KY Bears Night continued TransKentucky

_ There “411.3150 be raffle prizes, a TransKentucky meets on the first

link strap auction, a T-shirt auction, a Saturday of each month at 7:30pm. We

Silent auction, Jello shots and.a specral are a support, social, and resource

KY D ancmg. Bear Short. Jain us for group. Our mission is to provide a safe

this fun evening. place for transgender individuals and
others who do not fit the standard en—

Bluegrass Gay P honebOOk der norms. Supportive allies are Evel-

changes publishing schedule come.

The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook has Meetings are free and you may dress
announced it will move its publish— however you feel comfortable. This is
ing deadline from September to May. not a therapy group. .For info and place:
The change will ensure that the latest
co of the honebook will be avail— ,
abiiey at the Pgiiih: Festival in June. Adver— Bluegrass Women s Network
risers who paid for advertising in the first The Bluegrass Women's Network is
issue of The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook a social group for women who identify
will receive a 50% credit toward the re— as lesbian. Membership is free and there
new of their ad placement. If you have are no obligation. We have a variety 0f
questions about the change you can call activities such as brunches, potluck din—
Brian Hill, the publisher, at 1-859- nets, Plays, movies, Parties, and what-
514.7096 ever else we manage to dream up! In

. February we are having a first meeting
Sales Assocrates Wanted ofa new a book club.

The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook is To announce events and share in—
now hiring for Sales Associates to sell formation, the Bluegrass Women's Net—
advertising space for their next issue. work has a private/hidden Yahoo group
Experienced salespeople are preferred website. It is not listed in the Yahoo
but will train qualified candidates. This Directory, and can only be accessed by
position is ideal for students or retired group members.
individuals. Interested people can call 1- Moderators/Facilitators for the
859-514-7096 for more information. Bluegrass Women's Network are Debby

and Lynn. If you are interested in join—
ing please send a request to theblue—
3“Keep the fave you find. grasswomensnetwork—owner@yahoo
" Get the [we you want!” and the link to the BGWN
' Yahoo group will be sent to you. Then
' you may apply to join. We are looking
Jessica Bollinger LCSW forward to meeting YOU soon!
Imago Relationship Therapist
EMDR Traanork Lexington Lyons & Levi Club
_ . COUPE. Family. Individual Monday, Feb 2 at 7 pm
'magmmedmmm 552'6533 Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave.
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