A. Fayette County and lts Records System
Pa e
l ' 1. Historical Sketch- 4
2. Governmental Organization and Records System 8 p
_ 5. Housing, Care and Accessibility of Records ll
L 4. List of Abbreviations, Symbols and Explanatory Notes 12
B. County Offices and Their Records
l. Fiscal Court 14
Court minutes. Building commissioners. Court orders.
Claims. Warrants for county expenses.
ll. County Court Clerk 17
Land instruments; deeds, mortgages. Personal property
and chattels: corporations and partnerships, live-
_ stock, mortgages and liens. Revenue: taxes, fees,
licenses and registration, ledger, cash book, collec-
tions for commonwealth. Bonds: public officials, pri-
vate individuals. Vital statistics. Naturalization
records. Power of attorney. Miscellaneous.
lll. County Judge 25 '
`D IV. Circuit Court 27
Court minutes. Petitions. Warrants. Summons. Suits.
Dockets. Judgments. Orders. Executions. Transcripts.
Bonds. Claims against court. Court claims, Lunacy
proceedings. 2
V. Circuit Clerk 55
lndictments. License. Financial. Jury fund. Witness
attendance. Miscellaneous.
Vl. Master Commissioner ` 59
Land instruments. Financial.
Vll. County Court 41
Wills. Appointment of special commissioners. lnvon- A
tories and appraisemonts. Fiduciaries' settlements. .
Apprenticeships. Fiduciaries' bonds. License. Peti-
tions. Summons. Suits. Dockets. Judgments. Orders. 7
Bonds. Liquor sales. Juvenile court. Lunacy proceed- Q
ings. Miscellaneous. 1
Vlll. Quarterly Court 47 E
Suits. Judgments. Orders.
IK. Commonwealth Attorney 49
X. County Attorney 50
Xl. Justices of the Peace 52
Warrants. Suits. Dockets: civil, criminal. Orders:
civil, criminal. Exocutions. Attachments and
Fi 54-4