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             73ttroa fftlicinan, August 2  10C-:t

      (Reprinted from the Proce-dings of the Association.

    "I,et tile declare that ntowhere in the world is there
a trter, stronger. mire intelise devotion to lawv than in
Kentuckv. It is our heritage. hirthright. pride anid joy.
an.d prized as the svery fortress anti heart of our liberty.
    "The pioneer    mien atid womien wilho left horite antid
kiti anid traveleI the ss ilderness road over the Alleghenies
anid Cumnberlandl Motunttins from  the  ouuntains of Vir-
gittia and North C arolinia a'toi the hills of 3a1r-land. atiti
catime downi itito the deetp w-omis of the dark antd Itloo-Al
grouitd tif Keutuks-. .crupieti by fierce savages. wot i .
place in tihe histotry of titankinld, xivicii. perhaps. ito ot-er
people ever gaieil. "
    "It is tle ir that wvith all otir reverence for the les-
Iterate courage tf our pioneer ancestors, the stock has
iittt ruii dosvi liut is Just ns hardly and "gaime' as it e-er
was, with the sanie genfius for organization anid the sanie
loaltv to lawv antid order.
    'The real test of the law autd Order setitinient of a
commiiunity is tnot iti tbe acquies-euce of a nild-manneretd
race. but it is wvhen stroneglmprii heaued iieterniinei peplhe
with their feelings itild passions excitel -so that lisortiers
result, finially put dlowni their revolt antid restore order
anid safety. Fromii the earliest titmes our race has never
hteeti either titilil or easy going. It has Awa-s heit
stronig  detertititietl eariiest hard-headet a-Iit fearless.
atidt it has ,teeti the rule anId not the exceptioti for ever-
netihr  tr. fight against what lie helieveet to bt' wrVitig. There
are iiaiy commonsii  inistanices of wvhat aiii ty-pical Amier-
ican sill resetit wtith  violeice. regarilless of la-v  lie
rarely stes out a peace -arrait agaitist a .m.oan who calls
htini a liar. Generally. tiir peo-lp  have conititit aui
evet. steadhv miarch. lttildiig strongly to the law: hut it
is itievitalte that such a pettple. fronm ti.tie tut titite. sh.. il
have atortits of exciteniieiit anid paSSi loc.al outh reaks.
autilh times of last-lessiess.'