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V Vol. VI LEXINGTON, KY., DECEMBER 18, 1913 No. 14  
THE BASKETBALL nsw mmsmmm rmtsuss mm gI{é%lIg·El§)§%RED mcmx nononso
Hu M•d• • Comp•ndI••m of the
Ohm |crImm•|• Monday Afhrnoon R•••IutI•n P••••d to Tnboo “0Id and |•n•h IIrd• •r• 8•tI•fI•d Wlth tm WIII be tht Ch•ml•t In Charge of th•
Augtnta County R•cord•
WOM Varllty 10, I•••nd Tawdry Term '•Phy•I¤•I Outlook and Pr•dIet • Wlnnlng 0, Vial".- Pun Food Labora-
T••m 0. Colton. Qulmn. tory. ·
1_.A”_ w°” ` PRAISED FOR HI!
··——·· W MIN --— A PLE A T YEA
. I ___.,.,
The gIrl¤’ basket ball team has de- ,_ The Varsity Basket Ball squad has M vv hi v Ch thi W h th —-—--
as n on , , s ee , e
Volopod rapidly Into form, and lt looks Lan Snurdhy morning at h muh tlnhhed fall practice, and the outlooklhv hut Uhm; th v sn r mm been James Mastln, graduate of 1911, and
a ec
like another State championship title for • successful season ln 1914 ls ex- 8 y well known chemist of the pure food
will be added to the co-edu' string ms of the Kentucky Society of Phynl ceedlngly bright pam to one of our pmfeuom in being department of the Kentucky Experi-
' ` l J d L Ch lkl . I · I
2 Q The team hu improved wonderfully ul Edu°·u°¤’ tm I’I·¤·I·=·I mncwr °f The afternoon practice on the ar- :1;:: rgvse vy::“ hai   L20]: ment Station, has been called to the
· 0 n 0 s wor n e s o -
lll psning, and In Working the ball w°m°“· °t 8**** U¤IV°r*IYt· Mr'- R- mory door has drawn a. crowd of fans c I cl H Agricultural and Mechanical College
• asso a on.
lawn the floor, the Vanity ave is dis- L. Stout, was made president, Lien- every day, and it is the prevalent sen· hl mr l v b th I of Mississippi. to take charge of the
ee vo umes o eau u cov- ‘
' pl•yIng mid-season speed. The girls ann; June [And I- Lo vm tlment among the students that the pure food laboratory ln the state ex-
t · gem ms e' erlng the hlstorlcal records of the
ee hltilte their 1914 season January 9, yjca.p|-ugdgm, gnd Mtn Mgry Anna Blue and White flve wlll clean up when Counvy of Augusta! vhghm are com, perlment Station.
B In I game with the flve from Cntletts- Balm of Lexington, ·°cr°t·ry_ the schedule starts next month. h d hh th 'r d` v "Jlmmle" has been flatterlngly suc-
ew eacuacan careoa
burg High School on the Armory door. The Embry took a club to me num, Monday afternoon the Varsity took fn v r hi t 1 C Tv y cessful in the work of the pure food
as e s or an. iere are some
It Will BOCGBIHICG the resumption 0fI"Phy·|c·] (;u]gm·°_•· lnd [h|·g·tgngd on two sets of scrubs and plastered up v v r vv [ v v b f d of Kentucky. Last year he com-
ve neesn sores o e oun
practice Immediately after the hull- that lgnomnt lnd bucgwud scumon anlce score. ln the flrst half the score hvnlhi h gv l b h hn th pleted about two thousand six hun-
· s wor . o n ac o e
days, to get the Blue and White team who w°u|d um {L And gm- th.; was 35 to 2, and ln the last perlodl primeval history lov Fhhv hmd the be- dred food samples for the State. No
into condition. · muon the gouowgns yuohmon wu the count was 12 to 6. The flrsrghmhm and development Ohthp Old other chemist in his line of endeavor
`H0¤d•y afternoon, in • short ¤crlm· pulsed; . string men used were Preston, Park, Domi v Sv t I | b mmm ht has even approached this record. The
non e s ea .
l magelbetwnu the Varsity and the soc- ··B° it mmlyed unt the term ·phy,g. centers; Morgan, T. Zerfoss, C. Zer- Th h la] J H t d v Y ZH h general run of chemists finish from
escoar usan eac as
Av and team, the lrst row girls chslked cs] Calm"- be condemned n chnplfoss, forwards, Tuttle, Scott and ub v v of vi] r cms v Au ut six hundred to ten hundred samples
t · s rac s e ec o s a
‘ up 10 to 0. The forwards are still a W ‘ W Bcbraeder, guards. The class of work S er year.
° °“° °" °"’ ‘“° um °°"°" °' “° " County from 1745 to 1820 rtw work D
lltth ol In goal shooting, but the tosm perm ` displayed by the Varsity was all that ' His work wlll egin about January . ·
ply"- md ul 0m" eduuud M required four years of unceaslng toll
york ta exceptionally good.- 'The Var- be mpwuutyy pomgmaq- tu. mum. could b• d••Ir•d. m com lem _ lst. There Is s wide fleld for him ln `
1 mit) lined up: Min Heller, cdhter; [june the me of the obsolete wrm Itls too early to pick a probable Judg; Chhlhhw and vhs show prey Mississippi and he wlll be heard`of  '
Mines Hughu and . McGuire, for- ·phy,g“] Calm"'- lubsutuuus mem. line-up for the season. A number of mem Ov the Ivaughwn gv Amérvmn before another (`hrlstmas comes
wards; Mines McCbe¤ney (captain) gm- th, regulation and sumdnd tem, second string men have displayed R V hm W r the` umm; v th around.
. e o on, e e g a e
and Wood, guards. ·phy,|c,] ·p,·,tn|ng· or ·phy,;cu Educ,. good form and show promise of de- Capitol Chy banquet The Station will miss the young
Ou the second team the playing of tion" 0,- ·Gymm,_,mcs;- mts for the velopment when work sets ln after This is u worthy hud Signal honor wizzard. His many friends will feel
Misses Pence and Wills Was n0tiCB8.bI)'lr68_B0n8 offered by the authors ])ud]gy the holidays. I r our professor and the amd nts and keenly his absence, for he is an un-
o e
good. , W & Ke]]erin their book, ·Athjetjc Games The schedule is one of the hardest. Slam rejoice hl his growing rphhmi compromising worker and a veritable
for Women- and concurred in by all ever framed for a Blue and White H v I v d dm 4 good companion.
"*""”*"—"j' on or earn n an eru on.
DR T v graduate physical directors, to·wit,; [Gam. and 8 g00d string of 8UbBtltUt€B g HQ \\'0l‘k€(l severely hard to get 3
Q I UTH LLHTSSPQEESOL TEXT ‘lt would be a good thing lf the pri- will be fm l¤dl¤D€¥I¤¤bl€ ¤8¤€¥· C college degree. The lawn of this cam-
vate schools would abolish the use of ·+-‘—"L""'_ DUH ll? Il\0“'f·‘d- H? did <‘ll0r9$ and
T"' the term ‘l'hyslcal Culture' which has FARM SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS carried coal in his desperate struggle
Dr' Edward Tuthuk professor of ms. come to mean almost anything. CLOSE FALL cmcun- A Study Of pmuary °°“°" markm upward. Now that he is being honored
tory and political science ln the (ol- Them are Physical Culture Svstehhh conditions in Oklahoma by the Depart- to R hwrkgd and hhmul hosmmh we
lege of Arts and Science of the l’lll- restaurants and furniture., It is The hum School ihsvmcwrh hf {hh ment of Agriculture has inspired the of Slim, [·hi‘.t,rhm. nhhember llis mn
v8rSny' has signed a contract with pointed out by this society that every lazxttxuslou Uaparmlem of the l.;xw.l.i_ Smwmem that Umgre 'S um *1 Smglp and hardships and rejoice with one
one of the lame publishing houses to exercise offered ln a gymnasium ls nlent Station hum ended their full impormm Step °" process in the Emi"` another in his elevation to the dis-
Kdapi 0¤€ of Ul€lI` ¤€W high S€lI00l based upon medical principles. The work and returned at the end Of hist cotton handling and marketing scheme tihhuishhd hush
:;;:3 tzhthevauiesv 0: lzvemuokyv iu; l’|I5'¤Ii€9·‘ director does IIOI •¤¤vIaI¤ IIIIS week from a trip through l.awrencc. “;;mlvfm€Svn; Orig":] to a_Sl;€:ml (Intl ,
. . s s soecomaee .   ·r ·r·n  
· ‘ ·tl¤•¤<>ry to claws wr the Same reason Mason, noone, nant-ss, yiuttttmpct-ir, bl Hd ""` 9 " " ° "`° ° °"°` ` I
before the end of the winter. {that the hhyhchm wh hm hxhhhn his Hand r h hl ri vi h hm er dl Nv v ,'l`he lnvostigatiori cover the onttro LOUISVILLE CLUB GIVES DANCE.
— eso,1sa.,.‘c·lt..1_
__ Prlor to he signing of the contractlhrescvhmoh to 8 hmmm The grad vi I (mr and I H K lprocess ot` growing, selling and grad- r·—····
· · ‘ coun es. .e· es teions ta- ,. . . , . .
Professor Tuthm Sought and Obtained uate physical director is therefore not U i el 0 Oh I I. .[llIIl·T· und disclosed that the cotton Ihc Louisville tlub, which is one
( ons w we Y v i n s s, c·o>s. rm . , .
  approval Of lnresident llarker. b€' a teacher   u   expert. gr0“vinv.; hzlue e(.0ll0mi(" Jairvrilvvv v[X'{|_(l0 il] ()kl{[h()]]\u |'(-I(‘()g]\i[(Id |]() ot the largest HI btlllth <*ll(6'l`Ii\lllt;‘(l
·· ’ [ "' ' "'.. .. ·.. ‘ ·.l ‘ "l~ s.`·t‘z
lievlnglthat the State has a right to MHP h resolved that we endorse {hh houhhv mmhhv hmh Shhmhhhh hhh|?_r_ld, dlmtr ro"im.,.l pmjdjtvugi at ahohhvttvchhtintljtiizuiiihiidhh sivhhdrivy
the ful time of those yy hom lt cm Bamhhehts expressed ih u mvem hdh mul husbandry and farm muhdhhhhhhlvthou;.,h many thousand bales ot ht,.htt‘ v I I— l ` H v l I
ploys. especially ln the l'nlverslty, and _ _ _ grade are produced. It is found that >¢‘IIIFr‘<‘llIS ¤¢I\IllIlII‘ dlIT*‘I'•‘Ilhi IIII':`Ihv   hen lhhhhhhh `
tone y the proper author tes, n hhyhhhvl educators, the utwhuoh of thm at vvhlhhnsburgl Whitley hhhhvvl bales o. middlmg totton tailed tn dt. Y v I l v ·
advance. the public be dmvvh to {hh mm thm, ferent localites from seventy-tive ccnts \` » ‘·IlllI0II Mild Mrs.<·uI1wn. VI`- MIIINI
This recognition is very ent·ouruging,mud€vh Social dancing, so hailed ,fah(_y| "“‘""——'“""’_‘ to tlfty—t~l;ht dollars. The Galveston HI'IIIIII1l·it* iilld MIN- HI`IIIIIIII¢"- IIIIU “i‘I*
to the department. lt ls also gratlfy— dhhdhg, and the what are hl ho way NOTICE, YE AMATEUR ARTISTS. prit·t·s pro ;tppnrt·ntly ignored, Mary Fisher.
mg as jr had tm Orrgjn hg a reply to mhhhd ’h) the classic (hmhhlg of the .--.- I __ _______________ The dance was a success n ·»y‘~·r‘y
• - set of question Bubnlnted to Iirol g_yu]"a5]u“]_ Suyh g'y*[]B[S as [ggdgrg S°l°"‘ u topht Draw it during lh" MNAVAL HQLJDAY"   wu}. and [hp Iuuiny Friends of tht) duh
fessor Tuthlll by an unknown corre- Uuhcuh uhd Mhhu St Dems have dohh holidays. llraw lt well. \\'ork is com- __i______ are wry thanktul lor the dance.
°p°"d°m “°'““ N0 years “g°‘ much towards reviving an art dead for p€tm"€' Thme good drawings mm 'I`hc ltousc o1` ltt·pt·csctttatiws haul -—--.-—--—-
"‘1""‘__"’—‘ two thousand years. The classlc um ¤·¤I>IISI·~·I in me KHm'u°`mim’ lng thrt·sh•=dou thc natal holiday prop-l KIM AT PATT HALL
FACULTY ATHLETIC To MEET d _ V . _ _ _ means a Kentucklan to the artist. . . _ _ . _ __ _ _   _ ·
. ance ls an Ideal torm of exercise for ositton brought toiwattl by llepitsentm
_____ the hhdv and hi hs hu from uh wchh Drawings to be made In proportions to hhh !h_h_h_)._ huh hy h mw hr xl? h) hh Khh It Khrh-hl hhh h I hh-
A ggngrul []](gQ[||]g of [||€ [*`&i('\|l[)’ dallfillg {QB U18 Sturt! HYC fl`OU] thc b inches by 9 l"ChQS· T7- ullllnnrod or Hu. l`•"SUlu"“"l‘ “-hhlh dent ·wUI-k;Hg hid \\·`L· through ·u)
) I V . \ · * . A
Athletic Club will be held 'l‘hursday oarth. The classic dance of the an-I O' " ('b'RHAm)‘ Alt hdm"` calls Illloll I‘I‘¢*¤ldt‘III WIINIIII III I‘I>IIII*’I`· ,\hh_l.h_,`h (_hlh,h_, hm lh, h pm ‘{.‘ll
afternoon promptly at 3:30 o'cIock, at clents was held in reverence as a fine _ atc uith Winston t‘hurchill, l·‘irst whh hhhh hmhv Ihhhww hohdh hw
the office of Mr. llrumage, ln the gym- art on the level of other llne arts—-— has tt loftlness a melancholy dlgnlty l,ord ot` the llrltlsh Admiralty, to bring hhrhhhuv __hh_ `hv the vhhhh hhhhv
naslum bulldlng. palntlng poetry, music and sculptur- that lifts It hltth above ull other form about at suspcnslon of natal lmlldlmt Nm`, hhhev hh h_hh)l_oh»_ hhv huh
Matters of importance are to be lng. Its origin was sacred and today of the 'l`erpslchorcan art. Many phllo- programs for tt year. 'l`hc resolution V _ _ ,_
chase and spend your moncy. lntddy
taken up and every member of the its theme ls religious. The classic sophers have discussed the subject ln cypress as "thc sense or (‘ongrt·ss" hav hhhhv
faculty who ls interested In some fortnldance Is an Interpretation In rythmlc detail. namely l'lato, Arlstotal, Quhr that thc proposal would be the means `
• of exercise Is strongly urged to be posture of the thoughts, inspirations tllllan, Lucian and Acschylus audlof atolding the "wastc of investing ln Mw- or   K
present. and passions of the ltuman soul. It others." lwar matt·rla|." Pahovhu our Adverhunv
` I

 • 1 I,
5 T H E I D E A
’r z A ` ’
.¢ 4Ai\·— .
l rl A" " ( 4   · l  
_ [te liv A {4 t t
\   .,4* -5mQ tit`.   *:3 Hltl l Eoin;.]  I
····¤n•¤. F     anaugilk .      tl   ·l —   •
K `“ ` U nj 'E" l'|_   r, ,]  [ W ·   l lil     tt` '~\ `
_ t, ,, `I   tl",  _ l rr   t
~ t tt. '.   ·· ··· * "··  ‘•‘ ’
tt, ,. ,,_ uint`} .     m qu-lj, _,;.— t
a, _—._. .-·.;· ~ , ." t
’t· ‘ ‘ ` —— . . •Y . V . · J 1
  .·   ig`.:  •'\../*` , _ -»   
. -*;;._b*; ·~ .,. ‘ -•·\.~_»q -·$ .__Z.,. i
‘) ’ 7·»~1’:, A *·¤·- "‘ (
i l
I -_— 2 Inn.! 1 {
`~ - k B
Edlhd und•r tho •u•plc•• of the Agricultural Socloty of Stan UnIv•r•lty, and F              & Company. l
with \h• official cooperation of tho Kentucky Agricultural             Cl¤»¤¤ 4· BGM l’l¤\8 of Sl! ADDR! j _
Exp•rIm•nt Button. 't°"°d lll farm ll°m°- l
Edltor-ln-Chlof .............................................. H. F. BRYANT       U- S•     l’|'l¤€—C¤¤h. $7.00. OUGTGG by COD- l
_ 1i-   W · '
Aoolatant Editor ..................................... MIB! JESOIE ACKER T ' f M n P i E I C M K D l F ’ W k t B. Bum"! l°° (#0- l•
Iu•ln••• M•nng•r .................. . ....................... W. C. SMITH W- V: st N ° S°;r:• V. SIP'? ` ° L .E °";iH·":°" :°I ° Class 5. Best Two Glasses of Apple { \
• v n n | m
A••t•um •tt•t¤••• Mtm•¤•» ............... mas zuznzw At.exAN¤:n ”"" " °”' '” ° ll" ‘ ' ° " ° ' '"' _Jelly recipe Included. V
mn mm .............................................. c. v. csntunn °'°""““ """'°"’ "'°"°"‘°”‘· °""'“· P¤·l¤t>—-cnn, sa.0o. onmtt by con- t
  sumers lce Co. g
I .
nom sence: t=A•=tn;¤¤· wE¤»t.|tm.tttmtt papers. tt tt very wat °“" *'°°"'"‘-'" “"‘-°°'“° """ E' °‘-°°E “'“’*'" °'“ cum 6. Bent rom hooves or
--— worth careful reading by those ln- Th N i I A { I { A H R I f E I BFGIG. UV0 Whlié Mid two 8|'I·h¤¤l·
Fin.m,,rS· week is to be held at the cllned to sclentltlc agricultural re— I e I gtltma iam M °nh° g   F [ t I ° °; sr dn rl; 3 d See score card for bread.
UDlV€¥'Bll.\’ Januarv 5th to 16th tn. Search, or scanning by thong gf 8 more cu mm ton W m6€t €¥‘€ DEX an r es c ose n nr gy_ gnunry r _ PI_ue_On8 barrel of Blue Ribbon
' ' ’ June 25-26, after having organized at Exhibits must be ln place not later nm", offered b Eimcnd rt C0.] nd
cluslve, and lt wlll be the biggest this Prllctlclll l¤¢ll¤¤*l°¤· - ‘ Y ° °
i b Urbana Ill., last summer. Represents- than Monday, January nth, at 4 p. m. Feed C0
wnter that has ever een arranged. '
tives from a dozen states met and This will enable exhibitors attending
The speakers wlll lnclude not only|F[NE   f , Class 7‘ Best Pmmd °f C°"°g°
ormed the association, Kentucky be- Farmers Week to bring their exhibits Cheese
many noted agrlclultural experts from       ’
lng the most southerly state rep- with them. Exhibits may be shipped, r,r,t“_B·kmg dish offered by
a distance who can lay down for the     ‘
resented. prepaid, to Miss Clare W. Whlte, who van Damn Hardware oc. g
nrrrom Sm general! principles of the Most ot the institutions already rep- will place them on exhlbltlon. Do not mus 8 Best Plain white one
. . » ’ ' I
:l;;I;u:_illr:l:;h;; tzlkgéfslzultsrzisbsf Ammu H°°b°"d"y Dlvl°'°" “ €xp°"` resented ln the association are North- expect any extension of tlme. Entry iced with chocolate, See score card.
p p y m°"` Shu"` wm s°°" BW"` ern experiment stations and agrlcul- blanks should be secured from Miss Prim_one barrel of Blue Ribbon
::::0:;:; t::?;;l;gh:; dcazutlscd [ZE: B"' Pr°d°°tl°" T°°t°‘ tural schools, but lt ls believed that White. Your name and address must noun offered by Eimendort com and
‘ e ` 0 B P f E`; G d within a year or two practically all be written on outside. Do not enclose Feed C0
made money right here ln Kentucky l Y "°· · · °° ·l h I d i t t ti t ti l b '
nd r tl www um-Ou hl ummm The new bam at the Kentucky Agn the sc cos an exper men s a ons commun ca ons n ox. Class 9. Best Angel Food Cake.
B 8 Q le i I g y ln the most progressive states wlll All exhibits remain the property of r,rtze_ic€ BOX offered b J J
with the conditions under which the cultural Experiment Station farm for V _ · Y - .
I f d 1 f t i 1 dl t_ I have joined ln this organized work of the Department of Home Economics, Fitzgerald
farmers 0f this State work Natural he Q E ng 0 S ears n our Ou 0 hl 8 spreading the gospel of good farming. unless otherwlse arranged for This · l
iv the`, are bm med to answer me mptttty nearing etmptetttm. This btttttt- · U¤¤¤ 10- Bw Dressed Chicken for
‘ ‘ i i 36 { at wm and 180 feet mn Dr. B, E. Powell, of the University does not include exhlblts ln sewing Brown;
myriad perplexing questions that could ng S ° B g' .
A f t d I of llllnols, is acting chairman and his l\o exhibitor wlll be allowed to make pnze__300 pounds Kaine Chicken
be accurately answered only by those Smmge r°°m m` cm °“ See m°°·
d f th i dt d r 1 ht f successor wlll be elected at the meet- more than one entry ln any one class. Feed oncmd by C S Brom
familiar with the local questions. an Or 9 gr n ng an *8 g ng ° ' ‘ '
lng here next June. A separate sample must be provided Ci 11 B t Pi w 1. Si C
feed ,takes up 30 running feet at the 585 · 95 8- 0 X 0l'¤
Tm) agricultural Students who are Past and of this building A concrete The lnvltatlon of the Kentucky Ex· for each class entered. Meal Mumns recipe to be med with o •
g°l“g home for the holidays Should n 14 36 f t 1 it ted j t un perlment Station for the association All exhibits must have been made Gxhtbn
carry with them all the essential ln— S ° X Bc S S ua us 0 _
Side of the mst end of me bam and to meet here was laid before the agri by the exhibitor ln 1913 or 1914. P,.ize___on6 yam. subscription to
f°rmau°" about Farmers “ eek and is connected to same by a chute to cultural editors ln all parts of the In contesting, the exhibitor must ..G00d Housekeeping. offered by
boost that event among their home ` l .t f K _ H in _ '
neighbom Let the people at home anow the mage, as it is pitched from Unted States and tlte tote or uint le certtcite of ts? ttttlnteretstedfttelr Home Economics Department or the
~W V t r U. I the Snot to fan to the UOM Ot. me tuc ycarrledasaepura yover a sons ta t e wor s ia ony 0 e Womans Club or Central Kentucky.
km"` inn"' all"` and on the “d“h bam for other states that had extended exhibitor named. Lexington Ky_
‘°' ”“°l‘ “°"f’ ‘"“""‘“‘l°" “’l"l° "‘ Tn? mnmnder of me bum WI stntttartnvltatlons. In making up the mostorexhlbtt, an Class 12_ Ben Two Lowes of Sm
school. They ll be askin: questions feet it used for the h0u%mg’ and _____________ itemized Statement must be Submntetr Rising Bread.
about Farmer?. ll Evke Haw you an feeding of the steers and as a storage BREEDERS OF HORsES’ Showing all exl)€ndhur°s‘ the l°b°r Prize—Cash, $2.00. Offered by Bulld-
tlle necessarl lm°r"lBtl°"‘ JACKS AND MULE8 T0 and material used. Labor value at 75 .· S i C
. ., _. room for roughage and corn. An open €l`¤ UDP Y /0·
'lhe Lxtenston Department of the FORM ASSOCIAUON Cmnt u dm. Cl 13 B t R t d H I h
- »· - - * ·· t ass . e s , w -
Experlntenu Station has mailed to Shed' lb feet ludc Mm loft abou" _ ‘_ , S oa 8 Bn eg
t. _ i _n _ (_ f K { _k\, . V forms one side of the building, and a _ All (ertmmtes must be med "nh lng il\1’€€ l>0¤¥1dS 0!' l€BS· • »•
°"“*"”* “ ·* l’d'” ° °“ “‘ ~ *" ‘ _ d { r f Tm _, fem An assoettttttm or the horse. tack Miss (`lara w. \Vhite, not later titan pnm_A,ummum ..m&Sm_.. value
eral lll"llSl*“*·l l><><>l=ll¤<*iit‘$·l llt+<‘ll><‘S l’rl¤<+r+`l~’t~ Y€¤l`¤` Sullstlllllloll @0
A$1.l`lt‘Ull\ll`t* ul \\’i1>llllli.Zlt)ll has l>e;:tltt 'l`hert· is atnple roottt in this barn for ments except Law to graduate, IIIUSI be liletl for eatut tlislt served, alltl l"U.l'|ll JUU!`llul. ()lY€l‘€d by H8,lls0l1
lite plllllltulitlll ttl tl lllUllllll)' ".Iolll‘lttll the storage ol` a large atnount of of Kentucky   Schools wht) lll*'llllZt'(l list ttf ltlzttt·l‘ittls. eosl iilltl Nlklléullllil AKGHCY.
of Agrittttlttttttl ll1ll1t*tl. Q •
and st·t·t»ntl nntnlters, prt·paretl tttttlt¤t··t·ortt atttll other t·ont·t·ntt·att·s. man Chao l·’rit·t· t)ne·hall` tlozett sterlitte silver HTOBACCO DAV', FOR FARMéRS’
dates ot tlt·toht·r l. antl \ovetttbt·t· 1. 'llte hntltltne is so arrangetl that the kIl|\t‘§%, one-hall dozen Sl€‘l`lllll.i silver
are on tile nt the State lvlll\t*l`>ll}' llliill ft·t·tlinn the rattle will never have Each county in the State i. forks. llillll |lt·l‘t·re pattern. Value $25. wEEK"’GOLD MEDAL OFFERED
lil>l”ul`)‘ to go out of tloors for any of the feetl entitled to send   of toi. Ulit·l‘t·tl lt) the l’ltt»elli>. lltttel (`tllll- •·‘t" ··
'l`ht· ztt‘tit·lt·> ill this tnztttazine are to inn operations t·ottttt·t·t•·tl with tht- on- tion. matricuiation. laboratory pany; |let·tn;ttizittt: tlte iltlportnnee to tlte
be st·ielllilit· |`ltlll¢‘l` than prat·tit·al. hut pe.rintt·nts. Water will he supplied and other tooo one or more l‘lass 2. Isest l'lt·nlt· l.ttnt·h l'ot· four fi1l'llll‘l`N ol` l{l‘|llll<‘k)' it has been ur-
tlte wise anti <‘1ll`t‘l'lll l`2I.l`IlZt‘|', ltortit·ttl~`frotn the t·ity tnaitts A l;tt·ge stot·k appointoel |N‘l`H()ll$, llllllllllg t·ost to 23 (TPIIYS per l‘ulllL¢‘l>¤<‘¢‘¢> l’¤&"` llllfllllé·l"¤l”l¤l<*l'¤` Wwlit
Illiilll t*M‘t*llt·ltl ltillls frottt its pages t·lttl of tlte httrtt ’l'ltt·st· scales are pro- Nocoeeary expense, moderate portatlott. See score rartlt ulltl tilts tliwllillp: tluy has been Hel u.Sld8
'l`he tirst few issues will t·otttaitt vided witlt tt eotnhitttttiott stot·k anti l'|`lt‘•* l‘ZtlUll>1ll*‘lll l‘**¢‘¤>llllll**ll¤l*‘I`lZt*H lll UIC
Department ol At4t·it·ultnre, hut ar- of either eattle or loads of hay and ing appointee.- c0u[·e· of ,tudy_ Offered by J. D. l’urt·ell (`Ul\|ll&lll)`· lt>l»¤t‘t¢t¤ Slll>\\' lll¤l ls lll be ll*’llt+ lwlllli ll llullllwllle gold
so that ittleslitzators and tent~ltet·s in the scales. The buldlng wlll aeeotnmo- H_ S_ BARKER_ Prunes. tnedul for the best exhibit of Still)-
tltt· tarions experintettt stations and date the feeding of 8tl two-year—old or Pre•ident_ l'rlze» -l‘alorlt· Flreleau Cooker, ples of Irusll. llyllllés. lugs. bflglll Bild o .
uxrittttltnral eolleges t·an eotttrlhnte of ltltl yearllng steers. Lexington Ky value $10. Offered by t`. l·`. lirower red leaf. _

 ` R
( 1
I A V A A do -8 N K • • •
I €6bdlZZC£l [lll ECU 260 7Zgl72L’€l mg dgé
l .‘"°"l”_cM·' W c Cro-. •1‘ After n, brief hlllslnflss l¥lP4‘•IlIlK, Ill¢*lo\‘•·r •·xlwns1·s from the r·0nr·¢·rt to l`:l<‘llIIA men.
B · hotly had the pleasure of hearing Mr.i,,.n,l n ,l,.l,,,nnl,,,, to nn, mmlng mn <`omnlyIng with the tlemalltls of the
I A·•°c'ATl .°'T°n• llolllng dismiss the new "'l`hr·rmit _ __ nurllence Mr. Roper closecl the service
J' ·•“” ·°m”· ,18* c°NTm·UT°n·. l’ror·ens" h which metals are wcltlerllwmhm of the Smdpm vnlumnr with a movement selectml from flee-
Jumn wow ,1. H. T. Wilt! '14. ‘ ‘ y '3lo\‘¢·nl•·nI in Kansas ('lty and ended _ ’ q __
I W O ·'_um” :17 I Rogcr Thornton '14. almmt i""mmIy‘ Ha lnugwmml MH with at manly and straightforward ap-_'hm°nH Mmmugm ` Mmm'
I   _ ' ' ° ' "‘""""" “'"" "' °"l’*‘""“`“'· by “""""' ppm to thc snnn-ms to gpl ....n.·r n..» »-——»—--—-»
‘ zuomeznmo touts I"` d°m°"m°t°d In Imnwlp H"` loud ml llrlv ¤¤l~·· the $250 r·-¤·¤lr··¤·¤*l*· of Ihr ll=·*· and nay you my r·—a¤·•·<·tsf`
l out in college and give up every pleasure that that life should afford. C Trial appamtzls for the ‘_xDpr‘mpmI$Tr' “'“" '"`°""'" '.'"“4’"" ""‘i ""‘ *’°"'""‘*‘*"" 8“‘"`k‘“"l"" "Y"" dm?
l There ls ..0 dont that nsn..nm nan ls .. me of indmy. We as all W ,__mi_h,,d by me Th_,",_" (.0 |¤··*·¤···*·* *·>‘ **···   “‘*·*··*· *····*···*···* Wl- ¤‘·· l~·l *>··*···r ll >·<··· ·* ··=·>‘ >·····*
O busy and thank (lod for that fact! We believe that no man ls happy who ___ r°'°"`°"`m°"iw`H Of an "IRHSM ml R WW MHS-
r In not busy. We are working toward a goal, and that goal ls not a sheep-skin, Thp A. S' M. E- hom 8 wry lmprpsr
either. It ls not money and notoriety-we work for the realization of an Ideal, lng session Monday For me Opmlng A ' ' °'°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
and a clear and definite program of life. The engineer ls full of enthusiasm. fart of the program. ,_Sck_mmC MMP     . ,
for he is fully aware of the importance of his Ilfe and work. Each problem he agement In mp I, q wavy ,, an grime Q - ,      
Iolves affords him a keener satisfaction, and brings with It a higher and more __ ,   %
ln Engineering Magazine, was given 9 Q
Important problem, and more truth and llght into his consciousness. , 8
I H a thorough dlscusslon by Mr. \\. S. _ Ys  
n the ye, progresslye sciences of today, there ls no such word as rest. Carrnheml The Sppakpr Outlined mm? /_ nb .·  4    
Theories are much llke flowers, they grow up and are soon cut down and re- recent devplmlmems in ‘_m(_h_m hand \ _, {.4
_ V `  . ;O f` '.
placed by new ones. Most things are as yet undiscovered. One of ns may   ’_..* ,
ling of battle ships and their arms- nt A • '
revolutionize the whole world—who knows? Hx "Zl Thé useful klnd that they hke
ment. The figures presented were *5,tf . , h   l ,ll
Engineering is now recognized as the great creative profession, and one _ *' to I'€C€lV€·—tl"l3t S li G ll'l( yOU
f H h 1 I 1 I I i I l very gratifying to those of his audience H d  
cannot a to see t e prom nent part w 1 c 1 tue eng neer has and must p ay n who were pumoumuy mcunpdl · ll at t lg 5t()r9_ . l
r "‘° ;;"’:"°;t°°";:°l;’;‘°“‘ °' IMS °°:'“"l·t { M i m h I f I The Second ,.,,.,,,k,,r_ M, n_ n_ (wm. Leather Novelttes and sets of all kinds in leather
u , a er a , ere are many mpor an t ngs n e ot er tnan pro es- tran had been truswd with 3 very mf- cases, all useful gifts.
slonal advancement and success. lt would be foollshness for us to neglect the _
1 I d th 1 nhl I Th H Iflcult subject, "Tests Upon the 'lrans-
many soc a an 0 er p easures w n our react. ere are many co ege, 4 . . .
I l f Heat ln Vacuum I-Iv pora-
wctlvlties which, although they have representatives from our department, Tsozziinag presented in me Jmlrzal or _ COmblPatlOn_ Matched Sets Of hose and tml hose'
could use many more. and prove of lnfllnlte value to us. ' A tw and kerchlefy belts and Supporters, and many
· the Soclety. Coming colncldent with _ · ·
Many of us have not had a wlde academic training. Let us pull together, H E qmdy of vaporrmuou in Thermo others 2l.l'ld SOITIQ Wlth _]€W€l- \ T;h,._$L__,>  Q  _i»
I · ‘ ·· u ‘ :  —r   ~‘
t en, n t e movement or a com nat on 0 tie usua arts w tt our tecm ca . . --» K.  u  
8, , . ' .   ` I $·“·y
h l h f bl l f l I ll l l I dyn mics the topic wmpd of great I` to l"Il3tCh OOC to 2  \ y l
d tl . ° U , I :, ‘
° ¤°¤ °¤ _,.,,,,,,, to ,,,8 ,,,,d,,,,,,,_ All the other useful thmgs l,   tr l  3, l
._—.;..—..j....._;.—.T ’ _ · A Y
melt .~.T.lT.¤~ ¤m...c E~s.~m.~s mm! Mr “···"€** "*·*·*"°·*·* a   0* tha? they """’· T“° 'mggest   l ~  
` SMOKER W HONOR OF THE rhis subject that did credit to his prep- varletles are here- tr   ll  \ `  
FACULTY ·aratlon and ability. Adjournment was     ‘    r` r `
On last Thursday nlght "Towser" ' [for tho llolldoyo     I   , '
Masters was assisted across the "Hot ’ _ \   ly `|
Sands" and lnto the illustrious order M°"d“y '“g“‘ U°°°"‘b" 8"‘· ""’| “"` E   i
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