Kernel Sports Writer
Coach Dob Johnson, University track coach and director of
the UK Relays, called the field
"fantastic." Not the least of the
"fantastic" performers was Al
Carius, who had the dubious
chore of plodding through cold
water-fillepools and leaping
over various obstacles.
Carius, in order to "earn his
keep" with the Illinois aggregation on road trips, drives the
team car to away meets.
He runs the gruelling 3,000-metsteeplechase during the
outdoor season "just to keep in


doors a few times," Carius said.
"In fact, the first time was at
this meet a year ago."
Carius said that he likes to







the nation who
visited UK this past weekend
for the school's third annual
Andersson, who arrived in
America from his native Sweden
only seven months ago, turned in
a 4:05 indoor mile at the NCAA
Indoor Championships early in
"That has been my best race
in the United States," the distance star said. "I was second
in the race to a pretty good
American boy."
Andersson's 4:05 mile was
second best at thechampionships
to Jim Ryan of Kansas who won
the event a full two seconds
However, Ryan is the only
high school miler in history to
ever break the
barrier a feat which he accomplished as a senior last year.
Andersson won his specialty
at the UK Relays by a wide
and wearing black
leotards. "They keep me warm,"
he explained.
In comparing American track
and field events to those of his
homeland, Andersson said, "I
like running in America very
much. Although, in Sweden we
run the long distance races
through the countryside instead
of around an oval track like this





' muzz









Kernel Photo By Richard Smithers

Splish, Splash
What do you do when you splash through a steeplechase pit
in 40 degree weather? If you're Al Carius you set the season's
top time in that event. Carius, who has run in this event only
a few times, got his start at last year's UK Relays. By the way,
he says he'll run in this event some more. How sweet is success!


Take Two
From Vandy

mm it
11 villi




l0-- 7

Meet9 --Fantastic Meet

events in the fall and run the
steeplechase and mile during the
winter months' indoor season.
"There's little doubt what
event I'll be in from here on
out," Carius said with a grin.
Kenth Andersson, another distance man who also did well,
pulled his ski tobagan down over
his ears and hurried to get into
the rest of his "warm-up- "
while trying to accept the multitude of congratulations from
those he had just defeated and
While "keeping in shape" Satfellow classmates from Eastern
urday afternoon, Carius turned Kentucky State College.
in a brilliant 8:48.7 to post a
Andersson, a tall, strong milcr
new meet and track record, and from Trcllcborg, Sweden, had
the best time in the United States just toured the Sports Center's
track four times in
quarter-mil- e
this season for the event.
Carius is a physical education 4:12 to win the mile run at the
UK Relays Saturday and tic the
graduate student at the University of Illinois, but runs in the meet and track record in the
"colors" of the Chicago Track same effort.
Club since his days of eligibility
"I really wasn't shooting for
with the University are over. a good time," Andersson said.
"I was really surprised I did "The cold causes your arms and
so well," Carius said after the legs to tighten up a lot."
big victory. "I felt very good
Andersson, who said that he
during the race, but before it had hoped to do better with
started, I didn't have much con- "about a 4:03," came the final
fidence in the event."
two laps in 1:59, final quarter
Carius admitted that he didn't in :58, to defeat a mass of milers
know how to "gauge" himself from colleges and universities
for the running of such a race.
"I never could have done it
without the pressure from the
other runners," he said.
Carius had run a 9:02 indoors
earlier this season and it was
anticipated that he would set a
new record here since Hylke Van
Der Wal, from the Ontario, Canada, track club, would be pushing him.
Van Der Wal and Miami's
Jack Bacheler were on Carius'
heels from start to finish and
also broke the meet record.
"I've only run this event out- -

Kentucky pushed its win
streak to four by sweeping a
from Vanderbilt
Saturday. Vanderbilt, which has
not won a game in the Southeastern Conference, fell 3 and
1 to the Wildcats.
A five-ru- n
fourth inning in
the first game was enough to
enable Coleman Howlett to take
his third win of the season. Howlett gave up six scattered hits.
Fete Fritsch hit his fourth homer
of the season in the first game.
Larry Sheanshang gave upon
two hits in winning his first
game of the year. UK erupted
for four runs in the first inning
of the second game to give Sheanshang, a sophomore, a working
The Wildcats are now 6
on the season after a dismal
start. UK is 3 in SEC play.
Vanderbilt is
overall and
in the conference.


a mm
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