,  ,- 4 ,
§ quantities of five hundred or multiple thereof', to any person or company desiring to _
  , sell, offer or expose for sale any commercial fertilizer in this State.
Q 3. Every box, barrel, keg or other package or quantity of any commercial fer-
li tilizer, whose retail price is over ten dollars per ton, in any shape or form whatever,
i sold or offered for sale in this State. shall have attached to it, in a conspicuous place,
Q a label bearing a certified analysis of a sample of such fertilizel, from the Director of
  the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station as provided in the foregoing sections  .
5 of this act.
  Q4. Any manufacturer or vendor of any commercial fertilizer, who shall sell,
offer or expose for sale any fertilizer, without having previously complied with the
l provisions of this act hereinbefore set forth, shall, upon indictment and conviction, be
` fined one hundred dollars for each violation or evasion of this act, which fines, less
; the percentage of the Prosecuting Attorney fees, shall accrue to the benefit of, and he
H paid into the State Treasury. `
l Q 5. The Director of thc Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station shall receive
f`o1· analyzing a fertilizer and aftixing his certificate thereto, the sum of fifteen dollars;
for labels furnished, one dollar per hundred. ` _
@6. The Director of said Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station shall pay  
l all such fees received by him into the Treasury of the Agricultural and Mechanical ,
College of Kentuclly, present to the Commissioner ot' y
. Agriculture a report of' the work done by [him]. together with an itemized statement  _
{ of receipts and expenditures f`or the two years preceding under the operations of this · .
%T. The Director of said Experiment Station is hereby authorized, in person or
by deputy. to take samples for analysis from any lot or package of any connncrcial »
f`ertilizer which may bo in the possession of any dealer in this State. And he is
, hereby authorized to prescribe and enforce such rules and regulations as hc may V
L deem necessary to carry fully into effect the true intent and meaning of` this act: and
any agriculturist, a purchaser of any commercial fertilizer in this State, may take a ·
sample of the same, under the rules and regulations of the Director of` the said Exper-
i iment Station, and forward the same to the Experiment Station f`or analysis, which  ,
l analysis shall be made free of charge. 1
I QS. This act shall bo in force from and after its passage. and all acts in conflict T
with this act are hereby repealed, i
Approved April Iii, lf¥Sfi. I
»q}l(?lLA`/T7` of f/in ][o1/so of Rt:/11·c.<:·;1/rzff1;cs.  ’
Q Speaker of {/or Smzafe. l
' J. P]{(>C'l`()li KNUTT. _
l .
x I}_u the Gorcrnor. ·
  J. .—\. M<‘KENZTE, Se¤·2·¢-fm·_u of Stain. {
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