xt7j9k45r28v https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7j9k45r28v/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) McDaniel, J. M. 1897 v. : ill. ; 38 cm.  Monthly during the collegiate year, September-May. journals  English Lexington, Ky. : State College Cadet, 189u- Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The State College cadet University of Kentucky. Kentucky University. State University, Lexington. State College, Lexington. The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 2, November 1897 text The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 2, November 1897 1897 2012 true xt7j9k45r28v section xt7j9k45r28v . nv'- · v . U I N rn l J V V A U ` ="3‘k '- 7;* -%**::5:;%  · `mjxlpll K wie":-J _i:}.:v:;'£L;-1-{qw ` V. I ` .7  _?_,,:·;Q__:Z']";:‘ .   , ` ,  >. I,   L_._'     -
»  =~   Q-i_g ·`_¥, “ 9   f°_j; FT_;§i—‘: ,—.~ ‘       ’·`.   `¥i*`     ` »     ‘· ‘   ·    
      ‘   T .  · r~{‘ if   _ *`“  `  -   —‘ “ 4 ‘   . Ti
  `°-‘     Y - ,   ~    - ’ , »   . · ‘ ’ *6
zi;)      Q ` }’ ‘ ~ . ' - ··
. . » Q! ’\1’ L _  
 ‘*~ _   QF E ‘ ‘‘=’ .  = ‘
r.  · ..   .z& KDVUCKY   .
ii    •U3`°‘   ‘·``     *7* V ~     ·
 · ‘ i·. ·?$>.¤’   w22f=:"*·>F*     gi: . ` ·¤   '_ ‘ · .' _
?‘ .~   ¤4'     Wm ¥   A ·
EM •     ·*     w    ·· ·x. · `-   .
{ I ` > I [ $.:4- "    }     pi · I?    
  I U g     ‘ V     . •° •   .
      V  .3;* ’     p   \     c;
Q};. ‘     1 F .   "     `7 r
~ I  ‘.; _ `   ,       .`   ii'- Qjyf .. 4
*~*,·*,.L _  _ .;      *1.....;*: I .
{ · · ' ' — ,;Z'»**“ ·,` ;d}{_4.§ , ,..   _ 3%   , I ‘ . L
  g  -     QQQ Fx   z ’ ·g,,:.».;i‘ __ ,43 §tm»,, [
3 `W.       _ ef ljh   ·$§i   .. ·
  A .   ?f’   ,_T·?~·n:‘ ¤"·?   __ ~ _~     ` . * `
.‘ ‘ ‘   Q ` .$_   fa  I ‘        H·.Q · V . l ,~ ·  
4   "     /  ·’ ‘ ' -, .   T ’   x (J · . ` . · - Q .»
’ · .· , F.     ff .¤g?;4=5?;ffi:;` ?E'T?‘i”*s?`£; `{ A   W M ‘ ‘ ‘ V
T ·       g;»,“k—Ls.§.-—.   ‘ »  
‘ .   ·. m. t=¢,·‘;i;.,   ->.·j.>··`      · ‘“““f` ~».L~` ‘. ‘ z·  . 5
      /4%// i w  .0 Ws    @$3**  . `  
  ° **=   zi   ai .*=. I"' " '''‘ "` ~ » . W   I  =  
1     V   2 .   ,,_.,;.     gy ¤   _ 1  
sf   "~     .4 . :0-%      gi`;   }""‘§i¤·—?*"  X .’  
·_ ¤;     ‘ /;’.§=xg4.‘z*,)i.¢·.;/— ;»='·,:·—   2 :=..;,·#<*·  *+= .~= ,·
Q: . '%‘ e‘,~ * Q M vv   ¤‘¤ !'     ·5 kin?   ;.=*" ¤i`·   2 - · '
  7%,.* "   ‘.;f',i@;¤Q\ ;i&y]M[j Cf; .' ‘ L; l
    "‘‘` T p "   »· -',;).LL, ¢ lg   ’
  ‘   X           .     G   ·
in V `* %=e§’S¥>     , 6*   T i
  M             _  
f ‘°¤é;·a - .,...=i¤;2.  .q"<§~£-:  5 .- .
    ¤&¥§%&1M ~   " »·m¤¤<  [ ,
4:       5 ‘
I l    v   r` ,7. \\ G'-Biz A  
t··    " \   li
A ` · .
X vm,. 3. » ‘ N"· 2-
  f, - ‘ N9VE1VIBEB., 1897- . `  
 ‘ <·.\‘ °' ‘.v `v\ » . ··» · ` p ‘   . . gv, `> V
   *Y    -    - . --    Ag    ‘‘”  " ` ~ " ;‘LiQ‘féL=*·

 ‘ . , ‘ .,. No well—d1·ssssd man j 
. gf Ex l
 It     if can afford to pass by  
, u    .   .  ..._ .,  0u1· store this month J
  ga-EC      :·~‘  ‘ ,. ~  . ;,; · _ - · ~ 
    (_   D         W1l3l]O\ll} lOOl{1Hg ll]. / `
i   "=<..;.,../:g=  ' ,y>@/   At a small expense ho  
  35;   M55?   can add to his ood t‘
  ‘-¤.r~. l i   . g .
  jwgbé ___V _   I  i l 4:}/ Q  E1[)pBELI`?L1lC8. ’ _  ..
°   f   ` rf  Our Box Calf is theslmof * 
Q ;} gf _ ,    gf  for winter wear, $2,49 F1l(l · 
   'réa,   __/'   $2 98. D0 not inistakv l 
`   _i:_       '__,/'  ;.*¢;’F the place  
          TH E cneprr  
 . l.;.   —» =·   " in -
- "  Y ? , ~ Y'> »»·—»   " I 4 W. W. Main St.  
» I W ’
i = =· @ll..@&li Ml&BiY’ @@&ll·,..
51 N. Broadway. Broadway and Christy.
THE .... _
/ r V
gltllltl   tl£A{43’ltlll{}&l4l
Offers to the public the following Courses of Study, viz!
A Agricultural, Mechanical Engineering, Civil En}
gineering, Classical, Nornnal School and three
. Scientific Courses, each of which covers four years
in the College proper and leads to a degree.
Its Faculty contains twentymine professors. Its grounds, buildings and
equipments represent $450.000 in value. Its laboratories, Chemical, Physical,
Biological, Botanical, Geological, Physiological, Mechanical and Electrical are
the largest and best in Kentucky.
Each Legislative District is entitled by law to free tuition, room rent, fuel
- and lights for four properly prepared students in the college proper, and to an
equal number in the Normal Department. Alumni of other colleges in Ken
tucky are entered in post graduate courses free. F or catalogue and other infor-
mation apply to IAMES K. PATTERSON, Ph. D.,LL. D., President of the
College, Lexington, Ky.

 A AA A A x . A : A . A  
. g ( 1 . .  
· _ mm, ·‘;— ;   __ Bunk-Keeping,Business, Q ‘
, F Situation.   Ty?-Willing I il
_ _   Mini:   .4 ttl `-‘ E,
A A .     AQAAR   '( _ , 3;+..: .,2AAA . elegraphy ,
  LT" iv · ' D '_’_;A:A*A“ AA _A` ·
ll  `         lii**?"· ss. »  
_        U ’l’ i-- . ~·.i  \ ,.
_    ,;¤_?§·?'] =` covvnmuven.   -,
. :1 .. .. __ $.**x' .u. .,,1-. » . . ·‘m
  — i ‘
 ’A , · O F ···
,.  S. W. COR. MAIN A/VD M/LL STS., _ g
·  [Over National Exchange Bank aud Y.M.C. A.]  
,  -*1*1 { 1- { -1* 1 d - ·
. RBKBYGN 69 ....L‘Z"§’.:`2?i‘.i`di‘}.g “it3°?E.“ i§‘..¤’i2‘} illo . _ it
` otlicizxls. . R
. Slnurtluuul. Type-\Vn·iliug and Telegrapny l 
’ are spcvialties; have spvcinl temuliers and rnoins, ,
nn·l cnn be taken alone or with the Business Course. Q
' kl€H`The Kentucky University Diploma under seal, ` 
iI\\'1·lY`(lt5ll l)llI` gI`i1dI`l1\t(‘H. '
S¤@’Speqi;:)l Course uf Book-keepin: for the j ‘
nmmer,§ . _ ,
:;¤3LThSpe¤·iul Course of Penmnnship. $2 per
mggrailun tos ofthc Sumnner and Fall sessions  
of this College lmvv the privilege of attending thu '
Literary Department of Kentucky University, ·
ir ¤11»..m··1, ni J une, isvs, free afclmrge.
N0 Vacation. Enter now.  
A Call nttthe_stot1i<:e.
  Drugs, Gncinnczals. T OIIGB Hrmclas.  
  S'l`i\’l`I<)N1·]l{Y. I’I·]Iil·`lTMl·1S,
{ (7l(,l.»\llS ANI) 'l‘()l£.-\(‘()() ..... , , l
l —   Oni-   uiirth of those? ‘
Y I Qticlu-ts gxoorl for ll) cents in§
itrmle at ItlViiiin,u;Z
§p<>:il’i¢·0. I)ll(>]ll’32. I
? ` B5 E. mus sr., Lsxmomu, xv.
Is the most popular place in Central Kentucky for all kinds
l of Pictures. Prices to suit all. Students especially are wel-
`. • come. Come and see us.
. The place for college boys to go to get everything good to `
l eat. Candies, Fruits, Ice Cream, Soda \Vater, etc. '
  44 E. Main St., Lexington, Ky.
’ Bookseller, Stationer, Printer,
` 24 E. Main St., - - Lexington, Ky.
Books for all the schools and Colleges,
l_ Foot Ball and Base Ball Supplies. .

 , _,A_¥, ,   . . . . I  
, ` ‘ l
·   E     (as-·=·e%r%~<=·~»~ Q
g f            
I t    s .:. ...4K4 l  4..‘.’f ¤ r ‘·      i
<».  _  ?Q,;iU{g5,;,@·*,' 4*4¤ J _1
. i ·» -j;""' Y ; M' -·    c _ H ,;;—,»·1~·~¤.»··.z,.¤¤u~¤.·   `
· Vol. 8. LEXINGTON, KY., NOVEMBER, 1897. No. 2. e
. l
. .— 3
(muonr .) i 
— How dear to my heart are the scenes of Thanksgiving,  
\Vhen fond recollection presents them to view, I
‘ The apples, the doughnuts, the cakes and rich pnddings ; I
And every loved thing which my appetite knew. . {
The wide-spreading platter, tl1e cranberries by it,  
The deep pumpkin pie which a boy loves so well; . f
The hand of my father, the carving knife nigh it, . 
» (And e’en the roast turkey that tasted so well- T
That lovely roast turkey, that tender young turkey,  
That Thanksgiving turkey that tasted so well. *
‘ II
That overgrown turkey I hailed as a treasure;
And often, at noon, when returned from the Held, I
I fed him his corn with an exquisite pleasure, » i
The sweetest, yet saddest, that nature can yield.
. How ardent I seized him, with hands that were glowing,
And quick to the block on the wood—pile he fell,
Then soon, with the emblem of truth overilowing,
There lay that young hopeful l’d tended so well; l
That lovely roast turkey, that tender young turkey,
. That Thanksgiving turkey that tasted so well.

  tt   f I
  36 THE CADET. g
  How sweet from the depths of my plate to receive it,‘
  As poised on my fork it inclined to my lips !
  eNot a full blushing goblet could tempt me to leave it,
  . Though filled with the nectar which Jupiter sips.
  And now, far removed from the loved situation, ‘
  The tear of regret will intrusively swell, t
l>j . As fancy reverts to my father’s plantation°
lg And sighs for the turkey which tasted so well;
  That lovely roast turkey, that tender young turkey,
f That Thanksgiving turkey which tasted so well.
V -—Selccted.
  Ah, sweeter to me than songs of the birds
‘_ That herald the sun’s early rise,
Y Or zephyrs that float from the land of the nymphs, .
  . Is the glance in my darling’s blue eyes.
  s Ah better, far better, than hoards of pure gold, ,
.¤ . .
 § And fairer than stars ever shine,
  Is the glance that comes from the bonnie blue eyes, »
  And tells me 1ny darling is mine.
§ -—E:rchcmlgc.
, n He was a sawyer; blind was he, ’
" That was his only flaw ; »
` And, though nobody eve1· saw him see,
ti Many l1ave seen him saw. —

 » ` e _1
l THE C.-xrimt ::7 Y -
Ghz Estate Goalege Gabet.  
. P“”éFii§,§}t?‘€&‘}§},§¤$ST  .”‘§..i,Z¥?§$€E$$f§?{tE§i EEE?§£§§S$“li-$";.‘§§1ZI;‘i§‘£5f""° i  
A - T. L. Cl4.l[PBELL, Clinton, liv., Edifo1·-i11-Clzicll  
TV. H. SUGG, (;7iI1f?()II, Ky., Bz1.si11c.s.s J1z1u.·1g·c1·. ‘ 1 .
A  $p“<§oEi;?1idl€yi1ig`Ll»11, i;y.Q as dah mmer—k»r ir.é3eQ}3r{{idI§i§K l l
—— l
The universal topic now discussed by pen and tongue,   `
honored in song and story and celebrated by rich viands, l
is our historic and national Thanksgiving. { 
As a free people, we should be thankful for thc past—·  
a past of resolute and determined founders, of wise and i
conscientious statesmen and especially a past of con- { t
servative, liberty—loving and God-tearing yeomanry.  
The stout-hearted conservative middle class of citizens  
generally is the bacl<—hone of any government, and we  
may well bc proud, yea and thankful, that our "middle *·
class" embraces most all ol` the citizens ot the Re-  
' public; we have {ew of the abjcctly poor and still fewer.
of the enormously rich.
By them was obtained all that freedom means. We I
have received this great inheritance uiuliniinished, and
shall we to-day sit with scllish hands and thanlaless `
heart in the radiant sunshine oi` all our attendant
» It has been a source of regret to his teachers and ‘
many friends that Mr. Sugg, our former business man-
— agcr, was compelled to return home on account of the

Fl ·
 il Ss 'l`l{I·l CADET. * i A ·
gl T  —-—-—————· .
  ill health of his father. Mr. Sugg was a senior in the
all classical course and has been connected with THE CADET ’
  for more than a year. He was an eflicient business
  manager and THE CADET prospered under his manage·
  ment. Mr. Sugg, before leaving, turned over the busi-
  ness interests of VFIIIC GADET to Mr. Rice, of , ’
  who is quite capable of pushing THE CADE? to a wider V
fg . field of success. `
  We desire to call the attention of students and faculty
iii T to tl1e fact that the business firms of Lexington are
E — giving their liberal support to THE CADET and desire in
{ turn the patronage of the college and her friends. \·Ve
  T kindly ask you to remember THE OADET to the firms
  with which you trade.
  On account of certain financial obligations due the
  publishers and printers of THE CADET, the present issue
  is decreased in quantity, but we trust not in quality.
  Our Christmas CAni·;*r will be the regular size and will
  appear in much better form than any heretofore. Sev- A
  eral cuts will add to its beauty.
  The man who itches for fame is usually kept scratch-
  i A druukarrl is a man who commits suicide on the in- .
  stallnient plan.
gg A test case is one that is brought to see how much the
  lawyers can rnake out of it. _
l i'
Ar » . i
Ln K` tl ·

 - - ~ . THE PAIJIGT. 39  
· _..-.-g_....--”__-1.-1-..__ .-_.. .1_ _ _ g
_  ? {_ _  
Deal with J. "Hub" Prather, Courie1· Journal and Pi _
_ · Times Agt.; also General Newsdealer, City Directory, .
Publisher. 130 E. Main St., -
Lexington, Ky.  
Thanksgiving. l
Let old K. S. C. give thanks for her prosperity this  
year. j _
V A note from the Strappers may be seen in another A A
column. ,·
See McVean for an agency in his new business—rais· 4   I
ing mustache. ` °
Students, see Van Hoose for photos. He gives you { —
special rates. Short Street, opposite Court House. `
Carry your best girl to the coming contests and enter- i _
tainments. An early date means no disappointment. ,1
A number of State College students are taking advan-
i tage of the line lectures given at K. U. by the K. U.
Lecture Association. Get your season ticket from T.
L. Campbell. ‘
U Van Hoose will make your photos. He will please
you; if not, you are only out your time. Short Street,
opposite Court House.
Get in the swim by having your programs, stationery
and hand bills printed at Veach & Walker Printing Con— ·
cern, No. 13 North Mill Street. Get their estimates be-
- fore going elsewhere.

   40 THE CADET. .  
  The senior class has adopted a pretty design for their T `
  class pin. Miss Lucas is president of the class.  
  It has taken a great deal of coaxing to keep the foot  
  ball team from disbanding at one time, but it is on foot j
-¤ . .
  again. j  
  We think it a proper time to hold the election of track _ ‘
  and base ball captains just before the Christmas holidays
  begin. Each can then look out for some good men and
  bring them back for the second term. VVe should have ·
  a fine track and base ball team next year.
  Prof. Newman, of the Normal Department has re-
  signed and gone West. His position is now occupied by
  ’ Prof. Milford White, C. E., a graduate of the class of
  ’93 with high honors.
»: Prof. Miller, who spent four months abroad, is at homo
‘ again, discharging his regular duties. Prof. Miller is
  always telling of some grand sight, thrilling incident or »
za .
E of some fine entertainment. He brought back several
  fine geological specimens for the college collection.
  The new uniforms, with the new caps, look fairly well
  in our humble estimation. \Ve have always contended
  for a nicer looking uniform. We think S. G. deserves it.
  XVe notice two new cronies in the art of smoking. If °
  j any aspiring lad wishes practical ideas on the subject,
i} call on Messrs. "Purty" Brock and "Davus" Hammock, I
iii Three fellows writing to the same girl got answers on T
.   the same day. What about it?
  The Patterson declamatory contest will be held in the T
  college chapel on November 24. This will be the annual —
  declamatory contest, and Mr. G. XV. Crum’s gold medal _
  will be awarded the winner. This will be one of the ` `
  best contests of the year, and the speakers are getting in
jj, their best condition for the occasion. l ` ·
:.51,  i   _

 — : » THE CADET, 4{   .
= · The new building is nearing completion. The outside -,; V
  ~ work is practically doneand only the inside 1·emains to  
  receive all of its finishing touches. It will be ready for  
  occupation by New Year’s.  
  Our space is so limited that we have no room for the V `
nl V St;-appers’ note. The main facts were these: Vogt and f -
"Cotton" Kneisel were condemned by the Strappers to a
- good strapping. Gilbert was captain of the Strappers J
. and their watch-word was "Cuba." An onslaught was y
` made on Vogt and "Cotton’s" room. Vogt escaped by _
crawling down the water spout and "Cotton" crawled r
round the ledge to another 1·o0m and then——the Strap-
pers got left. ` _
P. S. : The Strappers received eight gallons of water
in the conflict.
The latest——The girls will take notice: "Corporal" '
_ George "V." Roberts, formerly of State College, is en-
gaged to one of our lovely girls. We will not divulge - ·
her name—S0mewect·PE<1‘.
U Messrs. Farley and Grinstead will represent the Union
T Society and Messrs. Gordon and Campbell the Patterson, ` _ 
in a forthcoming debate to be held in the college chapel `
 2 on December 19. This will be a hot debate. Each will
 . win. But do not fail to bring your best girl. The ques- ¢
tion for debate is like this: Resolved, The Executive `
‘ Authority of United States be vested in the Cabinet
ig responsible to Congress for its policies and measures.
  The Philosophian Society, we understand, is sailing
 lp under prosperity this year. The attendance, interest and
 i class of work done all being most satisfactory. We do
  think some member of the faculty should endear him-
i self to the hearts of the Philosophians by presenting
  V them, annually, a fine gold medal for their declamatory
  ~ contest. ° ·
  The commissioned ofiicers have all ordered West Point
~ regulation coats. This is a great addition to the ofiicers’
  appearance. — 4 ‘
  Wonder why "Shef" likes the following sentiment so
  well: "Please, oh, please! O, do not let me fall !"
  It is rumored that certain of our professors have love-
  longings that can only be appeased at the hymenial
  altar. Oh, who can it be? Who is the unlucky girl?
  Despite denials, it is positively asserted by several of  T
  the town students that a certain elderly lady of the fac- i
“ ulty has as deep yearning in her heart for some young
  gentleman of this city. Of the "whys" and "where-
·   fOl'€SH we are honestly ignorant, but we do say, "If at
  first you don’t succeed, try, try again."
.‘e`   ’
  roorr BALL Norms.
z! _____
  Look out for S. C. on Thanksgiving!
  Ileavier men would mean a better team.
  t U

 S . zi
pi ` T THE CADET. 43 2 ·
S Something like it: S. C., 20; Georgetown, 4.  
Y  Something not like it: VV. A. C., 4; S. C., nit. _S
_ Something very much not like it: V. U., 50; S. C,  
i very nit. _ 2 t
1 Can C. U. realize that 18 to 0 ain`t so bad as 62 to O? · `
The second team scored a victory over K. U.’s second ·
team by a score of 18 to 0. ,
» Clark plays a good center. S S y
Maddocks is light, but a plucky quarter. ‘
_ Severs is the grittiest man on the team.
At Vanderbilt, "watcl1 that Indian." · S l
Our backs are good players and can worst their size g
any time.
Captain Campbell was laid oil? at C. U. by a sprained S
ankle. He will not be able to play any more this season. 1 ·
Discouragement from various quarters has weakened S
the team,but with true Kentucky grit we know no back- _
ing down. 1 _
 _ Coach Eaton knows his business when he dons the
gridiron uniform. We are highly pleased with his
work. ,
The committee on Athletics have merited the admira-
tion ol foot ball players by their timely advice and en- V
thusiasm. Had it not been for their rousing efforts and
. encouragements the team would have probably dis—
banded. Now, boys, we owe it to the committee to play
hard and help discharge the debt which the committee *
incurred for our sakes. Let not a single player back
out of the game.

 F "   -  ``‘‘ i""""  . . _ V
  . There are charms in country life that make it desir-
 ` - able and longed for by many a city folk who live year in ·
i and year out on a 601:100 space or less VVhile in the
i city there are educational, social, religious, political and
i financial features that contribute immeasurably to one’s
§ general growth and development, yet neighboring to
  these same elevating influences a1·e legal and illegal ·
 I orders, traflics and houses that more than counterbalance
g T the uplifting forces of the community.
  Contrast the country lad, as barefoot, plainly clad,
E i clean-faced, brighteyecl, trudging through tl1e lanes and
  wood to school, with hardly anything but his lessons on
Q his mind, with the city boy, as in starched waist, with
E shoes on, with slick hair, with dreamy countenance, he
l starts down the street gazing at passing wagons or cars,
  or stops to take a peep at the show-windows and finally
  reaches the high school or college, there to pass a short ‘
  time in making a good grade in order to pass out of his
  studies and not be worried with them any longer.  
  ·Contrast the sturdy young man of the country who
  has to look for his living, who has good muscle, a strong I
  constitution and an open countenance, tothe city gen- ·
  tleman with lily fingers, with weak physique and deceit-  
  ful glance.
  The former has tremendous energies for future use. `
· " He sees in nature deepest lessons of wisdom. He learns
 l to appreciate her beautiful scenes. He enjoys a freedom
it that gives him a peculiar satisfaction. His mind be-
  comes broad.
  ln his nocturnal E’1‘. 4,5 l A
.   robin sing sweetest, he may revel in poesy. Whe1·e .i
. ripens the wheat and corn, or blossoms the flowers, he I
may learn practical lessons of life. His faith is simple, 1
his finances often limited. If he goes to the university *1
‘· he makes a brilliant record. His social qualities may A .
not be developed as they should, but he generally V; -
possesses simple manners, and, if he be lacking in g
these, the deficiency is overmatched by his genuine good I
` City young men have many temptations, often begin- ·
ning in social circles, to mar their record of usefulness.
The city, too, has some legalized dens of vice that catch
Ayoung men and send them hellward. They have not .
the freedom, warmth of sunshine and active work neces- `
sary for builbing up a strong physique. There is much
loafing, which breeds obscurity and lawlessness. A
- But some one will say that he has greater adv`antages
» and learns more and obtains a wider range of knowledge.
T That may be true with some, and were it true with all I A - .
- think we would have more criminals than ever—a per- l
verted use of knowledge.
What does the past tell us? Whence have those great V I
I beacon lights of history? The giant intellects of our A
AA own observation had a country birth. I believe that the
backbone of this government lies in our conservative
country people. They are not whimsical nor slaves to ,
. fashion. They are a resolute body, containing judg-
ment and foresight. ,
I believe that in them lie the hopes of our country.
Onzwestern plains, where cowboys rove, l
Their customs seemeth very strange ;
Though unblest with wood, nor coal nor stove,
~ I They do theirgcookingjon the range.

 » ¢ I 7. A I ` A A I
  . 46 THE (.‘.~\DE'I`.- ;
 G 1. He who knows not, and knows not, he knows not ; »_ ·
  he is at Freslnnztn : Shun l1im. y
 f 2. He who knows notend knows he knows; he is a I M 
  G Sophomore; honor him. ‘
" 3. He who knows not, and knows he knows not, he ,
Q ‘ is at junior: pity l1im. ·
` ~I. He who knows, and knows not he knows; he is at
  senior; reverence him; —
  37 West Short Street, Lexington, Ky.
  Henry Vogt. George Schanger
_ . For Home Made Candies Go To The
  18 E. Main Street, Lexington, Ky.
  Gents, Bring Your Repair and Dye \¢Vork to A
  A A. Rice,
  First Class Work. Special Rates to Students.
  47 % East Main Street. Lexington, Ky. ¤
 ii Go to MeNIILLAN`S BAKERY, Corner Vine and Upper, when i
  · you want uny thing in the bakery line. Bread, Rolls, Pies
  and all kinds of Cakes fresh every day. Oyster Puttie to  
’ _ DR. S. A. DONALDSON, - A
·   Office Merrick Lodge Bldg. Residence 186 NV. Third.
  Lexington, Ky.
  GO TO G. R. FOSTER ........ '
 ·   GIVING. Everything first—eluss. Stall 27.
`I-T . , ,  

 sAY, Boss,  
  · A’int yo Sute dirty? r
` , Dat LEXINGTON PRESSING CLUB, 4:%-5 E. Main Street.,
V ° ` eber Wood’s Drug Stor, am de hottest in town. \Vy da Cleans  
a whole suit for 75 cents, pants for 25 cents, overcoats 50 cents,  
i _` I1101'€ dan dat dey make a specialty of Uniforms.   .
_ 28 E. Main Street.
China, Glassware, ‘ ,
House Furnishing Goods,
_ Toys, Dolls, etc. '
` -
ATTEN    __ _ 9 · ., ¤Nc¤RPORAT5¤
» H6 ` afi *i’ iii -  ,» ~     ‘ ·
  ·E··   " ' ”"'”'°"” ( * I ‘F$§¤§-YV 
, \ ' K t _ ,,,;q'Qe:•é"‘r
<°.MA¤""b  _· _. ' .‘· J]   M DL?
    ,,,, y   lax  an    ,
~     Q l%%» Qratwmarttlmmm tmat awtitawlr
E     ly; Glelaljuna/` I _ S _ : 
l 5* ·- .  Wi:   ~ ev L£'X/NGTO/V]/{K Bus/Ness Mm   _
é M. & N. LAUNDRY, A
lt \xVork Done Promptly. SI & 53 W`. Main Street. '
  W. u hes Agt, at College.
F. ROEDER, 12 South Upper Street. Honest and faithful
TAILORING is the aim of Mr. Roeder, the Tailor, The most
careful attention to business has won customers and success. Mr.
Roeder is a courteous gentlemen and a good workman; is one of
Lexington’s business men wl10 are rapidly increasing their trade
by their skill and honest work.

 A   . ’A j _ ,· - , . A . A A A A
 ; Go to JOS. ELVOVE for Fine Shoemaking and Repairing.   V
 A Special Rates to Students. . i f A
 5; Aiso carries a full line of Furnishing Goodz. ‘  
 I @ Store and shop opposite college on Broadway.  
  1   `` I
1  ‘ W. ]. HOULIHAN & BRO.  { 
  Dealer in; Stoves, Tinware, Pumps, Grates, Mantels, Hard-  
  ware. =Lowest prices.  
=  26 `W. Main Street. i
i_ Fall Styles of Suitings and Overcoats. Latest fads in plaids A;
E _ Suits from $15 up;.Overcoats $16 up. Special Prices to stu—  
{ii dents. A  
  117 E. Main St. W. T. MORRIS & CO.  
  IQ W. Main Street.  
  The most complete and modern gallery in the city.  
  Fine work at reasonable prices. ii
l f
  Lexington, Ky. _}i
  First term opens Sept. 6, 1897. ]. B. Skinner, Prin· it
{  Paints, Oils, Glass, Brushes, House Painter and Decorator,  
 J , The Oldest Paint House in the City.  
? i
*  21 W. Short Street, Lexington, Ky  
  · I  
l   -Z·Y EQ
  , , ,f.- ..

 " Q. ° · . " - =
V g i. . I
: 3 t How TO uva I
  _ Do not eat adulterated food, which you surely do when you buy in-
  ferior Groceries, but try to get the best, if it costs you a little more. .
_; ’ When you see an ad. calling your attention to an article thatis
  g being sold for less than regular dealers are asking for the same, you _ _
’ _ can depend upon it that is adulterated. If you want to live `  
 = And enjoy good health, eat wholesome food. Anything in the .
{ grocery line, both domestic and fancy, of the best quality and at the
  lo. est prices can be found at V
y J. B. RQGERS Ez G6).,
  (Successors to Lindsay, Rogers & Co.)
  A Full Line of Cigarettes, Tobuocos, and everything in _
li A the students’ line.
el _e.__.___ A
xr .
X .%lue SWISS Qgcle (BCL , R _
  Thos. B. Dewhurst, Prop. ` I
ly Main Street. Phoenix Block. Lexington, Ky.
  PRINTING €@ ......
  S I
  Largest Line of School Statronery at
xp I
  Lowest Prrces,
  I0 E. Main Street. + '

 I { > I ` .v I · .  
, ` ` ·   A ‘1 
  Drawing Paper iu sheet or roll, Profile Paper, Tracing cloth, Cross Section Papers, Field _  
g Books, T Squares, Triangles, etc., at prices that Will astonish you. · I 4
we Sell Only the Best. I  
L . 49 East Main Sly., IJCXIDQIZOII Ky. ,  
I  "`_'""""""""` ' ` " V ig
  . Ask Your Grocer for... I e ,  
* Made By Lexingon Roller Mills Co.,  
JOS, LeCOMPTE, Manager. V l “ I
 »;.i;·E_;;§;j:,; Jzl;   *”' `°Y  —··‘ "   r‘* ` ii'' '  
r         ·‘.‘   ·¢·r‘   I           
IEE    H e ;  ' ‘A ii'£*'i%¤1·     °`‘.   ..:i'*  ~  
[ iv ‘§»=;:¤`i·   4IE§§ BIRTH DAYS, WED DINGS,
. llllx  Alssm
*52:..  ··F=§é5"' .
  Im U I NICE (IVR LINE UF I’IlI·YSI·]N'I`S for Tlmsv 0<·c:1sio1x:4.
? wr 12. MAIN wr. ‘
 ;_   •.I•     U Near I’0s·zi‘<>lli(·r~.