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  Keyllee is e game little player, ing Sergeant Jett was elected It
 A and Humphrey, Sem Hogg, Manager and Charlie Blessing  
  O Dicke \Vilson and Scholtz are C'*Pmi¤- The gentlemen are  
Y . .
J destined to be kings of the grid- both Well fitted fe? then 1mP0I`t' Y
l lm-m_ ant offices. Their line up is as  
  The boys felt the loss of Mil- follows Z _1b   `
  ward Elliott in the first game, Center ·‘·‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ 1 ‘‘‘‘ M1'] urn  
  but he made up in the second Rlght Guard ''‘`‘‘`'‘°` GEDGS  
V   for lost, time. We are proud Of-   Gl13.l‘(l` ..... . .... . UT]. SFD  
  Om, mam and every Om Should Right Tackle ........... Ray or   t
  PON? the boys when help is Rlgllt Elld .............. . 1(39 E
        .... . . . . . . . . . . .   VI
  Quarter ................ .Reese  
  OOE EEOONE TEAM- Right Half Back ...... Blessing w
  - The second team of any college Left Half Back ....... Johnson _
  should receive many nice atten- Full Back ......... .Loevenhart
  tions for they have the hardest There is some fine material in it
  time of all. They play against the the team. They should be well  
  ’Varsity eleven and a great dis- equipped and have some games. Q!
  advantage both as to weight and 1 A third team has been organ- V
  training, but still they toil on. ized with the knightly Burgess lr
  All honor to the little demons of ee captain and ()e1_ Vane as  
  the second. At a recent meet- manager ll
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