xt7j0z70x423 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7j0z70x423/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19750314 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 14, 1975 text The Green Bean, March 14, 1975 1975 2014 true xt7j0z70x423 section xt7j0z70x423 A New Fgggm T H E
Would you be interested in a forum G R E E N
for the discussion of Library—Uni-
versity oriented topics as well as ‘ B E A N
articles being published in those
fields? If so, attend the first UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES
meeting of the "Forum for What's NEWSLETTER 3/14/75
Happening Now" to be held on ---¤——¤——-————————————-·-··~—-·
Wednesday, March l9th in the Staff Lounge. Bring your lunch, your
ideas and join the group. Beverages and a light desert will be fur-
Personnel's system and regulations for job reclassification are dee
scribed in "Personnel Policy and Procedure Bulletin #3l." what fol-
lows is a capsulized version of the Bulletins statement. The complete
Bulletin is available in the Director's Office.
It is recognized that every position may be subject to possible
changes in work content and/or responsibilities which could occur as a
result of such changes as:
A. Introduction of new procedures
B. Departmental reorganization
C. Rendering new services
D. Reductions or increases of a working force which may affect job
Therefore, a system has been established whereby the classification
assignment of a position can be reviewed when the work content of that
position changes in some substantial way. Such a review may reveal
that a classification should be increased or decreased if the change R
in the duties and responsibilities is sufficient to warrant it.
The requests for reclassification of existing appointive positions are
to be submitted by the head of the department in duplicate to the
appropriate Dean or Division Head for initial approving action. If
approved, it will be forwarded to the Personnel Division.
The Personnel Division will complete a Job Analysis, obtaining addi-
tional data, when necessary, to provide that adequate and proper
consideration will be given each request.
Final action on the request will be taken by the Administrative ~= t
Officer. If approved, the Personnel Division will make the necessary
budget allocations and transactions, and all offices concerned will be
notified of the action.
Opening: LT I, Special Collections, open now.
Termination: Marilyn Brown, Acquisitions, March 14.

Head, Cataloging Dept., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Undergraduate Librarian, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,
N.C. Salary: $15,000
Executive Director, MIDLNET (Midwest Library Network).
Salary: $25,000 minimum
Assistant University Librarian for Collections, University of
California at Santa Barbara. Salary: $18,800 — $30,400
Head, Chemistry Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.