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 il Ss 'l`l{I·l CADET. * i A ·
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  ill health of his father. Mr. Sugg was a senior in the
all classical course and has been connected with THE CADET ’
  for more than a year. He was an eflicient business
  manager and THE CADET prospered under his manage·
  ment. Mr. Sugg, before leaving, turned over the busi-
  ness interests of VFIIIC GADET to Mr. Rice, of , ’
  who is quite capable of pushing THE CADE? to a wider V
fg . field of success. `
  We desire to call the attention of students and faculty
iii T to tl1e fact that the business firms of Lexington are
E — giving their liberal support to THE CADET and desire in
{ turn the patronage of the college and her friends. \·Ve
  T kindly ask you to remember THE OADET to the firms
  with which you trade.
  On account of certain financial obligations due the
  publishers and printers of THE CADET, the present issue
  is decreased in quantity, but we trust not in quality.
  Our Christmas CAni·;*r will be the regular size and will
  appear in much better form than any heretofore. Sev- A
  eral cuts will add to its beauty.
  The man who itches for fame is usually kept scratch-
  i A druukarrl is a man who commits suicide on the in- .
  stallnient plan.
gg A test case is one that is brought to see how much the
  lawyers can rnake out of it. _
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