.appear to have received the highest number of votes for offi-
cers of such town or city, one copy of the certificate to be re-
-tained in the clerk's office, another delivered to the clerk of the
board of council of such town or city, and the other forwarded
to the Secretary of State. The certificate of the votes on any
question submitted to the voters of such town or city shall be
-delivered as provided by the law or ordinance under which the
vote was taken. Such town or city shall pay the expenses of
-preparing the ballots for such municipal election.  (Section
-as amended by act of March 15, 1894. See, further, sec.
1596a, sub-sec. 5.)

                        ARTICLE III.
                   Elections, flow Conducted.

    1446. Secret ballot, except in school elections.  In all
elections hereafter held in this State on any subject which may
by law be submitted to a vote of the people, and for all or any
State, district, county or municipal officers, except school trus-
tees and other common school district elections, the voting
shall be by secret official ballots, printed and distributed as
hereinafter provided, and no other ballots shall be used.
(Election of School Trustees, sec. 4434; Con., sec. 147.)
    1451. Vacancy in office of sheriff or disability-who to
act. If the office of sheriff is vacant, or if the sheriff, or his
deputy, is a candidate at any election, all his duties pertain-
ing to that election shall be performed by the coroner and such
deputies as he may appoint for that purpose. If the coroner
is absent, or his office vacant, or he is a candidate, then such
-duties of the sheriff shall be performed by some person ap-
pointed for that purpose by the presiding judge of the county
,court, and the deputies of such person.
    1452. Ballots, printing and delivery-how    paid   for.
The printing and delivery of the ballots and cards of instruc-
tion to voters hereinafter described shall, in municipal elec-
tions, be paid for by the several cities respectively; and in all
-other elections the printing of the ballots and cards of instruo-
tions for the voters in each county, and the delivery of them
to the several voting precincts, shall be paid for by the sexveral
counties respectively.