There shall be but one voting place in a precinct. Each pre-
cinct shall contain, as nearly as practicable, three hundred
voters, based on the number of votes cast at the last election for
Presidential electors; but no precinct shall contain more than
three hundred and fifty voters. If at any election hereafter
more than three hundred and fifty votes shall be cast at any
voting place, it shall be the duty of the sheriff of the election
in such precinct to report the same to the county court, which
shall, at its next regular term divide such precinct as equally
as possible, so that the new precincts formed thereof shall each
contain three hundred voters, as nearly as practicable. If for
any good cause, an election can not be held at the house ap-
pointed as the place of voting, the judges of the election may,
on the morning of the election, adjourn it to the most conven-
ent place, after having publicly proclaimed the change and
posted notice of the same on said house.
   1444. Power of county court to change boundaries or di-
vide precincts. The county court of any county may change
the boundaries of any precinct within such county or divide
any precinct into two or more precincts, or consolidate two or
more precincts into one, or change any place of holding elec-
tions whenever public convenience or the public good may re-
quire it: Provided, That no such change, division or consolida-
tion shall be made after the June term of each court next pre-
ceding an election: And provided, further, That no such
change, division, or consolidation shall be valid without giv-
ing due notice, at least one month before any election, by one
publication in the newspaper published in said county having
the largest circulation therein or by posters put up in four of
the most public places in said precinct: And provided, fur-
ther, That no precinct shall be enlarged so as to contain more
than three hundred and fifty voters.
  1443. Toxins or cities with corporate limits in several
counties-ballots-mode of conducting and certifying election.
In any town or city of the fifth or six class, where corporate
limits include parts of two or more counties, the clerk of the
county court of each of such counties, in addition to the bal-
lots prepared for the State, county, district or precinct elec-
tions, shall prepare a ballot-book of similar form and requi-
sites for the use of voters who reside in that part of such town