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     Mi.ntes of the IdectinG of the ELxeoutive Committee
     of the Board of Trusteus, University of Kentuc1y,
                      #VP 17, 1918.

     The xcocutive Commnittee of the Board of Trustees of
the University of Kontucky met in regular session, at 11:00
A.M., July 17, 1918, in the office of the President, with
the following members present: R. C. Stoll, Chairman, R. P.
Ernst, P. P. JohnstzJr., and J. M. Elliston.   President
Frank L. McVcoy and Wellington Patrick, Secretary of the
Board, were also present.

     (1) The meeting was called to order by Chairmhan Stoll,
and the minutes of the previous meeting read and approved
as rnodified.  President McVey then made his monthly report
to the Committee.   He stated-that the training of the first
detachment of drafted men had been completed, and that from
a financial standpoint, the University would just about
hold its o;-n; that owing to the fact that work on the bar-
racks had not progressed as rapidly as was expected, the
Kentuc1y Trotting Horse Breeders' Association had agreed to
the extension of the University's contract for the Pair
Grounds for a period of one month.   The Prosident reported
that the building and repair program, as authorized by the
Board, had begun, and that arrangements were being made
for the purchase of equipment for the buildings.; he said
further that the cost of this equipment is likely to run
high owing to the increased cost of materials.

     (2) In his report to the Board the President stated
that the State Treasurer had not transferred to the account
collections of $15 000, and asked What steps should be taken
regarding the matter.   The discussion was to the effect
that Ar. Peak should see the Treasurer and ask for the money.
In event of his failure Mr. Stoll stated that he would see
the State Auditor.

     %3) Regarding the Summor Session, the President said:
"Our Summer Session has done much better than expected.
We have an enrollment of about 160, which is twice the en-
rollment for last year, and the work seems to be progressing
nicely.   Some of the men enrolled in Agricultural Education
under the Sinith-Hughes act have raised the point regarding
the payment of tuitionfor that work, end I shall speak of
this a little later."



     (4) On mctizn by 'Ir. Ernst, seccnded by :Jix. J.;hnston,
the report of the P- esident was app-)rcved as presented.

     (5) The Pras dai-t then stated to the Committee tlh-t
the busi.ess re-L :io2os vovide fi-r an azmnual aud.t of the
University's oc;-s, a. that no au-duitor had been employed
for this year.   Oni ra(tion by Lirz. 2rlnst, seconded by Mtlr.
2llistou, the matter was referred to the President with
the sugestion that a competent firm be enpltuyed tu do the
.work, 1ibich might be able to conitinue the audit frori year to
year.   On vote, the motion was carried.

     (6) Presiden-t .icVey, coutinuinB his report, stated that
in cortormity with the crders 'f the Board at a previous
meetizV, the books uf the B:IqerirL.ent Station and -::tension
Division, had, .n July 1, been transferred to the Business
Office, and tlhat .a ccrxinittee consisting 'f hlimself, Professor
John R. huphrey, anc; Sena.tor D. H. P3ak, Business L.ent, had
modified -soraevhat the system c-f 1mepiA   the boks, and hgd
prepared certain f      hrrcs iich -wrere nowv in the nreso, o=Ld which
,vere designed t - iii 'Y; -.re the .aethods of accounting for funds
of the Institution.

     (7t The re'x rt of the Business Agent VJas then presented,
read, ..nd ordered to be spread un the minutes.  The repvrt
was as follows:

                     F.'nazicial Stztaneut
                  'JPivorsi.ty o:f Kentukey
             Prom Jl..y I, 1917 tc June 30, 1918


Pund                    Receipts     L:,penses  : B Ence

General    d ......... .$2.45422.48 : $p23957.51  (  3535.03)
L)eriment Static:,. ...: 2753?7.54 : 223092.97      47884.57
B;tensioii Fund ..... : 102,354.C0 :  95999.98       6354.02
Trust Fund       ..     r, e   46697.56 :   52901.74    ( 60004.18)

                       46506518: t605952.20: -     44699.36

Note: Parentheses incdc,;:te overdrafts.



Genural Fund 8chedule

    ----     ---------  ------------------ --------------

ACcount                Roceived       Spent       : Bal.n=e Account

-Pederal Appropriction:442750.00     : $4;V750.00       $0.00
Enlf D&111 Tzic....... :               53521.25   :     0.00
Acriiultura3 . ppro-
priation.       .   :    5000.00        5000.00          0.00
Stc1o Appropriation.:   85000.00       85000.00   s     0.00
Gumairal Educcition    9
Do~dt      ^... ' .s.,**s    3000o00    :   3000*00          0.00
Intorest oh Bonds....:   8644.50        8644.50   s     0.00
Vocational Mducation.:   6620.00    :  12568.66   : ($5948.66)
Student Foes    :       16188.30
Sunldriesq,.......        3186.43    :  18345.85       1030.88
Summor School   :        1510.00    :    127.25       1382.75

                      $225422.48    :$228957.51    (:$3535*03)

-    --~--------------------------------                                -

* ;lount duo from Vocc'tioral Educcation Board.

                   Aecounts Xecoivable

Insurance Paid in Avat.nco 4 ..............   ............ .6994.22
Stucont LccSor ............  3248.60 *
Athletic Associcl.tion ...e.*............................ O 363.04
Patterson &l .li ...........                          1 908.58 *
St;.t-e Rali   .             .             I....... 339.16 *
Potty Cash AccouU......... ..........             *........   400.00
Miscellancous Accounts ................................        Z26.11 *
Exporinmt Station ..........    ......... 2602.20
Univorsity PresE ..*............ . 134.41 *
Krntucny Kernel...........................*           400.00
Stores Gunera 1........................*........ 13.        24
Stores N & E .                .... 'l75.52


           I think the items markod * shOuld not be
           carribd .s assets.     Abdat j,500.00 of
           Stucont Lec.Eer Accounts c'V1 be collected.



                 Statement of Indebtedness

Bank overdraft ................... .$55482.41
Qutstczding checks ...................        .   27036.77, $82519.18

Deposited in July                         ..  13320.72
Petty Z~pense accounts.       .      .- 400.00
Duo from Trust Fund.................,.,.,      7709.61
Due from Military Teeimoal (overhead) ...... . 1654^66.


Overdrft and Outstanding checks ........        . $59434.19
INIotos due Phoenix-T74rd National Bank ........ 15000.00
Peabody Bund note                              40000.00
LcLaugblin note ..                  .4500.00
co ounts Payable..............*..              5042.10

Amoimts due .................. ..........     $123976.29

Vocational duccation ........... $ 5948.66
State Funds ..................... 15500.00
accounts Roceiv.ble *.......... ^ 20577.08
Balance Indebtedness . ...........


                          Expcriment ftitioa Fund
                                 Schodule 2

Account           :ReoCived  : Balance     Total   : Spent to   Balance
       :         :To Date   : L:st Year : Assets   : DatO     : Accounts
______________________________________________________________________ - _________

Hatch ...........:
Fertilizer     :
F PIm Sales.    :
FooC. .-nd Drms ...:
F  'ins stffs....:
kztcxas ...............*X.0
Sorud      .     :..........
'St.-ta 50 la. .......:
P- iLiting.%ne    .

In tw'ost . ......:
P-.blic Sorvice
Labor.tory    :

15000.00 :
65835.42 :
15000.00 :
27233.34 :
55369.87 :

6775.99 :
    3.52 ;





:85300.06 :
:25181.70 :
: 25273.51:
:52844.91 :
:15000.00 :
: (975.62):
:55369.87 :

: 2983.11 t
     0.00 :





* 47422.92
: 1449.61
:    0.00
: 23136.30
:    0.00
( i26298.40)
1 t 0.00

: 2481.80
s    0.00

(; 307.66)

$258944.79 :-;17032.75  :4275977.54:$228092.97:$47a84.57





                                 &Etetsion Pud
                                   Schedule 3

Accoun t       : Received :Bzaance    TPotal      Spent     : 3elnoe
               : to date  :last year: assets      to date  : accounts

Pederal S. M.    $66279.96   $16.58 : $66296.54: $59942.52    $6354.02

3tatX S. L.      33085.53     0.00: 36057.46      3360S7?.4 ;     0.00

               : $99365.49 :  1l6.58 :plC2354.002 $959S9.98  : $6354.02

                                 Books not closed
                   Outtstanding orders will about eonsmne balence

                                     Schedule 4

Acoount          Received : Balance    Total    I   Spent    : Balance
                 to date  : last year. Assets       to date  : accounts

Po tterson Raln.: $22258.18.8  $2124.33: $24380.51  : $23700,i  :   680.08
U. S. Urifoim  : -;
ac0U.1'o: t.--^**-4534.35       0-00:  4534.,35 :   4509.00      25:.35
.B westt. hnd*.:..... 20.00   s  0.00:    20.00        20.00  :    0.00

trr~iraJl.......  16807.25 :     0.00: 188 07.25      24389.86  :(7f 82.61)
.o-tfecn R. R.
.I Fund.....         0.00 , 1000.00: 1000. 00   :     0*00     1000.00
'js S. 3~loy-  2          :      
-U 3t,.&sau}.z....^: 93.86     0,00:     93.63  :    220*.5    (127.00)
rum F1n-d          61,e0 :     0.00:     6L 8 0:     830    :     0.00

                 $43773.23 : $3124.JU: tV3097,$   : $5290).lW. :($6004.18)



     President ?IcVeyt "Gentlemen, you will notice from this
report that Mr. Peak raises the question of carrying certain
items as assets.   Should e  thing be done about it?"

     On motion by air. Ernst, seconded by Mr. Johnstr% the
matter was referred to the auditors mentioned above.

      (8) Thu Yrttor of an official site for Camp Buell was
 then brought up and discussed and disposed of as follows:

     Upon motion of M3r.. Ernst, dh ich was duly seconded and
unanimously carried, thea following preamble and resolution
were adopted:  whereas, on the 3d day of Juie, 1918, the
University of Kentucky cnmtexrd into a contract with the
Committee on Educction and Spoci :;)l Trining, War Depart. nt,
WasshingtQn, D. C., representings the United States Govxia..ent,
the terms of which contract have heretofore 'been approved by
the University; and whereas, it is necessary f or the Uni-
varsity to provide a camp under the tenms of said contract;
and whereas, the University is now having constructed cer-
tain barracks in order to house the men referred to in said
contracts  Nets, therefore, be it resolved, by the Executtive
Coanittee of the University of Kentuckiy, as follows:

     (a)  That tIh ground herein described  is hereby set
apart as a camp f or the soldiers referred to in tha contract
above set out, and that said 6round shall be set apart exclu-
sively for use as a camp, tho said ground being bounded and
described as follows:   Beginning at ai post, being the south-
west corner of Rose Streut aVd .Vinslow Street; thence zrest-
wardly with the south line of Winslhw 310 feet to a cornor;
thence at right angles with Winslow Street and in a south-
armly direction, also parallel with Rose Stroot, 1920 foot
to another corner; thence at right angles with the drove
,line, and in an. easterly direction 310 feet toea carner on
Rose Street;  thanoe wtth the west line cf Rose Street
in a northaruly diretjon :;c  feet to the point of begin-
ning.   There is ex-o.lnad ftcrura the caboare tract the residswnoe
and private yard go be hacap:i.ed by the President of the
University of Xentuckj: and that the said ground herein-
above set out is the only ground of the University whicheshall
be used for said camp,



     (b)  The barracks in said camp will not be completed
until about the first of Septemibnr, z~ud the setting apart of
the ground for said comp shall not become effective until
September 1, 1918, or until the barracks shall ha:ve been
completed and the soldiers shall occupy the said barracks.

     c) The comp shall be kacv m and designated as Camp Buell.

     (9) President ::icvey then r-ported to the Board that
recent plans o She t 'aIr Department will call fo4 the folloving
military org-anization in t'e Institution for the coming year:
(1) A Naval Training Unit; (2) A continuwce cf the R. 0. T. C.
work; (3) .2 reserve corps for men in technical subjects, such
as engineering, agriculture, medicine ad chemistry, and
(4) A Studont Lrmy TraininS Corps, this lattar arrangement
being f or men betwieen the ages of 18 and 21, t o may enlist,
finish their course, and then become c. part of the arq.    The
latter provision, ho said, had led COtain Royden t make two
reccmnmndations:  (1) That the University initiate a three
yoar course for these men, arranging to keep them in school
twelve months in the year; and (2) That in order tlhat proper
military training may be carried out, barracks shm1d be
constructed to aocomrndate the ren.

     r, Stoll:  '11r. President, I believe that the matter of
establishing a three year course is not a matter for the Com-
mittee to consider, but that it falls properly within the
authority of the President to refer to the Faculty or to
handle as seems to him proper.   The point regarding barracks,
goes back to the seme question of vmnoden barracks which the
Board rejected at its meetingi on June 4."

     After discussion, the fbllaving motion wias made by Mr.
Ernst ard seconded by Mr. Elliston: "That the recormndation
of Captain Roydon regarding the vwork of instruction ct stu-
dents ard the erection of barracks be sent to the rnmbors Ct
the Comittee, for consi deration, with the understanding thtt
a definite conclusion will be reached in tihe near future."
On vote, the motion wvas carried.

     (10)  ThDe President then stated to the Committee tin t he
had certain recanmendations to make regarding appointmnts,
transfers, and increases in salaries.   The recommdationo
are listed belG7, and on motion, duly seconded, adopted an




     Dr. 1-J. H. Sirmnons, e::tension veterinarian, at $'1,800,
 effective July 18, 1918.

     Miss Jessie 'Theeler, R-orGoncy assistant Home Demon-
 stration A-gent, Lo n.County, Kentucky, at a salary of $75
 a month, for three months, effective July 15, 1918, to be
 paid by the Department of agriculture.

     Miss Angie Hill,  :crgncy .ssistant Home De:-.onstra-
 tion A;gent, Graves County, Kcntucky, at A75 a month, fcr
 two months, effective July 15, 1918. to be laid by the
 U. S. Department of k:jricalture.

     .iiss Pearl Morgan, nmergenicy Assistant County Home
Daaonstration Agont, Simpson Coun-ty, Kentucky, at $75 a
month, for two months effective July 15, 1918, to be ] aid
by the U. S. Dupottnent of i.-riculture.

     Liss Edith Williams, 1e-.mcrgcency Ass stant Home lekon-
 stration Agent, Hnderson County, Kentucly, at $75 a mam th,
 for wo m onths, offective July 15, 1918, to be r. id by the
 U. S. Departraent of .,.;riculturc.

     Miss Louise C. i.eyer, Energency A;ssistant Home Dcr.aon-
 stration Atont, Harrison County, Kentucky, at $?75 a month,
 for tuo months, effective July 15, 1918, to be  . id by the
 U. S. Departmont of Agriculture.

     Miss Uadeline Feigel, R-iergency Assistant Home Dcrjoon-
 stration Aspent, 1,e0rcor County, Kntucly, at $75 a rmonth,
 effective July 10, 1918, for two months, to be paid by the
 U. S. Department of Agrialturse.

     Miss Aliee B. Foote, Assistant in Home Derionstration,
at $1,800 a year, for one year, effective July 1, 1918, to
be Iaid from EtEnsion funds.

     L. H. Bartlett, Labc or at poultry yards, Ex1 r.;uent
Station, at $75 .. month, affuctive July 1, 1918, to be Inid
-from Exporiment Station f mds.

     Miss Any Allen, head cataloger in the Library, effec-
tive Septeiber 1, 1918, at a salary of $h900 on a basis of
nine months.


     C. R. W1Jilkey, Emergency County A.;n't, Trigg County,
Kentucky, at $i1,500 a year, for one year, effective July
1, 1918, noayble one-lz.11 fr-om Trigg Co'xty and one-half
from. th  I.e S. D reoaLrtnant of A-ricl~tare funds.

     The anjointneait of Robcrt D. Haw.kins as instniactor
in the 1epartmont of 1oechlunicalL -En-ineerlng. at a salary
of .1l,700 for tlbv year 1918,9itg, is conf irred&.  Ea w'as
graiated from the Univexrsity f MTntuc1!- !n 1915, spent
one year as inspection en    ineer for the Roemington. Ary-is
Co2T~am, ,and for two years h1,as been instructor at the
University of Pennsylvania. in the Jepoxtmcnt of Meclrnical

     The .appointnent of Fred C. Walters, as Sdiperintendent
of the Practice School in the Department of Education, at
a salary of Q"1,800 per anmwun is cmproved,  Pxfessor
Walters at the presont tine is head of the Department cc
Education at WilminGton Colle3e, Wilmington, Ohio.   He
was for four years principal of schools at Toronto, I.sas*
and three years superint-dont of schools at Neosho Falls,
EMsas.    He is - 6raduate of Xunos..s State NonnI School,
with the degree of B. S. in Edcucation.  He has ths degree
of A. B. from T.;achers' Collogu. Colurbia University.

     Angus :N. Gordon. fcr me'y Ains tructor in agronomy, and
now on leave of absence oand moloyed as county agent in
flenderson Countyr is re:t;.o.ld to alke the position of assist-
ant professor otf farn cro.s cat a salary of, 1,800 per annum,
half of his ti~me to be ctevo ted to teaching and hllf to
extonsio-n viorl in agronoi,5 theo axpointtmont to be effec-
tive October 1, 1918, and -r.ym.-mt to be made one-half from
Mbtension funds, and one-hal-,f fron Collage cf AGriculture

     iiss 11-Margaret Coffin,, ksistait Professor of Hotie
Pconowics, at a salary. of "l1,60  a ye.r, fcr a period of
one year, effective Jilly 1, 1918, cnploont to bo on a
twelve mnoths' basis.

    Iliss Maijy E. ])aviess, Stenographer in the E:1cpiment
Station, at 4iP600 a mocth, effective June 24, 1918*



     Aiss Uabel Huston, Clork in the B- poriz.Ont Station,
nt 4600 a yar, effective June 18, 1918.

     .IIss Jessie iAckr, LEcr23cny Home Demonstration 1.,Sent,
at $100 a raonth, for si:x months, effective July 5, 1918,
payable one-half by Union County, Kontucky, and one-ha-lf by
th; U. S. DoaIOrtmnt of 1,Ariculture.  Her rusioantion is
accipted effective July 9,1918.

     Nelson Bush Conks;right, student assistant in &Goloaj
..t a compzensation of $15.00 a month, effective at the be-
ginning of nent semester.

     Iiss J;nxe Letclh;r, -natr.;ncy Horme Daei onstration Agent.
Union County, Kentack-y, at . salary of $100 i month, effec-
tive July 15, 1918, one-half to be paid by the Department
of .`,,-icaulture and one-half by Uaiori County, for a period
of six raonths.

     lirs. 'IL'rtha Golson, MIn.rincy Honm De.onstration ikent,
Bourbon County, XontuckT, at a salaary of t$100 ,. m-onth, ef-
fective July 1, 1918, for a neriod of six months, one-half
to be pnaid by the U. S. De-),rt:. 2t of .arioulture, and one-
half by Bourbon Cou:'ty.

    Niss Hazel B. Joyce, ETherency Home Demlonstration :.4,nt,
Bell County, KWnwacicy, at a salrxy f $100 a nonth, for a
period of eleven and one-half monthls, effective July 16,
1918, -payable $862.50 by the Depa.rtm;.vnt of Agriculture, and
-287*50 by Bell County.

    JDiss arr s rt YWilson, hE rency UrbT n A= ,  port of
Louisvi1le, Kentucly, at $`100 a  o.-nonth, for a period of eleven
and one-half m onths, payable by the U. S. Dartment of

     L. E. WeL.vor, Assistant poultry extension specialist,
at a salary of $1,500 c. yer, for a period of one year, effec-
tive September 1, 1918.

                    Incrc.ses in Salary

     Thc. salary of Dr. R. L. Pontius, veterirarian to be in-
creased from $2,200 to $2,700 a yecr, effective July 1, 1918.
Dr. Pontius has charoe of the serum work, is veterinarian in
the  .1poriketnt Statio, ;nd. has charae of tho cniral pathology
;-orls in the i;Ajriculturar Colle,,e.



     The salary of Miss Liim-ie Pherio to be increased from
460.00 to $,70.00 a i:ionth, effective July 1.  She is trans-
ferred from the Steno,Taphic Bureau to the Busirnss Office,
e-ective July 1, 1918.

     2he Saiary O Lirs. Katherine Lyon to be increased from
..50 to $555, Xffuctiv July 1, 1918, and after Aujust 1, $60.00.

     The salary of Miss Alone Proctor to be increased from
$50 to $55 a month, affactive July 1, 1918.


     Th. r signation of Ales Stewart, laboratory assistant
in poultry at the a:jeurincat Station is accepted, effective
June 18, 1918.

     Phe resi;pration of Liss Viola iAerigold, stenographer
in the. SteuoU;rq-hic Bureau, is accepted effective July 6,
1918, by reason cf her transfer to the President's office
wthere her salary j-s to be carried by the U. S. Department
of Lab-or.

     The resignation of I'.iss Wallace Uttcrback, Clerk in
the Departiment Gf _nii-al Husbandry, is. accepted effective
July 15, 1918.   She was transferred to federal work in
the President's office on salary paid by the U. S. Depart-
ment of Labor.

     I'he resignation of R. F. Sims, Emergenoy  County AJg-ent
for Ballrard County, Kentuclj is accepted effective June
30, 1918,

     On motion duly seconded theS followiing^ action was taken
'with refe ronce to tlhe Public Service Laboratory:  on account
of the diacontinuance of the food cand drug department, as
provided in the passage of Senate Bill No. 259, theaser-
vices of tkhe followin,, n, ead persons in that departmi.ent are
dai octimed.

     J. 0. LaBach, Head, Food and Dru% D:epartrment
     L. -. Brovn, Dr; Cliemist, Food and Drag Department
     W. R. Pinnell, Bacteriologist, Food vaed Druj Dapaxtmnnt
     Lillie Liston, Chief Clerk, Food and Drug Department
     llabel Huston, Clork, Food cnd Drai; Departaent
     J. W. AoFarlin, Chief Inspictor, Focd and Dru- Departm-ient
     G. UI. Roach, Inspector, Food and Drug Departrment
     C. S. Porter, Drug Inspetlor, Food and Drug Departmut



     A department is created in the ETeriment Station,
Iciown as the Public Service Laboratory, org,3.ized as cf June
18, 1918, for the purpose of carrying cut the provisions of
Senate Bill NTo. 259.. al-d the following persons are employed
therein, at the sa.aries a-nd titles indicated:

     J. 0. LaBach, Director of Public Service Lvb.oratcry
          at a salary of hi.000 per anm-m.

     L. A. Brco;wn, &.ecial Analytical Chemist, Public Service
          Laboratory, at s. salary of O2.550 per aanum.

     Lillie Liston, !isbintenance of Records in Pulblic Service
          L.oboratory and Assistant to Mr. Curtis of the Fer-
          tilizer Department, at a salary of 4'.liO20 per annum.

     (12) The President thien stated to the Oonmiittee that
plans f or assiginment of space in the Old Dormi-tory had been
under ccAsideration, and thzat it had been concluded to put.
the Departmnent of Botany on the first floor; to use the
second floor f o the Dean of Vome, a jir1s' rest roorm, etc.;
the third floor f or the Departiient of Art and Desib'n and the
Depairtnent of 3VTusic, and the fourth flc r for the work of
the University Bend.

     (13) He further stated that owing to crowded cnditions
at Patterson Hall, it seeimed desirable to use the University
Comnons for a 3irlsr S;nmiasium, and t put a cafeteria in the
basement of the Ldminiotration Buildilk,    On motion made by
"r. Elliston andt!* seoond.ed by Mr. Johnston, it was directed
thant "The action of the Committee heretof ore ta-ken reiiarding
the Univexsity Cormons be set aside., nd that the building
be used fur a Airls' anmasium, and also that the President
be authorized to put a cafeteria. in the basement of the
Administration Buildin,.iT

     (14) On motion, duly made and seconded, the President
was authorized to enter into a contract with the Conuell
Cofpany f o the decoration of the President's House, the
appro-imate cost to be d"1X7do.  Motion carried.

     (15) On motion, made and seconded, the additional pay-
ment of ,lO,OOO to tha Combs Lumber Ccmpany on tba Preoldent s
House# was authorizedi if found correct by the Business AGent.


      (16) On motion, duly made and secondedj the proposi-
 tion of the Y. .U. C. A* War Work Commiattee to tal, care of
 the Y. M4. C. A. 'iork '.t Omap Buell in the recreation rooms
 of the barracks, was .pproved.

      (17)  &aled bids for the construction of an auto-
 mobile and -.wood shop, macessitztad by the presence of draft-
 ed men, were opened and read by the Coirnittee.  On motion,
 duly made and seconded, the ch:ir Vpointed President MoVoy,
 Mr. Johvsto*,cnd hMr. T.h-ipple as a sub-con-Uttee to pass on
 the bids and rnake the award for the contract to the lowest
 and best bidder.

      The ratter of the size of the -.-ood shop was dis cussed,
and on motion rzdei by 'r. Ernst and seconded by .r. Johnstev.
it was directed that the building be 40 feet by 240 feet,
and one story in htijgit.  Motion carried.

      (18) President 11aVcy then stated to the Committee
that all the rooms in PAtterson HIall are already taken for
nxft year, and sone provision should be made for taking
care of other girls who may cor.me.  LA meotion was made by Mr.
Ernst, a,. seconded by ..r. iEliston that the President
be authorized to rent i1aweal1 Hall and to purchase the
necessary fumiture and eqvip:ient for the purpose indicated.

     (19) Prosident icVcy reported to the Board that the
City authorit s of the City of Lcxington had raised the ques-
tion of the Unijersity's paying for a part of the paving on
Wilnslou Streot, and also for the paorment of a sidewalk.

     Mr. Stoll recited the his tory of tho agreement, and re-
ferred to the action of Prosident Barker in giving; the City a
strip of land thirty feet vide along the entire length of the
black in 4ucsri on. in lieu of obligation; he also rof orred
to previcus action of the Board of Trnstees in the ratter, and
stated th}a4t, in his opDnio2n, the Univarsity has no obliga-
tion whatever in the mi ttor.

     After discussion, the folla;,in; motion was dult made and
seconded:   "It is the sense of the Exccutive Cormittee that
the University is not liable for the payrent for any paving
on '.i.nslow Streot, as clairmed by the city authorities."  On
voto- the motion was carried.,

     (20)  Tho Prosidont then stated that thc wratezworks people
had raised the question of raising the rate ol water,   i1r.
Stoll called Mr. Ernst to take thc chair, who presided during
the discussion.   ILr. Stoll stated that he was attorney for the




Water `Wor1b Ccaw.nz;.ny arn that he wvas the ouner of a consider-
able cmi ont of its stock and that he did not think i t proner
for him to talm part in the matter.  On motion by :r. JonMston,
secoinded by 1;ac Illisto:i, the ratter -was referred to the
sub-committee rentioned above (Prosident M;IcVey, Ir. Johnston
zLnd ;.Ir. *.;hipple.)

     (21) Tfhe President reported thizt Des~n Cooper hcd asked
for authority to purchase an acre c land contiguous to the
Lone Oak experiment field, to be used for the purpose of
holding meetines in connection with the work that is carried
on at that point.   Xe stE.ted that the Lone Oak experiment
field is one of 'de seven established in the State of Xentucky,
and that on this field experirental data are accumulated re-
lative to soil needs and demonstrations made of the several
methods of soil building.   The field, he said, is .. rmost
valuable adjunct to the work of the Eperiment Station, and
comprises twenty acres given to the ,,ricultaz-l Exnperi,-ent
Stoation by L1cCracimn, Count-y for thlle purpose of carrying on
this particular line c vwork.   It is th4e custom, aually
to hold meetings f or flrmers to show themr the results in the
field a2:0 to give to then the latest information obtained in
soil building.   On motion, duly made cmd seconideC, the
PiasiCent was authorized to rnake the pur-chase requested.

     (22) The matter of the repeal of tbe food ard drug law
-was brouoht up and discussed, -Ue point bein, made that there
is a question as to vhether the new law discontinues the
$30,000 appropriation to the University pxvvided by the old
law.   On motion, duly seconded, the matter was referred to
dUr. Gordon for investigation and report.

     (23) The President broughlt to tl-e attention of the Cora-
mittee the matter aC Dr. Patterson's annuity, stating that
he lmew nothing, of the conditions under khich it was discon-
tinued, end, stating also that Dr. Patterson had made inquiry
as to the action of the Board in the rmatter.  After somle dis-
cussion, a motion was rzade by I:r. Ernst, and seconded by
Tllr. Johnston, that the rmatter of the annuity for Dr. Patterson
be submitted to the Attorney General for a decision.   On vote,
the motion was carried.

     (2a4) The matter of the paynent of fees by students in
the Summer Session who are lcbking,;.7oric provided uader the
Smith-Hutghes act was broug;t up by the President, iwho stated
to the Coimnittee that 't number of men regis tered in Asricul-
tural Bducation have raised the point that since this work is



provided under a specific cpropriation m.d paid for by the
State and Government, fees should not be charged by the Ulin.-
Versity for this course."    The point was raised by Senator
I.icoFarland who intrcLr~cd the bill before the General Assenrbiy
last session.   'ric, point made raises the whole question of
bharging fees at a State University.  The President stated
that he bad called the mfen into his office and dizcussed the
matter with them, trying to show them that the charging of
fees even by an ins itution supported by the state is a matter
of psychology which begets loyalty on the part of the student
body.   He stated he wsas not sure, horever, that they were
convinced to his point of view.   "This point" the President
said, "cuts across the whole problem of modern public edu-

     lar. Stoll: Sol.-e tkle ago there was introduced in the State
Letjisloiture a. bill designed to prevent the charginG of fees in
State institutions, alA the bill was defeated.

     President ikoVey: There is an additional point.   These
fees are used to augment the fVds 6o the University.    1n the
course of a :ear, these fees armouit to soaething like $25,000
and this is quite an item.   The fees are nominal and not bur--
densome to the studexits.

     The following motion was made, duly secorded, oad unani-
mously adopted:   It is the sense of the Committee that fees
should be clrged to students doing Smith-Huges work, as well
as to other students, am. the President is authorized to dis-
pose of the matter accordingly.

     (25) The President -announced to the Committee that he had
made eapplication far the establis4ment cf a branch postoffice
at the University.   He said that the volume of mail sent out
by the Unive rsity wav s growding larger all the time, and that the
problem of supplying mail to the men at Cmup Buell would be
greatly expedited if a branch postoffice cauld be established4
and siree the training of drafted men bids fair to continue
indefinitely, it is desirable to find some means of solving
the pr oblem.

     (26) 4e also announced the t he had under advisement the
matter Of establishing a University store.



     (27) The. Pro sidalt