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Pharmacy Grad Program Ranked Among Best
The UK College of Pharmacy is ranked as the fifth best phar- Pharmacy has a current enrollment of 497 students. A new
macy program in the nation by the US. News and V%riti Report class of 132 students will be admitted in the fall of 2008. The
2009 edition ofAmerica`s Best Graduate Schools. The current new pharmacy building is slated for completion in 2010 and
ranking represents a move up from an eighth place ranking in will have three times the space of the current facility.
New UK Endowment For India Studies
An historic visit by A.P.]. Abdul Kalam, former   `    K
president of India, has signaled the establishment of a V »   Ci¢f.?" _? `  
new major endowment at UK for research, teaching ` ` `   I   V} ` ~ , .
and outreach efforts targeting studies related to the V · *— *lr`£T'* _ _ _ " who   * i  
nation of1ndia. An initial $1 million donation pre-   ~ _ `      
sented at a community dinner honoring Kalam 5;; l ` _ ` . '   _
launched the President A.P.]. Abdul Kalam India ’ I ‘ l  i ``vg     ``_`   ___4_.     -   ’ n _ l{,··
Studies Endowment Fund that hopes to raise addi- Q ( `   Zpx i  S  S i K ' ‘· ,  . `
tional private funding for a proposed center dedicated     I E U 4 r Y ‘ ummm     `
to India studies at UK.         W c ` , ` . p R  3   
The new endowment named for Kalam and the kth `       ~· " ` ` V A to 5 °     _§
multidisciplinary center it envisions will be housed       E
under the UK Office ofthe Provost. The proposed   lg    
Center ofExcellence for India Studies would promote { ` ’ ` gg
both individual and collaborative studies representing , 5
hatha tht ¤¤gh¤¤t tho ¤¢¤d¢mi¢ ohtotPti$o <>fUK· Such UK Provost Kumble Subbaswamy, Shyam Vijayaraghavan (the donors' son),
Wotk Would Pt ovido KohtuokY ahd U·S· Studohts thc Melappalayam S.Vijayaraghavan, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Sowmya Vijayaragha-
oPPottuhitY to loath about hatua ih doPth> as Woh as van, UK President Lee T. Todd Jr. and Dean Devanathan Sudharshan, ofthe
Ptovido oXPo$uto tot UK th I¤di¤· Gatton College of Business and Economics, launch the President A.P.J.
Watch president Ka|am vjdggg Abdul Kalam India Studies Endowment Fund with a $1 million donation
(FG _\£\£3hXtr3 by going to www,uka|umni,ner, from Dr. Melappalayam and Sowmya Vijayaraghavan.
keyword: Kalam
UK A 'Best Place' For Postdocs
UK ranks 22nd among all American institutions where post- sities ranked higher than UK on the list, which also included
doctoral fellows learn, work and gain experience, according to industrial and government institutions where postdoctoral fel-
The Scientist magazine. The article, “Best Places to Work 2008: lows pursue research. UK ranked higher than such universities
Postdocs,” is in the magazine’s March 2008 issue along with a as the University ofMichigan (#23), Duke (#28) and Vander-
chart ofthe Top 35. bilt (#32).
The magazine cited “training and mentoring” as the reason
UK ranked as high as it did. 1n fact, only four American univer-
U K HealthCare Introduces New Specialty
UK HealthCare is now offering a new medical specialty: pe- dren such as airway problems, foreign bodies, tumors, neck in-
diatric otolaryngology. 1t focuses on care of children from birth fections and congenital abnormalities.
through adolescence with all problems regarding the ear, nose The UK HealthCare Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic is located
and throat. Pediatric otolaryngologists treat many common on the third floor of the Kentucky Clinic. For clinic appoint-
problems such as sinus, throat and ear infections but they also ments, call 859- 257-5405.
specialize in complex conditions that occasionally occur in chil-
Compiled from UK Web sites, UK Public Relations news reports, and
Kentuclgr Alumni magazine staff reporting.
)) 6 Summer 2008