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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean and The Wax Bean, October 31, 1980, no. 342 text The Green Bean and The Wax Bean, October 31, 1980, no. 342 1980 2014 true xt7hqb9v2g5k section xt7hqb9v2g5k -`___.._. - C7,/V y_
10/31/80 No. 341
. November l "Changing Perspectives on Historic Preservation" LTI.
November 4 Election Day
November 6 University of Kentucky Libraries Staff Organization.
Silver Jubilee Celebration. Solarium, Special
V Collections Department, King Library. 3:30pm.
November 7 "Frauenliebe und Leben," Schumann's most famous song
cycle contrasted with Loewe's 1itt1e—known work.
Phyllis Jenness, Contralto and Julie Nave, Piano.
Gallery Series. King Library Gallery. Noon.
November 14 Administrative Council Meeting. Room 305 Thomas Hunt
Morgan Building. 8:30am.
November 14 Piano Master Class. Walter Robert, Professor Emeritus,
Indiana University. Gallery Series. King Library
Gallery. Noon
Robert Penn Warren — Books, manuscripts, and memorabilia. Special Collections,
King Library. Through November.
"Ballots and Bandwagons," Hillbrook exhibit of presidential campaign
memorabilia. University of Kentucky, Center for the Arts. Through November 4.
"In tribute to his 1eadership," the black com unity of Berea College,
Berea, Kentucky, has honored Dr. William James, University of Kentucky
Law Librarian. The plague commemorating this honor was awarded October
19, 1980.
Contributors: Nancy Baker (editor), Faith Harders, Barbara Galik, Paul

 -2- L `
Ann Ricker and Barbara Galik attended the fifth annual University of
Illinois Graduate School of Library Science Alumni Day on October 25, 1980,
in Champaign, Illinois. The theme of the program was "Public Services:
the implications of current trends in Technical Services." Michael Gorman,
Director of Technical Services at the University of Illinois Library, was
the keynote speaker. According to Mr. Gorman, technical services, as a
separate entity, is strictly an American invention. Future changes in
automation should eventually abolish the distinction between technical and
public services. Mr. Gorman also foeesees a true national network based
essentially on OCLC, the abolition of the card catalog as we have
traditionally known it, and the abolition of individual departmental
libraries. He sees the future library as one with all files on—line and
available to the public and as one which is organized around specialized
subject areas rather than library function. In his opinion, the University
of Illinois will have an "electronic state library," i.e. a full service
on—line catalog, not totally retrospective, but containing bibliographic
access to the resources of the entire state in one data base within two years.
During the afternoon, James Rush, former Director of Research at OCLC,
spoke on national networks. Arnold Wajenberg, Principal Cataloguer at the
University of Illinois and head of training for AACR2 in Illinois,
also spoke on AACR2 and the user. Both he and Gorman stressed the fact
that AACR2 is not geared toward special and academic libraries as past
codes have been. It has a deliberate universality designed to be more V
logical to the user. As such, it should serve as a better code for the public.
The Library has the following three vacancies: LT I Circulation, LT II
Agriculture, and LT II Acquisitions. Although a decision has not yet
been made on the filling of these positions, any staff member interested
in one of these vacancies should see Faith Harders so that if one or more
of these positions is filled, we will have the names to put on our job I
requisition. Final approval for the filling of any vacancy is with the
Vice President.
Head of Reference, Memphis State University. Salary $l8,000—20,500.
c Application deadline November 31, 1980.
Assistant Head, Catalog Department, University of Florida. Salary up
to $18,500. Application deadline December 15, 1980.
Cataloger. Clemson University. Salary $18,000. Application deadline
December 31, 1980.
Head Librarian, Sears Library, Case Western Reserve University. Salary
Director of Libraries. University of Mississippi. Salary $40,000 minimum.
Humanities/Social Science Librarian, Baker Library, Dartmouth College.

 . Co /
Ocfobe/L 1980 ff
The Umvexustty 05 Kevttuelzy Lzbrtaxtéu $14155 Ongamzatton mowthty suppiieinewt
to the Gum Bean.
The biggest news of the past few months is the LSO Silver Jubilee.
The LSO was organized on November 11, 1955 with Jacqueline Bull as its
first president. We are going to commemorate this occasion with a whale
of a party. By now all of you have your invitations and we hope you are
planning to come. In addition we have invited back retirees and old
library friends. We are also making a special effort to get the
newcomers there so if there is someone you know who has joined the staff
after March 18, 1980, offer to attend the reception with them. The
social committee is working hard so I hope all of you will turn out and
appreciate their efforts.
Toni Powell, LSO President
On Sunday, October 12, approximately 15 people met at the James
Lane Allen Fountain in Gratz Park for the LSO walking tour of historic
Lexington. The tour lasted about 2 hours and all of us left with some
interesting pieces of information, one example being that the fountain
was dedicated to the children of Lexington by James Lane Allen.
Thanks to Ms. Kerr and Mr. Langsam of the Lexington-Fayette County
Historic Commission we will have a better appreciation of the Gratz Park
area when we again visit there.
And, thanks to everyone who took part in the tour.
Andrea Bryant __" °T
I would like to add my thanks to Andrea for arranging this tour
with the commission. It was an enjoyable event. ·- Toni.
I FROM THE STAFF (left from the last Wax Bean)
SUSAN McCARGAR has been named head of the Acquisitions Division, Mann
Library, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. - Susan was formerly '
V Head of Acquisitions at the University of Kentucky.
GERALD MUNOFF, Curator of Photographic Archives, Special Collections,
has an article in the current journal of the Kentucky Historical Society
THE REGISTER entitled “Dr. Robert Peter and the Legacy of the
Photography in Kentucky."

 MkKE·COURINEX, Curator of thee H%Flbrook Collection, was one of the
speakers “a& `·'l the "Ath amnuad ACTS meeting August 22, 1980 held in the
Q l §allery`of King North.
_¤ e sfo KA%E IRVINE (retired head of the Reference Department) on the recent
loss of·her sister Jessie. Both Kate and Jessie had many friends in the
j Library System. ‘ A
_ To NAZAT HASAN (Microfilming Center) and her family on the recent loss
V of her mother. On behalf of the Library Staff we have sent a plant.
— · L Env Hniueraifg uf Kentucky Lihrariez
‘ Etaff Qrganizatiun inuitez gnu tu iuin in
zelehraiiun uf iis imenig—fifih
anniuerzarg. Ehiz ziluer iuhilee mill he
celebrated un Enurzdag, Nhuemher E, IHHH
at 3:3H p.m. in the Sularium uf the
Spezial Gullectiunu Department uf King
l Lihrarg Nurih. Refrezhmeniz mill he
nerued. g
R.S.D»§. by ®riuher EH, IEHH:
Eh: Barbara Hahn ` ,_
Bindery »
King fihrary Nurin
Eelephuneg '
campun 3—2?4H
aff campus 25H—HHHH and azk fur ‘
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