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81mm! roman 11:1. [11ng 11/85.
"Al. "Al ($111.1. 111*1111'1lzz'ltl1.11411111111111‘1'
quarterback '17111 (jolly/1. til/(1' (1'111'1'1‘11111'3'

(fupfi'am (.311‘1/1'1111/i‘. See Spurn. pilgt' )

‘He had a million lriends'




BEMEMBRINCE FINN/[v 1111711111731 fi‘i'lrernirv [trot/117‘s ilmlfi‘trmli oft/11111 rim/e11! (.‘ltrixfn/ilu‘r .lliuer 111111111 ltiifin/rial]yttrli'riliiv 111 .\111'/./1 (.'.111/1111. “/1111.

Police seam/7
for clues in

killing, mpe

By Brian Dunn
. bit/.1111”! .\'1'::’i [ail/Mr

(lhad (ioetl sat in his living room watching televi—
sion at about 31 in the morning liriday when he saw a
figure stumble throtigh the front yard.

lle thotight it was a friend.

The from door flew open and a young woman. her
head covered in blood. fell through the door and into
(ioet7‘ arms.

“l le beat me." she said. “They raped me.

“My fricitd is still out there."

(iUL‘tl. an agriculture business senior, gently laid
the 20—year—old L'K sophomore on the couch and
called 911. The tiiite was - 4:8 a. m.

(ioet7 said H policet ars quicle arriVed on the
scene when piilice discoVered the body of ( hristo-
pher \laier. 150 Vards from (ioet7. hotise near

train tracks thiit rtm in from of l.dison .-\venue off

Roseinont (iat‘den.

He was killed. apparently by a blunt object such as
a board. according to police reports.

Police said they‘re searching for one llispanic
tiiale in his late 20s with a tnustache. medium height
and medium btiild The suspect has a Hispanic
accent police saV btit speaksl tiglish well

“\\ e re still locating and working at the scene.
said Lexington Police Sgt. .\lark Barnard.

(ioet‘z said the woman was disoriented. swollen
and stiff.

"She coiiltltrt move her neck.“ he said. “She
couldn't even lift the water (he'd brought her)
because she was so sore and heat so badly."

BL‘L ause he feared she would pass out (ioet7. said
he tried to keep her awake in asking her tpiestions.
which is how he found out her name and found otit
she and Maier were coming from a party in the area.
possibly on Suburban (Iotirt.

The woman said she never lost consciousness.
Coetz said, though he said the left side of her head
above her temple was cut.

According to the police report. she also was
stabbed in the neck.

Maier was found dead in the weeds approximately
IO feet off the train tracks adjacent to (iTli on Rose-
mont Garden attd l'idison Avenue. The weeds have
since been matted down. btit a small pool of blood
about a foot in diameter still remained Friday.

As (men. was showing where the woman had sat
on the couch. he noticed through his living room
window a woman walking alone along the train
tracks. lle immediatelV became furious with Concern
about people walking alone or at all along the train
tracks. which manV consider a means of transporta-
tion or a short cut.

The woman. who wished to remain anonymous.
said she didn't know she had just walked through a

See DEATH on 4




‘88"88'888' crime Ill]! tar ll‘fllll campus




attacked Authorities arrived at this
on way location near the GTE plant at
home 2:48 a.m. Friday, when my


ioiliil Christopher Meier's body
lying near the railroad tracks.
' The other victim walked about
150 yards to a nearby house

for halo.












Bret/Jet‘s remember

He and his fraternity haVe lost
a friend _. a brother —— to inur»

.v\nd he. as Phi Psi president.
has become the rock of the fraterv
min. the one who handles the
media He has not let emotion get
to him for the good of his friends.

By Brian Dunn

. lXVLVNHII .\1':1“\' l’itllfill‘

Below a small black wreath
hanging on the Phi Kappa Psi fra—
teriiity house. Adam Davis sits.
head down. cap pulled over his
eyes. on a sturdy park bench.

8M Muan Krmr/ 1‘1qu

[06M ”0 Chad (1‘0?qu .i‘iti' near the rmin "mks u'berr ibe murder. rape
occurred. (ion: helped keep one oft/1e t'i'i'mm' mmi‘iour imril ENS arrived.

‘I I




l)a\ is first met Christopher
\laier. who was murdered early
l‘rid. i\ morning w hen the two
were Phi Psi pledges dining the
fill sctnestet of l‘W‘.

“He was a great guy.‘ l).i\is
says as he looks from underneath
the bill of his hat. “l le had a mil—
lion friends."

;\nd now. l).i\is sits iii front of
the Plti Psi house almost as a
guard protecting his brothers
from the outer world.

The wreath blackens

“It's been somber of late." he
says. “But there's still been some
laughter going on."

He leans over to rel.i\' his
elbows on his knees and looks tip.
“\\Vc‘ve tried to keep things
upbeat." he says. “But you cannot
expect something like this."

\ day later. Davis .iiid most of
his 40 brothers file slowly up the
If) steps leading to St. Paul's
(Iatholic (illllrclt in North (Ian-
ton. Ohio. The statue of St. Paul
sits high on the church atid looks
down on the mourning crowd.

A calm bree7e eases through
the baby blue sky. and American
flags. found on each street lamp.
flicker as the brothers ioin others.

The crowd collectively looks
down to the clean brick-paved
sidewalk. and the church sturdilV'
rises above the streets of North


The noon bomb siren sounds.
Then. back at the Phi Psi

house the day earlier. the wreath
sways as the door opened. Phi Psi

See PHI PSI 011 4











o f,(llll’.1l« 4 \/:..;]1 2
Z ’1’./1~.'11,1111 l.1../1 11.?! 10
”/1111. 11 6


A whimsical
sh'oll inside
The Cat Zone

darkliaired man itt .i blatk siiit w.i\cd ioi lllt'
to lower tlt_\ \\Illtltl\\ .il llic llllkl\t,‘t'1l(‘ll 1d
(Loopei How and l.llc'\ (.rtck Ilc intro
sunglasses to addi ess me.
“Submitted fot your .ippioVal ll.ll \lninnieK
|)i\isionl1lcbut.”hcs.iid.“l.'l\ i8.loins\ill1'24
'l he man told .in tinbelitiabh stoi'V about ‘1"
yards of total offense and iitiartcrbat k -l tin (loin h
throwing fot Wh’
yards. ()ii .llttl on he talked about
the swift nith-incnts of the offense
.iiid the lltllflx hitting dclcnsc.

.l \t'll1i1ll»l'e‘ttil'1l

llc saiill it shut out tlit-( .iidl
n.ils fot .ilinost hill and held .
’l U lead after one quarter



\tt‘ltttn ll1ll ll't‘ ll.ill'lll‘1l
ltitilla took notttt 11! l l\ ltitttlttll

Aaron .ilt1l(.1itltli llt\.l11l lltt‘ \\ll1lt.ll\
SIIIUBI‘IOI'II were so inipicssch ill their doinn
\1'""\ n iiion of l otttsitllt tli it thtV Not .I
(«i/11111111.; \ote in the l\\ lodii l\l’\

V (ioatlics‘ Poll.
\\hcn l st it’tid li'!‘_‘l‘|lti‘. b1-

shot .i starc that could picri t tht soul
'lhis is no laughing inattt bc s.lltl
\ltttosttotaldtlkncsstlotiiltdout11b tittlftil
kt-titiitkt day W l 1oiild scc \\t‘l; tht slats oi tlit
liatkgtound. and the quiet was bioktii l“.
familiar theme music
llie man was lllllllllll.llt'1l by .i \tiiillltllll tliit
appened out ofnowhciI,
llt"~.ll1l. "\\'1‘lt1itiit‘t1i tlit‘

\lltl lit' \\.ls L'Hllf'.


lwiliulit /v-n1

Sunlight returned inst 1ls l inidi i 1.11. '1 ...
\\'.iit .i mnnttc. this tan't licl l\

The shoit ttip down ll.il \linnnit l).ls“ lo
(.oinnioiiwealth Stadium looked .iii .iwf‘il 11~t hi1

(:oopct‘ l)tth. but something \\.is iliffcitnt

I didn‘t rccognt/t the two pirLine sitiiciitrts
where l\ lot used to be tnl l lidii‘t icl‘ltjl'llltt
(1.i1 inionwe1 ilth be ing 1pntc so big \.i.\1b.isl.tt
ball .iiena almost secined dw nhd bV the in. issiie
sttuttuic. so does .i ntw football doiiii
ttitky ll.ill.

il ltct‘e \\ as a litigc sign on the \l1ltlllllll citt lostnc
that read. “\\ cltonic to l\t‘lll'1ltl\\. ll(illlt of tlic
\\'il1lt1its." Pint behind the l‘11'\\ nimbotzoi‘. tw il\

l\( it

right. it said. "Howl appearantt-s' l‘li‘. 111‘1.
lust [UR-L 11111:.1111ixd111111"
\otitli (ainpiis looked so alnc for .i ltidiV

afternoon. It looked like the entire ft'cshinaii 1 l.l\\
\\.l\ .H \t'dttilt l‘ilcl1l hit some s1il‘l 1il p111 t.lll‘1
lhcrc must ll.l\L' been thousands of them

\ l lj' \llst swiiosll till [lit bick Ill lltttt \\\L. it
shiits w. is topped bV I brown oblong bill and the
new l l\ logo. lltt front of their shirt ic id lll\t
to stoic. .. The group be hitdll l
around i [now it headed lll iii we iiing ibluc \isot

lhc l. \tillll” l ibt ir\ \\ .is bustling with
activity. \\ huge white binntt that sud lloiid.i
who?" dangled from the onhang. \\oodl.ind
\\ cintc looked like it w .is preparing for w .ll'. 5m 1‘1

.\t't'sANDERFORD 11113

stcnicd to


charges SAE
with hazing

By Mat Herron

(film/rut [21117111

\ sociil fi itttnitV in the process of built ling the
Southe ist s litgest (iteck house could now l.i(L

Dean of Students l).iVid Stockhani said on l‘l'l-
day that the administration “had stiffiticnt infor
tnation" to charge the Sigma \lpha l- psilon fratei
nity with ha/ing pledges last May .it .tii (iil'tkllllplh

lht fr itetnitV has been given about two to
three weeks to respond to the chatges. .\s of l iiday
.iftttnoon. the dtan s office had ieceiV ed no
response from the chapter. Stockhani said.

x\fter repeated phone calls. .8 \l“, fraternity offi-
cers could not be reached for comment. \lembers
will meet with administration either today or
toiiioi"t'o\V. Stockhatn said.

“\Ve think that there is sufficient information;
theV haVcn i had .i thance to respond in .iieason-
able amount of time said Stockhaiii. who siid
he did not know how many pledges had been

l.c\lttgton and CK police arrived at the scene
where the alleged haling took place. but reports
could not be obtained.

.\lthough the incident in question occurred
almost four months ago officials at the dean s
office said they waited this long because they had

811' HAZING on 4



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Wildcats surge
to tourney title

By Jay 8. Tate

.S/wi'ri lull/aw

\ftcr ()5 wins at the .\'(::\.-\
Division 1 1c\ e1. 1".astern Kentucky
volleyball coach (iL'I'l 1’olvino coin—
niands respect.

\nd when Dr.
people listcn.

"1 think this is one of the best
L 1\ teams 1 has c c\ er sccn." PHIVT‘
no said after losing to thc (Iats Sat»
urday night. if. "They are able to
transition otit of trouble and they
haic so many options. They tiscd
to have .1 good middle. but now
thcy lt.i\c a good middle and :1
good outside. which makes it very
hard to defend."

It‘s a big statement considering
the teams L 1\ ficldctl iii 1957'.
which ad\anced to the 13mal hour.
and In 11]“ early l‘Nlls. which made
consistcnt \(I \ \ tourney appear
ances. '1 his year’s squad began the
scason i-ll by defeating 1“1\ILV.
.\lorchc.id State and \\'estern ls'cn'
tricky during this weekend‘s lien;
tricky .Statc (:hallcngc.

l’oh iiio iiotcd tlic teams mental
toughness and ties intriguing
blend of setters ttiay lead them to
high lc\cls of success in the upcom-

1’olt llto [3116.

mg Southeastern (Ionfcrcntc sem

"Their scllct‘s make such good

decisions." l’ol\mo said " \ lot of

times. kids gaitgc how good .: scttci
is by tlic liall they set.1iitt both sets
tcrs make such c\t cllcnt dci isions."

(lite of thosc benefiting front
this weekend‘s insightful setting
decisions was hitter
1.a'1’anya \Velili. The tumor froiti
Southficld. .\licli.. tirade the (lats‘
1cll slilt' .l Ll)\\L'1i(llrlL'l‘lif11I lot L l\
focs throughout the w cckcnd. llll-r
ting .illl with Si kills.

\\'cbli's [Tijl‘lilllillldlik'k‘L'.11‘11L‘(l hcr
both totii'naiticnt \1\'1’ honors and
the undispiitctl confidence of her



‘Barl' Bats
averting net

By Rob Herhst

\‘Il’I/T‘ [all/I‘ll

It tool. only a pair of 3-11 losses this weekend for his
women‘s soct‘ci‘ coach \\';irrcn 1.ipk.i to admit some—


“\\ c‘re a bad team." lapka said. “Not only are we
backfield but also in the lllliltllt‘ and also in the front.

\\ L'TL consistently had at 1t'.l\l.“

(in l’riday night. the \Vildcats opciicd tip the season


"It‘s awesome to know that 1 can
give her the hall and she's going to
put it down every time," L'K setter
Terri (:rflhl) said.

“l5very time 1 give her the ball. 1
expect her to put it down, actually.”

\\'ebli solidified her MVP status
with a torrential fifth-game perfor-
mance against liKL'. \\'ith the
game on the line. the (Eats set their
powerful outside hitter.

:\nd she blew the Colonels
away. Again. And again. And again.

“Like it says in the tnedia guide
1 know I‘m the go—to player and I
knew they were coming to me and I
knew it was my job to put it on the
floor.“ \Vclili said.

"1 knew the team was depending
on me. so 1 just came out and let

The late-match heroics
impressed even her coach. who
maintained during the preseason
that \\'ehb would blossotn into an
.\11~Sl7.( L-calibcr player.

“There was no doubt in my
mind that once she got up there,
she would take care of business."
1"l‘ory said.

“'1 onight‘s match showed me
that w e’ic botight into otir system.
we believe in ourselves and each
other and that regardless ofthe cir-
cumstance. we come otit and we
feel like w c are going to win."

i111.” new found ability to win
came into locus Friday tiiglit with
L k\ season opener against More—
ltt‘atl Sialc.

\ftet‘ winning the first game eas—
ily. L'K found itself down 5—13 in
the second game and on the verge
of a catastrophic collapse.

lint the (Iats regroiiped and
caught fire piecing together an
11—1 rally and capturing the second
game 1(»~H.

\ftcr the rally. it was all Big

"Defense is what got its tip 13-5



MATT BARTON [\i'i’nc/ staff

“TENSE ()ufi'idc bitter [\i’lflt‘ Brennan goci‘fbr ii kill against .1 [orchard
.Smtc Friday evening. The .v'riplummi‘cfinished unit I 3 lei/ls undfnm' Mocks.

and defense lost it for us — we fell
apart defensively." .\lSL~ coach
Tracy Bevclhimer said. “\\'e knew
there were only two points left to
score and then we relaxed and L'K

(inc of those players contriliutv
ing to the [K wonder—rally was
middle blockerjaclyn lloman. The
all-tournament selection finished
the .\1orehcad State match with 14
kills. 11 digs and five blocks. but






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by licing defeated but not dominated by \o H(:1L‘lllstin.
\ltct' tlic match. 1.ipka said. "( )luiously. l'm disappoint—
cd with the loss, \oii can't be happy with a loss. But was
it siiliic\\ll.il expected? \cah. (Ilcinson‘s a traditional
pow er and w c‘rc a \‘cn young team."

\onng is an unilci‘stateiiicnt as more than lialfof Llel‘s
l‘ti\iL1 arc frcsluitcn or rcdshirt frcsliincn.

\\ liilc the (..its ptit tip .i solid effort on 1‘il'ltl‘.l_\'. L‘K's
loss to \1icliigan on Sunday had 1.1pka irritated. 1.1kc
L'ls. the \Volycrincs arc .t borderline Top 3‘ team btit
tlic \\ ildcats could muster only three shots compared to
\1ichigan's nmc opportunities.

"1 iust don’t like to lose. 1 don‘t like bad pcrlorv
inanccs." 1.1pl.a said. “1 thought w c gay c up at a certain

point of tlti gamc. l‘d ratlicr go out and lcax c ct cry hit of

skin and effort on the field and lose rather than go out
and ltist the vs at we did today

'1 he \Viltlcxits offensive attack on Sunday disap-
pcarcil alter the first Ill minutes oftlic game. It seemed as
ifl 1\ took tht lead at the eight minute mark ofthe game
when L 1\ ill taptain \1ison Rooney took advantage of a
cornerkick .iiid blasted the shot past .\1ichigan goalkeeper

lliit .i disputed offsitlcs call negated the goal and thc
\\I1dc;its' would 1i.i\ e no better chance to score.


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5‘" HAVERSTICK [\i I‘lll’f trilff

THE UMMPOTENT 8W008I| ( 'Kfiii'em'dji‘imr'fcr

.\ Ic.\ luster tries to £17 mmc ()fli'nrc goingfbi‘ the Cats.

"There were 10 people in the box and 1 didn‘t think 1
was offsides," Rooney said. “A goal early on in the game
can really set the tone."

l.ipka added. “That could have been a big turning
point for us. But to be able to score and then get it called
back should at least give you sortie incentive to continue
the attack and to continue the upbeat pace and style. But
we didn't."

The game remained scoreless until Michigan's Amber
Beremlow'sky scored at 54:33. Less than two minutes
1atcr.jessica Limauro‘s counterattack beat UK goalkeep-
er (larrie Kuhnell to virtually end any hope of a [K win.

“\Ve'vc got a lot of individual skill. but we just need to
start putting those skills together." said senior forward
Kim Labelle after Friday's loss. “\Ve're a very young
team so it will take sometime. But when we do. we‘ll be a
heck of a team."

still found room for improvement.

“This is what we want. hiit have
to start connecting better." lloman

“1 know 1 can connect with
them. l-‘or the first two weeks ofthe
preseason. the balls were going

“It's hard for them — we all
have a different place we want the
set -— but tintil that gets better. we
won‘t be at our best."

Men lose in I(.(:.

The [K men‘s soccer team
will take on intrastate rival
\Vestcrn Kentucky in its home
opener tonight at 7:30. The
\Vildcats can only hope for bet—
tcr luck than they had over the

Saturday. the team lost to
.\lisstiiiri-K;ttts;is City 3—1
despite managing 17 shots on
goal. L'ls' head coach Ian (lollins
said the team hit the crossbar six
times and also missed numerous
shots from close range.

“That is the most lopsided
affair 1'vc ever been involved
with as a coach or a player."
Collins said. “\Vc dominated
every aspect of the game. we just
couldn't put the ball in the net.

The Cats hope to right them—
selves tonight against \VKL' at
the L'K Soccer Complex.

“1t creates. usually. some
attacking, hard-played. competi-
tive games," (Iollinsa said.

L'K won 2-0 last year at
\Vestern. and leads the series 3-
1. The llilltoppcrs were 4—15
last year. but are 1-0 this season.
after beating Valparaiso. 1-0.

The team will be looking for
its first win in the new stadium.
L‘K played three games in the
complex last season, but went
winlcss against Indiana. Eastern
.\1ichigan and Vanderbilt.

a7!” [fl-win




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.t- -wa.








m MANY votes did UK receive in the lat-

est USA Edgy/ESPN college football p011?


C our/y


By Price Atkinson

Senior Smfl' H 'riter

Saturday’s UK-Louisville
matchup resembled a first-grade
show-and-tell, one where everyone
got a turn.

The telling was a “’ildcat tale, a
final score: UK 38, U of L 24 —
the most points scored by UK
since a 38-14 romp of Kent State
to open the 1988 season.

And though not a fairy tale, it
was almost a picture perfect sce-
nario for new UK head coach Hal
Mumme and the rejuvenated
\Vildcat football team.

“Actually what I envisioned was
they didn't score as much, but I‘ll
take it," said a victorious Mumiiie
afterward, sporting a victory lei
assistant Mike Fanoga's family
brou ht from Samoa.

T e show displayed by the new—
Iook Cats to Commonwealth Sta—
diuni‘s second—largest crowd of
59.186, was more than the 500th
win in school history.

Starting L'K quarterback Tim
Couch went first.

ln the first quarter, UK jumped
on top of the Cards 21-0 behind
Couch's three touchdown passes
on three straight possessions.
Lance Mickelsonuliininy Robinson
and Anthony \Vhite caught their
first career touchdown passes in a
UK uniform. The 31-point open-
ing period tied the school record
for most points scored by CK iii
the first quarter.

Couch, named the Southeastern
Conference Offensive Player of
the \Veek. finished the contest
with an impressive stat line: 36 of
50 passing for 398 yards and four
touchdowns with one interception.
Couch's numbers for completions
and passing yardage set school
records, breaking Bill Ransdell (30
completions) and Rick Norton’s
(373 yards) old UK marks.

“It's the best first game I've ever
had out of a quarterback,“ Mumme
said. “l le's really a tremendous

Couch said Muiiime's passing
offense was fun and rekindled
some familiar feelings.

“I had a great time." Couch
said. “l felt like a little kid in my
backyard with my buddies just
throwin the ball around. It felt
good to fie out there."

The sophomore was also natned
CNN/SI College Football Player of
the Week for his offensive output.

The output of the UK defense
was just as big. Big as in forcing
four Louisville turnovers.

At the 7:25 mark of the second

uarter, with Louisville mounting its
first legitimate offensive drive, strong
safety Tremayiie Martin intercepted
a Chris Rediiian ass at the UK 25-
yard line to end e threat. The pick
was the second of Martin‘s two—year
career with the Cats.

“I went to bed last night think-
ing I was going to get an intercep-
tion," Martin said. “I had my mind
set on two, but fortunately I came
up with one.

“M'e really made some big plays


auo :'



or Commonwealth » .





Ari/Huh Ari/ii/ lm ufili. \i' lfl'III/lt'l .‘. I‘Wfl

a (/lmrrcrlulcl'. "

I r . , _
1T 8 “I f’t’a‘ffllii‘f game I :‘c i'i‘cl‘ lim/ rm! (1/

Hal Mumme. (A l’t’ililimltl'. i/‘t'ill'lllu o/ ['1‘ /.H {Mr/Vi, I,/i/ / (i. /‘



out there. I have to tip my hat to all
the defensive coaches. They really
put the defensive guys in real good
situations to make big plays."

But the offense, with the visit-
ing Cards down 21-3 at the half.
started tinkering a little too soon.

“We started no—huddling and I
kind of grab-bagged things a little
bit.” Mumme said. “Some of it was
I just wanted to see what our guys
were capable of doing."

A fired-up Louisville team came
roaring back in the third period
when running back ()tis Floyd
took a Redman pitch around the
right end at 8:58 shortening UK's
lead to ll. Floyd led Louisville's
ground attack, finishing the game
netting 62 yards on I4 carries.

UK could not match Floyd's
score and on Louisville‘s next pos-
session, the Cards struck once
again, this time via the air.

The Red Baron leader, Red—
man, found Card tight end lbn
Green down the middle for a 17-
yard touchdown, capping a six

lay, 42- ard drive and whittling
lK'sleat to four.

But with the Cats reeling and
on their heels, another senior ca -
tain, Kio Sanford, made what tffe
biggest play of U K‘s infant season.

On first and 10 at the UK 20,
Sanford snagged a Couch swing
pass on the right side and caught a

ey block downfield from UK cen—
ter Jason Watts. After cuttin to
the center of the field, San 0rd


- . i. . ‘

outran a pursuing Louisville
defense for an 80-yard touchdown,
the fourth—longest pass play in
school history.

“He's a senior and he‘s a great
competitor and he made the great

lay when we needed the great
play," Mumme said.

Sanford gave the credit to the
offensive line. which along with
offensive line coach Guy Morriss
was awarded a game ball by
Mumme for its outstanding game.

“The only thing I had to do was
catch it and the lineman did their
job," Sanford sait . “The line did a

reat 'ob today and without them,
Wou dn't have scored that touch-
down.” '



((.'/urkt;‘lsrfrom tilt/111') \
john Sch/town!” (6 i) and

Dclc .‘lf/ (:3) imisi the (lore/'—
Hur‘s (XII/i; l ' Ilfil. Hunt/Hg
[tilt/t ()m Flint/finds mum on
flit tints/(1c rim/cs in i1 premi—
um; .'f// giro (um/um! quar-
rrr/wrl' Chris Ker/7mm (7) u
(.‘nmmaimed/fl.i welcome; L 'K
I/Ilirrtcrlwrl' Tim (four/i (7) mm
firs with (lunch .llmmm', trim is
liar/.7 171's cat/ch ilml offensive mun/1'-
Imrm'; H 'I'ldrtlr .imlmrrv ll Vii/re (i3)
struts in for ”first (/llill‘lt'l‘ touchdown.

ll 'lvin' finished the grimy ti'ltli ‘14 vim/s. / / /


Running gume mu/ces
surprise contributions

By Price Atkinson
Senior Staff H info

If Bill Curry saw Saturday’s L'K
romp of Louisville after calling
Virginia Tech's blowout of Rut-
gers on ESPN, he might be proud.

\Vhat seemed lost in the passing
shuffle from head coach llal
i\lunilnt."s‘ onset was a possible
ground game to accompany the
newly preferred aerial attack.

The running game came in
handy, especially in the fourth
quarter with the Cats clinging to a
seven-point lead and trying to milk
(hL' Clock.

“\Vc thought we ran the ball
well," Mumiiie said. “\Ve‘ve always
been able to run the ball and peo-
ple just kind of got enamored and
talk about our passing attack and
sometimes it carries over."

Carrying over were the Ill
total rushing yards on 31 attempts
— almost 40 percent of the Sl‘)
total yards amassed on 8] total
offensive plays.

Fullback Anthony \Vhite led
the Cats‘ rushing attack with 94
yards on 16 carries. including a
touchdown. The sophomore is the


Southeastern Conference le.idcr iii
all-purpose yardage. totaling lHl
yards on a day in which he caught
six Tim Couch passes for 8' yards
and a touchdown.

Freshman halfback Derrick
lloiiier finished the win with ll
carries for 38 yards.

To start the fourth quarter. [‘K
had only put up ill yards on the
ground. But in the fourth, the ( Itits

managed 91 yards rushing. 67 of

those by “him. who said the
blocking by his guys in the trench-
es iiiade it all possible.

“The line made big liolcs. so I
believe it's the line that really made
the yardage." \Vhite said following
the game. “\Vc just ran through
the holes."

Center .lasoii “Falls, a sccontb
year starter, ,said when it came time
to grind it out and shift from pass
blocking to run blocking. the [K
offensive line knew exactly what to

“M'hcn it got down to where we
started running the ball, we know
how to do that," the (i-foot-i inch.
269-pound lineman said. “\Ve
know how to do that so, it came
pretty easy."




Car jims mice plunge

into 'Itz‘i/I'g/Jr Zone
law PAGE 1

.il kegs .itllll‘nc‘tl tlic dooi'stcps of

catch liousc. Studcnis w cic wirincl

.iinps .iiid spc.il.cis loi . putt
lroiii liL'll.
ll ltiokt'tl ilkt' .i lootli;ill


just .i few hours earlier. L K
football w .l\ .i iokc. lt \\.l\ siiiipl\ .i
wit to get through the months
bcforc basketball. “but li.ipr

This pl.icc was lic;i\cn. so l
must li.i\c bccn dc;id.

I stopped .it Suptrhiici'ici to
get :l taco. .iiid s.iw masks liL'Jl mg
\liiiiiiiick l.icc. “but I lookcd
into one ofthc inask‘s eyes, it hap-
pened .igaiii. l‘\L‘l‘}ll1lliiJ got dark.
and thc |ll_\\lc‘l'll>'il\ strangci' reap

“I know it sccins too much to
believe. but this c.in happen." he

Before I could .isk him .i qucs
tioii. lic disappeared,

\nd 1 w .is back in the press l)t)\
at Commonwealth Stadium star-
ing at Iiiidficld.

Kickoff w .is just .i few minutes

The Louisville defense \\.is in
almost .is much shock .is tlic
“H 7‘; other people .‘it (Ioiiinioii~
wealth Stadium. (loticli spotted
/" i‘cccncr l..incc \lickclscii
heading for the end note and
threw .i fro/cn ropc for .i '1) lc.id.

Less than four minutes later.
(Zouch polishcd off his third
touchdown pass and the score
board rcad I I ll 1K.

The w liolc \ldtlllllli w .is rock
ing. Muted by the threat of being
tossed by L'K sports information
for cheering. reporters c} cd one
another with t';il~.lic~ll1ctiliidl'}
grins and boastful continents.

(.rown men and woiiicii taught
to keep their pi‘olcssioiial compo-
sure lost it. Some sort of disease
spread through the television
“media" first and filtered down to
us. Sane people went from talking
about winning four games to
uttering the word sugar and talk;
ing about bowls that hold more
than corn flakes.

It was electric. Much like the
fans of [K fooib.ill, the media
who co\ er the (Eats suffered
through the llill (furry em. But
there w as one difference. You
could stay home. \Vc couldn't.

In the corner of my eye. I saw-
the man in the black suit, smiling
in the elevator as the doors closed.

Sprint Column/sf xii/run Silriilnfhrtl Is (I
[PO/Iflt‘tl/ rt'it'mi' [rm/m:










4 'l'uex'tluy. September 3, I997. Kent/uh [\1'1711/

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family. [nor/7671
”1011771 13:00de IeIId

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11111 1111111 the 11111ch and I11 .1

I 111 sure (the 1111li1e) will get
1l11‘11 L‘uy.111'g111s l11- sa1s as he
111s down I11‘s1de l)'.1\1s 1111 1111‘
sturd1 park bench.

Il11‘1111l111‘ .1re sear1htnLI 1111
11111‘ ll1s11.m11 111.‘1l1 111 his late -IIs
\\11I1.1 11111stt'1h1. medium he1Lrl1t
.11111111111111111 build. .\tte1 murder»
111: \I .'1111' with what police called

1l1lunt 11l11e1'.1 111‘1h1111s1.1l1o.1r1l
iht 1111111I11‘11 l11‘1.1 111111 r.1111d the
1111111; woman Mater was with.
'l he L‘K (handler .\l1‘1l1c.1l (I1‘11»
ter has 11111 released her 11111111111111.

“.11“ ttttlt‘tlcret‘I doesn‘t s1‘1'tl11‘
\1111'l I through our 1‘1'1s \I.1\'ber»
r1 s111sl1111111 I11 vows the 1111li1e
111111.111'bth11111111l1‘rer. I I1111ttt1l—
11. this 1s sottle‘tl‘tlnL' 1111 one will
hate to L111 through 112.1111."

Ihe s11'1n walls inournfully 111
\111‘1h ( .11111111 as '.1 (ZheH'olet
Suburban pulls up to the b