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A Publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization Volume 33 Number 12
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llll Hill‘s. r ~ «we 5:
The Osprey faces the Atlantic Ocean with a salt
water”creek”and fishing dock in the back. This
is the first time that the entire house has been
Accommodates up to 20 people
Eight Bedrooms
Five Queen beds, Five Double, Six Single
Be the first person to bring a check to
the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave. (# 859 253-3233)
Call Mary Crone for information
or to deliver a check.. 859 266-5904
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 Domestic Violence in Baker by email: sbaker@bcc.org or
. Gay, Lesbian, and. phone: 859-276-4457 X237.
Bisexual Relationships GSA Gifts
_ By Mary Crone, Contributor
Domestic violence in the GLBT com-
munity '5 a serious issue. The rates Working with the youth that come to
of domestic violence In same-gender our Gay Straight Alliance for Youth feels
relationships '5 roughly the same as like a gift to those of us who are advis-
domestic violence against heterosexu- ers. We get to be with people who are
al women (25°/0)- A5 I" opposite-gen- asking questions about who they are
dered couples, the problem Is likely and who they want to be. They are
underreported. thinking about their values, there are
. I . excited about their future, and they are
FaCan a system YVthh '5 often OP' learning to stand up for what they be-
presswe and hostile, those involved “eyeI And we laugh a lot.
in same-gender battering frequently
report being afraid Of revealing their I know that our community worries
sexual orientation or the nature 0f about teens being bullied, about the
theiryrelationship. Others who do "0t possibility that they will be ostracized
ldentlfY as GLBT may not feel that by their church or family, and about the
their relationship fits the definition bUt potential for suicide. It is good that
may Stl” .be In an abu5lve and danger— more caring adults are paying attention
OUS relationship. to these possibilities.
In many ways, domestic violence. in But, I want you to know that young
lesbian, bisexualand gay relationships people are also joyful, funnyI smart,
IS the same as ln oppo-Site-gendered creative and dedicated to changing the
(ezg-I heterosexually—paired) relation- world. They are reaching out to each
ShlPSi other and overcoming us and them
NO one deserves to be If you want to support youth and help
abused. . us expand our youth programing,
Abuse can be PhYSlcali sex— please donate to GLSO so we can con—
ual, emotional, psychological, and 'n' tinue to use the Pride Center. We have
volve verbal behaVIor used to coerce, started a once a month Teen Fun Night
threaten or humiliate. I I and have gotten a great response.
. Abuse often occurs In a CYCh' In addition, if you want to give a more
cal fashion. I personal gift, here are some books
_ The purpose 0f the abuse '5 available on Amazon that we would like
to maintain control and power over to have in our teen library.
one's partner. GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay,
_ The abused partner. feels Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and
alone, isolated and afraid, and is usu— Questioning Teens by Kelly Huegel;
ally convinced that the abuse is some- It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcom-
how her or his fault, or could have ing Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth
been av0ided if she or he knew what Living by Dan Savage
to do- Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for
You are not alone! Teens by Kathy Belge
I I . Helping Your Transgender Teen: A
The .Brenda Cowan Coalition Will be Guide for Parents by In/vin Krieger
prowdlng a domestic Violence support Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to
group to member s_of the GLBT com- Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other
munIty-Thls IsI prowded free of charge Outlaws by Kate Bornstein and Sara
and confidential. Support group will Quin
start meeting In January. For more Thanks to all of you that have support-
Information please contact Samara ed US over the years.

 Th GLR '
e 50 fiii‘iww WWW.
The Imperial Court of Kentucky
impclky@aol.(‘om \wa.ImpcrialCour1KcrlIucky.0rg
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C 551 FIE D Pride Center.
ADS Roommate Wanted
$475.00 a month, £300.00
down. Seeking a N/ , N/D,
. Volunteer N/D single female lesbian or
Librarian eeded straight, or gay male. Good
_ , _ neig borhoo , about 20 min
The GLSO Pride Center is_in away from U.K. Must have a
search of someone familiar steady job background check
and has experience With the and reliable references. Call
Dewey DeCImal System in Ii- 859-253-3233.
braries. All of the necessary
eqUipment is available. bu LGB Igealth Study
{ust needs someone Willing urvey
o donate some time and ta -
ent to catalog some new ad- Be part of an important
ditions to our library. Please study of lesbian gay and bi—
contact the Pride Center for sexual health. Go to https://
more information. www.surveymonke_y.com/s/
LGBhealth to participate and
be registered to wm a $100
Canopy Tent for Sale gift card to Amazon. You
must complete the survey
A screened tent for camp- _by February 15, 2012 and