- - -1- ‘
Q AIERICAN IEGION, CADIZ POST #74 (National American Legion), c/o
g Legion nut, Cadiz. Founded 1920. Commander H. C. Riggin, Cadiz.
g Adjutant, G. L. xoberts, Cadiz. Telephone lO4. Terms expire June, `
jg Membership: 75. Qualifications, must be a veteran of World Har l ‘ ··
Q with honorable discharge,__
fs Committees; Lmerieaniam, John F; White, Cadiz; Finance, R. P. Piercy;
ig Entertainment,_C. L. Dfuce; Building and Grounds, Dr. John Futrell;
ig Membership, C.§i, Hall; Executive, John E. Wbite,_all-of Cadiz. ·
Q Purpose; A patriotic organization for comnunity service. S ·
§l Normal Ciyic Activities; Cooperating with recreational and charitable°
$ organizations and taking part in all activities for the good of C0unty,
Q State and Nation. . C
  Dgfgypgg notivj_t"j_es,; Alilngagged in Red Cross; nssistance, E`:1teTtaiDm1e1'l`b,, —
QQ Recreation, Public Speaking, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance,
QE Interested in Red Cross Assistance, Entertainment, Recreation, Public `
Q Speaking, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance. B- _
§· Local Publications; None.
T Legion Auxiliary), c/o Hrs, Edmonia Rye, Cadiz, Founded 1934; Presi-
§ dent, Hrs. Bentley Piercey, Cadiz. Telephone l0. Secretary, Mrs.
Q Edmonia Rye, Telephone 209. Terms expired 1942, _
é lbmbership; 29. Qualifications, open to mother, daughter, wife,
E sister` of a World War l veteran. ‘
 T x ` —.
QQ Committees; National Defense, Mrs. John King; Child Welfare, Mrs. ‘
_,e‘ g H. P. Atwood; Americanism, Mrs. lh H, Rawls, all of Cadiz,
{ Purpose; To assist American·LOgion, promote hotter citizenship,
Q Americanism and National Defense, - . ‘
.i Normal Civic activities; Cooperating with the American Lggion in
Q Child welfare Program and taking care of orhans, ex—service men in
j, need and with the Red Cross. . ~ *·_
»€ Defense activities; Engaged in Rod Cross Assistance, Child Caro, _
Q Local Publications; Hone,