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          Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board
 of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, May 22, 1959.

          The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University
 of Kentucky met in the President, s Office at 9:35 a. m. CST, Friday, May 22.
 1959, with the following members present: R. P. Hobson, Chairman; Dr.
 Ralph J. Angelucci, Wood Hannah, Sr. , and Harper Gatton. Absent, J.
 Stephen Watkins. President Frank G. Dickey and Secretary Frank D. Peter-
 son met with the Committee.

          A. Approval of Minutes.

          The minutes of the Executive Committee of February 20, 1959, were
approved as published.

          B. Cooperstown Representatives Heard.

          President Dickey advised members of the Committee that he had
been requested by representatives of the Cooperstown Council to appear
before the Committee in protest of the rental rates as fixed by the Executive
Committee at its meeting February 20, 1959, effective July 1, 1959. The
following representatives were invited to appear before the Committee: Mr.
Joe Sharp, Mr. Gere Noe and Mr. Paul Throckmorton. These gentlemen
explained the difficulty of paying the rentals for apartments in Cooperstown
on the income that they had and, at the same time, taking care of their other
general expenses. They reported on a survey of rental rates charged by
other institutions of the country for family housing of married students attend-
ing school. Some of the answers they had received from inquiries revealed
that some schools charge less than the rates fixed for Cooperstown and
some institutions charge more. It was thought that most of the answers re-
ferred to similar conveniences, but this was not definitely established.
Members of the Committee discussed quite frankly with these young gentle.-
men the necessity for the University to be able to meet its obligations to
bond holders, maintain the credit of the University, and remain in a position
to finance other buildings through borrowed funds for construction, when
necessary.  Everyone seemed to be of the opinion that the rentals in Coop-
erstown are less than for comparable facilities in the City of Lexington.
They desired to hold the rates as low as possible.  The representatives of
the Cooperstown Council, having been heard and reporting that they had
nothing further to add to their request, were excused.

          Members of the Executive Committee discussed the petition of the
representatives.  The obligation to the general public in the maintaining of
University credit and the charge for comparable facilities by private investors
determine that the rentals fixed at its meeting on February ?20, 1959, effective
July 1, 1959, were justified, and upon motion duly made, seconded and car-
ried, the Committee declined to change the action as recorded in the minutes
of the Executive Committee of February 20, 1959. They asked the Secretary
to write a letter to the representatives, so advising.



          C. Financial Report.

          Mr. Peterson made financial report for the period July 1, 1958
through April 30, 1959.  He indicated that 98. 1% of the budget estimate of
$13, 180, 701. 63 for educational and general purposes of the University had
been received. The report revealed that 81. 5% of the General Fund Appro-
priations of $12, 862, 644. 09 had been expended and encumbered during the
first 10--months period of the fiscal year.  He submitted a balance sheet of
General Funds, Loan Funds and Endowment Funds which were examined in
detail. A balance sheet for the Plant Funds and Agency Funds was sub-
mitted and examined; likewise, a statement of Unrealized Income and De-
partmenta-l Appropriations was submitted and examined.  The members of
tl;e Committee having been advised, upon motion duly made, seconded and
carried, the Financia-l Report. was authorized received and filed.

          D. Contract with United States Armed Forces Approved.

          Mr. Peterson submitted Contract No. DA-47-943--IE-823, Depart-
ment of the Army, and explained that it was for correspondence courses in
the United States Armed Forces Institute.  The contract is a continuation of
an existing contract and provides for the payment of fees and charges for
correspondence courses available to trainees of Armed Forces through the
University' s Extended Programs.  He recommended approval of the contract,
and, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the contract was authorized
approved and executed on behalf of the University.

          E. Contract, Kentucky Department of Economic Development

          Mr. Peterson submitted Agreement between the Kentucky Depart-
ment of Economic Development and the University of Kentucky Bureau of
Business Research.  He explained that the Department of Economic Develop-
ment desired that the University make a study of the impact of combined state
and local taxes on selected manufacturers in Indiana, Ohio, 1bntucky and
Tennessee,  Certain communities were to be selected by parties to the Agree-
ment.  T1l-e Department of Economic Development agrees to make available
to pay for the cost of the study the sum of $4, 600. 00. Mr. Petezson recom-
mended that the contract be approved and, upon motion duiy made, seconded
and carried, the Agreement. wans approved and authorized executed on behalf
of the University,

          F. Contract with Ch~rles Pfizer & Company, Inc. Approved.

          Mr. Peterson submitted renewal of Agreement for Cooperative
Investigation between the Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc. , and the University
of Kentucky wbereby a, study of the effect of Terramycin in salt on controlled
and estrogen treated steers on pasture and the effect of Tran-Q in wintering
rah.fions for steers would be made for a period beginning July 15, 1959 to
fuly 15  1960.  Thle Chas, Pfizer & Company, Inc. , agreed to pay $2, 000
toward the cost of making this study.  Mr. Peterson recommended that the
Agreement be approved and executed,


          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Agreement
was approved and authorized executed.

          G. Agreement between the United States Quartermaster Corps
and the University Approved.

          Mr. Peterson submitted Modification No. 2, Supplemental Agree-
ment to QMR&E (NATICR), No. 87, dated May 8, 1959, extending an exist-
ing contract for an additional twelve months period to May, 1960. He ex-
plained that this contract had to do with radiation of food materials in con-
nection with a research project in horticulture work. Mr. Peterson stated
that Dean Welch was sure that this work would be of great benefit to the
experimental work of the Station and recommended its approval.

          Upon motion duly made. seconded and carried, the Modification
No. 2 to the existing contract was approved and authorized executed on behalf
of the University.

          H. Contract with the Amoco Chemicals Corporation of Chicago,

          Mr. Peterson submitted Agreement between the University of Ken-
tucky and the Amoco Chemicals Corporation of Chicago, Illinois, whereby the
Experiment Station will make tests of certain Amoco Aromatic Solvents for
phytotoxicity to tobacco. Mr. PetPe:r~sn stated that this was a technical ex-
periment and was for the benefit of the general tobacco program. The Amoco
Chemicals Corporation will pay the sum of $1,000 toward the expenses in
making the tests and Mr. Peterson recommended that the contract be approved.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Agreement
was approved and authorized executed.

         I. Contract with Naugatuck Chemical Division of the U. S. Rubber
Company Approfved.

         Mr. Peterson submitted Agreement between the Naugatuck Chemical
Division of the U.S. Rubber Company, Bethany, Connecticut, and the Univer-
sity whereby the Agricultural Experiment Station will make field tests of ma-
leic hydrazide for use in controlling suckers on burley tobacco. He stated
that the Naugatuck Chemical Division will pav $1,000 for each of the next four
years to defray the expenses of this test. He recommended that the Agree-
ment be approved, and upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the
Agreement was approved and authorized executed.

         S. A reement with Kentuck Department of Highways Approved.

         Mr, Peterson submitted Agreement between the Kentucky Depart-
ment of Highways and the University, extending a former Agreement dated
June 21, 1958. He stated this project provides for a study of highway con-
tracts program in its broad sense which will include many phases of



administration, capital budgeting and administrative planning. It carries a
budget of $66,655. 00. Mr. Peterson recommended, upon advice of the
Committee, that the contract be approved.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the contract was
approved and authorized executed.

          K. Approval of Resolution for Securing Surplus Property.

          Mr. Peterson submitted the following Resolution which is asked for
by the Disposal Agency of Surplus Property.  He recommended that the Donee
Resolution, as herein copied, be approved and authorized executed by E. B.
Farris, A. P. Nestor, H. D. Pratt, Seth Taylor, George R. Kavanaugh and
Frank D. Peterson.  He said it might become necessary to call in other Uni-
versity personnel to assist. However, they would do so in connection with
one of the above-mentioned staff members:

                         DONEE RESOLUTION

Name of Governing Board                               Address:

WHEREAS, this is the governing Board of the                            , and
                                            (Institution or Organization)

WHEREASiitisa tax-supported or a non-profit and tax-exempt school system,
school, college, university, medical institution, hospital, clinic or health
center, or a Civil Defense organization designated pursuant to State Law, and

WHEREAS, the property requested under authority of this Resolution, is usable
and necessary in the State for education, public health or Civil Defense pur-
poses for which acquired, including research for any such purpose, and for no
other purpose, and

WHEREAS, the property is required for use to fulfill an existing need and is
not being acquired for any other use or purpose for use outside of the State
or for sale, and

WHEREAS, funds are available to pay the costs of care and handling incident
to donation, including packaging, preparing for shipping and transporting such
property, and

WHEREAS, the terms, conditions, and instructions imposed by the Federal
Government and the Division of Property Utilization will be observed and ful-
filled, and

WHEREAS, it is understood that the property acquired regardless of acquisi-
tion cost shall be on an "as is", "where is" basis, without warranty of any


(1) That _                      _   __     ___, is hereby au-
                                       ( Title )
thorized as a representative of
                                        (Institution or Organization)



to sign any documents required by the Division of Property Utilization for the
selection and receipt of donable surplus property from the Federal Govern-

(2) That a certified copy of the Resolution be filed with the Division of Proper-
ty Utilization and the same shall remain in full force and effect until revoked
by written notice.

This Resolution was adopted this the     day of
The following is the signature of the person authorized herein.



, 195


(Institution or OrganizationT

. Secretary or Clerk of the governing board

       of                            County,

Kentucky, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true, and correct

copy of a Resolution adopted by the Board at a

                                              regular or called

meeting, thereof, held at its regular place of meeting at the time above-stated,

which Resolution is on file in the office of said Board.

Secretary or Clerk



          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Resolution was
approved for E. B. Farris, A. P. Nestor, H. D. Pratt, Seth Taylor, George
'R. Kavanaugh and Frank D. Petersen and authorized executed by the Vice
President, Business Administration.

          L. Disposition of Surplus Equipment Approved.

          Mr. Peterson reported a 1947 Ingram Road Roller, three wheel
seven-ton capacity, Serial number 1102-B-1, to be worn out and of little use
tG the University. He asked permission to dispose of the road roller in
whatever mainer he can to get the most money for it.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Vice President,
Business Administration, was authorized to dispose of the surplus road roller.


of the



          M. Injury to Ernest Steilberg.

          Mr. Peterson submitted report on an accident to Mr. Ernest Steil-
berg who, while working &or the Experiment Station, re-injured his vertebrae.
He stated that Mr. Steilberg had x-rays taken and received treatment at the
Good Samaritan Hospital and at the University Health Service, that the
amount of insurance received had been applied on the hospital bill and that
there remained a charge of $50, 00 for x-rays and professional services. He
recommended that the bills be paid, with the understanding that the Uni-
versity does not admit negligence or liability incident to the recurrence
of an old injury.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the invoices amount-
ing to $5G. 00 were authorized paid with the understanding that the University
does not admit negligence or liability thereby.

          N. Tnjury to Conner Tincher.

          Mr. Peterson reported an accident to Mr. Conner Tincher, an em-
ployee in the Division of Maintenance and Operations.  Mr. Tincher received
an injury on January 1. 1959, which resulted in an operation for hernia on
February 9, 1959.  Mr. Tincher carries hospitalization insurance which
covered his hospital bill, with the exception of $13. 50. Dr. Richard R.
Crutcher, the surgeon who performed the operation, submitted bill for ser-
vices rendered in the amount of $150. 00.

          Mr. Peterson stated that he had made sufficient investigation as to
convince him that the hernia was service connected, and, since Mr. Tincher
carries hospitalization insurance and has applied payments received from
his insurance on the expenses in so far as it would go, he recommended that
the University receive and pay the remaining obligations, with the expressed
understanding that the University does not admit negligence or liability in
connection therewith,

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, a hospital bill of
$13. 50 and a surgeon' s bill of $150. 00 were authorized paid, with the ex-
pressed understanding that the University does not admit negligence or lia-
bility in paying these invoices.

          0. Business Procedure Manual Approved.

          Mr. Peterson submitted, with the approval of President Dickey,
the revised Business Procedure Manual of the University of Kentucky.  He
stated that, severs days prior to the meeting, a copy had been forwarded to
each member of the Executive Committee for review,  Comments were made
by the Committee concerning the value of the Manual, and upon motion duly
made, seconded and carried, the Manual was approved as being the business
procedure and manner of operation of the University,



          P. Approval of Euclid and Harrison Avenues Overhead Pass.

          President Dickey and Mr. Peterson submitted a sketch of a proposed
overhead pass at the intersection of Euclid and Harrison Avenues. They
stated that the overhead pass was to take the place of the underpass previous-
ly approved by the Board of Trustees. It was explained that the Dean of
Men and Dea.n of Women and the University Safety Committee, in conference
with the Administration, definitely prefer an overhead pass to the underpass
across Euclid Avenue.  Members were advised that the sketch of the over-
head pass was not as esthetic in appearance as we had hoped for, but con-
sidering the large peak crowds that the structure must carry during sporting
events, concerts, etc. , the maximum allowable width of 12 feet seemed to
be desirable. It was stated that a daily use that might be made of this
structure might not seem to warrant the size but that we were building for
the next 50 to 100 years and should attempt to avoid the pitfalls that other
institutions have encountered. They were further advised that the ramps in
lieu of steps were used. for easier approaches and that steps leading to the
ramps would be suggested so as to provide alternate access.  The ramps
have been used to conserve ground space.

         Members of the Committee discussed the pedestrian overpass
and suggested that the engineers be requested to design a structure with as
much esthetic value as possible that would at the same time be able to take
care of the large crowds that would at times make use of it.

         Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the pedestrian
overhead pass at Euclid and Harrison Avenues was approved and the necessa-
ry easement for right-of-way was authorized granted.

         Q. Purchases by the Business Office Approved.

         Mr. Peterson submitted the following letter:

                                           April 6, 1959

         President Frank G. Dickey
         Administration Building
         University of Kentucky

         Dear President Dickey:

         From January 1, 1959 through March 31, 1959 the following
         requisitions and orders were processed for the purchase
         of merchandise, supplies, material and other items for the
         use and benefit of the University of Kentucky:



S.D. Orders .    .   .............. Inclusive 51-71
State Requisitions ..     .      Inc usive 685-969
Emergencies, State  ........... Inclusive 448-611
Special Orders .. .... ...e.     Inclusive 4555-5643
job Order Vouchers ........... Inclusive 10 108-10568
Stores Vouchers  ..............  Inclusive 5-611
Vouchers   ... ........Inclusive 11256-17128
Order by Letters  ............ Inclusive 857-1094
Athletic Orders.      .   ....... Inclusive 77-111
Emergency Purchase Orders .... Inclusive B845-B 1306
                                          S6 -S28
Stores Material Requisitions . .e.. Inclusive 9801-13618
Food Storage Center Orders . ..e.Inclusive 1275-1685
Requests for Quotations ....        Inclusive 2174-4785

        The reqaisitions, emergency requisitions, special orders, vouchers
        and other documents are made a part of this letter and are available
        to the Board of Trustees for inspection. All purchases have been
        made in accordance with approved policy of the Board of Trustees
        and I respectfully request confirmation and approval of the pur-
        chases as listed conforming to the statutes requiring action by the
        Executive Committee.

                                              Very truly yours,

                                      (Signed) Frank D. Peterson
                                              Vice President
                                              Business Administration

        Mr. Peterson requested that the purchases of materials, supplies,
merchandise and other items, as evidenced by various documents, be ratified
and approved. He made available all documents pertaining to these pur-
chases for examination by the members of the Committee.

        Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the purchase of ma-
terials, supplies and other items for the use and benefit of the University of
Kentucky, as follows:

S. D.  Orders  I . ........
State Requisitions  .   On
Emergencies, State   ...
Special Orders ........
Job Order Vouchers ....
Stores Vouchers   .. ,,
Vouchers   . ,.  .......
Order by Letters .......
Athletic Orders  ...    I..
Emergency Purchase Order'

.O **UInclusive
...... Inclusive
..... Inclusive
    . . Inclusive

685 -969



          Stores Material Requisitions ..... Inclusive 9801-13618
          Food Storage Center Orders ..... Inclusive 1275-1685
          Requests for Quotations ......... Inclusive 2174-4785

were ratified, approved and authorized.

        R. Candidates Approved for Degrees Recommended

        President Dickey submitted the following list of candidates for
degrees at the May Commencement, 1959, and recommended approval.

                       GRADUATE SCHOOL

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts

Marjorie Andress Bayes
Roger Aubrey Bullard
Robert Arnold Collins
Fredrick Henry Goldbecker
Charles Hugh Helmetag
Marie Charles Highfiel
James Robert Leonard
Edward Charles Lojun

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science

John Milton Campbell
Joe Clark Christian
Alfred Edward Coleman
Maurice Gayle Cook

George McFarland Luckey, Jr.
Carolyn Hodgson Meyers
Ralph E. Mitchell
Kenneth Eugene Nighman
Frances Charlotte Ott
Elsie Wettstein Pile
Rose Ann Ruble
Tacoma Gilbert Sloar.

James Katsumi Komatsu
Willard Eugene Rubarts
Noble Hajime Yoshida

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Agriculture

Joseph Burton Armstrong
Garnett Lowell Bradford
Charles Hugh Chaney
Donald Wedsel Claypool
Oliver Wendell Deaton
Hari Datta Dubey
John William Ernst
Ray Edwin Johnson
James Wilson Kidwell

Rodolphus Alvin Mabry
James Lawrence Morrill, Jr.
Donald Oberleas
Edwin Allen Proctor
Joseph Francis Schwer
Jesus Cabahit Sta. Iglesia
John Guy Stovall
James Allen Street



Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Thurman Winstead Gaddie
Robert Thomas Pruett

John Henry Schlueter

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Russell Elwood Puckett                       Muhamma.di Siswosudarmo

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in. Mechanical Engineering

Robert Oria Brooks                           John Bauer Whitlow, Jr.
James McCleland Elliott

Candidate for the Degree of Electrical Engineer

Carlyle Michelson

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education

Grace Carroll Albright
Phyllis Craig Alderdice
Ray Alexander, Jr.
Andrew Hartin Bayes
Alta Blair
Ralph Willard Blakey
Ray Butler
Gerry Lynn Calvert
Edith Anne Cones
Lillian Broughton Creech
Mavis Annette Curry
Fred Edgar Darling
Charlotte C. Denny
Willis Bates Ewing,Jr.
Charles Millard Galloway
Loran Edward Gilliam
Judith Carolyn Haynie
Margaret Payne Holliday
Orletta Porter Hurley

Martha Leonard Keeton
Oscar Ray King
Thomas Otis Lawson
Pauline Ligon
Dorothy White Miller
Eddy Agussalim Mokodompit
Mary Willa Morton
Robert H. Nieberding
Ramella Frances Patterson
Jagannath Singh Rathore
Henry C. Rose
Malvin Ray Sebree
Beverly Ann Stanley
Francis Stephen Stapleton
Lilly Bennett Stephens
Robert Pace Stratton
Ruth Catherine Tucker
Barbara Elizabeth White

Candidates for the Degree of Master uf Science in Education

Shirley Heath Brock
Sarah Lockett Tabb
Brent Druien Thompson

Mallie B. Taylor Voll
Delma H. Walden



Candidates for the Degree of Mlaster of Business Administration

James Durhami Alford
Robert Lanville Brown
Willie Guthrie Cross
James Lawrence Gibson

Jerry Grant Nolte
William Wharton Wiles
John Lloyd Wilson

Candidate for the Degree of Master of Science in Public Health

Gordon Neal Bell

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Library Science

Robert Kelly Allender
Shirley Park Dean

Alice Gene Lewis
Eliza Piggott Underwood

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Music

Jerold Charles Gerbrecht                    Elizabeth Van Horne
Patricia Eads Herren

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Education

John E. Barrows
Joseph Tary Conforti
Edsel Taylor Godbey

Donald LeRoy Hartford
Glenn Elmore Wills

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Paul Ray Caudill
Robert Thomas Dowd
Arthur Foster Glickstein
Kenneth Harper
Ernest Lawrence Kronvall

James E. Madden
Louise Brightwell Miller
Edgar Allan Moles
James Neal Young
John Edward Wiltz


Candidates for ~he Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Sydney Anne Adams
William Grover Allen
Kay Diane Amos
Barbara Lynne Andersen

Johnny Jame s Anderson, Jr,
Frank John Black
Patricia Edwards Bleyle
Yolanda Jo Bodenheirner



Claire Louise Boyd
Ruby Gail Charles
Theodore Gene Chism
Anne Rouse Coffrnan
Carol Terese Collins
Foster John Collis
Sandra Ann Connell
William Arnold Cooley
Helen K. Cornish
Nell Fenwick Cox
Thomas Hendrick Darnall, Jr.
Susan Julia Early Darnell
Mary Steger Dollar
Judy Mae Dollenmaier
Rosemary George Donovan
Dianne Mae Dvorak
Helen Elizabeth Eblen
William Graham Egerton,Jr.
Phoebe Beckner Estes
Joanne Mildred Field
Anne Lucille Fitzgerald
Martha Charlene Gaines
Phyllis Jo Gibbs
Raymond Lee Giles
Ronald Gene Goebel
Mary Mikell Gorman
Mary Merle Gray
Allen Gregory
Sara Carneron Hancher
Elizabeth Sevier Hanna
Lee Helm Hanson, Jr.
Phillip Hite Harris
Ethne Ursula Harrison
Evelyn Jane Harrison
Susan Jane Haselden
Beverly Joyce Hill
Roy Clay Hobbs
Sally Frances Hopper
Jane Audrey House
Sara Gooch House
Margarette Claire Hudgins
Charles Melvin Hudson, Jr.
Robert Joseph Jackson
Harvey Frances Jennings
William Shelby Kinkead
Kate Oldham Kirwan
Florence Camille Kramer

Jean Evelyn Kuhn
Elizabeth Luelle Kutak
Patricia Mildred Lackey
Rebecca Lester Lannom
William Scott Long
Mary Eileen McClure
Margaret Simpson May
Jo Ann Mercer
Robert Carroll Moody
Elizabeth Ann Moore
George Emmor Moore II
Nancy Ann Morgan
Jacqueline Dee Mundell
Gerald Edward Munn
Ann Ballantine Murphy
Charles Geissinger Noss
Robert Murray Odear, Jr.
Dale Keith Osborne
Betty Elliott Pearce
Peter Perlman
LuAnne Pate Phipps
Allene Stuart Phy
Harvey James Plaschke
Larry Jacob Pope
Donna Marie PI Pool
Laura Irene Prior
James Livingston Read, Jr.
Donna Mae Reed
Ralph Lee Reynolds
Richard Cornelius Roberts
Herbert Frank Scharff
Carl Jacob Schmidt
Gloria Jeanette Schnitzer
Charles Fredrick See III
William Homer Sexton
Mary Rachel Smith
Benjamin Barckley Storey
Evangeline Louise Taylor
Tobey Taylor
William Douglas Thompson, Jr.
Lucy Caroline Thointon
Mary Lewellen Tonks
Claude Milton Vaughan, Jr.
Charles Thomas Wade,Jr.
Marion Sidney Wallace, Jr,
Lucretia Gale Warren
Anne Owen Whitaker

William Kemper Burkhart
Barbara Ellen Callicoat
Andrew Butler Colley
Jeanetta Cook

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science

George Richard Baker
Martha Ann Bradburv
Harvey Kent Brock
Joanne Brown


Francis Marion Criswell
Sidney Elliott Cruise
Donald Eugene Eisenbarth
Jackie Jean Elswick
Alfred Wilson England,Jr.
Mary Elma Fearing
Sidney Ray Fortney
Jerry Douglas Fraim
Alvin Leroy Gray
Max Ryan Harris
Claude Caudill Hazlett
Walter Lee Helton
John Herman Hoffmann
Stanley Richard Huffman
Reaves Whitney Jackson, Jr.
Mumin Koksoy
Billy Ray Lawson
Fernita Ann Lutes
Marion Denver Miniard
Bobby Lee Nayle
Billy Jack Nichols
Roscoe Herman Playforth

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in

Ray Reed
Henry Thomas Rice
Herman Henry Rieke III
Geraldine Rinker
Elster Dean Roberts
Donald Richard Rogers
Clay Campbell Ross,Jr.
Charles Howard Sampson
Billv Warren Smith
Eddie Carol Smith
Gerald Kenneth Sorrell
William Ray Stagg
Morris G. Stout
John Thomas Sullivan
Donald Lee Taylor
Betty Jo Wall
Carl Weber Watson
Jackson Walker White
Frank. Robbins Wilkerson, Jr.
Lowell Francis Williams
Don Wallace Wright


Gilbert Raymond Barley
Neal McClure Clay,Jr.
William Andrew Epperson
Betty Holtzclaw Goss
Ernst Williarn Hammons
John Lewis Hampton, Jr.
James Clark Hudson
Halstead Collier Leichhardt
Richard Gordon Littrell
Nancy Barbara Meadows

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Music

Winnifred Cooley Akers
Cassandra Ringue Anderson
Elizabeth Ann Burchett
Robert Wayne Elam
Sue Eleanor Judy
Wade Ryan McSwain

Daniel Joseph Millott
John Robert Mitchell
Gurney Musick Norman
William Pastuch
Arthur Peter III
Alice Sherfy Redding
Kenneth Eugene Robinson,Jr.
Paul Douglas Scott
Joan Estelle Weissinger

Jane Lynn Mahoney
Jane Hatchett Ramsey
William Harold Ramsey III
Agnes McAlpine Sandefur
Joan Blythe Stadelman
Frances Ann Vimont

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Sherley Hylsee Clark                         Charlotte Marie Young Moore
Carol Ann McCord                             Charles Denver Ritchie





Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Kenneth Congleton Arnold
Howard Norman Baker
Darrell Milton Beere
Hershal Edward Blankenship
Philip Carl Booker
James Franklin Boyd
Joseph Bernard Brands,Jr.
Ottie Walker Brogli, Jr.
Ellery Fisk Calkin, Jr.
Roy Vawter Catlett
Forrest L. Cunningham
Gilbert Pharee Dempsey
Kenneth Lewis Dotson
Willard Aubrey Etherington, Jr.
Thomas Kenton Fogle
Arthur Paul Graden
George Lawrence Hall
Orman Maurice Harm
Douglas Morton Henshaw
Gary Wayne Hicks
John Thomas Houston
Russell Max Judy
Robert Earl (emp
Logan T. Lanham

Shelby Joe McCarty
Donald Gene McCoun
Glenn Edward McNabb
Robert H. Mayo
Weldon Paul Pettey
Lawrence Samuel Philpot
Samuel Kyle Plummer
Walter LeRoy Porter
Charles William Scherer
Robert Tobin Seay
Othal Thomas Shimfessel
Kline Delano Shipp
Leonidas C. Skaggs
Kennith Loman Stephens
William Marcus Trautman
Claude F. Wade
Charles A. Watson
Samuel Earl Whitaker
James Curtis Wilds
Ermel D. Wilson
Warren Rees Wilson
Bobby Joe Withrow
Randall Dudley Wood

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Horne Economics

Peggy Ann Northcutt Anderson
Ruth Thornton Bateman
Rose Cecile Bates
Catherine Robertson Boyd
Anna Sue Chandler
Roberta Ann Cocanougher
Charline Carol Coons
Joyce Faye Crupper
Patricia Ann Disney
Wilma Rae Ellis
Iris Dixie Grugin
Erma Jean Hammond
Shirley Ann Hash
Anna Merle Hornsby
Nancy Hamilton Hubbard
Rena Mae Huzzey

Marilyn Joanne Massey
Marilyn Read Mayes
Mabel Eunice 0' Neal
Joan Forelle Pittelko
Judith Carolyn Rollins
Katherine Stafford Rubarts
Karolyn Ruth Sisk
Joyce Hill Smith
Sheila Ann Todd
Nancy Pauline Trapp
Edith Wilson Warner
Patricia Ann Watts
Jane Eleanor Williams
Joan Young
Shirley Fay Young



Candidates for the Degree

of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Roy Eugene Back, Jr.
Delbert Kayne Baker
John Clinton Bridwell
James Allen Brown
Bong Kee Kim Caldwell
Clyde Reynolds Carpenter
Amon Lewis Colley
John Thomas Eddleman
Freddie Gene Ellis
Marvin Geer Gregory, Jr.
Edward Martin Grigsby
James Larry Hacker
Leonard Scott Hardin
Forrest Lee Hornback
Walter Scott Hoskins
Richard Samuel Howe
John Smith Huefner
Robert Lee Kemp

Paul Joseph Kissel
Roger Ladenburger
Jerry Clifton Lingle
Satish Chand Markanda
Charles Thomas Price,Jr.
Richard Lawrence Quiggins
Clifford Wendell Randall
Samuel Wayne Reynolds
Joseph Young Roberson
Douglas Settle
Glenn Ray Spalding
Elizabeth Ann Stuckman
Cecil Wayne Thomas
Milton Doak Thompson, Jr.
Henry Clay Vickers
Harold Clinton Williams
William Howard Williams
James McFarland Yowell

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Robert Herman Adams
Thomas Taylor Baldwin, Jr.
Paul Ray Campbell
Olen Price Ely,Jr.
David F rank
Donald Eugene Gaines
John Anthony Gex
James Bernard Grant
Lyman Speer Hall, Jr.
Olaf Mikal Haugen, Jr.
William Eugene Hopkins
David Cameron Hopper
James Lee Hummeldorf
Gilbert Harold Johnson
William Aubrey Jones, Jr