Dr. Donovan
THIS IS A HOUSE built not on sand but on a firm foundation. Fabricated out of steel, stone, concrete, and brick, it is more substantially built than the Coliseum at Rome and should stand as long. This is Kentucky's Coliseum. It belongs to the people. Erected as a memorial to our honored dead of World War II, it is to be used in the service of the living.
It is an honest building.
This is a house built not for superficial purposes but for an honest program of education. It is a sports arena where thousands may gather in wholesome recreation to witness games of skill played by men who display the finest quality of sportsmanship. It is a gymnasium where students pursue courses in physical education to the betterment of their minds and bodies. It is an auditorium where students and citizens may meet to hear the world's greatest speakers and thinkers bring us wisdom and knowledge. It is a music hall where we may assemble to listen to the great artists of all nations lift us to new heights of aesthetic appreciation. May it, also, frequently be a temple where we may worship and be led into closer communion with God. It will ever be a shrine where the brokenhearted may come to pay homage to their own who paid the last full measure of devotion
To these ends we dedicate this Memorial Coliseum.