Albert D. Kirwan
Leo M. Chamberlain
Bernie A. Shively
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ATHLETICS at Kentucky are organized under the Department of Athletics and a corporation known as the University of Kentucky Athletics Association.
A firm believer in sports and sportsmanship, Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, Vice President of the University, has general supervision over the Department of Athletics. He also is vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Athletics Association.
Dean of Students A. D. Kirwan is secretary of the University Athletics Association and serves as faculty representative to the Southeastern Conference.  He is a former player and football coach at the University.
Bernie A. Shively, former All-America guard at Illinois and former football coach at Kentucky, serves in the capacity of Director of Athletics, directly supervising one of the nation's top athletics departments.
Maintaining over-all control of U.K. athletics affairs is the Board of Directors of the Athletics Association, composed of the President of the University and ten other directors appointed by him, including five members of the faculty of the University, the president of the Student Government Association, an alumnus of the University, a member of the U.K. Board of Trustees, and two others. Frank D. Peterson, University Comptroller, serves the board as treasurer.
The current Board of Directors consists of the following members: Dr. H. L. Donovan, Chairman Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain,
Dr. A. D. Kirwan, Secretary Vice Chairman
Dr. M. E. Ligon Dr. Frank Murray
Jerry Jones Dean D. V. Terrell
R. P. Hobson Tom Ballantine
H. D. Palmore Guy A. Huguelet