forty—live minutes in length, or the equivalent thereof. Double
  periods are required in shop, drawing, typewriting, and all other
gg courses requiring no out-of-class preparation. One unit is the
  minimum credit accepted in any foreign language, and one·half
{ unit the minirnurm in any other subject.
  ` While the University does not prescribe a pattern of work for
  admission, it is strongly recommended that at least ten of the
  units presented be chosen from the English studies, the social
‘; studies, mathematics, the foreign languages, and the laboratory
  sciences, and that within these ten units the student offer at least
  three units in English, one and one-half in algebra, and one in
  plane geometry. Should a student lack these courses as pre-
  requisites for any of his college work, he will be required to take
  them in college without credit, thus delaying his graduation. ‘
= Applicants who have graduated from unaccredited high schools
  and those not graduated from high school may be admitted as
  freshmen if, in addition to presenting the fifteen acceptable units,
4. they successfully pass the University classification examinations.
Q Admission to the University does not necessarily qualify a
3 · student for admission to a particular college. In every case the
student must meet the admission requirements of the college in
which he is to enroll.
Admission to Advanced Standing
Resident Students. A resident of Kentucky who applies for
admission with advanced standing is expected to present evidence
{ that he is in good standing in every respect in the institution last
‘· attended and in general is required to have maintained a standing
· ' of 1.0 in all previous college work. Where all circumstances seem
`, to warrant, the student may be admitted on probation when his
A standing is below 1.0. In no case, however, shall a student be ad-
` mitted whose record is such that he would have been dropped at
the University of Kentucky.
The University does not disregard at any time or under any
conditions college or university records in order to admit applicants
solely on the basis of their high school records.
A transfer student is allowed only as many advanced credits
as he can present quality points. Otherwise, work done at a fully
accredited college or university is recognized credit for credit.
In order to be classined as fully accredited, a college must be
a member of a regional accrediting association or it must be on
the approved list of the state university of the state in which it is
located. Advanced standing from an unaccredited college may
I be obtained at the University only by special subject examinations.
N0n—Resident Students. A non-resident who applies for ad-
mission with advanced standing must in all cases have maintained