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Man the GLSO News we 3,,
1 / Servrces 9-,, ’ 2‘
. Organization F@b[flmaw 2®®9 '
- ”v“
A Publication of the Lexington Gay Service Organization Volume 31 Number 2
, ‘ I, _‘, - , ‘ ‘ Imperial Court of Kentucky
Not Cl Gumble— A" are Fun . This month you have the opportu—
nity to enjoy two great events brought to

Like most other non-profits, not you by the Imperial court of KY. On
to mention most businesses and fami— Wednesday, February 11’ The Imperial
lies) GLSO is experiencing a financial Court presents the Miss Gay Valentine
short fall. We have therefore COHIFPP Pageant. This exuberant competition
With ways that we can do fimdralsmg will be at Bluegrass Connections, 942
that Will also not stress your wallet to Winchester Rd. Doors open at 8:30 and
much and Will be loads 0f film the pageant begins at 9:30. Join us for a

«5?: A “114‘ v" . :f _, iii J- - 1‘ 53 fun evening ofgreat entertainment.

The fir“ opportunity W1“ be at Then on Tuesday, February 24, join
Applebee’s, 4009’Nicholasville Rd., on us for the Maflfi Gras Ball, a Gala event
Monday, Feb. 16- Have COthails and where we will celebrate New Orleans style
a delicious dinner and benefit the (without the flood waters, but with the
GLSO- We’re going to have a gay 01d music, glitter, and joy.) It will be held at
time 50 lOin “5 anytime between 5pm the Lexington Downtown Hotel
and 9Pm- , . (formally Radisson) in the Spirit Lounge.

Present the flyer printed as an Doors open at 7 pm and the cost is
insert in this issue of the GLSO News 5515 This will be a joint fundraiser for
and Applebee’s will donate 10% of The Imperial Court, Moveable Feast,
your check to the GLSO- Eat, drink GLSO, AVOL and LexFalr. Please come
and be merry It Will lift your Spirits out and support all these organizations.
and you will be able to face the rest of Our community needs financial support
the week. , now more than ever.

5?:‘1": l kW»; 11' 3:1 4]: L; .; WWW-imPerialcouflkentUCkY-Ofg

Join us at Cici’s, 2033 Harrods-
burg Rd. , Lexington, for an all you Sponsor ofthe Month
can eat pizza night on Sat., Feb 21
anytime between 6 and 10 pm. Dr. Ted Richardson O.D.

No flyer required for this event, .
just tell the cashier that you are With 1 757 Alexandrla Dr-
GLSO as you pay. You will be asked
to pay as you enter since it is an all 278— 4201 I ”"II
you can eat restaurant. Don’t fill up I ’
on pizza, they have great desserts 277-4684 . ”line

 , ~ 1 GAY n :3
firm”??? Volume CH 11
\/ LESBIAN GL7 0 NEWS No. 2 a:
13 . . . f
‘5 ORGANIZATION News Editors Mary Crone & Sarah Phi/Up}; 1
Lexington, KY 1
Incorporated as GLSO BOARD 1
The Gay Service Organization Mary Crone Presrdent ‘3 :
P.O. Box 1172 Lex. KY40588 Terry Mullins Vice President '1' ,
I Ginger Moore Secretary if 1
www,g|sopc_org Sondra Mellott Treasurer =
_—_- Thomas Collins Jane Minder
Pride Center Office Manager Virginia Morman Teri Mosier L;
3’” Chandler Karen Taylor Dana Wallingford ;; 1
859'253'3233 Denni‘s Wheatley 1 '
N. n We need yourfinancial support. Pix 1ase donate in the basket '
‘4," at the Pride Center, get a subscript-1:1, send us a check, or i
7 donate on our website thrquh paypal. 1:, 3
\%’ GLSO Membersnig. & Newslr tter ‘1
egg, ,9_.,;:_.;ev:- Individuals/Couples: “’20 pe/ year mmw'j1
\ i
' l ‘\ i 1
[tilt Kentueky tag-arm ,
.— lfiiflm Fell wary (am 1
,. -. , Mann-mum 3 m..-.~.....lm 1
cnoss NGS ' n 1
ӣ43253.ng ex 1119 .
With performances by Bear and Leather Title Holders, Cr‘SSingS
own Diva, Clarissa Cumberland, Empress XXVll, Eve St. Mych 'l. and
The Ebony Goddess, Rayna Starr.
Also, raffle prizes, 3 jock-strap auction, silent auction, jello sh, t8
and a special Kentucky Dancing Bear Shot. - ; '
,1 1
Proceeds from this event to benefit Mr. KY Bear ‘ ' 1
2008, John David Elam, Moveable Feast, and "_. i ‘
, The GLSO Pride Center. '1
\ \x/
Page 2 _

 “I l I - . 1
v‘ ' . r . ‘. ,
I * é a “l ""1 ''l "l I l" ‘ \H e“
{I - :- ‘v . v” g . , \‘K-‘r J;‘ ‘ ““g'»
I _.
I . . ,
‘3 Bowhng for GLSO Rainbow League Resurrected.
I , I , Were you a member of the Rainbow
” lts Saturday night and you want . . .
II , _ , , Bowling League? Are you interested in
something to do. You are thinking it . . . . .
. . _ Jolnlng a GLBT bowling league here in
would be great to get a lew ll‘lClKlS to- . p . .
I, . Lexington . If so, a new league is being
. gethei' and do something new or maybe f d l)
II somethinr oii haven’t done in '1 lonr orme Y GLSO member Morg
a; y t. ,Y , ‘ . , : 5 Fry. He will be attending the GLSO
II time. Here it is — a l‘un Bowling Night! Fun Bowlin Ni ht where he will set It
II The best part is yoti are helping g g , P
1-; , . 1 , . . a table where you can Sign up for the
I: raise money lor (.LSO while havmg a . .
E’ , I I league or get more information.
If great time. Come to Southland Bowl- 7 ,
:3 . . . .I. If you re unable to attend that
Ii ing Lanes on bat., l'el). 28 at 7 pm. .
II , , I event, you can email Morgan at mor-
I1 [he cost is $15 lor 5 games and shoes.
II In I I l l i "I s) this is 1 gan@morganfry.com or call (859) 420—
H ’ l '2 , 310‘s Q " X ‘2 .‘( i .
If 1‘6 e ‘ s t l L e 6398 or email . He looks forward to
II good deal. meetin ou there'
II We will also be giving away cash! gy .
I. . . .
II [lung some money lor [Infill/50 ‘rallle, litFXlllgl,()ll l’l'ltlc FesllVal 2009
,1 tickets Will he 5“. ln addition, South— '
land will be putting colored pins in the Stonewall Lives:
[ lanes and you can win free games with a celebrating our Past,
strike that includes oneol those pins. . Forging our Future
So gather up your lriends and notify . . . . .
me as soon as you can with the number Pride Festival 2009 WI“ again be in
of people attending. \Ve want to he sure Cheapstde Park on the last Saturday in
to have enough lanes reserved. Call me June. That weekend '5 the 40th'anniver—
at 502—545—6355 or email me at ktay— sary 0f the 1969 Stonewall Riots. We
lorQ‘l‘ewph.net. Looking forward to see— commemorate that event in our theme
ing everyone there!! lor the festival, “Stonewall Lives: Cele-
brating Our Past, Forging Our Future.”
Mr KY Bear BCII" Night Check out our web site at
,. . . www.lexpride.com Where you are can
- l he KY Bears inVIte you to a fund— . .
_ I , I , vote on several items. We have received
' raiser at Crossings on l‘riday Feb. 6. . .
. _ _ , a number of logos in our destgn contest
lrom 9 pm to I am. Admission is $3
, I and you can vote on the one you prefer.
and proceeds Will henelit Mr. KY Bear .
I You can also vote for the slogan that Wlll
. 2008, lohn lLlam, Moveable Feast, and . .
,I - I _ I be on the offictal wristbands. The web—
I he GLSO Pride (,enter. . . .
, . site is being updated frequently.
There Will he perlormances by Bear .
. . I , www.1expride.com
and Leather ritle Holders, Crossings L , . . . ..
, , I ast year s festival created VlSlblllty
own Diva, Clarissa Cuinerland, Lin— .
I and raised awareness for the GLBT com—
press XXVll, lave St. Mycaal, and the . l'l f h . L .
l Ebon Coddess R‘l Il‘l Qt'trr munity ice eW 0t er events in exing-
y I , " ' y ' K ' ' ton have. Help us make the 2009 festival
Continued on page /i
even better.
Page 3

 KY Bears Night continued TransKentucky

_ There “411.3150 be raffle prizes, a TransKentucky meets on the first

link strap .auction, a T'Sh‘rt auction: a Saturday of each month at 7:30pm. We

silent auction, Jello shots and.a specral are a support, social, and resource

KY D ancmg. Bear Short. Jom us for group. Our mission is to provide a safe

this fun evening. place for transgender individuals and
others who do not fit the standard en—

Bluegrass Gay P honebOOk der norms. Supportive allies are Evel-

changes publishing schedule come.

The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook has Meetings are free and you may dress
announced it will move its publish- however you feel comfortable. This is
ing deadline from September to May. not a therapy group. .For info and place:
The change will ensure that the latest TransKentucky@gmail.com
co of the honebook will be avail— ,
abley at the Pgr'zifif Festival in June. Adver— Bluegrass Women s Network
tisers who paid for advertising in the first The Bluegrass Women's Network is
issue of The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook a ”Cid group for women who identify
will receive a 50% credit toward the re— as lesbian. Membership is free and there
new of their ad placement. If you have are no obligation. We have a variety 0f
questions about the change you can call activities such as brunches, potluck din—
Brian Hill, the publisher, at 1-859- nets, Plays, movies, Parties, and what-
514.7096 ever else we manage to dream up! In

. February we are having a first meeting
Sales Assocnates Wanted ofa new a book club.

The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook is To announce events and share in—
now hiring for Sales Associates to sell formation, the Bluegrass Women's Net—
advertising space for their next issue. work has a private/hidden Yahoo group
Experienced salespeople are preferred website. It is not listed in the Yahoo
but will train qualified candidates. This Directory, and can only be accessed by
position is ideal for students or retired group members.
individuals. Interested people can call 1- Moderators/Facilitators for the
859-514-7096 for more information. Bluegrass Women's Network are Debby

and Lynn. If you are interested in join—
ing please send a request to theblue—
{‘Keep the gave you find. grasswomensnetwork—owner@yahoo
" Get the [we you want!” groups.com and the link to the BGWN
' Yahoo group will be sent to you. Then
' you may apply to join. We are looking
Jessica Bollinger LCSW forward to meeting YOU soon!
Imago Relationship Therapist
EMDR TraumWork Lexington Lyons & Levi Club
_ . COUPE. Family. Individual Monday, Feb 2 at 7 pm
m‘agmnnedmmm 552'6533 Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave.
Page 4

 .. Dr. Ted M. Richardson, 0. D.
[d The Most Thorough Eye Exam
3: The Highest Standard of Eye Care
is 24 Hour Emergency Service
8‘ Immediate Appt. For Emergencies
is Member I ”ll"
Z American Optometric Association I ”ll"
if G
'g' Gardenside Plaza 278 — 4201
l_ 1757 Alexandria Dr. 277—4684
g, Monday through Friday 9 to 6 Sat. 9 to 12
Late Evening Hours by Appointment
._ . Medical Cards Accepted
. fl We Will complete Your Insurance Forms
q -—
‘(I—SA Bluegrass Shield — Option 2000
HMO Kentucky Humana
% Medicaid Medicare
5 Vision Service Plan
_ Pages

 P id 9 C e n t
Phone 359 253-3233 Office Hours ID to 3 M-F 389 Waller Ave.
The Pride Center needs your help. Come out and show 55¢... _
your support by joining us for dinner and/or bowling fiygfinfifi ”fix
advertised on the facing page. Bring the flyer on the in— \3 fikfi‘afi g- *sz}..ij
sert to Applebee’s. Join Bill at Crossings for Karaoke. If 65;! .“fi‘wfifif
you visit the Center please consider donating what you ks“! "i“ ofs‘f—K : f
can in the basket left out on the table. Money collected “2:3: ' V 4,.ng
can be put under the oflice door. \t‘éki—Légiiz:_fivfl
On Thursday, February 5, there EVERY WEDNEIDAY 7PM
will be free HIV testing between 6 pm PRIDE CENTER 339 WALLER
and 8pm. The oraquick mouth swab ALL ARE WELCOME
technique will be used. This test gives
a result in about twenty minutes. If
the test is reactive, blood sample will Thank Pepsi for Support
be taken. The results are back in two The American Family Association is
weeks for the confirmatory blood tests. callin for a bo cott of Pe si due to
. . . g y P
Testing W111 be available at the their support for the "homosexual
Pride Center on the first Thursday of agenda". They are angry because Pepsi
each month 0“ an ongoing basis. An- donated $500,000 each to the Human
other. time for testing at the Pride Cen— Rights Campaign and PFLAG.
ter Will be established if needed. Pepsi has also marched in pride
parades and has workshops to educate
Insight Group its employees in sexual orientation and
. gender identity issues. Please call Pepsi
Friday, Feb 6 Pat Luck 1—800-433—2652 and let them know you
Friday, Janzo Movie Night appreciate their co??i(t;§;m-ti diverci
Pride Center 7 pm my a." .support 0 “g ts an
;:;:-‘ ..-.-.- ra “13:91:"
mass was
Join Host Bill Melater ....¢;;§;g~g exmg on
re 5 :75. Eve 151 and 3rd _
- .1 ry Fundraiser for GLSO
TueSdaY @ 9 Pm Pride Center of the Bluegarss
Page 6 _

 ( Mon. Feb. 16114
' (6 5-9 pm
" ,- Applebees

.. :1,“ i*'~ 4“ 7“!" F”: 1’? , 147’“: 3
4: Tell The cashier that “’NSEEi-iéfliiiiiii 335*
:1 Feb. 28th 7pm.
;; Southland Bowling Lanes

3 Games w/ Shoes 1 ,


 Bayard Rustin ( 1912 - 1987) by mary crane
Bayard Rustin is a gay man we can be proud of; in fact, all Americans owe him a
debt of gratitude for teaching the techniques of non-violence to Martin Luther King
and other leaders of the African American Civil Rights Movement. And yet, I didn’t
hear Rustin’s name once in all the news coverage of the Obama Inauguration. Many
activists were mentioned, but not Bayard Rustin. He should not remain invisible.
Bayard Rustin is acknowledged as York. There he became involved in efforts
one of the most influential and effective to free the Scottsboro BOYS ‘ nine young
organizers of the civil rights movement. black men who had been accused falsely
He was the primary organizer of the ofraping two white women.
1963 March on Washington for Jobs In the 19405, Rustin worked with A.
and Freedom where Martin Luther Philip Randolph, the head of the Brother—
King made his “I have a Dream” hood of Sleeping Car Porters, and A. J.
speech. And yet, as many civil rights Muste, Quaker leader of the Fellowship of
leaders were recalled during the week— Reconciliation (FOR). The three of them
end of Rev. King’s birthday celebration proposed a march on Washington to pr 0‘
and the Inauguration of President test racial discrimination in the armed
Obama, I did not hear his name once. forces. The match was canceled after
He has been shamefully ignored, most President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an
likely because he was gay. Executive Order (the Fair Employment
Rustin was raised by his maternal Act), which banned discrimination in
grandparents, Janifer Rustin, a caterer, defense industries and federal bureaus.
and Julia Davis Rustin, a nurse and Rustin also went to California to protect
charter member of the National Asso— the property 0f Japanese-Americans im-
ciation for the Advancement of Colored prisoned in internment camps. Impressed
People (NAACP). NAACP leaders such with Rustin's organizational skills, Muste
as W.E.B. Du Bois and James Weldon appointed him as FOR'S secretary for
Johnson (Lift Every Voice and Sing) student and general affairs.
were frequent guests in the Rustin In 1942, Rustin worked with James
home. With these influences in his early Farmer, J1“ (portrayed as a young man in
life, Rustin became an activist at a 2007 movie The Great Debaters) to form
young age and campaigned against ra- the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).
cially discriminatory Jim Crow laws. CORE was a pacifist organization based
The young Rustin excelled in aca— Continued on me 10
demics, music and sports at the inte— " : “9:2; ‘ : ' g
grated West Chester, Pennsyl- " fl . i a
vania High School and was class vale— a .1; 5'3»
dictorian his senior year. On one high ‘h . g be. 1
school trip(1929), he insisted that black l i h , I '~.-‘< a 9
ball players be put up in the same hotel 1 E. 3‘ $5 4
as white players, and he was once ar— ‘ Ea _ ' ‘ 4
rested for sitting in the "whites only" ‘ i ' v . \“Pfilfillhltila~»f
section of the local movie theater. £ HEB g l1
Rustin moved to Harlem in 1937 AHMED " I, . , l 3 ab
and studied at City College of New .1 g ; QBJEUM‘ 1“?“
Page 8

 1 a “a...
n’t ' -.~\ /
. as w— /
y \ i ()7 d I 2
\ Km" JP?“ 1“ \J ”I"
m \ i / - a it \>" ’
ng , A \SN ..
:1y \1 Kg" 11,
A. \
J'f M. (361. t [9’7
0 (on. ’i . , I
3’“ (“Vi if???» REF) I - ”Mas/{VT
’0‘ \\ \q k? K“; \K‘J ‘ \ ‘rlefl7’
. a \ \/1
ed \\\) \./ .
ier \" -/;/"”' / /
an 1 ~ 4/ I /'// -r/""
nt I // f ‘d/
in / "I "’L (3012’ . \KV‘L'V\ 1“.
is. . , ///- - n (30“ / 4// Mafia/)4 , «W!
:Ct ”:11; .171 / \f, 0’)U i . >0 .// r; i.
.- M r . .r or
1 ‘ r 3‘1). ' / / -; .
Ed \ (“i 0‘s, C / 3:7, .
:te . n" a J ,gr’.
Or .i- . ._ {3(0le 0 / (’3
~VIVVV"\M“V / /r . C; \
K‘ ‘/\- \ \‘i‘,\\.\.‘i\\vi )chii‘D‘R‘ / If; ‘.
i “‘i:rT“'/‘// ""*x\ / r .13.; . .
' ‘ as ' 1... 1w" , he .
‘ $711943 WW 1'1 ‘15:, “
v ) gel/WW 5 r’ L601)?" 72/"
Jim/Willy L ([8 007)?)JIUHOH' if);
\‘.\ . i 830 P1] . ./ 510”?”ch lily/y
5 /‘ lg/h . ”a ///.
. 01 1 . . if [M
r \:@00/1 F g! A 9550 Fl!” film Inwdflal":o/’4C/ /
r if. ' UL . .53 0 /’//.;i;-’/
f) . [if it} _ iliLiTm/.i;«/“/
til/a ‘7‘“in “/I‘Id/ :1) fl / ,.
‘ 1:111:13:
Page 9

 on the writings of Henry David Thoreau v p g
and modeled after Mohandas Gandhi's A 1%;
non—violent resistance. '_~» , 3%:

As pacifists, Rustin and other mem— My!“ 52* i
bers of FOR and CORE were arrested for ,1 it , "W " v ,‘i ‘ i
violating the Selective Service Act. Rustin ., .'. if, ,1; i ‘s' ’L‘ i;
could have been granted conscientious fig , : J.‘P,{7W Ii
objector status but refused to do so be- ,_ r. ,t’ 1V” W .
cause most black men did not have this :‘i 1i?" - i ‘ ,afi ,
option. From 1944 to 1946, Rustin was 3“,;r’iiilv. ;' L s
imprisoned in Lewisburg Federal Peni- 5 .i V ‘01 q .*
tenti , where he organized protests i ,
agairiisrty segregated dining facilities MLK and Bayard RUSH": 1957

Rustin and Houser organized the 1955. According to the chairman of the
Journey of Reconciliation in 1947. This group, Stephen Cary, Rustin's member—
was the first of the Freedom Rides to test ship was repressed at his own request
the ruling of the US Supreme Court that because he believed that his known sex-
banned racial discrimination in interstate ual orientation WOUld compromise the
travel. CORE's Gandhian tactics were 71-page Pamphlet once it appeared.
opposed strenuously by the NAACP, and Rustin took a leave from the War
participants in the Journey of Reconcilia— Resisters League in 1956 to go to Mont—
tion were arrested several times. Rustin gomery to advise Martin Luther King Jr»
served twenty—two days on a chain gang during the bus boycott. Although he had
in North Carolina for violating Jim Crow Studied the philosophy of non—violence,
laws regarding segregated seating on Pnh' MLK had not personally embraced it as a
lic transportation. basis for activism. In fact, there were

In 1948, Rustin traveled to India to gulls inside King’s house, and armed
learn nonviolence techniques directly guards posted at his doors. Rustin per-
frorn the leaders of the Gandhi an move— suaded boycott leaders to adopt com—
ment. Starting in 1947 and continuing plete nonviolence, teaching them the
for most of his life, Rustin assisted Afri- techniques of nonviolent direct protest.
can leaders who were working to achieve The fOllOWing year, RUStin and King
independence from European nations. began organizing the Southern Christian

In 1953, Rustin was arrested in Leadership Conference (SCLC). Many
California and pleaded guilty to a charge African—American leaders were concerned
of "sex perversion" (as consensual sod— that Rustin's sexual orientation would
omy was legally defined) and served 60 undermine support for the civil rights
days in jail. He remained candid about movement but also knew he was indls—
his sexuality, which was still criminalized pensable as a long term practitioner and
throughout the United States. teacher of non-violent resistance.

Rustin served as an unidentified U.S. Representative Adam Clayton
member of the American Friends Service Powell, Jr. forced Rustin's resignation
Committee's task force to prepare one of from the SCLC in 1960 by threatening
the most influential pacifist essays ever to openly discuss Rustin's California
produced in the United States, "Speak conviction for “sex perversion” in Con—
Truth to Power: A Quaker Search for an gress. Although Rustin was open about
Alternative to Violence," published in being gay and his conviction was a mat-
Page 10


 tei‘ of public record, it had not been dis— Rustin ' testified on behalf Of New
cussed widely outside the civil rights York States Gay Rights_ B1“ and, .in
leadership. Rustin offered his resignation 191:6’ named the. gay lesbian community
from SCLS and, to his surprise, it was as. the community WhICh 15 most easily
accepted by King. In recent years, US. mistreated. He .freguently urged gay
Congressman John Lewis has spoken up and IFSb‘fl‘f organizations to stand up for
for Rustin saying that at the time of his all minorities. .
resignation “we did not have the raw A year before his death .in 1987’
courage to keep him in the leadership Rustin said: Twenty-five, thirty years
position he deserved.” ago, the barometer of human rights in
In 1963, the aging A. Philip the Linited States were black people.
Randolph told the SCLC that Rustin was That Is {10 longer true. The barometer
the only man capable of organizing the for Judging the character 0f people in
March on Washington whi ch was then regard to human rights is now those who
in the planning stage. The leadership consider, Zthemselves gay, homosexual,
asked Rustin to rejoin them in order to lesbian. L1.
plan the now famous march. . There is a documentary of Rustin’s
The day before the march, Senator life, Brother Outsider, that presents him
Strom Thurmond railed against Rustin as a peaceful troublemaker and an 310‘
as a "Communist, draft—dodger, and quent speaker th’ refused to be 51‘
homosexual." He produced an FBI pho~~ lenced. From rustin.org: “In a nation
to graph of Rustin talking to King whill e still torn by mud hatred and violence,
King was bathing, to imply that there bigotry against. homosexuals, and ex-
was a same-sex relationship between the traordiiiary dlv'des between rich and
two. Both men denied the allegation, poor, 5118 eloquent voice is Still needed
but, despite King's support, NAACP today. Rustin was truly a man that
chairman Roy Wilkins did not allow worked for the liberation of all people.
Rustin to receive any public recognition Rustin dfed on Ailgust 24’ 1987’
for his role in planning the march. and was surVived by his partner 0f ten
After passage of the 1964 Civil years, Walter Naegle. Please help me
Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights make this remarkable gay man known,
Act, Rustin advocated closer ties between order d.” DVD’ read a bOOk’ and talk
the civil rights movement and the De- about lum' . . 3, ,, i l E I?
mocratic Party and its labor activist base. I l t , “(A V ,'
Rustin was an early supporter of Presi— 1985 3r‘i . | . ' h
dent Lyndon Johnson, but as the Viet . v , g A. N; " _ 3 , C
Nam War escalated and began to super- .hi- 5 X} ;_ 1' w“ ‘5’ . 'L .
sede Democratic programs for racial " thing\ 11.31%), 4.1... 1a
reconciliation and labor reform, Rustin «1 37. i; "1 ___- _: 34;.
returned to his pacifist roots. iff’ \g P 11;" we; ..
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, " *- A w
Rustin continued his work for equal 9“ .-: '
. . . ‘ ..
rights in this country and around the 31.7%; ~",'..‘ ‘ , v:
world. He published Down The Line, a if??? a ‘ " ‘1
compilation of his writings in 1971. J L hi‘ 5
(available on Amazon) “We need in every community, a group of
angelic troublemakers” "Bayard Rustin
Page 13

 Spotlight on the Beautiful People . .. .5“
by Helena Handbasket. M .
This column shines the spotlight on people i 2;, iv
in the community who deserve recognition. “a”. in W" ' :5 >
Beauty is not always skin deep and these 1 * :f ‘yw . .
“beautiful people” either devote their time and ,. ”j" N ii 3%? V’l ‘/
energy to a worthy cause or just plain make our .33 9W“ '
lives better by entertaining us. Either way, it is f ”1 I. f" . L «:31 :5; .1
time that they are recognized for their talents . f? ,5;
and efforts. 7 T‘K ‘* if»! '
Our February honor shines the spotlight on 3;»: ~ 1“ » w
Octavia Bonet. She has been in Lexington for ”i “a" I“ . V.
almost three years, and is from Birmingham, *‘
AL. Octavia has been performing for 4 years; and wigs that Provided her most
her first show was at the Dock in Cincinnati. embarrassing moment. She says,
When she started, her favorite artist to perform “My wig came off and got hung
to was Janet Jackson. Now she loves doing Tina on my top and pulled the top
Turner. She says, “When I do Tina, I feel it.” down. There I was on stage with
Her fabulous costumes are most often de— no hair and no top. The funny
signed by Pattrick Howell and Juice who are Part is that I was doing :1 Janet
celebrities in their own right for their sewing song and it was right after her big
and desrg'n talents. It was one of her costumes super Continued on next page
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all the details and mail: to cumin: that the sale I pul
Teresa Combs. ABR' GRI- QSC «(realm Anti tumther
Realtor, Sales Automate
Cell: 859-489-1150 "I will pray/He you with excellent service, honesry
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E-dlml‘ (canrbsr‘q‘commomrealh‘rgmuc.com
WEB: mm.comment:reahlzgmm‘.comsTcmnbs
Page 12

 bowl drama so the kids loved it.” Octa— and big things. Life happens fast and
via made most of her money that night some things pass us by because we are
off that song. It was bad, turned out too busy. Take time out for yourself.”
good but still very embarrassing. I believe this is advice we could all
Octavia is partnered to DJ (Mya St. use! Thanks to Octavia for being so
James), who is also her mentor. When candid and sharing the real her with all
they first started dating, she says that Of us. 565 ya’ll next month With a new
Mya helped her take her drag higher... light that shines in our community- Ta
PAINT, PAINT, PAINT. She also gave T35-
her a promo picture of herself and If there is someone in the commu—
signed it, “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth nity that You feel deserves to be hon—
it!... Love, Mya St. James.” Octavia says ored in this column, send your request
she still lives by those words. to AdvicefromHelena@aol.com and
t Octavia’s favorite color is red, favor- let’s be myspace friends. L00k me “P
, ite movie is The Color Purple, favorite at http://www.myspace.com/helenah
; TV show is Oprah, favorite actors are
3 Harrison Ford and Angela Bassett, and A Broader Approach
1 the book she is reading right now is M B . J . M .
y. esszca artm
V fly by 0m” Tyree' Lexin ton Fairness
t Although she wasn’t “big on char- g
; ity” when she first moved to Lexington, The beginning of a new year means
she is proud of her involvement now many things — a fresh start, a greater
with the Imperial Court of Kentucky Potential for snow days, going back to
and loves knowing that what she is (10— school. The list goes on and on. In the
ing can help someone. “I don’t always Commonwealth, it means the legisla-
agree with the Court but I believe in the ture reconvenes in Frankfort. We know
big picture of what they do and that’s how you feel about them, but please
what matters the most to me and those hold your gripes and groans until
we help,” she says. you’ve finished reading the article.
She states the biggest misconception Thank you.
about her is drug use. She says, “I have Socially controversial bills tend to
never done drugs in my life and never be commonplace during legislative ses—
will. I have seen first hand what they do sions in our Capitol. This session may
to people and I don’t want any part of be different, though, because the focus
that. Like Whitney said, “Crack is is all about the budget shortfall. At the
Wack.” time this article was written, only one
She dreams of working in Vegas at bill, the statewide fairness law (House
LaCage. She says she hopes to be re- Bill 72) filed by Rep. Mary Lou Mar—
membered as being real and as always zian of Louisville, focuses on the gay
giving 110% even if only 2 people were community.
in the showroom. So that’s it. We only have one bill
This was such a fun interview and to lobby for or against. That should be
this was my last question, “Octavia, easy, right?
complete this sentence... The world Wrong.
would be a better place if...” Her an— The amendments to the budget bill, the
swer... “if everyone would take the time decision to raise one tax or several,
to slow down and look at life, the small
Page 15

 Fairness continued from page 13 the contributions we make to our coin-
and giving the governor the authority munities are overlooked and efforts
to furlough state workers affects all of must be made to prove that LGBT are
us, LGBT or not. Bills currently filed more than just an identity assigned by
in the House and Senate also concern society. So, when you write an e—mail
the fate of CATS testing, domestic vio- or letter, or make a call to your repre-
lence orders, City and county pension sentatives concerning the fairness law or
systems, and extending the terms of other issues you care about, you’ll
House members. Those are four of the probably get a form letter back. That
over 200 bills filed so far and each af. does not mean your message was ig-
fects us directly 01- indirectly. nored. Officials track the number of
Elected officials like to talk about letters, e—mails and phone calls on is—
families sitting around the table and sues, especially the controversial ones,
studying their bills while trying to for Pmc'“ifll later use-
make ends meet. LGBT families do Maybe showing that we have con-
this, too. We have kids in the schools. cerns and interests outside our usual
We work in hopes of retiring one day. lobbying topics — a broader approach —
We Pay taxes. We vote. is what the community needs to get
Although we don’t understand it, traction in this red state.
fflytfi gq 7 .2 One activist, Pete Seeger. One of our coun—
_ 'm' ' _ E 4 ' tiy's greatest singers/songwriters, Seeger
~ " " ”1;: world was the architect of the folk revival,
:3; WA at “E Films witigg some olll ilt’s best .know-n soIng.
-. .‘" :55 oo ongs w] lost a reception .1 ter
gift-13"}: __., .l‘i- 2009 the film showmg.
't~‘"*.:i!EE-5‘?5=5=" Sun., Feb. 22, 2 pm, Library Theater
Sun., Feb. 15, 2 pm, 94 min. in English MOVING MIDWAY 98 min.
Downtown Central Library Theater When a family decides to move a 155
AUTISMzTHE MUSICAL 2008 Emmy year—old mansion to a new location,
Award W/inner for Nonfiction Special they unearth some interesting facts
This documentary is the story of several about former inhabitants of the planta—
autistic children who, with the help of tion. The Human Rights Commission
their parents and teachers, write and will 1105‘“ reception.
produce a musical. The kids slowly Thursday, Feb. 26, 5 and 7:30 pm»
develop social skills as they learn to Kentucky Theatre 53 min.
work with each other. Followed by a AWALK TO BEAUTIFUL
panel discussion and a reception. The documentary tells the story of
Thurs., Feb. 19, 7 pm, Ky Theater three Ethiopian women who are re—
PETE SEEGER: POWER OF SONG jected by their husbands and ostracized
93 Min. in English lllltllell’dcollllllllElllCS because ofal inedi—
. . _ ca con ition, o stetriclistula. Tle
Archival footage,. inter-Views, and home women endure a difficult journey to
movres are combined in this documen— receive medical treatment.
tary portrait of folk singer and political
Page 16

 God Loves A Drag Queen SisterSound
Slnglng’, Gospel What is it? Lexington Women’s
~by Brad/1r Hudson- Chorus. Okay, that’s the surface an—

She stands and sings and looks sky— swer, but 100k deeper to see what and
ward, dressed to the wines as one must Who SisterSound really is-
always be dre