- 9 -

         W.      Confirmation of 1993-94 T itior Schedule (FCR 8)

         Mr. Hardymon stated that FCR 8 is a confirmation of the
1993-94 tuition schedule. He explained that the Board's role is not
to establish the amount but confirms the changes in the tuition
schedule as adopted by the Council on Higher Education. He pointed
out that the percentage increases are 16.7% for the undergraduates in
the University System and 20% for the Community College System.   The
Committee recommends confirmation of the schedule.   Mr. Sturgill moved
approval. His motion, seconded by Mr. Chellgren, passed. (See FCR 8
at the end of the Minutes.)

         X.      1992-93 Budget Revisions (FCR 9)

         Mr. Hardymon stated that FCR 9 is the budget revision
document. He reviewed the items in the document and pointed out the
following expenditures:

         Communications and Network Systems - Represents an increase
         in telephone usage that mainly applies to the students.

         Community College System - Tuitions and fees that come this
         time of year from business and industry projects.

         College of Dentistry - Supplementary payments in the College
         of Dentistry.

         Hospital Nonrecurring - One-time capital expenditures for the

         On motion made by Mr. Shoop, seconded by Mrs. Sims and
carried, FCR 9 was approved.

         Y.      Knight Foundation Gift Agreement (FCR 10)

         Mr. Hardymon reminded the Board that they had previously
approved the Knight Foundation gift and explained that FCR 10 is
approval of the Gift Agreement.   He said that the Agreement specifies
approval by the Board of Trustees, and the Committee recommends its
approval. On motion made by Dr. Meriwether and seconded by Mr.
Chellgren, the Agreement was approved. (See FCR 10 at the end of the

          Z.      Acceptance of Gift from the Harris Computer Systems
Division DBA of Lanier Worldwide. Inc. (FCR 11)

          Mr. Hardymon reported that FCR 11 is a gift of a Harris Night
Hawk Computer System to be used in the College of Engineering.    He
noted that the Harris Computer Systems Division of Fort Lauderdale,
Florida has had a long association with the College of Engineering and
that a graduate of the College was President of Harris at one time.
He expressed pleasure that the College has continued the association
and stated that the Committee recommends approval of the gift.    Mr.
Sturgill made a motion of approval. His motion, seconded by Mrs.
Weinberg, passed unanimously. (See FOR 11 at the end of the Minutes.)