"THE MAN , N THE BROWN SUIT" sounds like the title for a good mystery thriller and might very well be if Adolph Rupp, the Universiiy of Kentucky's affable wizard of hardwood magic, had not long ago been tagged with the descriptive title by sportswriters because of his preference of brown as a game-night wardrobe.
The 1950 "Coach of the Year" is known to the basketball world by a variety of other titles, such as "Mr. Basketball," "The Baron of Basketball," and "01' Rupp and Ready" but none adequately describes the man who has done more than any other modern tutor to make the cage game a national spectator sport.
Beginning his 21st year at the Biuegrass school, Baron Rupp can look back over a two-decade reign of unparalleled success  an amazing record of 410 wins against 77 losses in 20 seasons coaching Kentucky basketball.
For the re-building job Coach Rupp accomplished on the sophomore-studded 1949-50 Wildcats (25-5), weakened by the loss of four great stars, the New York Basketball Writers Association named Rupp "Coach of the Year." In 1944, he won the highest individual coaching honor in the basketball world  election to the Basketball Hall of Fame sponsored by Helms Foundation. Rupp was the tenth coach in the history of the sport to be so honored by the California organization, which in 1949 selected him as Coach of the Year for the second season in a row and designated the Wildcats as national champions for the third time  an honor given no other collegiate quintet.