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from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force has gays and lesbians -- with progress being made
issued its year-end Federal Legislative Remrt in some areas while ground is lost in others.
covering the first session a t e IOIst Congress. For example, more peo Ie are cosponsoring
The report provides information on the voting gay/lesbian and AIDS billps, but the necessary
and co-sponsorship records of all 535 members support to defeat the anti-gay Armstrong
of Congress from January to December, I989, Amendment has not been attained.
and gives an insight into the legislative progress "At the half-way mark of this Congress, the
of the federal gay/lesbian civil rights and AIDS Report if a good way to know who our angels
agenda. and who are our devils," said Robert Bray,
Among other findings, the report shows NGLTF public information director.
which members of Con ress have "perfect" Kentucky ranked in the bottom ten states in
voting records and whiclg't need work. For the Senate survey in the Senate re rt with
example, 85 Members of the House voted Q Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) andeSenator
the NGLTF pro-gay position a“ of the time, Wendell Ford (D-KY) both receiving a 25%
while 4I Members voted 0 ainst NGLTF eve ranking.
time. In the Senate, I4 voted _for the NGLIF Similarly, Lexington Representative Larry
position a“ of the time while I2 voted against Hopkins (R-éth), compiled a 25% rankin , the
gays every time. second worst ranking among Kentucky Sf'louse
Senate lawmakers were tracked on four key members, (Representative Jim Bunning (R-Ath)
gay/lesbian and AIDS votes: the Americans was worse). Hopkins' rankin is especially
With Disabilities Act (ADA), a measure that discouraging since it dropped From his 59%
extends anti-discrimination protections to people ranking in last ear's report of the IOOth
with AIDS and HIV; two votes on the National Congress. Hopkins voted with the NGLTF
Endowment for the Arts (NEA) anti—ga Helms' position on only the NEA anti-gay amendment
Amendment; and an amen ment offered by and one of the two votes on restricting
Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) that would have educational materials relatin to homosexuality.
banned federal funds from school programs that Reflecting the "mixed gag" results of the
resented homosexuality as "normal, natural or report, Hopkins did, however, become a
liealthy." co-sponsor of HR I280 which would among
In the House, Members were tracked on other things, repeal the exclusion of lesbians
eight key votes, including the Hate Crimes and gay men from immigrating to the United
Statistics Act, the NEA anti—gay amendment, four States.
votes on the "Armstrong amendment" that Letters to congressional representatives can
exempts religious educational institutions in the be effective. To write your Senator write: The
District of Columbia from anti-discrimination Honorable , US Senate,
laws, and two votes on restricting educational Washington, DC, 205 (I. I0 write your
materials relating to homosexuality. Representative write: The Honorable
The report reveals that so at the current , US House of Representatives,
Congress appears to be a "mixed bag" for Washington, DC, 205I5.

 [ ] Please send me an introducto issue
and intormation on GLSO. ry LOCAL NEWS
[ ] I'd like to become a votin Member oi —
Functions. Membership tee at SIO/yr. WRONG!
individual, SIS/yr. couple, is enclosed. From Craig CIere
[ ] I don't wish to become a Member but It you are like me, you are on numerous
please send me the GLSO NEWS each socially-responsible mailin lists. Monthly these
month. I enclose the $5 annual tee. organizations solicit memgership and/or money
tram the increasingly small amount of resources I
have left! In the past year I decided to make
Name: sure that any organization that I voluntarily
associate myselI with, by time, money, or
Address: membership, would have a positive stand on
gay/lesbian issues.
City, St, Zip: I tound several surprises that | feel lesbians
and ays should be aware. Did you know that
Mail to: Newsletter, P.O. Box ”471 the cfiiet lobbyist tor the NAACP recently stated
Lexington, KY40575 that they have "no position" on ay and
‘ lesbian civil rights? Were you aware (tine B'nai
Brith Anti—Discrimination League retuses to
include anti-gay discrimination in its videos
GLSO News is published monthly by the which purport to document preiudice against all
Lexington Gay Services Organization, Inc. groups. Is it news to ou that Amnesty
(Lexin ton Ga /Lesbian Services Or anization), International continues to rei/use to plead the
P.O. Box “4%, Lexington, KY 405g5. cases at ays and lesbians imprisoned tor their
sexual prgierence?
Craig CIere, Managing Editor Amnesty International regularly sends me
Angela Martin, Asst Editor - Esmerelcla Parlour mailings. Two months ago I wrote Amnesty
Aunt Mary, Advice Columnist International's president detailing my concerns of
their anti-ga policy. I have yet to receive 0
Additional Contributors: Dave, Teresa, An eIa, reply. We have many Iriends in the world out
HRCF, Debbie, Craig, GLSO, Alan, NSLTF, there, let's make sure we support them.
Kevin, Melanie, Teri, The Advocate; Typist:
Craig; Equipment: Dave; Layout: Craig; Mailin Z BETWEEN THE ACTS TO PRESENT PLAY
Bill; Courier: Kenneth; Folding & Stuffing: Mari, irom GLSO News stait
Dave, Steve.
A one act play, "Atter All We've Been
Through", by LesIea Newman will be presented
Views or opinions expressed in GLSO News are those of the on Saturday, Februa 24, 8 pm, at the
authors and do not necessarily represent those of the GLSO Unitarian Universalist Church, 3564 Clays Mill
Board of Directors. Submissions are welcome. All submissions Road. Ms. Newman uses a rare blend 0t
become the property of GLSO and must indicate the full name humor and honesty to create a charming and
and address of the author. Anonymous submissions are not thought-provoking piece.
accepted. The editorial stalt reserves the right to alter Tickets Will be sold at the door on a Iirst
submissions (including ads) to meet publishing requirements, as come, Iirst serve basis. A dance/party will
well as the right to reject any submission it deems offensive or immediately IOIIOW the performance. Mixers
discriminatory. Placement of advertising in GlSO News does and snacks Will be available. The roup is
not denote a person's sexual orientation nor a business's seeking new members/volunteers Tor the
customer preference. production. CaII 275-2I 25 tor intormation.
2 Feb GLSO

 will decide on revisin or sus endin the
LOCAL NEWS monthly Forums at its Jan%ary meetith. g
The president announced that GLSO had
_ been asked to participate by the UK Office of
FUNDRAISING AND PUBLICITY ISSUES Minority Affairs in the Freedom March for Martin
DOMINATE GLSO BOARD MEETING Luther Kin Day on January 13. The Board
from Teresa Reynolds and Craig Clere approved %LSO'$ participation unanimously.
As during the November meeting, 0 Ion

The December GLSO Board of Directors brainstorming session on tundraising concludeg
meeting opened by welcomin Terri Applegate the meeting. The idea at the Service Auction,
to the Board. Applegate, wfio will serve until considered at the November meetin , was
June, replaces Bobbi Stout who resigned. discouraged by Debbie Currie. Alter discussion

Reports were heard from committee chairs John Cutright and Bill Log ins agreed to work
present. The Phoneline ijayline) Committee on a spring raffle as a tungraising project. The
reported that due to so tware and/or cold rollle may be held in conjunction with
weather problems the Phoneline was out of preparations for Gay/Lesbian Pride Week. A
commission for much at December. The solicitation by mail will also be undertaken.
Phoneline is up and working, but problems have The Februa Board meeting will be held on
continued into January. February 28, 9:30 pm. Meetings are open to

The GLSO News committee reported an the membership; consult the Directory for a
increase in renewed subscriptions since reminder contact number.
letters are being sent to soon—to-expire
subscribers. Craig Clere, GLSO President and NAMES PROJECT CHAPTER FORMING
GLSO News editor, reported that the from GLSO News staff
acquisition of a laser printer by GLSO's
treasurer has resulted in an improved Iormat for A local chapter of the NAMES Pro'ect is
GLSO News. Melanie Otis suggested that the forming in central Kentucky. The [\lAMES
Events Calendar be revamped to list weekly Project was organized by Cleve Jones as 0
events only once, thus giving 5 cial emphasis res onse by people who lost loved ones to
to monthly or one-time, speciaTeevents. The AISS. Jones was Convocation speaker at Berea
Board agreed to revise the Calendar effective in College in September, and the uest oi AVOL
February. at a reception following his speecg.

Edwnn Hackney and Bill Loggins reported on As part of the local organizational eiiort,
the progress oi GLSO's romotional brochure. portions oi the AIDS Memorial Quilt were
Nearly all rou h co y For the brochure has scheduled Ior display in the Kentucky Capitol
been completeg. Flackney and Log ins will, Rotunda at the end of January. The Kentucky
along with Clere, complete the brocqhure tor chapter seeks aIIiIiation with the national
board review at the February meetin . organization and is co-chaired by Jan Harmon

GLSO's treasury showed a slight increase and Steve Buck. For more information about
during the month of December. This was the group contact JUdelIe Conley at 299-8836.
primarily due to the payment of three months at
GLSO News advertisement by the Kentucky AVOL PLANS BENEFIT
AIDS Education Program. from GLSO News stall

Ms. Otis reported on the rogress oi the
TriIo y Project, the University of Kentucky Drug AIDS Volunteers of Lexington is organizing 0
Stud?! supported by GLSO. Otis outlined the Winter Fundraiser for Sunday, February 18. A
plans tor GLSO members receivin the surveys. 3100/ late dinner is planned at the Radisson
Otis also reassured the Board that Hotel, Followed b a reception and silent auction
questionnaires are intact in their solicitation of at ArtsPlace. Belinda Mason, 0 member of the
anti-gay discrimination information. National Commission on AIDS, and Ron Jerrell,

It was reported that Forum attendance has Secreta of the National Association of People
dwindled to fewer than ten. A joint meetin with AIDS, will be featured. The Mayor and
with GLUE is planned tor February. The Boarg other community leaders will host the event.

Feb GLSO 3


Psychologists argue that we go around
Dear Aunt Mary, looking for explanations for our emotions and
quite often misattribute our emotions to the
At this time of the year, I usually feel wrong thing. In many cases, it's better for our
somewhat depressed and often think that life emotional well-being if we attribute it to
might be more exciting in some other part of something outside of ourselves, like the weather.
the country - some big city like San Francisco or This is not to say that there are not aspects of
Chicago. It also seems that many of my friends ourselves that we are dissatisfied with and
are moving to these cities. Should I move with should work on changing, but it is possible to
them and is it unusual to be down at this time fuel our depression by misattributinq
of year? dissatisfaction with something outside 0
ourselves to internal causes.
Sincerely, Mild, occasional depression is normal and
Down and Restless time generaII remedies it however, if you're
feelin ve depressed and see no way out, you
Dear Down and Restless, should seek professional assistance.
With regard to moving, remember the
It's not unusual to feel depressed at this time phrase that it's alwa s greener on the other side
of year. In fact, psg/chologists have recently of the fence. There are advantages and
come up with a new iagnosis called SAD, for disadvantages to larger cities and each
Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD quite often individual has to decide if the advantages of 0
occurs in the Northwest where the sun may not large urban settin outwei h the disadvantages.
shine for weeks during the winter months and You mi ht considgr spenging a few weeks in
sometimes even in the summer - so much for one of The cities ou mention and see how you
Seattle being the number one place to live feel about it, but remember that bein on
(according to a recent survey). In any case, the vacation someplace can be quite a difFerent
winter months are often dreary and we've experience than living there. The Lexington
certainly had more than our usual share of area has its own advantages and disadvanta es
dreariness this year. and it's up to you to determine what you vaTue
In addition, the new year while bringing a and enjoy most. Movin has the potential of
sense of beginning may also cause us to focus "shaking u ” one’s life, tgere are times in one's
on the past. It's often easy to misatribute our life when tfiat can be a positive step and other
depression due to the weather to other areas of times when it might not be. In on case, a
our lives. So if we're thinking about the past move could be a rowth experience, but I have
and feeling down, we may focus on our past talked to severaT peo Ie who have since
failures and disappointments; increasing our returned to Lexington - iijou're only talking to
sense of depression. For example, in one people who are dissatisfied with Lexington,
study, researchers contacted peo Ie on a rainy you're only getting half the story. Besides
day in the spring and either asked them how you're here now, why not focus on the positive
the weather was in their area (the researchers aspects of life.
were supposedly calling from out of town) or did
not ask about the weather. They then asked Aunt Mary
people to complete a Life Satisfaction Scale over
the phone. hose who had not been asked
about the weather tended to be less satisfied If you would like to write to Aunt Ma , send
with their lives. According to the researchers, your letter to: Aunt Ma , c/o GLSO, rFO Box
this was because they misattributed their IIA7I, Lexin ton, KY 20575. For a ersonal
depression about the weather (because they reply, includge a stamped, self addressed
hadn't been reminded of it) to their own lives. envelope. All names are strictly confidential.
4 Feb GLSO


Recent issues of GLSO News have made how this process will be handled will be
mention of a dru and alcohol stud which is explained in a cover letter which will
being undertakengby on University of Kentucky accompany each questionnaire.
professor. Currently it is expected that our After our contacts with Dr. Skinner, the
members will receive the study instrument in the members of the GLSO Board of Directors feel
mail sometime in April as the first round of quite comfortable in supporting his research
distribution begins. Many non-GLSO members efforts. We are also pleased with his
will also be contacted about study participation willingness to work so closely with the
by members of the local gay and lesbian community and his willingness to share statistical
community. At this time we would like to share information on discrimination and victimization
a little more information about the project and which will be helpful in our efforts to document
the researcher's goals. such problems.

This stud , known as the TRILOGY Your participation in this study is entirely
PROJECT, is being conducted b Dr. William F. voluntary and all information will be kept
Skinner of the De artment of gociolog . The confidential. If ou would prefer that the
TRILOGY PROJECT looks primarily at dfug and questionnaire not be sent, please return the
alcohol use and factors which contribute to that coupon rovided on this page. If you are
use such as coping mechanisms, social support interested3 in completing the questionnaire or if
s stems, and life stressors. Additionally, Dr. you are uncertain about participating but would