xt7j3t9d6b9t https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7j3t9d6b9t/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19850215 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, February 15, 1985, no. 449 text The Green Bean, February 15, 1985, no. 449 1985 2014 true xt7j3t9d6b9t section xt7j3t9d6b9t »———~— "
2-15-85 No. MH9 ,
_ February 17-23 Health Education Week y
National Engineers Week I
February 21 New Yorker Magazine's
Birthday (1925)
February 22 Library Faculty Meeting, h
King North Gallery, 8:30 a.m.
May 17 Management Communication
in Special Libraries
Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, March l, 1985 8
Deadline for inclusion: Monday, February 28, 1985
Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Sandy Hardwick, U
Rob Aken (editor)

Dr. Ronald Farrar of the UK School of Journalism, recently
published College lOl (a Peterson's Guide publication). In a
recent letter to Paul Willis, Dr. Farrar expressed his
appreciation for the help the library staff provided him in
gathering information for the book.
Annual Report
The "University of Kentucky Libraries Annual Report, 1983-8M" is
now available in King Reserve.
‘ New Deadline for Humanities Challenge Grants V
May l, 1985 is the deadline set for the next round of matching y
grants from the National Endowment on the Humanities. University _
and public libraries which are already "performing work of
recognizable merit within the context of their missions and
resources" are offered a chance to "achieve greater financial
stability and growth of resources" with the help of an NEH ·
Challenge Grant. Recipients must raise three dollars for each
one granted.
New guidelines have been prepared and must be consulted in
preparing a grant application. Get a copy from: Challenge Grant i
Deadlines, Room M09 Public Affairs Office, National Endowment for
the Humanities; 1lOO Pennsylvania Avenue; Washington D.C. 20506. .
(Library Hotline, lM (l-21-85), l).
The following is the fourth part of a special 9-part series drawn V
from Mary Ruth Brown's article in The Encyclopedia of Library ’
and Information Science.
Mission and Objectives
The primary mission of the University Libraries is to provide
bibliographic, physical, and intellectual access to recorded
information consistent with present and anticipated educational,
research, and service functions of the University of Kentucky. A
secondary mission is to serve the citizens of the state and
researchers and scholars at large by providing informational
resources plus the expertise of professional librarians.

 8 2
The objectives are:
l. To select and acquire those informational resources relevant
to effective pursuit of current and anticipated
instructional and research purposes of the university.
2. To organize and administer the materials acquired in a »
manner which will facilitate direct user access.
3. To interpret the collection to users and increase the skills
of individual users in independent utilization of library
U. To provide access to needed resources not located within the
University Library system.
5. To provide and utilize space and equipment efficiently so
that the library patron may use the collection effectively. ‘ V
6. To maintain _a program for preservation of materials and
collection security so that the library's resources will be
available for future users.
7. To maintain meaningful working relationships with the f
academic community and with officials of the university to é
assure effective development of library resources consistent {
with the purposes of the university. j
A l
8. To maintain close relationships with other Kentucky §
university and college libraries and with research libraries i
and» cooperative organizations outside the state to effect {
the development of a mutually beneficial approach to ‘
collection policies and the effective use of resources. A g
9. To seek improvement in effective allocation of all available E
resources (human, informational, financial, and physical) §
through systematic analysis and review. §
Reprinted from The Encyclopedia of Library and Information E
Science, vol. 37, p.l9l; by courtesy of Marcel Dekker, Inc. ` j
Management Communication in Special Libraries Q
The Kentucky Special Libraries Association will present a ]
seminar, "Management Communication in Special Libraries," May 17, §
1985 at Bellarmine College. The seminar will be conducted by Dr. §
Herbert S. White, Dean of the Library and Information Science 5
_ School at Indiana University. ?
For additional information, contact Karen Croneis (7-8365). Q
7 § p

 V 3
· (For more information, see the Director's Office.)
California A
Reference Librarian (specializing in maps and geography),
California State University, Long Beach. Salary: $25,320- ]
$38,532. Deadline: April 1.
Reference Librarian (specializing in science and technology),
California State University, Long Beach. Salary: $23,100- ‘
$30,N80. Deadline: April 1. ‘
Reference Librarian (specializing in bibliographic instruction),
California State University, Long Beach. Salary: $25,320- (
$38,532. Deadline: April 1. ‘
Head, Reference Services Department, University of California, A
Riverside. Salaryk $25,692 minimum. Deadline: March 15.
Head, Medical Center Library, University of California, San
Diego. Salary: $21,02U-$36,996. Deadline: April 15.
» Assistant Director for Program Development, Florida Center for
Automation. Salary: $30,000-$M0,000. Deadline: April 10.
I Illinois A
_ Africana Monographic Cataloger, Northwestern University. Salary: ,
$16,000 minimum. Deadline: February 28.
Head of Serials, Health Sciences Library, University of Illinois
at Chicago. Salary: not specified. Deadline: March l.
Indiana ”
Library Instruction Librarian, Indiana State University. Salary:
$17,500 minimum. Deadline: March 29.
Fine Arts Librarian, Indiana University. Salary: $lM,70O ·
minimum. Deadline: March 31.
Head of Acquisitions, Indiana University-Purdue University at
Indianapolis. Salary: $15,800 minimum. Deadline: March 15.

 V ·r"\· ¢f""*`
Iowa. l
Head of Serials Cataloging, Iowa State University. Salary:
$19,000 minimum. Deadline: March 20. ,
Information Services Librarian, Iowa State University. Salary:
$16,500 minimum. Deadline: March 20. `
I Kentucky I
Head of Acquisitions, University of Kentucky. Salary: $21,000
minimum. Deadline: March 15.
Archivist, University of Cincinnati. Salary: $18,000 minimum.
Deadline: March 29.
” Assistant Librarian, Ambler Campus Library, Temple University.
Salary: $16,000 minimum. Deadline: not speciifed.
South Carolina V
Coordinator, Monographic and AV Cataloging Unit, Winthrop _
College. Salary: $17,000-$23,000. Deadline: not specified. p
Head of Technical Services, Wofford College. Salary: not ·
specified. Deadline: not specified. i
Virginia V
Assistant General Reference Librarian, Virginia Tech. Salary:
not specified. Deadline: not specified. A
Head, Systems Department, Virginia Tech. Salary: not specified.
Deadline: not specified.