xt7j9k45rs3h https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7j9k45rs3h/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19791102 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, November 2, 1979, no. 298 text The Green Bean, November 2, 1979, no. 298 1979 2014 true xt7j9k45rs3h section xt7j9k45rs3h . UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES° NEWSLETTER I
11/2/79 N0. 298
November 2 Gallery Series: Multimedia presentation: The Frontier
Nursing Service in the Kentucky Mountains, 12:00 noon.
King Library North. ' »
November 3 Homecoming football game, UK vs. Bowling Green (Ohio!)
1:30 PM. Commonwealth Stadium.
November 5 Seminars on the theory of living systems, "Sociobiology,"
by Louis L. Boyarsky, Physiology and Biophysics. Room
137, Chemistry—Physics Building. 7:00-9:00 PM.
_ Deadline for registration for workshop, "Who Am I·and
What Do I Want?", women's self—awareness workshop, 9:00 AM —
4:00 PM, November 10, Ligon House, 658 South Limestone.
For information and registration, call Project Ahead,
November 8 Civilisation Film Series: Smile of Reason. 7:00-8:30 PM.
Classroom Building; Room 118. Free.
November 9 Gallery Series: Rachmaninoff: Music for voice and piano.
_ 12:00 noon. King Library North.
. Solinet Users' Group Meeting. 3:00 PM. Regency Center.
King Library North: The German Military Image, 1870-1945, Through Foreign
Caricatures. `
King Library South: Portraits and Dreams.
Contributors: Alison Arnold, Ellen Baxter, Faith Harders, Renee Kubas, Cecil
Madison, Linda Newman, Terry Warth (Editor). U

; The Multidisciplinary Center of Gerontology is sponsoring a pre-retirement
planning seminar which is free to all University faculty and staff and their .
spouses. This workshop will include discussions of benefits from Social
Security, Medicare benefits, practical suggestions for staying healthy and
the wise use of leisure time. _
The seminar will be held in two sessions: November 6 and November 8 at the
Multidisciplinary Center of Gerontology, Room 112 Sanders-Brown Building from
7:00 to 9:00 PM. Preregistration is required.
When sending out mail for departments on campus please use a campus envelope
whenever possible. On any envelope that you use, be sure to put:
The person's NAME
The person's DEPARTMENT
SPEED SORT NUMBER (use the Speed Sort Index)
Do NOT write LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY on campus mail. l
If you do not have a Speed Sort Index, let me know by writing or call me
at 3-2058. (Editor's note: Speed Sort numbers are also now listed in the
University telephone directory,faculty and staff listings.)
Cecil Madison
Mail Room
Linda Newman and Renee Kubas want to thank the following people who helped
with the tour (all 70!) of fourth graders from Mary Queen on October 25, 1979:
Vicky Johnson and Buddy Vaughan in Maps; Sheila Breeding and Dick Winslow
in The Henry Clay Project; Lynn Shrewsbury and Olivia Buckner in Solinet;
Gay Reading in King Library Press; Claire McCann in Special Collections;
The Reference Department Staff; and AIDS Staff.
This annual fellowship is given to support a faculty member in the development
of a major new research program at the University. It pays the full time salary
of the faculty member for the fall semester of 1980. The research project must
relate to the mission of the Center for Developmental Change in that it must be
multidisciplinary in nature and focus on developmental change.
The deadline for applications is November 27, 1979. The winner will be an-
nounced no later than January 15, 1980. Any questions should be directed to:
Dr. Kenneth Coleman, 257-2681; Dr. Jeannine Coreil, 258-8655; Mr. Thomas
Arcury, 258-5851; or Ms. Gail Cohen, 258-2861.
The nearest some people get to perfection is when they fill out job applications.

The "Betty D. Eastin Historical Costume Collection" located in
Erikson 305 began in 1968 with donations from the Waverly Museum.
In 1974, it became an established collection named for Mrs. Eastin,
a former U. K. textiles professor who is now deceased.
{ The collection has grown rapidly and now includes around 1,000
b items of clothing and textile artifacts: men‘s, women‘s and children*s
along with accessories — shoes, hats, fans, combs, and costume jewelry.
Some items date back to the l890's. There are also some dress patterns
dating from the '20's through the '50's. Although most contributors are
local residents, some of the items have been donated by the Smithsonian In-
stitution of Washington, D. C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art of
New York City.
Dr. Laura Szekely, a professor of textiles, also serves as the
curator. Margaret Rogers and Betty King, graduate students, are
part—time assistants.
The collection's focus is on items that have influenced American
history with emphasis on Kentucky history. They are now trying to fill
in gaps for specific periods especially in men and children's attire.
Among the catalogued items are the inaugural gowns of Mrs. A. B.
Chandler and Mrs. Louis Nunn, a pair of Bess Myerson's Bermuda shorts,
and a "madam's" dress, flashy pink and full of lace, formerly worn by
Belle Breazing.
Students in textiles use the collection for design sketching of
20th Century fashions, for reproduction of garments, and it has served
as an inspiration for graduate research. At present, a research
proposal is in progress to be used for developing guidelines to
classify hats by their periods and dates.
Efforts have been made for climatic control of the small room.
Shields have been placed over the lights and windows; dehumidifiers
have been added; acid—free tissue paper and plastic hangers are used.
Catalog tags are attached with linen thread. No renovation or
rejuvenation is attempted, due to lack of expertise.
The crowded conditions and the shortage of full—time personnel
prevent the collection from being open to the public. However, visitors
are welcome on Monday and Wednesday by appointment only.
Similar costume collections are`at the Filson Club and Western
University. A system has been devised for the cataloging and regis-
tration of the collection. The data for each item includes an assigned
number, denoting the year of the gift, the donation number and item
within the donation, date of the period of the item, donor, date received,
description and condition of the item. There are cross-references to
donor and category of each gift.
Margaret is sketching one of the 1930 gowns which she will reproduce
for her wedding dress in December.
It is interesting to see the fashions of yesterday that are re—appearing
on the market today - pointed—toe shoes, disco styles, "flapper" attire
of the '20's,which proves that anything kept long enough will come back
in style.
Ellen Baxter

 -4- °\
Security Worker, grade 21 (night supervisor) - Circulation.
If interested, see Faith Harders.
Head of Technical Services Division, College of Charleston (South Carolina).
Salary $14,500 minimum. Application deadline: December 31, 1979.
Chief, Technology and Science Department, Detroit Public Library. Salary $19,260-
$24,454. Application deadline: none given.
Head, Catalog Department, University of Florida. Salary $12,500—$20,500, or as
high as $24,500 with nine years of relevant experience. Application deadline:
January 3, 1980.
Assistant Professor and Head, Serials Department, Iowa State University Library.
Salary $18,000 minimum. Application deadline: November 16, 1979.
V \