bers present. He shall give the proper notice of each meeting;
preserve in a separate book all by-laws, rules and regulations
passed by the Board; preserve on file all papers and documents
belonging to the Board, and in general do all their writing as a
  6. In the discharge of his duties as prescribed by the Char-
ter, the Treasurer of the Board shall keep separate accounts of
the Endowment Fund, the Tuition Fund, the Beneficiary Fund,
the Library Fund, the Building Fund, the Janitor's Fund, and
the General Fund.
  The Endowment Fund shall consist of such donations to the
University as may be given for the specific purpose of endowing
the Institution. The Tuition Fund shall consist of such fees as
the Board of Curators may require to be paid for tuition by the
students attending the University. The Beneficiary Fund shall
consist of donations given by benevolent individuals and asso-
ciations, for the special purpose of educating indigent and
worthy young men at Kentucky University. The Library
Fund shall consist of Matriculation fees, of fees for the degree
of A. M., of fines for the injury of books, and of such other funds
as may be appropriated for the increase of the Library and
Apparatus. The Building Fund shall consist of such gifts,
grants, donations and bequests as may be made for the increase
or improvement of the University grounds or buildings. The
Janitor's Fund shall consist of all charges for servants' hire,
fuel, lights, and other incidental expenses. And the General
Fund shall consist of all donations, fines,. rents, and other pro-
ceeds of the University not otherwise appropriated.
  For the present and till specifically applied, these funds shall
all be appropriated according to the order of the Board, subject
only to the limitations of the Charter.


Laws OF



   7. Whenever a member wishes to communicate with the
 Board, or to debate any subject before them, he shall rise and
 address the Chair, and no interruption shall be permitted, un-
 less by a call to order, or with the consent of the speaker. No
 member shall speak more than twice on the same subject, nor
 more than fifteen minutes at any one time, without the special
 leave of a majority of the members present.
   8. Every motion, except for adjournment, shall be made in
writing, if required by any member; and if seconded, shall be
stated by the President previous to its discussion. If the mo-
tion be not amended, it may, with the permission of the Chair,
be withdrawn by the mover and seconder at any time prior to
the final decision. Any member may call for the division of a
question when it is susceptible of it.
  9. Motions acted on and negatived, shall not be recorded
unless required by the Board.
  10. On the call of two members, the yeas and nays shall be
taken on any matter before the Board, and recorded with the
vote of each member opposite his name.
  11. A motion to lay a subject before the Board on the table,
shall be decided without debate, and if decided in the affirma-
tive, it shall not be called up again for action until an adjourn-
ment shall have intervened, unless by the consent of all the
members present.
  12. A motion to adjourn shall always be in -order, unless
when a member is speaking, or the Board are voting; and it
shall always be decided without debate.
  13. No member present shall withdraw from the meeting
without permission from the Chair, nor shall any one withdraw
from the business of the session, or decline voting on any ques-
tion, unless excused by the Board.
  14. All questions shall be decided by the vote of a majority
of the members present, subject only to the limitations of the
  15. At each annual meeting, the Board shall appoint five
gentlemen distinguished for their moral excellence and general
attainments in literature and science, who, with the Executive
Committee, shall constitute the Board of Visitors for the en-
suing year. During the period of their appointment they shall
have free access to the recitation or examination of any class in
the University.
  16. The minutes of the proceedings of each day during any



meeting, shall be read at the commencement of the session of
the following day; and the whole proceedings of each meeting
shall be read before the final adjournment.
   17. Every meeting of the Board shall be opened and closed
 with prayer.
   18. No alteration shall be made in these laws, unless at a
 regular stated meeting of the Board.
   19. The Order of Business shall be as follows:
          1. Roll call.
          2. Prayer.
          3. Reading and adopting the Minutes of the preced-
              ing meeting.
          4. Report of the President.
          5. Report of the Treasurer.
          6. Business Report of the Executive Committee.
          7. Reports of other Committees.
          8. Reports of Agents.
          9. Unfinished Business.
          10. New Business.
          11. General Report for publication.
          12. Prayer.

                     ARTICLE II.
  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of five members
of the Board, three of whom, at least, shall reside in Harrods-
burgh, or in its immediate vicinity; and the same number shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
  2. They shall have full power, for and in behalf of the
Board, to do and transact all business which the Board might
rightfully do, and which shall be proper and necessary to be
done in the interim between the meetings of the Board; pro-
vided, however, that the acts, doings, proceedings and appoint-
ments of said Committee, so far as they relate to the legitimate
business of the whole Board, shall have full force and effect
only until the next meeting of the Board, unless at said meet-
ing they shall be approved by the Board; and all their drafts
on the Treasurer must be indorsed by the President of the
Board, and attested by the Secretary.
  3. They shall choose a Chairman and a Secretary, and keep
in a permanent book a record of all their proceedings, which


Lows OF



shall at all times be subject to inspection by any member of the
Board or Faculty. During the session of the University they
shall meet on the second Monday of every month, precisely at
two o'clock, P. M., and as much oftener as they themselves may
direct; and they shall make a full report of their proceedings
at each annual meeting of the Board.
  4. The Committee shall frequently examine the University
grounds and buildings, and order any necessary repairs upon
the same. They shall, in conjunction with the Faculty, appoint
tutors, and supply any vacancies that may occur in the Board
of Instructors between the meetings of the Board of Curators.
They shall see that the laws of the Institution are executed by
the Faculty and observed by the students; and especially that
the provisions of the Charter are not violated by any one. And
whenever necessary, they shall institute, or cause to be insti-
tuted, in the name of the Corporation, suits for the recovery of
damages done to the grounds, buildings, or appurtenances of
the University, or for dues accruing to the same from any other
source whatever. They shall examine and adjust all accounts
which any person or persons may have with the University;
and they shall audit the Report of the Treasurer on or before
the day next preceding the annual meeting of the Board. They
shall examine the class rolls of the Faculty, and attend all the
public examinations of the students, either as a body, or by
appointing at least two of their number, who shall act with the
honorary members of the Board of Visitors. They shall also
act as a Committee of Nomination, and prepare business for the
Board at their annual meetings.
  Besides the report of their own proceedings, they shall also
prepare and submit to the Board, at each annual meeting, a
General Report, embracing a particular account of the state of
the treasury, library, apparatus, museum, grounds, buildings,
and such other matters as will constitute a fair statement of the
labors and transactions of the past year, and the existing con-
dition of the University. This report, as approved by the
Board, or an abstract thereof, shall, together with a brief notice
of the closing exercises 6f the session, be published by the
Committee, as the report of the University for the preceding




                     ARTICLE       III.
                   OF THE FACULTY.
   1. The officers of instruction shall consist of a President,
Vice-President, and such regular Professors, Professors extra-
ordinary, Instructors and Tutors, as the Board of Curators
shall from time to time appoint. But the President and regu-
lar Professors only shall constitute the Faculty.
  2. To them shall- be committed the government of the Insti-
tution. They shall have authority to adopt and execute, at
their discretion, such measures not inconsistent with the Char-
ter and statutes of the Board, as they may deem expedient and
necessary for securing the full benefit of the prescribed course
of study, and the due exercise of discipline.
  3. They shall meet at least once every week to inquire into
all infractions of the laws; to call delinquents to account; to
communicate with each other in reference to the attention, pro-
ficiency and demeanor of each student; and to transact any
other business pertaining to the interests of the University.
  4. Besides the regular meetings of the Faculty, the Presi-
dent, or any two Professors, may call a special meeting when-
ever, in their judgment, the exigencies of the Institution require
it. And in all cases, when due notice of a meeting shall have
been given, the majority of the Faculty shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business.
  5. Every matter brought before the Faculty shall be decided
by the votes of a majority of the members present. But in
case the votes be equally divided, the President may, in addi-
tion to his vote as a Professor, give the casting vote as the
presiding officer.
  6. The Faculty shall keep a regular account of their pro-
ceedings, and communicate all their decisions officially. And
no member shall anticipate the legal action of the Faculty by
expressing in the presence of a student, an opinion on the
merits of any question that is a proper subject for their joint
consideration. Nor shall he at any time, under such circum-
stances, object to any law of the Board or action of the Faculty.
  7. At the annual meeting of the Board of Curators, the
Faculty shall recommend to them, for the regular degree of A.
B. or A. M., such of the students of the University as shall
have completed in a satisfactory manner the course of studies
hereafter prescribed, and as shall have faithfully observed and




  respected all the other rules and regulations of the University.
  They shall also recommend any of the Alumni of the Univer-
  sity, or other persons who may be esteemed worthy, to receivo
  any honorary degree in the Liberal Arts. And having received
  the mandamus of the Board, they shall, on the day of the An-
  nual Commencement, proceed, through their acting President,
  to confer said degrees according to the tenor of said mandamus.
  8. Every member of the Faculty shall reside in Harrods-
  burg, or within the immediate precincts of the University;
  and he shall engage in no pursuit or occupation that will inter-
  fere with the regular and faithful discharge of his official duties.
  He shall labor not only to discharge in a becoming manner the
  duties of his own Department, but also to elevate to the utmost
  of his power the moral and literary character of the Uni-
  9. Besides the business meetings of the Faculty, they shall
  have Educational meetings, for the purpose of discussing all
  questions pertaining to the theory and practice of Education,
  and especially for the purpose of examining all matters that
  may have any practical bearing on the reputation and success
  of Kentucky University. They shall keep a record of their
  proceedings at said Educational meetings, and cause to be en-
  tered in a separate chapter, for convenient reference, their
  decisions on all questions of practical importance.
  10. They shall keep a Matriculation Book, a University
Register, a Book of Records, a Book of Degrees, a Minute Book,
a Statute Book, and an Educational Journal.
  In the Matriculation Book each applicant for admission into
the University shall write his name under the Matriculation
Pledge, before he shall be recognized as a student of the same.
In this book shall also be recorded the time of each student's
entering and leaving the University. In the University Reg.
ister shall be entered the name and age of each student, the
number of his studies during the session, and the name and
address of his parent or guardian. In the Book of Records
shall be entered, at the close of each session, the standing of
every student with respeet to conduct, industry and scholar-
ship. In the Book of Degrees shall be recorded the name and
residence of all who receive diplomas in any school of the
University; also, of all who receive the regular degree of A.
B. or A. M., or any honorary degree in the Liberal Arts. In
the Minute Book shall be kept a regular account of the acts



of the Faculty, at all their business meetings. The Statute
Book shall contain all the by-laws, rules and regulations passed
by the Faculty. And in the Educational Journal shall be re-
corded a synopsis of the proceedings of the Faculty at their
Ediucational meetings.
   11. No change of text-books shall be made in any Depart-
 ment of the University, unless by a vote of the Faculty.
   12. The salary of each member of the Faculty shall be
 fixed by the Board of Curators, and shall in all cases be paid
 semi-annually. The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of
 July and end on the last day of June.
   13. The Board reserve to themselves the right to dismiss
any Professor, whenever, in their judgment, the interests of
the University may require it. But the emolument of no faith-
ful Professor shall be diminished without six months' previous
notice; and no Professor shall resign without the permission
of the Board, except at the end of a session, and after having
given at least three months' notice of his intention to do so.
  14. It shall be lawful for any and every member of the
Faculty to attend the meetings of the Board and of the Execu-
tive Committee, and to speak, but not to vote, on any question
under consideration.

                     ARTICLE IV.
                 OF THE PRESIDENT.
  1. To the President shall be committed the general superin-
tendence of the interests and reputation of the University,
which he shall endeavor to maintain and promote by every
exertion in his power. He shall have the right to direct, rule
and govern the University according to the laws of the Board
and the regulations of the Faculty; and in all