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., 6 THE§CADET.  
    A CHARACTER Srcaron. i  
F _ Som}; men we love. One of Thlsyel little gil·1,dOu’tCI·y;  
A these 15 James Wlutwmb They have tr-Oren your (1011, t l-»
t_ Riley . It is as natural for peo- I know,  
_ ple to love this sweet SlI1g`€1' £lS And the glad wild ways of your  
’tis for the flowers to love the Childhood days  
Summa,. Slwwm-S_ Great poets, Are the things ofthe long ago. if
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_ as 0 3 Sim Vin ""> ° mg There, little g1rl,d0n’tGFy; af
.;j close to nature. 1`hey look at , R. li;
· ii . . _ ’lhey have broken your slate, -; -‘.·
y ll the towering mountains and I know  
l   mighty sea and sing to us a song _’. — 3 __-’}
ti; ' . . And the winsome way of your li
  of sublimitvg they dream on _ ~ ln.;
.. . . “ . _ school-girl days li;.
· beds oi violets beside the crys· Am the Eh. {th 1  
_ , tal stream and sing to us a mgs O B Ong ago'  
song of modesty and purity; Tl‘€I`€» 1M¤1egi.r·1, d0¤,U 01`Y; `  
°   they behold the heavens in all They hkwe bl`Ok€¤ YOU? h€9~¥`b»  
A their glory and sing to us of Eter- I knew,  
` nlty_ Agmn they 100k upon But heaven holds all for which  
‘ life as it is and feel within their You Sigh.  
. sensitive breast the joys and Th€]`€»1ll?Ul€ gil`}, d0¤,¥5 01‘)’.  
_ _ sorrows, the hopes and fears, the As was said of Herodotus, so  
l   l}1‘il11'I]Pl1S2tI1(ll'2lllLl1‘(5SOi.1Tl3.Ul{ll1Cl. it is with Riley; He can be  
fg; and then their pen, a passive wise as a sage yet simple as a  
  thing, records the impressions child.  
  that have been stamped upon The world actually needs  
A the soul. Riley is as simple and more writers of this kind. In  
easy and comforting as an old their delicate indirect way they  
shoe. He mingles with the coax people into being better  
common folks of his own and They cause them to think sweet-  
_ other States, and then catches ly and sincerely. We are gov-  
  the true inspiration and delights erned by our thoughts, as great  
0- his readers with a story—-—si1nple; writers explain it ; "It matters  
yes, but beautiful in the extreme. not how much we 1·ead and how  
How simple, yet how touching is we read, but what we think and  
I. this—the story of many a life: how we think it."  
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