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nj Some one has Said in Sub. aroused within them that simple, Q 
  Stance that e greet man is Ong, pathetic feeling that makes the I `.
  who, in the midst of a crowd, whole W01‘ld bi‘0th€1‘S. ·l
  keeps the perfect sweetness of Blessed be the man that  
  solitude. If this is true, and it causes us to feel tenderly to-   _
  certainly is, Riley is a great ward the poor and he kind and  
{ji man ; for in all places he is gentle and helpful to them. ;i
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  Just plain "J1m° RUBY, T?l1€ ‘·Speak kindly, gently to the  4
nr Hoosier Poet. 1 poor, -  
  NG long Bmw RUBY gavg 3 Let no harsh word be heard.  
  r<=>=»d1¤s before ar lmgg St- LOUIS They have enough they must l
  audience. Before them he read nndnrn n  
an the same selections that were so Without an nnkind W0,.d_»» L,
Lg dear to the common folks of his W . . _ E
  · ,;.#·’Lo11g may this inspired bard
e u own home. Yet they were moved     ~ "     V, ~ 1 B- v»-—    
  . . bless the world with his song.
  . by these simple productions. He
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  DoN’·1*, brother, be heartless and DON"? W01‘l‘y Mid fret and be
  _ erue] ; _ mulish,  
  Thin]; wel] befeye Spggkjug, Because you have something _;
  dg; to do. n'
  Harsh words may result in a To adopt such a Course is quite A
  due]_ foolish ;  
  Or be otherwise fatal to you, "l`were better to work than to  
  Only a word that was spoken, "stew."  
  ()I· (me perhaps left; [msgid, (jnly a service you’ve rendered, 1
  Has C[),l1S€d $01116 pOO1‘ llGZ1,1`l} to Olll‘y` it lil1l(lI1€%SSyOl1,VG SllO\\’11,  
gn be broken, Czuly a helping hand tendered, j
  Or at least to be wounded or Has caused some one `o un- t,
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