Minutes of the Zxecutive Committee of the Board of Trustees,
University of "entucky, for the regular monthly meeting, Wednesday,
Ootobor 20, 1920.

      The Executive Comnmibtee of the Board of Trustees, University
   _, _L4 _ xye- rs:t in regular monthly *session in the Presidnet 's
office nt the University od Wednesday, October 20, 1920, at the
hour of l1:00 o'clock, noon.   The following members were present:
Richard C. Stoll, Robert G. Gordon, and Ra.iney T. Wells.  President
'rank L. MoVey end 1Wellington  Patrick, Secretary of the Committee,
were present.

     The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee for July
'I, 1920, were read and adopted.

      (1) Report of 'he Business Agent.   The report of the Business
Agenit was received and filed.

     (2) George Peabod Note.    The Business Agent reported to the
0o0mittee that the University's note for :i35,875 on account of the
Peabody Fund vwas due.  ' n mo: ion, duly made and seconded, the Busi-
ness Agent Was authorized to renew the note and pay the interest.

     (3)  Business Agent's Bond.   The Business Agent reported to
the Committee that the annual premium on his bond amounting to $37.50
for the current year head been paid by him personally. The Business
Agent was ordered to draw- chock for the amount to cover expense.

     (4) Rent of Van Mleter Farm.  A communication was read from
Dean Thomas ?.' Cooper indicating that the University's lease on the
Van Me-ter farm will expire on January 1, 1921, and that the owner
offers to release the farm for a five year period at an increased
rental.   On motion, duly seconded, the Dean of the College of Agri-
oulture wras authori.zed to re-lease the Van Meter farm at the lowest
price and for the shortest paried obtainable.    The purchase of land
was discussed and it was the opinion of the Committee that it was
not a satisfactory time to buy land.

     (5) Coils in EnaineerinL-Buildin.    Authority was granted the
Superinteadent of Buildings and Grounds to spend $582 for replacing
heating coi2.s in Mechanical Engineering Building.

     (6) Jim Turner, Fireman.   It was requested that the Presidant
secure information regarding condition of Jim Turner and to have
him examined by a University physician before passing upon the
further continuation of his salary.