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4, 1930



Sweeping Investigation of Campus Book
Store Profits on Texts Is Demanded by
Student Council at Wednesday Assembly





Forty-Si- x



Plans for Investigation Are
Expected to Be Completed
at Next Meeting

Box for Checked Ballots Will
Be Provided at University

Declaring that the Univer
sity of Kentucky campus book
store is reaping inordinate
profits from the sale of text
books and school commoxli
ties, and demanding a sweeping investigation of conditions
thought to be unfair to the
student body at the store, the
Men's Student Council at the
University Wednesday was
granted permission by Presi
dent Frank L. McVey to con
duct a thorough auditing of
the book store practices m
the near future.

Mortar Board list of eligibles, in
cluding 46 junior girls, has been
completed and will be placed in the
postoffice box of each university
woman within the next week. With
this action a new pledging plan is
being inaugurated by the fraternity,
It is .the desire of Mortar Board
that the names of 15 girls on the
list be checked, who, because of their
scholarship and leadership, deserve
the highest honor that can be be
stowed upon a junior woman.
A box in which the checked lists
can be dropped will be placed in the
postoffice for the convenience of the
students. This method of selecting
pledges for Mortar Board will not
be final, but will be used as a guide
in the election of new members.
Junior girls who compose the list
of eligibles who have a standing of
2 or over, are:
Misses Edith Allison, Louisa Bick- el, Mae Bryant, Dorothy Carr, Lillian Combs, Pauline Creech, Gladys
Garnett, Marjorle Gould, Mary Virginia Halley, Fern Harris, Frances
Holllday, Mary Cole Holloway, Len- ora Howe, Mary Eleanor Isgrlg and
Gladys Kirkland.
Misses Mary Louise McDowell,
Buena Mathis, Rita Mount, Gladys
Marr Neale, Virginia Nevins, Ger
trude OConnell, Lucille Preston,
Edith Rupard, Mildred Shute, Helen
C. Smith, Mary B. Tate, Maude To- rian, Elizabeth Ann Wheeler, .Louise

Dean W. S. Taylor of the College
or Education and the Summer Ses
sion, has done much to promote the
growth of the College of Education
and has superintended the building
or tne Teacher's Training Building,
which will be ready for occupancy
August l.

Jane Dyer Is Given
A. G. D. Award for
High Scholarship




Music and Phi Mu Alpha
Are Sponsors







Girls Will Be Submitted
to Women Students


no official action has
been taken by the councilmen,
they are expected to prepare and
complete plans for direct investigation at the next regular meeting of the coBncil Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Adminy,
istration building. President
according to the members of
the council, upon being asked to
assist the body in its work on the
book store situation, granted permission to the council for an official investigation of conditions at
the store.
The councilmen yesterday refused
to issue information relative to the
causes leading up to the investigation demands, but are expected to
make public an outlined course of
action XoUowiBS.a&9ffieka.metblg
on Wednesday of next week.
Power Request Granted
The power request made by the
council at a meeting held on Wednesday, March 26, for a definition
of the powers
and confirmation
vested in the body through its con
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High School Students Will
Convene Wednesday for
The first annual gridiron banquet the entertainment at the gridiron
Annual Sessions
to have been staged by the Kentucky banquet which Included a

Names of

Desired Authority Will Be
Incorporated in Amended



Sigma Delta Chi Cancels
Arrangements for Annual
Gridiron Banquet at U. K.






The tenth annual high school
week will be held at the University
Inclusive, and will Include
contests In debating, oratory, vocal
and Instrumental music. The contests are under the auspices of the
department of University Extension,
assisted by the music department
and Phi Mu Alpha, honorary music
The opening day of the meetings
win De used for oratorical contests.
These contests will be held in the
Memorial building, beginning at
9:30 o'clock Wednesday morning. At
io:30 o'clock the debating team will
meet In the lecture room of McVey
hall for pairing and choosing of
sides. Teams 1 to 8 inclusive, mak
ing up section A, will start debating
at i:jo p. m. section B, made up
of teams 9 to 16 inclusive, will start
their debates at 3:30 p. m.
The declamation contests will
start at 2 p. m. in Memorial hall.
At 6:30 o'clock there will be a dinner in honor of the visitors at University commons in McVey hall. The
second round of preliminary debates
will begin at 8 p. m. in McVey hall.
Approximately 200 persons from all
parts of the state are expected to
arrive for the first day of the meeting.
The second day will begin at 8:30
a. m. Thursday, with the extemporaneous speaking contests in Memorial hall. At 9:30 a discussion of
Buying of Personal
Property" will be held. The semi-- fi
nals in debating will begin at 1:30
p. m. in McVey hall. The final debate will be held at 6:30 p. m. in
the auditorium of the Education
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Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, intermagician of Louisville and
national professional Journalism fra- outside speakers of renown, the comternity at the University, and which mittee of the Kentucky Chapter,
was to have been held at the LafaySigma Delta Chi, have been forced
ette hotel on April 11, will have to to cancel the banquet on account
be canceled on account of conflictof numerous conflicting University
ing affairs at the University and and other affairs that have made It
other engagements that will make It impossible for many who desired to
impossible for many to attend it, it attend to be present on April 11.
was learned Thursday from officials
The chapter wishes to thank those
of the fraternity.
who have shown their interest in an
The elaborate plans for entertainaffair of this caliber
ment that have been In preparation by sending in their reservations and
for the event since last December, by the kind letters from those who
including tne presence or Frame Si could not attend through previous
mons, solo cornetlst for eight years engagements. Checks will be rewith Sousa's band; a well known turned to the senders at once.
magician from Louisville, and other
As the grldron banquet was also
figures of renown, will have to be to- - be given in connection with
Founders Day of the fraternltv. the
The Kernel received the following chapter will hold a banquet of this
statement yesterday from Jess M. affair that evening and all members
Laughlln. president of the fratern - land alumni are invited to attend.
Send your reservations to Secretary
After making elaborate plans for Clarence Barnes at once.

Rhoads WiU Lead Baseball
Team Against Ohio Today

Series Follows
Victory of Big Blue Over
Miami University

JLwo-Gam- e

Building Will Be Completed
and Ready For Occupancy McBrayer, Barnes
and AugusAugust 1, Dean Taylor Has
tus Will Participate In
Catching, Pitching



Riley That He Will Be Unable to Attend Premiere

James Dorman Will Continue
Seat Sale Through First
of Next Week
"Scarlet," spring production

of Strollers, will have its formal opening Monday night at
8:30 at the Guignol theater,
and will continue for two
other performances on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
The seat sale, which is being
held at Russ Putnam's Clothes
Shop in the Tavern building,
will continue through the first
of the week. Reservations
may be made by calling Clay
679, and the tickets will be
held there until 7:30 t.rm
ui me periormance.
.Rhfufsals have been heId each


week and it is reported
officials that all arrangements have been completed in preparation for the opening.
"Scarlet" was written by Bruce
Balfour Evans, one of the most outstanding of the younger school of
Playwrights. In a telegram received
Thomas L. Riley.
director, Mr. Evans
he W0Uld e unable to
attend the premiere of "Scarlet," but
that he wished "for the Strollers a
successful run of my production "
"Scarlet" is a melodramatic mystery-farce
in three acts. The play
concerns a mysterious personage
who, for some unknown reason, plots
and executes the murder of several
Cyrus Marsh, a wealthy
New York broker, is killed.
In spite
of the efforts of two efficient detectives, the mystery grows more intriguing as other murders follow. A
network of exciting adventures lead
to ultimate discovery of the identity of "Scarlet," and brings the play
to an astonishing denouement.
Among the unusual fpaknrps nt
"Scarlet" is the revelation that a
murder has a comical eftpr.t. nnnn
the audience. Climavinpterlous manifestation of the uncanny
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The new Education
By Brandon Price
building, which is now under con
Sending the "Big Red" boys from
struction, will be completed and
ready for occupancy August 1, ac Miami University back to Oxford
cording to Dean W. S. Taylor of the with the short end of a 3 to 2 baseCollege of Education.
This build- ball score, the "Big Blue" of
ing, which Is located near the in- University of
Jane Dyer was announced winner
Kentucky will encup awarded annually by the
South Upper and Lime
of the
tersection of
deavor to make it one, two, three
stone streets, facing the Adminis
Alpha Gama Delta sorority to the
girl and
tration building, will house the va- from the Buckeye state representaNancy Scrugham was awarded the
rious departments of the training tives of the national pastime when
$100 prize given by the Women's
school, "from the kindergarten to the they engage the Ohio
State baseball
high school grades.
Self Government Association each
team In the first of a two-gaseyearjtQ Jfre. aHtrtawtHBgnjurifor" girl
The University's regular system of ries here today
Misses Imogene Young, Fannie
on Stoll field. It
last nigro at tne mm annual worn Woodhead, Elizabeth Bell Collins,
education from the kindergarten to
en's banquet sponsored by the Worn Etta B. Coons, Mrs. Mary Craycraft,
is almost will start at 2:30 this afternoon and
doctor of philosophy
en's Administrative Council at the Margaret Daugherty, Mrs. Mabel Exercises Are Held at Engin unloue in the entire country. The
uacu jonnny Heber, the Blue
Imogene Smith Gard, Mildred Guthrie, Katherlne
Phoenix hotel.
eers' Assembly After Dean plan of teaching has to givecarefully Devil mentor, will be mastpr nf novo.
president of the council, which Is Murrell,
the pu-D- monies at his usual position,
Anderson and Irmen Fort worked out inbut expert instruction. "south"
composed of the president of all Mrs. S. Jean Snedaker, Eula
of "Big Bov" Barnps.
Address Students
the women's organizations on the Stucker, Katherlne
The education faculty will be enPhelps and
The game this afternoon
campus, presided as toastmlstress, Nancy Scrugham.
larged to take care of the elemenfirst of
Kentucky Alpha of Tau Beta Pi, tary and eraded classes and the In mark the be played two
The officers of the Women's Self
series to
with th th
national honorary engineering fra- struction which is given by practice Ten representatives
Government Association for the year
from Columbus.
ternity, held its spring pledging ex- tpachers will be under the observ
1930-3- 1
were announced by Bernlce
ercises at the engineers' convocation ance and supervision of experienced Thethe "O. H. will return the visit
Byland, this year's president. Kath
Ten Boys" by play- Nu Circle Will Be Hosts to
in Memorial hall, Wednesday, April demonstration teachers.
erine Kennedy was named president
ing them two games in their
2. The following men were pledged:
Confor next year: Katherlne Katter
building, with at Columbus, the largest in stadium
The new two-stovention of Honorary FraterJohn, vice president; Mae Bryant, Prizes to Be Awarded for Henry L. Johnson, Bowling Green; is two wings, one for the grade stu- Ten conference, on April ,14 the Big
secretary, and Jane Dyer, treasurer.
Beautiful, Individual, Com- Pryce Brown, Clay; Warren L. dents and the other for those of the Little Is known of the strength 15.
nity March 5, 6, 7
Moore, Danville; John W. Buskie,
Elizabeth Cramer, president of
courts for
ical Floats
Lexington; Louis Pay ton, Lynch, high school, and its inner purposes, the Ohio team, but they are usually
the Young Women's Christian Asso
The 1931 national convention of
in the first division of the Big Ten
ventilation and lighting
and Earl Michel. Buffalo, N. Y.
elation, announced the names of the
will be one of the most beautifully conference and will probably be one Omlcron Delta Kappa, honorary
SyKy, in
with the
1930-3- 1
R. I. Fort, president of the Ken- finished sructures on the campus. of the strongest teams the Cats will campus leader's fraternltv. will hp
officers of the association, Men's Student Council and Omlcorn
who are Eleanor Swearlngen, presi- Delta Kappa, has completed all tucky chapter, made a short intro- Its centrally
Lheld in Lexington on March 5. 6
located chapel Is face this season.
dent; Virginia Ellis, vice president; plans for this year's May Day ex- ductory talk concerning the history eaulpped with motion picture fa
and 7, according to word received
Paul MacBrayer, who had
Elizabeth Ann Ewing; secretary; ercises. A very interesting and varied and requirements for membership. cilities. The libraries, complete gym of tough luck in his opening abit here yesterday from the offices of
Mary Allison Threlkeld, treasurer, program has been arranged by the Tau Beta PI was founded at Lehigh nasium, exhibition hall, classrooms Is anxious to prove that he has the the general council of the fraternity.
and Eleanor Smith, chairman of the members of the various committees. University In 1885, and has 58 chap- and halls are all strikingly well stuff and will probably get the call Nu Circle, the local unit of the orfinance committee.
All fraternities
and sororities are ters. Kentucky Alpha was Installed lighted and finished. The cafeteria, at the mound position, while Augus- ganization, will be hosts to the conChi Delta Phi, women's honorary expected to have a float in the pa at the University in 1902. Require- divided for the use of children and tus will receive his offerings. Mac vention.
The Invitation to hold the next biliterary fraternity, pledged the fol rade, which will be routed through ments for membership are scholar- older students, will be operated as a seems to be bothered with the old
lowing girls: Amy Dretrich, Ruth the main thoroughfares of the city, ship, character and leadership. Only branch of the University Commons. jinx when it comes to losing close ennial meeting of the fraternity in
Junior and
Bullock, Violet Behler and KathPrizes for the most comical, the senior members of the Engineering
Not only will this new educational ones, out is going to give Mr. Jinx Lexington was extended by Carroll
erlne Carr.
most beautiful and the best individ- College classes
unit offer better opportunities for a merry chase this afternoon, and Bryan, delegate of Nu Circle, at the
are eligible.
Phi Upsllon Omlcorn, women's ual float have been selected by the
the pupils of Lexington and the sur- - with the proper support from his convention held at Tuscaloosa, Ala.,
Dean F. Paul Anderson spoke rounding counties, but its modern team mates can be counted upon to last year. It was strengthened by
honorary home economics fraternity, awards committee and are on disbriefly on the meaning and alms of teacher training facilities will soon come through with the Wildcats' letters from Gov. Flem D. Samppledged Dorothy Parsons, Eudenah play at the Tavern. After the pason, the Lexington Chamber of
Hamby, Mary Hood Gillespie, Laura rade the floats will return to the Tau Beta PI and on the "Romance create a demand for University- - second victory of the season.
Captain Raymond Rhoads. who Commerce and the Phoenix hotel.
campus where the awards will be nf TTntHnppHnfr" n: psnfvfnllv nnnlfpH ' trained teachers.
Moores and Virginia Fisher.
The present officers of Nu Circle
has been attracting the attention of
presented. The coronation of the to the $75,000,000 bridge over the
The subject of the toast was "The
the Big League scouts, will take the of O. D. K. are: James C. Pinley,
Queen of the May will take place rVllllTTltlln rlvor frnm I?cinW flro
Evolution of the
president: Hayes H. Owens,
- to Longvlew, Wash.
mound in the Saturday afternoon
Class toasts were given by Jane on the University commons. Formgame. Barnes will be on the receivand Toy Sandefur, secretary-tOfficers and members of the ac- Dyer, "The Befuddled Fresnman"; erly the coronation of the queen has
To Be
ing end whenever Rhoads takes the reasurer.
The spring pledgMary Sidney Hobson, "The Know-It-A- ll been held in the gym, but It Is be- - tive chapter are as follows R. I.
Pnnph navnrannv Vine Koah ing exercises of the fraternity, in
open air ceremonies Fort, president; J. C. Benson, vice- Sophomore;" Eleanor Swear- lleved that the
lngen, "The Sensible Junior," and will be much more delightful and president; C. F. Bailey, correspond - Junior Class Sets Monday as alternating catchers whenever he which the outstanding men students
lng secretary; M. W. Davis, record
Final Date for Nomina- - has changed pitchers. This worked of the University are honored, will
Kathleen Fitch, "The Wise Senior." beautiful.
e be held at the Junior Prom.
In the evening SuKy will enter lng secretary: J. W. Pennel, treas- - .
1.1'""le g"me ?Uh(fM,"ml- The Alpha Gamma Delta cup is
tions of Candidates
Wildcats are
catch- awarded on a basas of scholarship, tain with a dance in the gym. At urer; W. B. Pythian, cataloger;
pledging exercises of
Richmond, Louis Walton. E. L. i Nomlnatlons for the Queen of the f
activities and character. Miss Dyer, this time the
J0"4 !,enly.maKhe ?bl1a U. K.
E- to
A"gtUuS ?,l? n
who received the award this year, SuKy will be held. Members of this S?wy,
rnZ F?rd' Junior Prom, one of the highest
i ic mi ui wc umicr mull- - Be
uacio, a. ivi. yvui wiuifciuw,
nt thp Ulliver- a home economics major In the organization are selected on their
ability to sell candy and soft drinks
J Harrison and R. K. Thorn- - n0rfs
t0 re'
College of Agriculture and attained
can gain must be
tercy- L.rnpH 4n to Mnrnrnt. fiimrilff nn . celve the fast balls 755.' 2
standing of 2.7 last semester. She at the University athletic meets.
Prof. E. S. Good Announces
a pledge of the Alpha Gama
or before Monday, April 7.
boys who played
Contests for
Delta sorority.
these Pe"tions for eame. Kruger will be at first, Toth
Co-E- ds
Maci j
Cups at Meeting
s g- - nt secondi Mause
President and Mrs. Frank L. Mc- nomination there
t thlrd and Url
Vey and Dean Sarah G. Blandlng
natures or 3U memoers or tne junior banlak wU1 be at shortstop. Tne
were special guests at the banquet.
class and from the nom nations ithe outfield will be chosen from Ohr. dean of George Roberts, College
Prom Queen will be elected on April Kelly Murphy( Keiioee and Trott. Agriculurethe University of
and president
the LexOnly a girl from the junior
I who condescended
to march around 10.
ington Kiwanis club, and Dr. WelOwens
Monday afternoon the R. O. T. C. ' the field, resplendent in their fem- - class is eligible for the candidacy
lington Patrick, director of the Unimembers
versity Extension and secretary of
unlt of the University, marching to inlne glory, and evidently quite hap-th- e class only be allowedofto the Junior iveillUCItlctll UI LVOV
martial airs of its beloved band, py. Of course there were other
To Be
Soon the Kiwanis club of Lexington, have
in patriotic review before the orlties who would not be outdone, in the election.
been elected delegates to the InterInspector James Chapman proper officers, and a goodly crowd and
The arrangements for the Prom, i
their adherents, too, were there.
national Kiwanis convention at AtWill Also Attend Biannual of spectators, who had assembled
one of the few school dances that
The amount of patriotism, how
lantic City, June 29 to July 3, by
Military Convention
themselves for the purpose of wit ever, was tinctured by a feeling of last until 1 o'clock, have been placed
The 1930 edition of the Kentuck-la- n, members of the club last week.
nessing once more the strength of partisanship as the members of the In the hands of Jack McQurk, chairyear book of the University,
In connection with work done with
Scabbard and Blade, national the University fighting group. Such respective sororities exulted at their man of the dance committee, and will soon be on sale, as the publi- junior agricultural clubs the
honorary military fraternity, will a display of national feeling has not i good fortune of having one of their this committee will have the com- cation is off the press and will be
will give ten silver loving
hold its biannual convention at been observed in this locality for a members on the field of battle. Sev- - plete responsibility for the event, shipped to Lexington soon.
cups to the winners in the various
Minneapolis, Minn., April 24, 25 and long time. By and large, with a few eral young co-e(an old one was which, according to the members of
Subscriptions for the annual can departments of the Junior R Club
xceptions of one platoon, which never heard of), were sitting on the the committee, will be one of the be made at the business office of of Fayette county, it was announced
i. it was learned Wednesday.
The delegate selected from the must have been constituted of an top or some Pie Cap s car. If their best proms in the history of the in- the Kentuckian; and, according to by Prof. E. S. Goode, professor of
Kentucky chapter D company. 4th unconscionable group of radicals, remarks could have been heard by stitution.
Virgil L. Couch, editor, to insure animal husbandry at the University
Regiment Is Hayes Owens. James who apparently prefer to live for members of another Hellenic organiArrangements for the election of getting one they should be made and chairman of the agricultural
Chapman, assistant corps area in- their country than to die for it, the zation of the feminine variety, there the Prom Queen on Thursday, April right away.
committee of the club.
spector for the 5th Corps Area, is review was quite a delectable affair, would undoubtedly have been blood- 10, have been placed in the hands
Mr, Couch will go to Nashville,
Prof. Goode stated that arrangealso going to make the trip.
and highly successful in every re shed.
junior class officers, who Tenn, Wednesday, to inspect the ments have been made for members
of the
Amendments to the constitution spect.
About ten or twelve years ago the will act as election officers on that edition. On Friday and Saturday of the Kiwanis club to visit members
will be discussed and officers for the
in order to heighten the charm of world was made safe for democ- day. Ballot boxes will be placed in he will attend a biennial province of the agricultural society and obnext two years will probably be the occasion the Alpha Gams lent racy at the sacrifice of too many front of the Adminlsration building conclave of the Alpha Tau Omega serve the work they are doing under
elected. About 57 chapters are send- to the R. O. T. O. a sufficient quan- millions of lives, but it is felt that and the winner of the election will social fraternity at the University the direction of L. O. Brewer, county
ing delegates.
tity of their fair, or unfair,
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be announced on Friday, April 11.
farm agent.
of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.

W. S. G. A. and Y. W. Officers
Announced at Fifth Annual
W. fA. C. Banquet


0. D. K. TO HOLD

Plans Complete for

May Day Activities





Now that nominations for "Queen
of the Prom" must be turned In at
The Kernel office by Monday, April
7, we predict that the interior of the
office will be tne cynosure oi aamir-in- g
eyes on or about that date.


Robert O'Dear, senior In the College of Law, has been appointed to
the Sterling Fellowship In law at
the Yale Law School for the year
1930-3This is the best fellowship
offered at the Yale Law School.

Just when the local female charmers began to achieve their former
popularity following the high school
tournament, the men folk of the
campus heard about High School
Week, which will get under way
Wednesday. The result was as devastating as high school girls are

Miss Isabel Wolfe Hemenway, of
Tuscon, Ariz., grand president of
Alpha Delta Theta social sorority,
will be in Lexington from April 9
to 14 inspecting the Alpha chapter
at Transylvania and the Beta chapter at the University. Miss Hemenway was formerly an instructor in
the English department at Transylvania. Several entertainments have
been planned for her by the two

The management of The Kernel
wish to announce that the brazen
banner at the top of this page was
not the result of any sorority or
fraternity fire at night or at any
other time. It amounts to no more
than a test to determine the number of color blind students at the
University or the number of fatalities from imbibing too much "Jake."
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Prom Queen Election
Held Thursday


Lend National Feeling
Of Patriotism to Review of Cadets

to Represent
Scabbard and Blade

Professors to
Kiwanis Delegates






* night Miss Marlon Bands, president this afternoon. Mr. Kryl was a mem
The idea bcr of Sousa's band for many years
mm, of this chapter, presided.was
of a Kappa Delta ship
carried and has had a wide and varied
the last 25 years Mr. Kryl has
out In the decorations and place



Phone Ashland 3648



Advanced Dates
April 7, 8, 9, presentation of "Scar- i lei,
Bixoucrs piuy, v uiv vjuib""
When I am dead nnd over me bright theater.
April 9 Tea at Maxwell place for
hair, i
Shakes out her
faculty and students of the unl-- !
Though you shall lean above me the
broken-hearteI shall not care.
Tea at Maxwell Place
President and Mrs. Frank McVey
I shall have peace, as leafy boughs were at home to the students and
are peaceful
faculty of the University Wednesday
When rains bend down the bough; afternoon for tea from 3 to 6 o'clock.
And I shall be more silent and
Assisting Mrs. McVey was Miss
Shlvely Maucr. Other assistants
you are now.
were: Misses Mary Louise McSARA TEASDALE.
Dowell, Elizabeth McDowell, Mary
FranE. Price, Ellen Mlnlhan,
Kinney, Marian
Fanny C. Woodhead, Eleanor Swear-enge- n,
Doris Striker. Messrs. Jim
Friday, April
Kappa Delta Pi, honorary edu- Dorman, Andrew Hoover, Frank DaStewart
vidson, Joe Ruttencutter,
cational fraternity banquet In the
Augustus and Henry Bowman.
Phoenix hotel at 6:30 o'clock.
Wednesday the Alma Magna
Council meeting at 4 o'clock at
Mater club of the University will
the president's office.
meet at Mrs. McVey's for tea.
April 5
Last cadet hop of the season in Kappa Delta Initiation and Banquet
the men's gymnasium from 3 to 6
Kappa Delta sorority held Initiao'clock.
tion for 12 new members last ThursAlpha Gamma Rho formal dance day night at the chapter house. On
in the ballroom of the Phoenix ho- MnnHnv nltrht. n. formal banaUCt Was
tel from 9 to 12 o'clock.
given in their honor at the Lafayette
Sigma Chi formal dance in the hotel, at wnicn time ine iresnmen
men's gymnasium from 9 until 12 scholarship cup, awarded annually
fn thp frpshmnn havintr the hiehest
Sigma Chi fraternity buffet sup- standing, was presented to Margaret
per for members and guests at Mr. LeStourgeon.
Hughes Hamilton's home in country
Initiation services were conducted
preceding the dance.
by Miss Addle Munday, visiting na
Sunday, April 6
tional officer, who did me cnapter
Vesper services at 4 o'clock in the honor of staying over for this
occasion. At the banquet Monday
Memorial Hall.





Lexington, Ky.

At East Main and Walton


Upon Easter Day
Many a young man will be quite worried
he must give her something . . . but
so why not
she's out of the ordinary
it is out of the ora box of our candy
dinary, too.




114 S. Limestone

Phone, Ashland

1988-- Y

Albert J. Kikel

This week's winner



They're Here


and Await Your Selection

New Spring

The Two Styles Pictured Here
are Especially Smart for


Collegiate Shoe Department

Mitchell, Baker & Smith

cards, and the toasts were along the
same line, The toastmlstress acted
as captain of the ship; the freshman
toast was given by Miss Dorothy
Scwell, as deckhand;
Miss Mary
Orifflth gave the sophomore toast
as sailor; Miss Mary Louise Rcnakcr
as lookout gave the Junior toast;
and the senior tosat came from Miss
Kathleen Fitch as first mate. The
presentation of the schalorshlp cup
was made by Mrs. Lydla Fischer, the

The new Initiates, who were guests
of honor, were Misses Hortcnsc Carter, Justine Cook, Josephine Crowe,
Elizabeth Eaton, Mary Prince Fowler, Margaret LeStourgeon, Amelia
Llgon, Myrtle McCoy, Gladys Rice,
Mary Alice Salyers, Dorothy Scwell
and Virginia Wardrup.
The members of the active chapter arc Misses Louisa Bickcl, Betty
Crawford, Phoebe Dlmock. Eleanor
Doud, Kathleen Fitch, Mary Griffith, Mary Virginia Halley, Frances
Holland, Dorothy Jones, Bucna
Mathls, Ruth Mayes, Mary Louise
Rcnaker, Marion Sands, Virginia
Young and Mrs. Lydla Fischer.
The pledges are Misses Dorothy
Buckley, Florence Morris, Opal
and Ayleene Razor.
Alumnae and other guests included Miss Gertrude Wade, faculty advisor; Mrs. T. A. Stebbins, house
mother; Mrs. J. T. McBride, Miss
Joy Pride, Miss Ann Shropshire,
Mrs. Frances R. Lamb, Miss Rebecca
Patton and Miss Flora Deal.





oerience in the field of band music,
received nation-wid- e
acclaim as a
band director,
National President Comlnr

Mrs. Ansel F. Hcmenway, Tucson,
Ariz., national president of Alpha
Dcla Thcta sorority, will be the

C, High school, of which he

Is now
the coach. Tills team recently won
the basketball championship
North Carolina.
has returned from
Mr. Bcv White
a visit in Clay City.
Mr, Hagan Gray and Mr. Leslie
visitors at the
Berry were week-en- d
Triangle house
who spent the weekAmong those
end at the Kappa Sigma house arc
Mr. Charles Moore of Georgia Tech,
Mr. Ambrose Stephenson of Winchester, Mr. Thomas Adams of Louisville, Mr. Brud Farmer, of Louisville and Mr. James Arthur of Cincinnati.
Mr. Roger Lauflcr and Mr. William Glanz have returned to Louisville after a short visit at the Delta
Chi house.

guest of Beta chapter at the
Wednesday and Thursday of
next week for the annual inspection
oi ine cnapter.
Several elaborate social events
have been planned In her honor,
among wnicn is a formal tea on
Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 at
the chapter house. Mrs. Hemcnway
win oe tnc guest of the Alpha Delta
Theta Mothers' Club for a luncheon Solos
Thursday and the alumnae will entertain at dinner on Friday night.
Mrs. Hemenway has many friends
at the University an