bY   borers in either treated or non- velopments. The regular Experi-
by .·  treated plants and the tests were ment Station spray schedules for
RW only to study the ef’fect·of fumiga- apples, peaches, grapes and other
dlS- tion upon the plants, since it has fruits are designed to supply full
BTG  1 already been demonstrated that information for growers, who have
__ fumigation will kill all borers in only small plantings and are faced
` to  S the plants. (Refer to thc crown with no serious insect and disease
WO-  _ borer article, by Dr. P. O. Ritchcf, problems. Each county agent and
·gll· in this issue.) assistant county agent of the state
`€VY i will continue to receive a copy of
EVP · 1942 SPRAY SERVICE each spray letter, and in many
`°“'· Dllflllg 1942 thc Fflllt SDYHY counties the county agent will serve
Xml i Service Program for the state was 35 the Spi—ay-jnf0;—matlOn Clearing
bill ‘ carried on generally by the use of iwugqg
i}`¤·?F Spray Letters and Cards to contact
· fruit growers rather than by the BLAKEMO§[}?R§,'§}_;_A\t’BERRY
· use of Spray Broadcasts. These
written notices seemed very pop- In 1939 P18¤i$ of 1WO >f€110W$·F€·
_- Q _ uiai. among thc gmwai-Sy Wim ap, sistant Blakemore strains were
131., 1 d ,1h ,. f.t.  
arlyv A preciated having them to refer to RPF;avi?S]§1;£“`;a_;i¤Olan;1latii€ 1555
iber i from llmc to lim°· Uiciiber straini ·According to a re-
leat * Thi? l¤S€€l8fY and {HCl-finding cent survey of these men (after
rich , organization was in full operation. three fruiting seasons) they all con-
·1;ed_ 9 Points in the state where spray in- $ld€`l`€d the Y€11O“`$’1`fSiS1a“tfthauis
ates formation was collected and re- tar iu_P€“Ol`C;O *_h$\_;_;1;;;€3fOn°gi;
the ported. were Fulton, Mayfield, Eieduii) ziinemggg and accept (mw
the Paducah Pri¤¤et<>¤~ Henderson yellows—resistant plants when pur-
ease Louisville. Lexington, Ludlow, Chasing Blakemore. Some yellows
was Alexandria and Cold Springs. The can be expected to show up in any
gvep cooperators who sent in the reports Sglalil of P1fél1§¥ éi1gOéL§’€Ti§S€%;d
. . - . . ,- anssiou e . _ -
rl-ies fromithe aboxe sections weie \1tal EBSQ is 3 Weakness Of this Yaiietp.
ther GOES in the Pl`0gl`3m· lt WBS l¤lP0$· and does not spread to other \‘3I'l·
gggri sible for the Spray Service leader tics.
iam- I to visit all the sections regularly and
the these reports helped to present the HINTS AND OBSERVA-
Ords 9 whole state picture. TIONS
; in _ By W. W. MAGILL V
_ gn Plans f°* N4-} _ _ rigid Agent iii Horticulture »
TOO Because of travel restrictions, it
will be necessary in 1943 to depend WILL IT HAPPEN AGAIN`?
l`¤0l‘C and more upon cooperators I ask thc Commercial Sti.Hwb€i.i.y
1 Over the state for reports, from their g1~Owei·—.D0 you plan totlplallt {Ogg
‘ —. · . 1 · al berry acreage iis sprin . _
mg éciiiiins- Thr Sem géml pm Of §t‘§JS,.,uy the ,,.,..,tiO.. Ortoai ram
iaiits lc aymg _l€tt°IS thmugh county for 1943 flashed to his mind. What
. agfmts Wl11 139 l·1S€d alld ll0 SUNG would your answer be'? Before you i
arlel bl`OadQ33t5 arc plgnricd ZlllS\\'Cl` tilt? C]LlCStlOll, let LIS _look O\'G1`
nore ` the record of prices f()llO\\'ll1%\§Ol`ld
non- Mailing Lists War No._1—or the history o eriy
. · t 1917-18-19-20-21. The fol-
wfth Spray $€1`V1€€ 1€l1€l`$ Hlld notices i)(is\?i(i$gOpi·ices are taken from one of
itioii RFQ of value only to fruit growers the pooperative Berry ASSOCIHTIOUS
V10l`€ having special insect and disease ef kcmuckyi
with · , l917—$2.50 1920-55.00
problems, and those who tiy to iqi8_ 300 i921___ 3_qO
`Own _ k€€p up with special seasonal dc- 1§19__ 5:50 1922— 2,40