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The Gayzette, August 1980

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

____________________________________________________________I__________________________. LEXINGTON GAY SERVICES ORGANIZATION, INC. AUGUST 1980 .___________________---~---*- CONFERENCE ON GAY CONCERNS AND NEEDS HELD AT SHAKERTOWN In an effort to forge a greater move on to other issues and to reap- sense of community and to get persons proach this particular concern at a who have been working on gay concerns later date. or in activities of some interest to A somewhat related issue and one of the gay community. a Lexington-area the main points of the conference is conference on the needs and concerns the notion of support groups for and fac1ng gay people in this area was among gay people. Everyone seemed in held on Sunday, July Zoo at Shakertown. agreement that such groups are needed, Representatives and members of several both for providing friends and working groups as well as interested indivi toward some measure of gay presence in duals were in attendance. A total of the community. In essence. it was de approximately thirty persons partici- cided that most gay people and groups pated in the conference. have in common the need to have some- Representatives from Amber Moon and thing in common--to develop the capa- the Lexington Gay Services Organiza city to reach out and take some re- tiOh explained their groups' functions sponsibility for one another. Lack of with particular reference to their re communication between groups which lationship With Lexington's gay commu- contain many gay members or relate in hltY- Some persons also mentioned some fashion to gays is a barrier to other groups in Lexington WhiCh offer establishing and maintaining such sup- some assistance or have some relevance port; hopefciiy the Shakertown meeting to gay Lexingtonians. Such groups in- made a start toward piercing that bar- clude Alternatives for Women and the rier. Women's Action Alliance. A brief de A problem of particular concern to scription of the above-mentioned groups gay persons living in communities the is contained within this newsletter. size of Lexington is that of visibili- . Of the thirty participants, approx- ty. People, for a variety of personal imately half were women and half men. and work-related reasons, often feel Thls has particular relevance as one the need to maintain a certain degree 0f the first topics taken up was the of "closetedness". At the same time, lack of cohesion and communication be more open gays often fail to under tween the gay male and lesbian commun- stand or respect the reasons/motiva- 1t1es: the reluctance of some women to tions behind the actions of less open work with men who are not supportive gays. In a town such as Lexington, of feminist concerns was discussed. there is the need for gay people to be Many 0f the women present felt that more visable and hopefully accepted; most men need to come to grips With at the same time the climate that the .pervasive nature of sexism before creates this need also works against meaningful and trusting working rela- the willingness of individuals to tionships can be forged. While SUCh withstand the problems/pressures often issues were broached and some discus- encountered if they are openly gay. s10n ensued, it was finally decided to Everyone saw the need to develop more