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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 14, 1899 - page 269

      The Board met at 9 A. Msi. December 14, 1899, all members
present on the preowding day were present.

      Ordered on motion of Mr. McElroy

      " That J. R. Johnson be relieved of his duties as
Assistant in the department of Mechanical Engineering and
appointed Assistant in the department of Mathematics to take
effect at the end of this collegiate year."

      Mr. Marcum submitted the f'ollowing:

      Your committee on the minutes of the faculty beg leave
to report that they have carefully read and examined the said
minutes and find no objections thereto. They therefore en-
dorse all the actions and recommendations of the faculty.

                            Signed  J. B. Marcum
                                    W. F. Peak
                                    W. H. Holt

      Report received and approved.

      On motion the books containing the daily records on
grades of students were referred to the Committee on the
minutes of the faculty for inspection and report.

      President Patterson submitted the following:

      Whereas Major M. B. Jones has been employed by the
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky as Commandant
of Cadets and instructor in Mathematics since Sept. 1898 dur-
ing which time he has acquitted himself both as commandant
and Instructor to the entire satisfaction of the Board of
Trustees; and

      Whereas an unforseen contingency has arisen in the
family relations of Major Jones which in his opinion render
a change of climate and occupation necessary, for which
reason his resignation has been placed in the hands of
the Board; therefore,



      Resolved 1st. That in accepting the resignation of
Mvajor Jones, we place on record our high estimate of his
character as a man and of his services as commandant and

      2nd. That we commend him to the esteem and confidence
of those among whom his lot may hereafter be cast.

      3rd. That a copy hereof be transmitted to Miajor

      On motion the foregoing resolutions were unanimously

      President Patterson offered the following:

      Resolved, 1st. That the Secretary ascertain and report
to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees the pecuniary
interest which the A. and Mi. College, has in the Experiment
Station Building and its equipment.

      2nd. That as soon as practicable the Board of Trustees
consider the propriety of disposing of said interest to the
Experiment Station and applying the proceeds of such transfer
to the erection of a building for Physics and Chemistry.

      On motion the foregoing resolutions were carried.

      The following report was offered:

      Your committee on finance report that they have examined
the accounts of the business agent and treasurer and find
them correct.

      We append a report showing the financial condition of
the College and Experiment Station. All of these accounts
are kept in a business like manner and we desire especially
to commend the work of the Business Agent. He is careful
and painstaking and the college can have no better officer
than he.

                       (Signed)     H. Boswell
                                     A. P. Gooding
                                     R. C. Stoll,


MItUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 14, 1899 - page 271

     College exclusive of Experiment Station.

Received from State Taxes since July 1st, 1899
   it     "f U. S. Fund of 1862   "   "     i

   it     it  It it  VI I  1390   "   VI
          "i  Students fees
   "t    "I  Rents
          f"  other sources
   i     i " all sources
Balance on hand July lst. 1899
Total amount in Treasury since July 1st, 1899
  "  expended
Balance in Treasury Dec. 1, 1899
(Business Agent has on hand not in bank

( checks out
( Bank should have over and above on Dec. 14
( checks out

                       EXPFRII'AIENT STAT ION .

Received from U. S. Fund of 1887, since July
Received from Fertilizers
   to    "f  Farm since July 1st, 1899
   it     I   Interest Acct. I " i  t
   It    It  Food   since   "  "    Vt

33989~. ~6




Balance on hand July 1st, 1899
Total amount in Treasury since July 1899
  Expended since July 1st, 1899
Balance in Treasury Dec. 1, 1899
  ( Treas. has on hand Dec. 14,
  ( Expended from Dec. 1, to Dec. 14,

1256 . 00
27UM8. 70)

      On motion the report of the committee on Fiaance
was received and approved.

      Mr. Stoll submitted the following:

      The committee on the Experiment Station would report
that the present accommodations of the Station are in-
sufficient for the requirements of the Station and that
more room is absolutely necessary, therefore, we would
recommend that the Station purchase the interest of the
college in the Station building which we now estimate at


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,Dec.14, 1899 - page 272

$12000. to be paid out of the fertilizer fund. This would
give the Station the use of all of the present building
which would meet its present requirements.

      In all other respects the Station is in good condition -
Its affairs are prosperous and good work is being done. The
minutes of the Board of Control are approved.

                       (Signed)   R. C. Stoll
                                   A. P. Gooding,
                                   W. H. Holt,

      Report received, snd all approved except that portion
relating to purchase of interest in Station building.
Consideration of that question being delayed until the
June meeting.

      Mr. Godling submitted the following:

      Your committee on Buildings and Grounds recommend that
the interest of the college in the Station building be sold
to the station for the price  of $12000.00 being the interest
of the college in the building; and that the proceeds off the
sale be used to erect a building for Physics and

      We would recommend that this sale be effected immediately
and that the new building be built as early as practicable.

                     (Signed)     A. P. Gooding,
                                   E. H. Hobson,

      On motion the report was received and the consideration
of the purchase of the building delayed till the meeting
in June 1900.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 14, 1899 - page 272-273

      Ordered that the Secretary be instructed to purchase
150 copies of the Kentuckian, November number to be mailed
at the pound rate by the editor to t'he members of the
Legislature and other State officers; the price to be
20 cents per copy.

      Mr. Marcum submitted the following:

      Whereas this Board has recommended the possible purchase
of the Carey Alford farm which lies near the lands of this
College, and whereas said farm is to be sold in the near
future at public auction and the purchaser will be required
to give bond or bonds for the purchase money therefor, Hart
Boswell is hereby appointed attorney in fact for this college
for the purpose of executing said bond or bonds and is
authorized to sign the name of this institution thereto and
to do any and all things necessary to the execution of said
bond or bonds. Said Boswell is also authorized to obtain
surety on said sale bond or bonds and to contract with said
surety for compensation for said surety ship.

      The said Hart Boswell is authorized as an alternative
to execute Bond with security to borrow money and execute
notes therefor obligating the college for payment of the

      Resolution approved and adopted.

      Ordered on motion that the name of Mr. R. C. Stoll be
inserted in the resolution as an attorney to look into the
title of land.

      The Secretary read a communication from E. F. Brown,
who claimed that his salary for the month of January 1899
had been reduced from $50.00 to $14.30 on account of his
absence caused by sickness: That he had taught a class in
the Academy for Prof. W. K. Patterson, in January 1898 for
about one month without pay.


MINUTES OF THEi BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 14, 1899 - page 273-274

     He, therefore, asserted his clai-m to $35,70 and
expressed his desire to collect it from the collect.

      Judge Holt moved that Mir. Brown be allowed his claim
of $35.70 - Second by Mr. Stoll - notion lost.

      The vote stood:

      Aye - Gooding, Hobson, Holt, McElroy, Stoll, - 5.

      No: - Boswell, Frazee, Marcum, Peak, Gathright, - 5.

      President Patterson was excused from voting.

      In voting no, Mr. Frazee explained his vote by saying
that he was willing to pay all employes every cent to which
they are justly entitled, but that Mr. Brown had submitted
a claim for services rendered voluntary - and without any
expectation of pay - nearly two years before, and that he
had permitted three regular meetings of the Board to intervene
without presenting any claim therefor.

      In voting Aye, Mr. Gooding explained his vote by saying
that he did not like the form in which Mr. Brown had presented
his claim but that he believed that something should be paid
to him.

      Moved by Mr. Marcum seconded by Mr. Peak that $25.00
be allowed Mr. Brown for ht services in teaching a class
for Prof. W. K. Patterson.

      Mr. Stoll moved to deduct $25. from the salary of
Prof. W. K. Patterson for the same month during which Mr.
Brown taught in the Academy and pay the same to MI%. Brown.

      Mr. Miarcum raised a point of order, chairman decided
the point well taken.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 14, 1899 - page 274-275

     Mr. McElroy, moved to lay the whole matter on the table,

     On a rising vote ayes, were 5, and noes three (3) and
the motion to lay on the bable was carried.

     A motion to reconsider the motion to pay to Mr. Brown
$35.70 was carried.

     Mr. McElroy moved that the sum of $35.70 be paid to
Mr. E. F. Brown in settlement of all claims against the
college - second.

     Motion was carried by ayes and noes as follows:

     Ayes - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson, Holt, McElroy,
Marcmw, Stoll, - 8.

      No - Patterson, Peak, - 2.

      Mr. Stoll offered the following:

      Resolved 1st - That the Executive Commnittee be given
power and it is hereby given power to fill any vacancy which
may occur in said committee between this time and the June
meeting of the Board.

      2nd. That the Board of Control of the Experiment
Station be given power and it is hereby given power to fill
any vacancy which may be created in said Board between this
time and the June meeting of the Board.

      The resolutions were approved and adopted.

      The Committee on the minutes of the faculty submitted
the following supplemental report.


MIThUTES OF THE BOARD OF TFITSTEESDec. 14, 1899 - page 275-276

     Your committee on the records of the f aculty beg leave
to report that the records have been presented to us except
those kept by Prof. Kastle and we find that such records have
been kept; we have partially examined them and find that the
records seem to have been properly kept by the faculty.

                                   J. B. Marcum
                                   W. H. Holt
                                   W. F. Peak

      Report approved.

      Prof. Anderson chairman of the Committee on Athletics
submitted a complete report of the collections and expenditures
with other data, relative to Athletics and the Athletic

      The report was received and approved.

      Ordered on motion of Mir. Boswell that J. R. Johnson
be allowed proportinate addintional compensation during the
remainder of this year for any additional work he may be
required to do in Mathematics.

      Ordered on motion of Mr. Stoll that instead of Mr.
Mathews, resigned, Mr. Wm. R. Ramsey be placed on the
Committee on Legislation.

on L  Ordered that Judge Holt be chairman of the committee
   n  egislation and that the calling of the Committee be left
to his discretion.

               V. E. Muncy,