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_ Tuesday, March 26, 1963
Kentucky s Best Neg1·0Ath efes I
G0 To Other States To Play
”_ On thc All-Tournament team chosen at State High School Tournament has been
1 the close of the recent State High School entirely desegregatcd for several years.
_ Basketball Tournament, eight of the ten These Negro athletes, however, find little
` players selected as outstanding were opportunity for collegiate athletics in Ken-
; Negroes. A basketball referee who offici- tucky, and many go to other states where
ated at games throughout the state this they help put their teams in the national
— season said that in his opinion the five tourneys and gain the prominence that is
top high·schoo1 players in Kentucky were denied them in Kentucky. _
Q all Negroes. Many of the foremost college, Membership in the Southeastern Con-
university and professional players ferenee requires UK to play a certain ’
K throughout the country are Negroes. number of games with other SEC teams, I
V These facts add a point, albeit a some- and those teams in the Deeper South re- ° __
n what selfish one, to the editorial plea of main strictly segregated. As a result,  `L ·~ ° ` ° with _
7 The Kentucky Kernel, the University of there is an unwritten rule which keeps      
i Kentucky student newspaper, that UK Negroes off SEC teams, including Ken-  is;   l
` abandon its policy of excluding Negroes tucky’s. .   §“§· __ E E  AN
_ from its athletic teams. More than this, The Leader agrees with The Kernel _   g" r tj _ N
, as The Kernel points out, it is a matter of that Kentucky should use Negro players, ‘   5 -; .t—  -» - _,
justice. in justice to the athletes produced by the t  t` V evt Sports hdl . 1
Kentucky is producing outstanding Negro state’s high schools and to itself. This `   J Nl ` ` ’
athletes who play on such all-Negro teams might or might not mean leaving the =»—" xiy ° · Qmm__t`° a  
I as Dunbar in Lexington and on integrated Southeastern Conference, but if  should, ;· r m e l ( W
Z 'teams such as Maysville. and Seneca. The that would be no ruinous matter. ‘ l   "" 3 .
t r e rrrs e r   e Ken c v hou]
  cave or Ne ro s
, xy -/0--/1- g
We see where the e itor of the Univcrsi of
Ken * student newspaper has advocate with-
drawal of IB ” t · eastem Con-
_ ference for the expressed purpose of recruiting negro
t • Q athletes.
, , · [ng f This was bound to happen lll the not too distant
‘ _ uture, Kentucky, along with a couple or three other
• A I-·· _ universities in the conference have been the doormats
Integratlone ` · of their big brothers and on the bottom of the Dixie
Ldztzr Degmmds nezen. _ ‘
T 9 .,z_q—/» The editor statei, and we quote, "If the uni—
0 S,E,C,, O versity (Kentucky is to we · * •
ct I   up. to its moral obligation and tired of the doctrine of
qlzi gggp d ak 'nifi- ra`a1inf·" b` -
Le¤¤¤»¤» me Mm 25 <¤ I  C.  MQ JL Smit? tn. mit d..w§‘i,‘L?"{n0‘2;?  
$51;** Umnigélisgi géugeezggg I E stitution, it must divorce it- It ts not the__dq;;trjne_ of
Cmmgmce on the iden of re. self from the segregation po- raciil riiferiority that tg. been
eruiting Negro athletes, a high- hey which dominates th e ranu’ii_erH`H6wgr _gh§`T_‘Ej-£;2{_§ of
ly placed source at the Umver- _ K I md t Southeastern Conference? Kentygj§_mt__the.JnuL__;_;;,<_Le
sity said Monday. TM l;;:":‘yth°°I1"niJ°:·it,°:‘ First, we would like to know 0T defeat on the football
"Th` tion that we “°“'“P lj ·u]d k , · In ` g_
pull gilt Scggittfe Southeastern Kentucky, advocated this week SIZW  `;Il’;t;Y0‘;°K€nEik; t_i§_i¤;'mm;1i=:¤f8£%_€{i}1¤;it0;¤{€n` E
C°nf°I°n°° because -n° Ne` met Kmtucky wnhdmw {Nm any more progressive, The tucky has one of the hardest >
groes are on 1ts athletic teams th, _g0,m,,.,m·. gouge;-eqee . _ _ p _ _ _ t
· ‘ ’ - school IS l'€COgl'l1Z€d BS ODE of 8C8d€Ul1C I‘€qUlI`€ITl€l`llS lI'|
1S not a good 1dea IH any md berm mcmmng No , _ _ _ {
way, shape or f0rm." the Mmows OE the finest academic colleges the nat10n,and an athlete, es- I
'd. ' FRU " ' th t . `ail { tb ll 1
Smlzicczhments referred to an _,D“t:)Rgq i   _ mThe¢ ecgltlgrlgl further state, gi; kxtlowhm to ilocg igegghoahli  
editorial last week iii the K€¤· It e mvmis   is ve P "Here and now with a with- , that head up academic polls.  
t“°kY Kemeh st“de“t Dev"` t° ue m°m1°bhgtm°n and m e drawal from the SEC or an Now what makes this editor E
paper at the University, which significant progress as a ma r ‘Y . . . V. ;
advocated the Univers1ty wxth- mmmuon it must divorce its W 3-HDt)\1DC€m€¤t. that mi will ttllink that thelunfversrty will
draw from the S_E_€;_ and begm from I the segregation p 0; i C begm to recruit negro p ayers c ange its po icy and recruit
at once to recru1t Negroes. which dominates me Southcn _ by a certam date, we have the negroes is beyond reason, when
` Athl€ti¢ DiY€¢'€01' B%1'¤i€ H ‘ golden opportxmity to become they will not do it for white
Shively has declined any com- em Conference, the newspa r leaders football playprs at the pm-
ment on the editorial. Uni- said in an editorial for Fwld ·   ‘ land d tu sent Of r' th
_ versity President Frank _G. editions, ¢ . th °  ui t up gmth E K' t kcm; Sc etzi lm`g'·_
Dickey said any such act10n UWB hmm the golden oppmux €tWOI`· a We, 8 Ou ·€l`I`l . GH uc   ans` an 0 1ers
would have to come from the hmm, to become lmd0r,_ WO { University, are sick and txred mterested mthe bEC may rest
sch001’s athletics board OY can Stand up md uu the worm of having a doctrine of naeial assured that officials will stu-
b°aYd °t trustees- ·· t inferiorit rammed downeour dy hard~if such a propesal
that we, s southern ull rarity. Y L _ ,. .
Feels Integration Inevitable me mk of having A   ——‘_0‘t throats? · I U I E is brought forward befonjqr
_ The source, who declined to racial mgmqol-[ty mmm;} l_ P Another ‘ thing winch   mng down the lucritive sums
be named, explained that the our tm.0&ts_»» ·,,,;r*¥’f· have been deceived on foifl  of money that each inexnmi
University feels 1ntegrat10n of The newspaper quoted  J a ,  4many.yee_t-5,,if the editorial is of. the conference reaps v_ »
Spoyts 1nl’l;;lI?€]&(?.§;l’ C?)i11g   Bernie         is LhG fact   KOH- N€“’ Y€81`S*d8y fl`0l]] the    
V [ g1·;]t)}{a1$(:10es not allow Negroes e lng that the UI'1iV€Z?f     ’°€‘= .   is A "S0uthe1‘n" univer· gmnes, just for the purpose ofv M  
to playyisinevitabm tremendous pres     www sity; Jugtpiwhut makes them · having negro athletesr    
The source also disputed that out of me confeten e;-=t· e ; l think that they know anything As we have saldit it may p r
there, IS any rulmse wmtliem .. , abputvthe ·s0ufh,· ` A! happen, Just how   expect ; ;
unwrtlgiien as ¤;*;<;;~v;;·;»¤i1¤¤¤;I§ In the editors final state~ it to benefit tlacm_is*»not»m¤d¢ 5 ,
  eg P y V ment,.he says that he is sick clear,   ·' A   1
lk wildcats lk wildcats Uk `ld t lk `ld °
    e T, _ , t W1 ca sw _ Wl cats, lk w1ldcats,, Uk
 v " `f {v '2’~ r " 'r " F } aw r ,·,`·-.‘··.   --Q· .,‘ .,. .. ; J , . . * c » · s V _     ·;v5 _; t • _; _• .7 ,.0,,,, , ‘ , , ,,};_ — .,; — HW, . ,, x _   ,- n, _ . . . · ¤*" W ` ·
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· ' ` ' ` ` - ··..¤Jrr·rv·*)·~»7=t~»·•.Ami., .t.i1- .»I in 1/Lf vi AV ·