Tom Wilson's Gay Name Game
AUGUST 3: GSO rap group will meet at

Let's face it, if you wanted to Shillito Park for a cookout
'buy gay-oriented songs sung by gay ar- and games; if you're inter—
tists, your selection wOuld be limited. ested, bring yourself, some
But even if we had scores from which equipment and a friend (lat-
to select, Tom Wilson's Gay Name Game ter two items optional); this
would still be one of the best. Most will start at 5:30 p.m.
of the son 5 are characterized b a , .
subdued cam? humor ("Momma's Boy" 2nd AUGUST 4: Regular GSO monthly buSlness
"The Love That Dare Not Speak Its meeting. 8‘00 p.m. A NEW
Name") and treat topics ranging from LOCATIQN‘ Southland Branch
threeways to lesbian seagulls. I have of LeXlngton Public Library.
two personal favorites on the album. A ST . gonmfimgirsbwelgomea. , t
"Second Runner—Up" is about Anita Bry— UGU 3‘ pag e l ene l inner a
ant. If you think she is a dead issue Alfalfa for Amber Moon. 7‘00
and nothing new can be said, you are p.m.; $5 donation and B'Y'O'B'
wrong. The other is "Save Our Child- AUGUST 13: GSO cookout and sw1m at Wood-
ren/Recruiters' Fight Song", which éagg gaik’ thls starts at
counters the evangelists' pleas for , ‘ °”"*, N . .
protection of the children against US SEPTEMBER 5’6’7‘ Garage saieéto bengflt
with a very special recruiting song-—— Amber Moon at 1 2 Eliza 8th
"...cause ten percent is not enough." Street
"1:00 A.M."is a bittersweet conversa-- “—
tion that takes place in a gay bar, GAY PARENTS
Tom speaking both roleS- It would be There will be an informal meeting of
pretty funny if it had not happened to gay fathers and mothers on August 25
us all at least once. at 6:45 p.m. at 1207 Merman Drive.

I cannot think of anything in the The purpose is to discuss common con-
album that would be the least offen— cerns, experiences and needs. Child-
sive to the most sensitive of us. I ren are welcome. Lovers of gay par—
have played it for my parents and sev- ents who could come to help with the
eral straight friends, and it has got- kids are also invited. You may have
ten rave reviews. I suppose everyone some mutual concerns to share with
reviewing a record, film or book feels each other as well. If you havguggywr 7”
obligated to find fault with at least questions, contact Carol at 27?;9120
one aspect of it, and I am no excep- or Pam at 269—8702.

. tion: it was not long enough. If you —————————-———————————-—————-—————-———
are interested in a copy of the album, Th L ._ . . .
I am told that Squecial Media has 9 9X1ng?°n.Gay seerces organizaF1°n
stocked it 'before; otherwise, direct has a continuing need for persons Will-
your inquiries to Aboveground Records, ing to partiClpate 1n our speakers bur-
Box 2191, Philadelphia, PA 19103. e?“ as W?1} as ?° Oper?te our Phoee
llne. Training/guidance in each activ—
Joe Lincoln ' ity is provided and you would be help-
ing a great deal if you can partic1-
pate. Contact Doug at 255-8173 or
Birch at 255-4993 or drop a note to GSO
at P.O. Box 11471, Lexington #0511.