·   · . · _ FEES.
- ,` ‘» . _ Each student will be required to pay an incidental fee of $15, which
" V , ‘ will be used in paying for material consumed and to aid in providing for
“ » ‘ ,_ ` · a commons where meals will be furnished to students at actual cost.
` , · Each of these students will be furnished with free admission to all
v_ public lectures given under the auspices of the Public Lecture Bureau,
: · ‘ _ #_ to medical advice from the resident physician, to the use of the Uni-
' , i _ versity hospital, and free admission to all athletic contests and exercises
‘ _ ` given under the auspices of the University Athletic Association. Non-
resident students will pay an additional fee of $5.00. Students entering
_ ‘ the second semester will pay one—half of the above fees.
l Students who hold county appointments and who occupy rooms in the
dormitories upon the campus, each pay a fee of $10.00, to cover use of
furniture, service of matron, service of janitor, medical inspection and
` benefits of the University hospital.
No student will be entitled to expenses of transportation for more
than one round trip to and from the University each year, and then only
upon the condition that he remains for the full period of the school year.
A diploma fee of $5.00 (in the Law College, $10.00) is charged.