the Department of University Extension, and the Department oi
Public Relations.
The University of Kentucky began as a part of Kentucky Uni-
versity under a cooperative plan authorized by the legislature in
1865. The purpose of this plan was to unite sectarian and public
education under one organization. This experiment was tried for
a number of years. In the meantime, the federal funds authorized
under the Morrill Act were used to develop agriculture and
mechanic arts in Kentucky University. In 1878, when the people
of Kentucky decided to establish a state institution of higher
learning, the College of Agriculture and. Mechanic Arts was
separated from Kentucky University and reestablished on land
given by the City of Lexington and the County of Fayette. Thirty
years later the legislature changed the name of the institution to
the State University of Kentucky, and gave it additional financial
support. In 1916 the name was again changed, this time to the
present title, and additional maintenance was arranged by legisla-
tive act.
Students are admitted to the University of Kentucky as fresh-
men; with advanced standing from other institutions; as special
students; and as auditors. Admission to certain colleges is also
governed by special regulations.
Applications for admission to the University should be made to
the Registrar on forms furnished by the Registrar’s Office. Certi-
. fied copies of high school credentials and of work done in other in-
stitutions should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office in advance
of the registration period. Failure to file credentials in time for
checking before the registration period will delay the student in
arranging his program. All admissions, including those to the
professional schools and the Graduate School must be passed on
by the Reg·istrar’s Office. Students who come to the University
without having had their admission approved, do so at their own
risk. The University reserves the right to refuse consideration
of applications not made before the beginning of the registration
period. Prior to the assignment of any new undergraduate stu-
dent to University classes, the student must take the University
classification tests.
Admission to the Freshmen Class
Applicants who are graduates of accredited high schools will
be admitted to the University on certificate, provided they have at
least fifteen units of acceptable high school work. A unit repre-
sents the study of any subject for a school year of at least thirty-
two weeks, with five recitation periods a week, each of at least