- 4 -

teaching. He reported that each of these matters were touched upon in
the Plan in a very substantive way. He indicated that he is concerned
about what both present and former Board members think about the

         F.      Faculty Workload Policy Statement (PR 3B)

         President Wethington stated that PR 3B is a recommendation
that the University System Faculty Workload Policy Statement be
approved by the Board. He said, in his opinion, a good institution
for management purposes and for communicating with its publics ought
to have such a statement that reflects the workload of faculty. He
reported that he had appointed a faculty committee last year to assist
him in developing a workload policy statement. He asked Professor
Karl Raitz, chairperson of the committee, to review the process that
led to the policy statement.

         Professor Raitz reported that the charge to the committee was
to articulate a general workload policy for the University System that
could be used as a management tool within the educational units to
better allocate time and resources to achieve the University mission
as stated in the mission statement as the state's primary land grant
and research institution. He said that ten committee members were
appointed from across the campus and explained the committee's process:

       - Review materials supplied to the Committee which included
         materials gathered from other universities.

       - Recognize the diversity of the University campus as it is
         constituted within the three areas of teaching, research and

       - Schedule forums/focus groups to discuss in some detail any
         other issues embedded in the workload policy that could be
         articulated by those individuals.

         He reported that the Committee took the information and
distilled it into a policy. After summarizing some of the major
points in the policy, he asked for questions.

         Mr. Sturgill said that this is the first time that he has
seen a detailed policy of this kind. He commented that the committee
had done a very worthwhile deed in pinpointing the teaching, research
and service of the University. He moved approval of PR 3B. His
motion was seconded by Mr. Shoop and passed. (See PR 3B at the end of
the Minutes.)

         President Wethington commended Professor Raitz, his
committee, the faculty leadership in the University, and the
University Senate Council, who reviewed the report once it came to him
from the committee, for their good work. This policy now clarifies
for the public the faculty role in the University System. It