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_ •
l * l
¤ * me WILDCAT TEAM’  * ° ”**' " *"° *
, —·—‘*— , A compnhmn of the good Old d“y,,{Twc·Hour Entartslnmsnt for Hal-*0 ——-— 0 'ii
LUN c'°*d cn"'. "' ·“°" A" lm footy.]; with the new wm b, made Iew•’•n to be Concludsd Wlth ,0 H. Van Gurnee, manager of the O A' "’ M‘ .“k' N" ·“"• UM" TNOY
'¤¤*‘Y te !¤.I°Y Ann"' Mh"`- ion gwn pMq_ November ZL when the Dance ln Qymnsslum. I+ Ada Meade Theatre, wlll give a O '—°•¢ Llrd Can; Then Prove Easy
· ,_ ,alumnl of the University wlll oppose on of th b—T·—t t { t fl* mm- S¤m"d¤Y m°""|¤8· 0°*°b*"' ‘•’ f¤•‘ lnfurlsted Wlldcata.
. e e e en er ne . -
PROVE8 FINANCIAL 8UCCl|| Jthe vigorous Wildcats. Twenty-four oh? year is pmmcmd by th'; Lonmanz-I+ 2*. M W eclock. at the Ads 0
——-— iof the old men, with vlslons of prowess we} from me Stroller n Amateur O Meade. on "Play Maklng, Play O PARK'. GOAL, WIN un.
The "K" dance last Friday evening ln tha ygnrg gona by'.wn] meg; at the Nl ht n H H I “ 00 t be 31 O Wrltlng and Play Producing? O '
, o a sween, o r . , . .. .. .....
ln Buell Armory, gave to Bute stu- Y. M. C. A. Tuesday night for the llrst F 8 th H I c l ·|· Srenes will be set and struck, Q F
dom. me mm opportunity of me .0.* prague, Thong on me ns; of englble, s°Qum;e;" su" ';°m” °'°"° °:° qt? t° • to llllmpage the m(...h,m|,,,,| Side .•. °"¤€ Seseclty triumphed ever mn.
on to enjoy the dance. lmost of whom have worn the Blue and seem to PENS; u°:;mr:ul;n’Lb(:l·t; om O of ¤¤‘0du<·|mZ ¤ Dluy. 4- d°K Y€"°€*¢Y IM! Suturdli Wvhen the
· ‘ 4 M . G 1 ff. d l ·I» K -`
» Mlny wok advmum of me occt whim, gr, mcg [4.;-],,,6, wnnam The time of the entertainment has • for llhe ugie Las lll erenta pr ze • entucky Wlldcats defeat!] the Ib-
mm md were out in gu. uu,. to Rodes, Leslle Guyn, Howard Guyn, been Hmmm to two hou"' so it is M- s s e Cl wr en. BD- slsslppl A. and M. BullO$ by tha
. dmc, without 8 thought of an um Whlte Guyn, P•te Rodes, Wllllsm mired that no pan of the program wm *|• Dlvillg the vflfwlvlts he will set "‘ score of 19 to 13. The game was eaa
· the hour of mldnlght struck. B"°°k”· J· D· T“r°°"· J· J· T|g°"t· Cul be allowed to hg. one member wm * forth on s°'mrd·y' The Strollers * of the greatest exhibitions ol may
‘ The ..K.. dance in an umu] lama Taylor, Ham Payne, J. Waller Bodes, follow closely and mwpny uwr me * D"¤¤l¤U<* Club Wd ull Smdenm *' ball ever staged on stan mgm mj _
" lt was originated by the class fo 1911 “R°d" R•|||•r. Bill Ellis. Foster Holm. other and at mom". wwwa Menu "' '“ “"’ l°“"“°"”'“ °'““*"°” *""’ *“‘ * Cnvteln Jimmy Park b0I0¤I| use
and the proceeds are for the benem J°Y°° GWb°¤|. “L0¤8thY" 0'Nem. Bill 3 Student Orchutn wm give seven] * "“°d· Every °”" *“ “"K*’d “’ * honor of the victory. lt was he who
of me Kcnwcnam This yea, · mod Swope, Howell Spears, P. fl`. Atkins, entertaining numbom * meks ¤¤ °"°"t te be "'*“*`*’· and * kicked a perfect held foal ln the last
sum was realized, which makes a nestl uD°"" R°d“ u·· E· J· C“'°“· "D°°" The womum Club of the Umvep * mus BMW mn these dem"` * ¤¤¤¤el‘ with the score tied qlnuan
.... .... .................... md. *¤¤·>·· ···· *=~¤*·*  ***··**- ..., .... ......... wm. .... ¤......... ....» §f‘§,°§“" ‘”‘{,"’°‘“"’   ‘“‘°’°“‘ ‘“ §,.**¤*’ *°¤°·*·* **··= ·*··¤* ¤·=·• ¤¤··-
Frfday nlsht was ln ldeal nlght fora ·---·•-•--;- every anon wm be mma to mmuh °" w°' · I UWB NWT J¤¤¢ te mike thinsl safe.
dancing, being damp and unpleaaaag    G   the but of entertainment for an thou "' * ‘• "' ‘•' O * * ‘* "' * ‘•' "’ * * * *é The Wildcats were confronted with
Wlthmll. All Wl! Wlfmth   hl|)D|·         who ·u°¤d_ After the Amlteur Night     one °f me mwst tumi in ul! SON}
ness wlthln, however, as the works- ········ ponomlnce there win be l dmc, PUT OFF MEETING md °¤° which ¤¤¢W¢i|h•d than
da! students, transformed for the E"' c°"•I* N"! UQUN *° 1,*** given by the wcmun Club in mol twenty D0¤¤ds to the man. But the
time belng lnto "lords and ladies falr." cl"'. °' w"°°“ A“"’"' gymnuiuml The Stm"8". °m·n·m_. On account of the celebration over °m K°¤¤l0i'Y SDM! Wl! UI Millet
i notes of the saxophone trlo. 'n°·'.cT;EH°¤ GAM!.   which wm be Mm, up Bspocmly f°I.i17, the Patterson Literary soclagy UW cli! to will down a thfrtaen pong _
The programs for the dance were 'me °cc··i°n· ·postponed its rgeular meeting untll l“d nd °m°l'8€ Vi¢¢0¤’i0¤¤· »
• ln the form of tags with a large "K" The next to the last home game will The Suonu., wm uk, no vu-; |¤}VV6d¤9¤d8Y evening. October 21. Tm "'°*'k °Y the K¤¤¤l¢k! lit _
and the dances printed on them ln be played Saturday on Stoll Field, my of me competitive •"m·_ Much] -;- ‘h°w°d “P "°" ln uw UN! PWD!
blue. The chaperones were Miss Mary when the Wildcats line up against no principal, for the mw student., h r::°nl;m°¤ umn]., Ssctotysdx :0t wh°° amy had uw 'HDWU ““·$P‘
Louise Mlchot, Hrs. Tandy Hughes, Earlham College, of Indians. Last but also for an nommsmber, of me ° ruulu m°° ns ° r W vi buh ’°" d°W¤| ¤¤ 0\¤‘ \h!I!·!hrd
Professor and Mrs. A. C. Zembrcd and year the Grays came down and jumped! St,.O“°..,_ l mgm" O°t‘°b°r 17’ Nuns °° uw °"°d° un'? wd l¤ U18 l>¤|’!¤¤¢ D!'¤¤•¤tl0¤ they
Mrgf 0. J. Underwood. on the Cats for a fluke touchdown endl Sunlble prius wm be Owrod fo"   celebrated the Wildcat football nw ..Tm,key.. when he bmwd uma
-—·—· ·--**-1-- °· Held $***1 ul ’·h° mst q“°"°’ b°f°"°] the wlnner or winners ln each event.] They. ,.0 mm which wu intended We placement kicks over. .
PH]  A   the Blue warriors could imagine whatl and judging from the way an those for thabevgnm. wm be won at me The Reds scored early in the dnt
      was happening t0 lh0¤1· 1 who entered are working, c0mp0tltl0h‘ K, 8 quartet Minluipm kicked on nd
' V Imeetlng Saturday night, October 24. gmt; mtu, ed {
The whole student body, lncludlngiis ming to be very k“n_ Amateur, ¤ W¤¤¢Y yards. Three
l   ,
. The Kentucky Epsilon Chapter ol’·U10 Y»9¢m· ¢°¢°h°¤· subs and ‘°°°'·°"s•' Night ls serving a double purpose, for?       of our une plays mind and Put.
*' ` . m h •JU L T0 kick was blocked The Reds' b k
g Phl Delta Theta entertained with a ¤i¤°°'°'Y MW uml “° W ave “° in addltlon to furnishing two hours of;   Y M C A ‘ “ '
P. Q dance for their pledges, last saturday more parades on the fleld. In the entertainment for all mcse aueudmgll · · · · Held then tore down the nam to our
evenlng at the chapter house on South first rye llmes this Year the CMU lt will glve the Strollers an ldea of the; Judge Lyman Chalkley, of the law u"`°°`y°rd mm whew K°¤*¤°*Y IWW
Upper Street. About sixty people scored ¤\¤¥'¤ 90***** than in an ***9 ablllty of the new students, who wllpdepartment, will address the Y. M.,f°r d°w°°‘ Puts kick gm °¤ Ul
. were present and the good muslc was KMDGB l¤li Y€¤¤’ Dui tesehter. B¤i' prgbnbly bg aagaq to jon; nw c|ub,|C. A. Sunday night at 6 o'clock. The right UNB Uwe. but J¤·¢K¤0¤. the
_ danced to by nearly all present. The the Sky IB the limi!. 80 roll them UD- lbiifgring from ma gang;-an rule, there judge ls s splendid and forceful speak- Mississippi t“m’“°k· cardd me bin
2 dance was ably chaperoned by Judge Coach BP¤¥¤¤·K6 will l>¤‘0b¤b|>’ SWG wm bg two plays staged by me sgml. I er and will brlng an important mes-!°v°r in tw° "·'“i$m pla"-
1 Lyman Chalkley and Dr. and Mrs. J. il ¤¤mb€¤` of the S¢¤'¤b¤ ¤ ¢h¤·¤<‘e in mrs thjs ye,,,·_ one 0,- both at me Ben} sage to the young men. l The A· and M· b°Y“ °°°"°d ¤·8°·i¤ *¤
J. Tlgert. There were several out·of- this game to save the regulars for the All Theatre, and one to be taken on -—---.•*--..— uw °°°°¤d ¤¤¤·¥'¢6¤' when McArthur, he
town guests present, among whom (`ll\<‘|¤¤¤U Klmé. which fellows the l the mad_ making a may of A number     °f uw slippery Num hn on len Wm!
were Dan T. Mayhan and E. D. Blake, ldarlham game. Coupon No. 5 goodgof the www throughout Central Kem     S_ :;1;l(;0l';Y Yard; through the whole
both of whom are Vanderbilt men. 0¤ll' Y0? UNB K¤·m€- tucky_ —-—-— ci ¤6C0¤ ary defense, our men
TbSt•dFld,Otb 23,t .
Refreshments of lces, punch and cakesl ‘*"*‘°’  "" { The entrles for the dramatlc read- 0 ° *7 cy;‘h::M c o sr a throwing the Southeruers Stu,-dy hug.
were served.     |lng event include Mlsses Rucker, · back but Ming °°“bl° to mm him-
- ..__,.,..,.-..--- I       Powell, Stout, Holton, Gregor, Kavan· Thq Fnanmm roogban {ggm lg On ttms may Captain P"* mada as
EPSILON oMncA wms ·.—.... Y.M.(‘.Ar———.l1aaerected ...........*···=*·=··** ******6*-   ·—*· *·**·*·* *0 ·**‘·°* ***6 "**"*°" °' K;`L.§.ZYT`;;mZ8.ZZ°Z;`Z.°°;ZZ
scnomnsnlr cur ....... ..0....., .......   ........... .. ...... M 6·*** · *`"******· Dm ·**‘°‘"*·,°*··****·**· “*¤** S°’*°°'· “**’“’ ““°" ....... .... gm. 8.. ...
..... ,0.....   U,.   ...... .».. »·»...¤.. °’°‘"*°'- "°""'°‘°'· *’“*"°“’   *** 3 °°°‘°°"· °“ *“° “’““"“““ Af .,. Y ° °"`°°
’ * *w It h d h l d   ter t s the Cats came to llfe and
Epsilon Omega Chapter of Kappa Unlverslty can be reached throughl 0 ave www [ G contest n N u°ld‘ A"°°g°m°m° hm 8°°° m°d°Ia few moments [ner md th blu
UIUC IIIODOIOKUOI. Mlll HQIBD Burk- for round (rip nt ggvgnty-ljvg cgntg secu 9
Delta Sorority won the scholarship publlclty, by means of them. They] I ’ on downs on their tm
l holder hall GIIIGPGG for lhé Ch8.|"8.CI8!‘ provided g certain number ggcompnny Own nryard
cup given by the Womens Pan-Hel- have been placed as follows: At thel | line. Trlple passes double passes
‘ lenlc Asoclatlon to the sorority having entrance of the Agrlcultural building; som" ithe FN°hi“‘ This mmm wm be one nlm kicks forwud as d H u
_ Those entering the musical event or much lnterest and the Freshman ' D sum ° t °
the highest avenge for 1913-14. The ln from of the old dormltory, opposlte I straight football lnj ted ide
_ are: Soule and Company. Miss Helen * squad are ln good condition to put up °° H ° ° u°°
cup wlll be presented at the next the mall box; on the east slde of Mul- l t..D ..
H H 1 Nu H t _ e U me n th mu"? AIMW wd Chlrlel Her!. Messrs. G. ;l grand exhlbltlon ot football. pu umn Schndw °v°r mr ° °°“°h'
Pa':heea::rc I; ofnge sorcrltlss are· ss:] grief Z; th;scsm(pus Band at (" wuwn nd C` p' Nmmllou Us mel down Joy in me camp of me wud_
·· I l (_ i` b nd entries for buck and wing danclngl     °‘"‘ N° K"] w" ¤ck°d· l“"m¥ W9
h Kappa Delta, 91. the entrance to t 18 Iymnas um u — Ev"`- md com 'ul lags E 0n* ;y|·__ scum, A & M4 13. Ky, 6.
Kappa Kappa Gamma. 89. lim;. {act phy Q Q_ & C_ Nothing was doing ln the scoring
Alpha Gamma Delta. 88. These bulletin boards. the materlal M A   · n Saturday, October   une during me third quarter in which
Alvhn Xl ¤•1¤¤. 86- fer -‘¤¤¤··l¤ *~’¤~ *¤*¤*¤h*>¤ by the l’¤*· »·:mh»m, Clnclnnatl ru.-sue, nouns-l __ nom tems played an-mgm metwn.
Chl Omega, 82. verslty. are d|V|d6d mw m"*’*’ ”°"' vllle and Tennessee, ln order namedl Round Trlp, $1.60. But early ln the last quarter Paul Him
——-—-~·—•¢-———— u°““· The mn “*’“'·i°“ I" f°" *‘"° Three out of the llve are played. many -; grabbed a Mlsslsslppl forward pass
The Blue Grass Iaptlst Young P•e· nouncaments of chapel. The center pacing th, tum lt . gpg-1 quad. Traln leaves at 8:45 for Clnclnusll. out of the alr and throwlug hls head-
pl•'s Ccnvsntlen wlll be hsld In the sectlon ls for the Y. M. C. A. only. vmuga All umu who cm poumlr Return. at ·;.30_ gw,. away. ut out mn spade md
Flrst Iaptlst Church, Lsxlngtcml The right section ls donated for g•¤· accompany the team on thls trtpl _i made about llfteen yards before betng
ThU"“|Y• °°*°b•" ao- *.1* {G"! “'*’- should do so. ` 8P•¢|U ¤\\!' Y0? ¢6¤¤1· downed placlng the ball on the Reds'
. * -

2 T H E I D E A _ . .   l
Symphonic Orchestra Exclusive Mutual and Universal Program of Moving Pictures (io Where thc G0’s Go. , ’
Mc At Admission l0c '
FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY APPOINTMENT J. H. STAMPER, Jr., Owner and Manager. OPEN 10 A, M, iq 11 P, M, _
incni; hw uml llnc Schradcr pnllccl I‘•·rimls I·`il`t•>cn mimntcs, Scorc hy •—x|»r··>s•·s n syrnnniliy und cxnhs·runcc I-M. "N,m'"_|._h.I)' _I.—tl_r mwmg pmsmw B
tlown ;nn¤»1h··r luna pass from |‘urk |’<-rloels Kcntucky tr, 6, il, Ill lll; .·\. that always "u•·ts ovcr tho footlluhis" ML hl_'—m.__ HW _.m,h_U,_ dn uvwmahle
A D A M   D E """ "‘""" ""` """‘Y‘"‘*‘“""· ""‘*‘ ““"* & M °*· 7· "· "· W- ""**¤¤*‘l¤<¥<>“‘¤¤¤ Wn *|¤•· ¤·>¤¤|~ nf his »¤uular musical trcut cvcr nffcrcd to ,,,.mh,,,. EI, wh" l
¤l·»wn '|`h•· crowd was br¢·ntl1|v:2“$·Q;;;;; Iylribjli , ,,,.].,.,1, ;.;‘.,,ms__M|rmm Horhmr a (W
l`G\l]l|llll}.{ lvm Elllf I3 _' PHC ....—..... cnwc ., . s, ~. . . R, . ~     _ , ‘_,,
nwir ¤n·»·~n-yam nm·. wml] nm   "' * * * * * + * * * + + + + + ·|· 4- ,0 ,3.,,, W,]. mm,,_". m Smd‘_mS' 2.. ` ""‘ *%"*""’l*£•*"‘E #'“**'*~ • • ml
Undlf EDUNIY WGW Ml¤¤Q¢m¢N Park`s Hrst attempt at Il fi¤ld x:oal.+         + ccnts loss. Special ratcs in parties oft   and ct act   th
‘ went wrong and A. & M. secured thc l+ + * + + * * + + * * + + + + + + thirty. »  our adgertisegs
· V ball. MrArthur puntcd but the grease? __8EpTé;E`é;—;“ORN ,, U ._.. _ ..,._.__ __,, .. · Of
( must limo not hccn ruhbvd off his: ________ I       lm
shoes and thc hall went out of boundsx Miss "Svptcmb0r Mom" now bobs           » N
V   on tl1et'0rty·yard linc. Park and Hitvinp as a musical comedy with Leo Yusuf H`lSSgmj;;;l;)tP(l1."rk' uml; M   1 ml
.4 cnrricd thc hall ln two tries to theiilreenwood as the star. It is offered Dr. H4 PA Rouen uw pm.S1(_m“ “,N_M_i ` m'
|• ir (\\'<‘Il[}'-SP\'9ll—)'1l!`d line directly Inj by Rowland and (`lil‘ford‘s big musical` IW, wm UWM Monday night, ()(_mhH_ ‘
`/ lim"; of inn goal, llere Park called   comedy (‘0¥¥\Il8¤)'. which l¤*‘“ld€$ l·°°` 2,;_ at th,. nm, All Thgu;pr_ in what`   “
V / mr unothcr plucc kick; und. wltltilreenwood, Ollie (Tarew, Uurbural Dmmisps to hp mp most S(_k_mm(_’   4 ·
\ Scott holding thc bull and hls other; Douglas, ltobcrt Thurston, (Ylmrles S.i M_(_Hm"¤ hom (Wpr ..puH9d.. in UW] -’%» · A
} · V- nine teammates holding out thc ene·—l Morgan, Harry U. Jones, Uarltonl mguml   A 7 " l
_` L my, placcd tlienplgsktn nvvr the bar, Meeker, Georgia Ellen, assisted by the; Holler has bw" hwg www] times';   N
I \ placing thc \\lIdcats ln the- lead. most attractive lot of girls that wer<·i“,h(__m his wrpsmnn \,i(_mrh_S haw  
' Scorer Ky. 16, A. & M. 13. Pwr gutlivmd together ln one 00111-1 made mhlpup mstonx Hussam! is rw V
Not being satisfied yet the Fats puny, » _ _ CLUETT P`EABO¤Y&c°'T@N`!
M lF.8.I`d9d as the hardest nut Roller has  
further beat up their opponents. The production from a scenic and  mt had to (Truck' if mdwd hp is able   W
Three minutes after the first field goal   costuming standpoint is beautiful. A I to (_m(_k it at an de
was made, Park called for another one   big dancing number, embracing The bout wm be me best ulhmuud DR. J. D.   tu
from the f0rty·tw0-yard line and well g various styles of the famous Tango athletic bam? ever Seen hera EYE, EAR, NOSE gud THRQAT
to the sldc of the field. Again thc llnv oifers spicy moments of amusement I # SPECMLIST Sh
held and again Park kicked the goal. and good wholesome entertainment.     Gunn Ground t° Ord"' W
The quarter ended with the ball on Other entirelv new dance ensembles] Mccmland Buudfngo gf
- I BUSINESS SESS[()N cmu Phone 9s2-x Residence 7ss-x
$HSSi$8llJlWS U\i¥`Y>’·Yll'€‘·l’¤¥‘d line lll are introduced for thc first time in; ._. ·—   · »— A - r—~— -—--   ——-— -——
th·~ir possession.   this country, among the lot thv Shnrk·; m‘H°S"Dm““ I’m"`“"y Sodcty mei 8
. vs .| Iivcry \\’ildt-ut [hut uni hun iln·lgwj,\], (HIL which is now lh,. mm. in October Nth, 1914. An lI.lll€lll1H\(’Il[[U`W• S,   • I Tl
‘· {R;. _ gain.- cowrcu himself with glory. <>rl1.mm¤¤, EllS|¤¤d· imo wmmmuou uml by-laws www! The Sanitary Grocer St
@R·B}ilia•&•h course credit must be given to Park,1 Miss Curgw is culled "The Ameri- { D¥`€¤€¤i€d and ¤<'<`€D'·€d- A€€0¥`dl¤l~1j tp
` Schrade-r. Hite, Scott and Tuttle for] uu (muy Desleysf and besides being! tv the new "0“Sut“u0" an women St“‘i · Phone   nl
the offensive work that won the gamsai u clever limes actress and singer is dams in the UmV**"SiU' UB eligible c°r' S' L°m°"°"° and Virgina Av°’ H
    llulley, Downing uml l’etrle probably  Semi in dances now the rage in Paris.    
~ll¥`<* l>F0¤¤i¤1¢’!1U}’ lil the? The attraction comes from thc Lu _ W
line than tho othcrs. Petrie played al Salle Opera House, Chicago, where it     I     ,m
Especially     great ganw against his 193-pound op-! i·pt·uiq·d u Sensation und in among the To gl
  Our Styles Way above nonvnt, Sgurlock, untillhe was l;u;‘t inl ‘ ;iSalle‘s, biggest Successes, L _  
~‘· > cnn quuricr an remove rom "Sepu»iube=r )lm·n" comes to thc llcn   D g C p y Y
{112 AVCYAQS · · • · · · iw 5_um__A Mi Th(_uu_P Friday and Sumrduy mm           I
Z·`#¤*‘ thc linlltlons, .\ll‘Al‘l}ll.II`. Ju¢‘k·` Smnrtlay niatlncc, October 23-24. __.,__A___ ___, ___,V_______ ’ M
~‘·•; mul liilnhull :t;u‘rcd ulthough lt   ao. _ __   *· · “
V A i>- ·i·»uhtlnl il thc) would liuvc tnadc JOHN MCCORMKJK WILL SING AT * W
    —n lily, un iniprcssion ln our defense WOODLAND PARK AUDITOR- ` ' W
illilll lh··)' lull bvvll y,!`r·uSf*d YTUIH [liv lUM• OCTOBER 24. G. Cl   &     fil
Hats, lwuist down to nroxciilt `ta··rS “·~=m¤¤¤. =¤·==~·*<* ¤·¤·¤¤* “·~r·· tt».m.~, ini.) is to make his nm itpiiettw SPORTING GOODS AND HARD »VARE ; _
t‘"""`d to r""““‘“ H‘“'“· ancc in lmxington, October 24, wheni     and Gymnasium Supljncs _
, ` , 'l`h+» snnnnnryt he gives the tirst of The Studio Club! _ _ I l
F¤Y¤i~hi¤g$ »-;.—H·m-tl A at s. (-0,. .... rt series is .l.,.,i,n..n nw nn" Bicycles and Repanrs, Pennants and Posters, g ,
N R d Z¤·¤‘!`¢>S* . M ..   . M ‘}udd\‘ known <·onc•~·rl slngcr uf the |»t‘<~·=+¤*llt§l     Tackle I i . ··: `*
OW C3 nm mm. day_ A. I _ _ _ _ ‘ 1 ·
Y *`¤`l¤i¤‘h•‘F -·--·   |’¤>¥¥*’F The udnllrution in which he is hold i spec.-] Pnuu on GY"“‘“‘“'“_. EqmPment’ Eutmln Kodlky J . l g
° — 4- ····r· lwft '|`ackl•·. `hy the public amounts to an inosltivv   md sapphct T°y·° l
I ·-imc       .. . ( uriwntcr ` iurorasg hp is actually be~sl¤·;t:¤~d with . I46-I48 WEST MAIN ST. LEXINGTON, KY. F [
    · LMI (·l¤lU'd. ' l\Y[•‘llIl()llS und cxpressions ot admirw `
’ |`4¤¤l·‘l »·-» - .»-·----·-- \\**U>l tion. llut such a great artist is hc
*`·*¤1l€¤‘- that hc gocs unconsciously singing on   ’  
&   l*O\l'¥\UlR —· V ·»---·----. Sl)\|!`lO¤'k%his \\‘;·i)_ singing [hp sung;-; all l()\*•_»_  
lumummlml IULUIY (}\l¤¥`d» 'thc songs of liomc and (‘hlldI\(N)tl, of   &   .
'l`}l*¤|¥¤l>>**m ·» —- - - --~- ~ “¤l|\*‘)' youth and hopc, of maturity and con- ·
The Collggc Fellows!   p Right 'l`a.¢rk|•· tcniplauion, or old agc and retrospew-
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136 WEST M_M.N STREET mgm HKU- must lnouyunt ballads, with ull the  
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dark black cotyledon and purpllsll lll(‘llH.l`(lB, ll. ll. Elliott, (X lt. Taylor
—‘ r r t or M stems, whlle navy beans have white and Il. Mahoney, who attt~nll•·rl the  
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