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W. ' .i ‘

Aday on the trail


‘ ‘ Celebratig 3i yearsol independnce


Crosbie stays sane amid chaos

Just an ordinary day: Mayoral candidate Crosbie
crisscrosses town on a busy day before the election

She has

By Steve lvey

0n the air

Mayoral candidate
Scott Crosbie talks
on the air with
radio personality
Lee Cruse Wednes-
day afternoon on


The meeting is just the
beginning of a day spent
crisscrossing Lexington.

9 a.m.
After the meeting wraps.




— Scott Crosbie,
when forced by a
radio interviewer
to say something
nice about his
opponent, Teresa


5:50 a.m.

Lexington Fayette Ur-
ban County Councilman-at-
large and mayoral candidate
Scott Crosbie awakes.
blearyeyed. to another day
during what he calls the
“crazy season" of the cam-

It‘s a Wednesday, just 13
days until Election Day. But
throughout all stages of the
campaign. it's been the norm
for Crosbie to rise anywhere
between 5:30 and 7 a.m.

7 a.m.

A staff meeting necessi-
tated an early wake-up call
today. Dressed in his navy
blue suit. power tie and
American flag lapel pin,
Crosbie meets with his cam-
paign volunteers at their
Southside campaign head-
quarters on Palomar Centre
Drive to talk strategy and
discuss issues of the day.

“We’re at a stage now
where we just take the is—
sues as they come and deal
with the big ones according-
ly,“ Crosbie says.

Crosbie travels downtown
for a breakfast meeting with
Lexington businessmen and
women. Over two fried eggs
and a dollop of potatoes
“smothered, scattered, what-
ever it is they do to them
down at the Waffle House,"
he talks about his ideas for
downtown development, in-
cluding a corridor of shops,
restaurants and entertain—
ment venues connecting UK
and downtown.

See CROSBIE on 3


Isaac stays busy, energized

Isaac gives a quick
Interview before
she starts her work
for the day at the
Fair Housing

momma | KERNEL
surr ‘

Ali in a day's work: Mayoral candidate Isaac moves
from talk radio to a volleyball game, smiling all the way

Iv Ben Frenzini

5:00 a.m.

Mayoral candidate Tere-
sa Isaac rises every morning
hours before the sun and sips
on a steaming cup of coffee.

“It‘s nothing new. I've
gotten up this early every
day since college." she said.
“I usually only need about
four hours of sleep and I‘m
good to go."

With the coffee for
breakfast. Isaac is ready to
brave the roads of Lexing-
ton, traveling alone from

meeting to luncheon to her
daughter's volleyball game —
wherever the day’s schedule
takes her.

Isaac, energetic as ever.
starts the day by calling vol-
unteers. “It gives me a
chance to brighten up their
day.“ she said, grinning

Today they are out on a
door-todoor schedule,
putting up yard signs.

Along with calling volun-
teers, Isaac also calls oontrib
utors to her campaign.

“I call this part of my
day the ‘fund-raising dun-


geon,’" she says. “I'd rather
be out meeting people. but
they (campaign managers)
keep telling me to go back to
the dungeon."

8:56 a.m.

A smiling Isaac comes
walking through the door of
WLEX-ls. She greets the re-
ceptionist as an old friend
would. When offered coffee,
she accepts with specifics:
“Make it decaf — my doctor
says I have to."

She begins a conversa-
tion with the receptionist
and others in the room
about where to get the best
cup of coffee in town.



The Studen Newspaper at the Unvyiersit


Women's soc-
cer celebrates
senior night 1


http: www.kykernel.coin

SG hopes campuswide
party Halloween treat

Anybody going as Tim Robinson?: Catatonic Halloween
offers students a chance to dance, dress-up and drink

By Katie Kramer

Justin Rasner is all shook
up about Student (ioverniiient‘s
Catatonic Halloween.

Rasner. SG chief of staff.
will be going to the party
dressed as Elvis.

“I love Halloween." Rasner

Catatonic Halloween. a Sin
dent Government sponsored
Halloween party. is this Friday
at Heritage Hall.

He said the event is a great
opportunity for students to par»
ty with a couple thousand UK

Black Coffey. an tip-and
coming rap group from Ken
lucky. will be providing live en-
tertainment. Rasner and 86
President Tim Robinson said
they think the music will be one
of the most exciting parts of the

Robinson compared the
group's music to Nappy Roots.

“It Will be really exciting to
see this band before they ex-
plode onto the music scene,“
Robinson said.

A deejay will also be there.

Four cash bars will be avail-
able for students of age at the
party. (‘asli prizes will also be
awarded to the four best cos
fumes ranging from $100 to $300.
The costumes will be judged by
80 members.

"It's a fun festive type holi-
day. which everybody can get
dressed up for." Robinson said.

Free tickets are still avail-
able at the Student (‘enter ticket
office. however. only a few of the
original 3.500 tickets are still
available. Robinson said.

Buses will be available for
those students who do not have
transportation. who will he un»
safe to drive following the party.

See BASH on 5




What are your Halloween plans?

I plan to dress up like an egg
and my friend, Patrick, is
going to be toilet paper. He's
throwing me at a car and I'm
throwing him at a tree." —

I’m going to play the owija
board with others in my dorm,
Blanding 111. We've played
before and it says that there
are 37 ghosts there.”


El‘m being a viking opera
singer at a friends house


‘i'mgomg to the Alpha
Omicron Pi date party dressed
as Sebastian Joy".”


iissi'jfian to stay at home and pass
out candy to the children."


. ‘ at?”

flough I'm thinking of
vandalizing, I‘ll probably end
up at a costume party with my


Lingion ,


 2 l THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31. zoo: | Litmuc'xiiifem


The Low-down

en e
kind of ac-
cess and
tion we
needed to
make the
W0 ’n

Laure Nelson.
VH1 spokesper-
son after VH1
piled the plug on
the Liza ltimelli‘s
planed reality TV
show. complain-
ing that her hus-
lmd. David Gest.
was impossible to
work with.

Sharon's coalition falls apart

JERUSALEM Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon's broad-based coalition collapsed
Wednesday when (‘abinet ministers from the
moderate Labor Party resigned in a dispute
over funding for Jewish settlements. threat
oning to push lsrael into a bitter election. The
crisis ended an uneasy Bil-month “unity gov
ernment" formed as a common front against
the Palestinian uprising. and could sabotage
US. efforts to win support for a peace plan.
Sharon told parliament he would continue to
load the country. suggesting he would try to
govern With a narrow coalition of far-right
and religious parties rather than call early
elections. The crisis was precipitated by
Sharon's rejection of Labor Party loader
Binyainin Hen Elie/.er‘s demands to cut 31-13
million in funds for Jewish settlements in the
$57 billion flow; state budget (‘ompromiso
proposals failed and llonllliczoi' resigned
from his post as defense minister. followed by
the rest of Labor's (‘abinet ministers.

Space agency defrauded last year

WASilthi'l‘l ).\~ l‘Vi‘tim faulty parts for
the international Space Station to tho theft of
moon rocks. the nation's cash-thin space
agency was defrauded dozens of times over
the last year by contractors and somotnnes
by its own employees. investigative reports
sl ' Some of the problems (liscoyorod by
NASAs inspector general office involved
faulty parts. improper repairs and fake test
results that could endanger tho safety of as-
tronauts and others. the internal watchdog
said, it said NASA should significantly ini-
prove its oversight of contractors. An Associ-
ated Press review of inspector general
records found that in the past yoar. the inter-
nal watchdog cited more than 3o individuals
and nearly three dozen instances in which
the National Aeronautics and Space Admin
istration was \'1(‘illltlzil‘(l by improper actions.
mostly involving criminal and t'l‘.‘1l fraud.
NASA says such problems are taken serious
ly bill that tho dollar amounts of fraud repre-
sent a small part of the agency's overall bud
gel. which in 3002 was $1 til billion

Russia reveals name of gas used
MOSCOW At tho Kremlin's urging.
Denmark arrested a key aide to (‘hochon
leader Asian Maskhadoy in tho deadly raid
on a Moscow theater and other tort or attacks
funher evidence of Russia's success m iso-
lating a rebel movement whose envoys were
once received in capitals around the world.
including V‘Vashington. Russ i also acknowl
edged for the first little Wednesday that the
powerful opiate fentanyl was used in the res-

No NyQuil?


It's probably
safe to say the
winners of the
second Shortlist
Prize for Artistic
Achievement in
Music don't need
the $6,000 in
gift certificates
that come with
the award.
N.E.R.D., the hip-
hop funk-rock
band created by
producers the
Neptunes, re-
ceived the es-
teemed prize on
Tuesday for their
ambitious debut
album, In Search
0! Listmakers
including Mos
Def. Jill Scott
and Iggy Pop se-
lected the record
from to Shortlist
finalists that in-
cluded the Hives'
Veni Vidi Vicious
and Bjiirk's Ves-
pertine during a
private dinner
before a celebra-
tion concert at
the Henry Fonda
Theatre. "MTV
Awards are cool,
Grammys are
prestigious, but
this is like mega
cool," N.E.R.D.
co-founder Phar-
rell Williams said.
"This focuses
more on artistic
ability," his part-
ner Chad Hugo
added. "It's not
about politics.
It's just what our
peers think is
dope, which
makes it spe-

Looks like an all-nighter.


The nighttime,

. aching,
stuffy head,
best sleep
you ever got
with a cold...

cue operation that killed at least 117 hostages.
Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko insisted the
compound was an anesthetic that would not
cause death under normal circumstances.
Most agree the decision to pump the sedating
fumes into the theater early Saturday ended
the crisis: it incapacitated the heavily armed
t‘hechen hostage-takers. preventing them
from setting off hundreds of pounds of explo-
sives, and led to the safe rescue of more than
660 theater-goers.

Heart failure survivals improve

Americans‘ risk of dying after developing
heart failure has fallen about one-third since
the 1950s. though the outlook for women has
improved more than it has for men. a study
shows, While new drugs have been shown to
improve survival. the research is the first pop-
ulation-based evidence that people are living
longer with the disease. About 4.8 million peo
plo have heart failure. which occurs when a
weakened heart cannot pump blood efficient-
ly through the body. It mostly afflicts the el»
derly and is thought to be on the rise because
of the aging of the US. population. It con-
tributes to about 287.200 deaths a year. Re-
searchers analyzed five decades of data from
the Framingham Heart Study and found the
number of new cases in women had dropped
by about one-third, But there was no change
for men. They also concluded that survival
improved for men and Women. with deaths
from heart failure decreasing about 12 per-
cent each decade. They reported their find
ings in Thursday‘s New England Journal of

Japan unveils reforms for economy

TOKYO Japan's government an-
nounced a long-awaited economic revival plan
Wednesday pledging to help clear bad debts
that threaten stability of the banking system
and help the country‘s increasing numbers of
jobless workers Once a rapidly growing eco-
nomic [X1\\'t‘l‘h()ll$9. Japan has suffered from a
(lec':itlteltilig downturn with dropping prices.
stagnation and burgeoning unemployment.
The announcement was an achievement for
Prime \linister .Iiinichiro Koizumi. who was
embarrassed earlier this month when oppo-
nonts in his own ruling Liberal Democratic
Party blocked the release of the blueprint.
fearing that its reforms were too severe. How-
ever. critics of the new program complained
that it does not go far enough. The program
aims to clear $336 billion in the bad loans sad-
dling the nation's banks and reverse the trend
of falling prices. or deflation. that has under-
mined corporate profits and caused some
firms to go under.

Connection in killings denied

WASHINGTON An Army investiga-
tion of possible medical and behavioral
causes behind a series of domestic killings
and suicides at Fort Bragg. NC. has ruled
out the anti-malaria drug Lariam. officials

"my don't
dance no mo',"
Boodle Mob sang
on 1998': Still
Standing, and
now, It looks like
they won't be
writing. rapping
or recording to-
gether anymore.
either. Cee-Lo
says that Goodie
Mob have broken
up. "I am sorry
to say, it hurts
my heart to say,
but there is no
more Goodie
Mob," Cee-Lo
said shortly after
his performance
at the Shortlist
Award ceremony
in Hollywood.
where his debut
solo album had
been nominated
for the prize.
"We had profes-
sional and per-
sonal differ-
ences," he ex-
plained. "I guess
I'll go with the
typical 'The best
of luck to every-
body,’ you know
what I'm say-
ing?" Boodle
Mob - Cee-Lo,
Khujo, T-Mo and
Big Gipp -
emerged on

the hip-hop land-
scape with
1995's Soul
Food, a rich,
album that put
Atlanta's Dun-
geon Family on
the map.

said Wednesday. Six-culation about possible
explanations for the killings has run the
gamut from the stress of combat to psychot-
ic side effects from Lariani. Three of the
four soldiers involved in the killings had re
cently returned from Afghanistan. Elaine
Kanellis. an Army spokeswoman. said she
could not discuss findings from the investi
gation report. which is not yot in final form.
USA Today reported \V'ednesday that the iii-
vestigators found no common link in the ‘
four killings. except that the soldiers were
all in troubled marriages. A defense official :
who spoke on condition of anonymity said
Lariam has been riilod out as a cause


VH1 pulls Minnelli's reality show

NEW YORK Liza Minnelli won't be;
come another Ozzy Osbourne. VH1 has pulled,
the plug on the singer's planned reality TV:
show. complaining that her husband. David
(lest, was impossible to work with. “We
weren‘t given the kind of access and ccmpcras
tion we needed to make the show work.” VHL‘
spokeswoman Laura Nelson said Wednesday:
It was a blow to the struggling cable network;
which watched corporate partner MTV hit
the jackpot with ”The ('lsbournes” and had
high hopes for the Minnelli show. But VHt apé
parently didn't need the aggravation. Gest
would repeatedly cancel production meetings
and shooting schedules. and restricted VHl‘s
access to his wife, according to an official at
VH1 who spoke on condition of anonymity
When plans were announced this summer. the
Show was supposed to start in October. But it
got pushed back to December and then Janu-
ary. Finally. with only one episode filmed. VH1
backed away entirely Through it all. Minnelli
was terrific. according to VH1.

Hoopster drunk at time of shooting

FLEMINGTON. NJ. During a night of
heavy drinking. former basketball star
Jayson Williams humiliated and cursed at a
limousine driver before showing off with a
shotgun and fatally shooting the man. prose-
cutors contend in court documents filed
Wednesday. The new details of the Feb. 14
shooting came in prosecutors' response to a
defense motion seeking to dismiss charges
against him. Williams. 34. is accused of reck-
lessly handling the gun that killed Costas
“Gus" (‘hristofi and then trying to make the
shootii g appear to be selfinillcletl. He could
face nearly ~15 years in prison if convicted on
all charges. including firstdegree manslaugh-
ter. In Wednesday‘s filing. prosecutors gave
the most complete picture yet of what they
say happened that night. Before returning to
Williams’ mansion. where the shooting took
place. Williams and nine friends drank $627 in
alcoholic drinks at a restaurant. the docu-
ments said.

Compiled from wire reports


Teachers and Student Teachers are invited to
attend the Ohio Valley Educational
Cooperative (OVEC) Fall Teacher

Recruitment Fair on Tuesday, November 12,
2002 from 1:00 pm. to 4:00 pm.

Recruiting representatives from the
following ()VEC school districts will be on
hand to interview for open positions for the

2002 -03 school year:
Eminence lndpt.. Franklin. Gallatin, Grant,
Henry. Oldham. Owen. Shelby. Spencer, and
West Point lndpt.

Candidates are encouraged to bring a resume

and/or portfolio.

726' 52”" «eff/lac (If Me flVfé’ flffice’
700 Aim)“: ”woe a we

”Ape/Mr gar/retry flute/j {/2451 off I 4 55,
(per 3 may mm of /—64 film 35/



I/Z‘fiéfllrc ,-
a/Wéfl, 01/60 , 0/“?


affdc/fjw/fl/c, [V

502447-3533, at. 272

‘ l
. l
. l




Continued from page i

10 a.m.

Crosbie is on IlK‘s cam»
pus. He‘s there for a press con-
ference announcing Student
Government's plans to put a
non-voting student liaison on
the city council. Crosbie has
had concerns with the legality
of such a position. but has
supported looking into it.

“I‘m glad to see such a
good turnout." he says. “This
gives me the chance to talk
with campus leaders. I know
how important it is for gov-
ernment to have good rela-
tions with students."

This is Crosbie‘s third
stop and it's not even

“Today is typical. we‘re just
trying to get out into the com»
munity and meet as many peo-
ple as we can and implement
the plan that's been in plate for
several months." he says.

1:30 p.m.

Crosbie heads back to his
Southside offices. He now has
time to return phone calls to
confirm appointments. con-
tact contributors and discuss
ms campaign budget. The

eeting lasts only half an
hour. giving Crosbie ample
ime to maneuver through the

icholasville Road traffic to
make it to the WI.AP-AM stu—
dios for a spot on the Lee
Cruse Show.

2:55 p.m.

Crosbie arrives at the
WLAP studios. much to the
surprise of programming di»
rector Kevin Bell. Bell had
Crosbie scheduled for an ap-
pearance on Thursday. Crosbie


double-checks his Palm Pilot
to find he had the appearance
entered as today.

Bell asks Cruse‘s sched-
uled guest from the sheriff‘s
department to reschedule to
make room for Crosbie.

Crosbie says scheduling
conflicts have been rare.

“We've been really good
with scheduling." he says.
“With as many public appear-
ances as we have. (conflicts
have) been rare.“

The “we" Crosbie refers
to is his tag-team of cam-
paign consultants. Crosbie
rarely makes an appearance
without campaign manager
John Roach, press secretary
Anthony Ridgeway. or both.

Ridgeway is at the radio
interview Standing in the cor»
ner of the studio in Crosbie's
line of sight. a cell phone al-
ways at his disposal. he listens
intently to the interview.

Ridgeway said Crosbie (lid
not have much work to do on
his media skills.

"He‘s personable. bright.
handsome. and he makes ex-
cellent sound bytes." Ridge-
way says. “And he‘s got some-
thing other candidates don‘t
have - a press secretary who
has been in the media for 20
years." Ridgeway has worked
in radio since he was 19.

Ridgeway rolls his eyes at
Cruse‘s insistence that Cros-
bie say something nice about
his opponent Teresa Isaac. just
as Cruse made Isaac do in an
earlier interview.

"She's got wonderful par-
ents." Crosbie says.

During the first commer-
cial break. Cruse tries to talk
Crosbie into taking calls from
listeners. Crosbie is reluctant
at first, but eventually agrees,

In the interview. Crosbie
speaks to callers about his de-
sire to research a possible city


Doors Close at 9:1 5pm



December 3 @ 8pm


December ’l4 @ 4pm


December 30 @ 8pm

[5 itidoi its must he in Memorial Coliseum liy
Fl IS pin on the evening of the. lil.‘ ti lIllII.|()li
Thor e is no advantage as tho Whether you are

in st or last, iii line,

It you choose. to Sit With a

particular pnrsoiilsl. please entiii With that, per

~.iii I‘iI

i‘l tw the inlissoiiiii

You Will he. handed a i
At 9 15 PM

when you
ll ti inn iii


the colts-zoom Will he, cloned

‘it lll"‘l'~ Will he

comically iiiiii‘iizii liltlliIlf~ Hail ii‘i
"‘l‘ll“tI III with luiraii Illl‘l’ with

'i i l with ciIIllI ills
\flllIl to Iiif
I;]Illl‘ \V i

IiIl‘II', II‘. .rl’

i,.'i||i"il iiii‘f/Ii iii ii .»

Iiiiiii iii

‘i'iii. iiiimi
i.ii i i? lilim

lliil,’ ’I ii ii. I) In


iililiii .n'

takeover of Kentucky .\nrcri
can Water (‘onipany To a
caller stuck in traffic on

Waller Avenue. he e\pl:uns :i
plan to time traffic signals to
alleviate congested traffic
without having to use heli

Also. t‘rosbic defends a
campaign ad attacking: Isaac
for not paying t iiild support

“I Ilt‘ilt‘Vi‘ list 'il i‘espoii
bility is a vital put of her int:
mayor," he saw. Vte li:i\c
polling data that shows many
people in the community
agree. and the liei‘aldrlmader
felt it was important enough
to educate their readers "

In the final moments of
the program. t‘rosbie and
Cruse discover the}; are both
related to Winchester Mayor
Dodd Dixon. t‘rosbie and
Cruse spend the final commer
cial break discussing lineages
that trace back to (‘lark t‘ounty

“Dodd‘s at my family re
union every year." (‘rosbie says.

3:55 p.m.

After the interview. (‘ros-
bie heads for the parking lot
and is at last afforded a
chance to play what he calls
his favorite role. that of fami-
ly man. He picks up his kids.
Kirby. R. and (ate. it; months.
at his wife‘s parent‘s home,
He takes them home for diii
ner cooked by his wife.
Kristin (‘atherine or K ('.

5:45 p.m.
After dinner ( ‘rosbie stops

at the Main Street offices of

his law firm. Wethington.
Hurt and (‘rosbio to sign

some documents before arriy~
ing at a forum at the upscale
Lafayette (‘liib on the top floor
of the Bank One building.

6:15 p.m.
Stepping off the elevator.

Council at
large candidate
Adam Edelen,
left, chats with
mayoral candl-
date Scott
Crosbie during
a mayoral
forum Wednes-
day night
sponsored by
the Lexington
Young Protes-
sionals Associ-

new we


(‘rosliic takes a deep breath and
shrugs his shoulders before
walking iiiio the crowd of mem
bers of the lwxington Young
Professionals _\.\.\Ut‘l.‘llltiii.
inside. he is met by
Ridgeway as well .‘I\ Roach
The two walk around the
room distributing (‘rosbii- for
.\l;i\iii‘ stickers and literature
"\Vliciicyei' he has it do
hate. hos prepped a day or
two in advance." Ridgewm
says. "But by now he pretty
much knows the routine."
(‘rosliie mingles at ease
with the other young profes
sionals lie shakes their
hands. patting the shoulders
of those he is familiar with

6:31 p.m.

After eating a few finger
sandwiches and :iyoidiiig the
iidi’. it's back to the meeting
room to address the iiieiiibcrs'
concerns about how to make
liexiiii'ton inoie appi ding to
othti yioi lllLl profession ils

( rosbie rites (hivy
(‘hase as one example of a
successful aesthetic neigh»
borhood combining apart-
ments. homes. duplexes and
Romany Road businesses.

"Someone came tip with
that idea in the 1920s." he says.
“Someone forgot that idea in
the 1960s. We need to remem-
bcr what makes us successful."

7:56 p.m.

\t the end of the me etinii
and met Miami (1 iy. (ioshie
heads for the exits (Illil kly. He
wants to get home in time to
spend some time with his
children before they go to

"It's not always easy to
find. but I always try to find
at least a couple hours to
spend with my family." he
says, “.»\fter ’lli this is done.
they'll still be there “


(I deautifuwy vicious cycle.


l illiii


3851iMiSIONE-23l.8989 I
imssmniiiiinisuiu I c


c o s can 5



.ilo- a... ' i






'1’“ c: l? it Thanks Mom--

2‘, .imestone «g,
t Square ( o
1‘ I arking t.” i?
Y ‘ -!r-ll ii i‘ I\‘i i Q ’2-

i tlili .
1 i: \m‘r‘
-f o' It. i”

All ioiui laiiiiiii 5

fl? I? fit? I”

- iii iiti/clli Ayt'lliir‘
. Miiiiiiil, lag
' ih‘slgllxlil‘ti Sin-t










Experience - Integrity - Compassion


Experince: l"aycttc ('ounty
(‘hict Deputy t‘oi‘oncr for
t‘licstci‘ l. llagci'; ('cititicd
(owner‘s 'l'i‘aining by the
Kentucky Department of
Justice l .istci’n Kentucky
l‘niyci'sity'. funeral Director
and itinhalnicr for 27 years.



IUniversitv of Kentucky College of Medicine:
Identiticd anatomy for Medical. Dental. Physicians
:\.\,\l\'ltilii and Physical Therapy students iii (iross

Anatomy lab for I" years.
Endorsed 100"}. by all Lexington Funeral Homes
and Mortuary Services!
Please Vote for me on November 5th



P oil for by (nil W Gui t , (on we (,r fish",

Harp” Treauiiiei



Look What' 3 On Tap At,

Hand BeTossed
Pizza In
2 Beers
on Tap!


$2 00 Kentucky Ale Saturdays!
Pints ALL DAY This Saturday! Go Cats!

LIVE MUSIC! Sat. Night ca

“Hot PipeS” All ThfichA .
l0pm - Close 8. NFL Fdothall

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Corner of South Lime 8: Euclid





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(litllli ilIII

Homecoming Week./ October 28 November 3, 2002

Thi’ Campus CdIPIIi’ial .s Il!.liidi,l‘li by I!‘:‘ L" .i lbfinJW i Atiwiiiicfi Registered.
Stair-iii Unis an I UK Dents tan s ,9. i ' l i FREE in m: 'lNi \‘yFEK

PRIOR t ~ the MONUAV infoiiiiatii'p i. in; m- i: http://wwwukycdu/Campus

Calendar. f..i‘1257-8867' ., . i-i. . an .




'Inslilu'e, 01 Religion History of The Church oI
Jesus Christ 0' Letter day Saints. '

M i I l ‘

'Devohons 8- Lunch '. i‘xi

'Freshmen Focus ' o Ii . ; i. ‘ r

'Cnnvers monal English Class i.

'Svnergy .. i l l-‘
“Amnesty International Meeting

‘Beginning and Intermediate. Japanese Tutoring
‘French Tutorinq, ‘ i i :1 “‘f " " . ,. . '
'Math Tutoring
‘Interviewmg Skill: Workshop


'UK Shaohn Do Karate Club

‘Women'l Rugby Practice. ‘- ‘-


'UK Jan Encomhle With The Dave Liehnmn Ouintm

, 1


'Rovivnl Bible, Study. ‘ Vii» rip a . u :


‘Mlth Tutoring. i no i- . . .
t' iassii- -"‘ Bu \i in;

'Lo Residence hone-bu. ~ ‘ i n i- .. i. . . iii


'Tu Kwon Do pumice, R .70 ’ no; »- it ~ ,-\ .. p it


'Mlv Photoqrophv Loc'ura‘ Danny Lyon, 1 i «_

'Lno Salton Ind Ray Slono Concon, ‘..> ' ‘. . . i » iiii‘i, ii» in. «

'Dintricr Metropolitan Opera Alldl‘lnfl! " Sat
il ~- .


'UK Football Game vs Minion-pm Stain
M ss «W

"Tu Kwon Do prnrtica.

'Hono Show, ’\‘ - ~i. i



’Incomotlonnl Student IiMc Study >~ too i2 i- i-.- sum-m

‘Alpha Kappa Poi Elnuflvo loud Mooring ‘ ”i l ' 'v tovi
(mm-p Rm 203


wank Tutoring, 6 on in 000» r
'Moth Tutorln. 600 10 ooum Hnlmps Mai i am

'Fhvflc. rm». 2‘ "2‘3 .700 Q 000m (omen-ma M
“Choral-try “IMHO 10.]107 i‘i’it‘i Q ot‘ipm Hum m; Hui“ .H y
'IIoquv AII IM-Iovol. 7 00. 0 00pm Norm-s Hm i .riiw

"‘0'“ M. Midway Collage

“no,“ i: . it"













































































 4 Iruunsmvdtrosm‘srjdo'z | xaiitucitv'xmiiéi.

W by the American Institute of Canilied Public Accountants


0.K. a $93 million budget


Hire 7, 500 extras


Rent 273 palm trees

5’an l lag fan to make them sway)


How do you get a job like this? Start today.
Apply for a Summer Dream Internship at:
www. StartHereGoPlaces.cam/bi21

1,. N “UNCHASF NFlIFSSARY Cun‘est entry period trim ill 'l'.'0? / ’ul 03.1mm open wnlv

, ' w‘f’y Hwnlled m a hill/part 'ime atr‘redited v o leqe. or university (mi) in whiert to the complete

.; y w\ rm Wntw me In med at www StdrtHereGoPlares rpm or m the llnlloqefiluhmm Web sue.

. : ‘rl u lptuwrt in the complete Contest ’Jllrcral Fules implrvee: and lill'le members nl Sponsor

. . .2 i ' My: how; lost or unavailable, network i’nnner twins or failed irler trmm, 4 rim-mimr‘ahnns that
"l : ’N» ,‘ mull l'un: wtlll'l'nq mam wrll mrh receive their rhmre of are at the Srimvm h'mm internshrm

.. gr“ m. l r to p.) ll nvrv the (nurse of the internship Thr‘. Grand Pit/e m not tinns‘i-rahle exrmt by anmnr who

r '. N inal‘ w or iv whstmm'i is a‘lowerl and other 'estrir‘innx apply The author" "rt the thee. I3l wmrunq

“ it” i. We .mtlm" w' ”we live. ISr thlltl‘q Honorable Mentum essays wr‘l rerelve ‘rve ‘iririrlred rlnllar 6500]

_., _ u ‘ ,i m, ml 1‘ mm )[\lv'l\’l' ”we. Amenmn Hist-trite nl Certilim P‘lhlli Arrriiirmnlu ’71‘ Avenue til the

. My; rw ill Ht «1er Allvwmm- W Mi‘. lime lie! Noqnl Suite 200 Lehman CA 07000

. l



' I

Start here. 60 places.

lf you know business and accounting, _
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.-..... ...

value awards of up to $1,000?



 Continued from page I

Isaac poses questions to
evyryone: She asks people
where they are from. if they
know so and so and l1(l\\
th'sir Week has been going.
She speaks with energy that
most of the others don't have
this early in the morning.

9:17 a.m.

Wes Highland. a reporter
from Wit-1X18. arrives and
greets Isaac as many do:
"Good morning Tl?"

As the camera is set up.
Isaac chats and laughs with
Highland about everything
from the election and south
ern living to haunted houses
and Republicans.

1 The interview w itli
Highland begins. and Isaac
talks about past ambitions.

; “When I was littlc. I want
ed‘to be a nun." S‘ie shrugs
and smiles. "In college. I iii
tefined in Washington I).(‘..
for: the US. Senate during the
Watergate hearings. I got the
pdlitical bug then.”

;.' Highland questions Isaac
onj the recent accusations
made against her concerning
he'~ Child support payments.
She says that (‘rosbie was re-
sponsible for that information
reaching the public.

: “If you take a mean-
spirited approach in your
campaign. it will be reflected
iit your mayoral leadership."
she says. “I would have never
done that to him."

I She goes on to talk about

what she will do if she does
not win the race and her con-
fidence during the primary.
"If I don't win. I'll still be liti»
gating fair housing cases."
size says. “As for my confi—
dence during the primary
elkction. I always knew it was
gq'mg to be me and one of the
boys, I just didn‘t know which
one." Everyone laughs.
I She talks about her top
three issues: public safety.
e ual neighborhood repre-
sentation and purchasing a
water company:

; “If we don‘t purchase a


continued from page I

01‘ who simply do not want to
deal with the hassles of park-
ing. The buses will be located
at the Student Center. faculty
club. and the Kirwan-Bland—

water coinpaiiy its illx'i' pay
mg rent iiisiiatl of actually
(IWIIIIIL' it otti st-l'.es " sht- s:i\s

As the iiiiei \ icw draws to
a close. Iligiilaiid asks lli‘l'
how she Ieels as lilection Do
is drawing near "We‘re very
optiiiiisiic" she says "You
cati tell when you’re in the

neighborhoods where the
iiioiiit-ntuiii is"
Everyone wishes lsaai