Dr. Brockrnan asked to amend the motion to include for the year 2009-10 a perfonnance
bonus, a maximum of which would be $50,000 based on the achievement of metrics established
by the Board of Trustees. Mr. Stuckert seconded.
A vote on the amendment yielded a majority of ayes, with two voting nay (Ms. Brothers
and Mr. Peek).
A vote on the amended motion was moved by Dr. Brockrnan and seconded by Mr.
Stuckert. The motion carried with Ms. Brothers and Mr. Peek voting against.
Mr. Miles asked that Mr. Shoop present the Nominating Committee report.
F. Nominating Committee Report
Mr. Shoop reported that the Nominating Committee met September 2 to discuss the
nomination of officers and members ofthe Executive Committee. Following a poll ofthe Board
of Trustees, the Nominating Committee was pleased to submit the following nominations for
Chair E. Britt Brockrnan
Vice Chair James W. Stuckert
Secretary Pamela T. May
Assistant Secretary Barbara Jones
Mr. Shoop moved approval. Mr. Mobley made a motion that the nominations cease. Ms.
Brothers seconded the motion, and it carried without dissent. There were no nominations from
the floor.
Mr. Miles then called for a vote on Mr. Shoop’s motion for the slate of officers presented, and it
passed without dissent.
Mr. Shoop submitted the following nominations for members ofthe Executive
Britt Brockrnan, Chair
Jo Curris
Teny Mobley
James Stuckert
Barbara Young
Pam May, Secretary as an ex officio member
Mr. Shoop moved approval. There were no nominations from the floor. Mr. Roberts seconded
the motion, and it passed without dissent.