"Jones", "Baugh", two men in uniforms standing at attention with rifles; "Baugh as a solider?", man in uniform holding gun and wearing backpack standing on a step in front of a door; "Hard boiled Creech", man in uniform standing in field; "Our athletic supervisor", man standing and holding several pieces of athletic equipment; "Dead eye Dick", man in uniform with gun; "No Worries", man in uniform standing in a field; "Posing again", man in uniform with gun; "Posing again", man in uniform with rifle; "Sgt. Olsen", "Redman", two men in uniform in front of a building; "Two roughnecks", two men in uniform standing in a field; "On guard", man in uniform surrounded by rifles in a field; "Ready to move out", men in uniform at attention in a row; "Ready!", three men in uniform with guns


  • 1921


Thompson, Abe.


  • English


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  • University of Kentucky




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